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dressmaking; dressy; drest; dretful; dretfully; drewe; drey; dria; dribble; dribbled
  1. He finally reached the top of the ledge, and reaching over caught hold of the now lifeless body of the goat that he had killed, and drew it toward him.

  2. As darkness drew on, I went out to picket my horses and noticed that they were acting strangely.

  3. Again selecting the best buck--for I wanted a good head for mounting--I drew down on his brown side until I felt sure that if there had been a silver dollar hung on it I could have driven it through him.

  4. The scribe ran back, killed the cow, and drew his friend from his sanguinary retreat.

  5. By this time she had stopped broadside, for a moment, at the edge of the herd, and the journalist, at the order of the boss, drew a bead on her.

  6. Raising up I drew a bead on one of the horns, and then lowering the muzzle to where I thought the body should be, pressed the trigger.

  7. He drew out the wiping stick, on the end of which was a wormer, pulled a wad of paper from the gun and poured a charge of shot out into his hand.

  8. I drew from a half-rotten log, a flat, slab-like piece of pine, which at first I failed to recognize.

  9. I cautiously and slowly drew my rifle to my shoulder, and taking aim at the breast of the buck, fired.

  10. She put her hand to her bosom and drew out the little crucifix they wear on a string.

  11. But upon his words she half halted, turning to him; she drew a hand from her muff and her fingers touched his sleeve.

  12. The girl, leaning on the wall, drew in a harsh breath and turned to him.

  13. With no failing of his countenance, the valet drew the missing, piece from his pocket.

  14. The word drew Trotter from his wrongs, and together the men untied the shabby bundles and set forth their food.

  15. Behind him, where the house windows shone rosy in the sunset, Herr Haase could see upon the lower balcony the shimmer of a white frock and a face that peeped and drew back.

  16. They faced each other across the narrow fo'c'sle vehemently; their shadows sprawled on deck and bulkhead as they bent forward and drew back in the stress of talk.

  17. The discord of their mirth rilled the street; the big men, padded out under their clothes to a grotesque obesity, their long coats hanging to their heels giving them the aspect of figures out of a Noah's Ark, drew all eyes.

  18. Waters drew deep breaths and shifted his weight from one foot to the other.

  19. The other halted and drew Goodwin to halt, facing him at the edge of the sidewalk, where a beetle-browed saloon projected its awning above them.

  20. A big young orderly in shabby civilian clothes was on guard; at the doctor's order he drew down the sheet and the dead man's face was bare.

  21. He slipped a hand into his pocket and drew forth the five-franc piece.

  22. But she moved to the bedroom door and drew it conclusively shut before she replied.

  23. The Baron's car was waiting at the hotel door; the cab drew up behind it.

  24. He was still thinking of it when the car drew up at the hotel door.

  25. At length, George Marshall suddenly drew his rein, and lifting his hand to his forehead so as to shade his eyes, gazed curiously forward for a moment toward an object lying not very far distant.

  26. Indeed, I will not let the dog alone," replied Mark indignantly, as he drew nearer to the bed whereon the suffering little sister lay, with lacerated arm and burning brow.

  27. High hopes filled manly bosoms, and ambitious hearts throbbed wildly, as the approaching end of the military year drew nigh.

  28. By the light of a dimly burning lantern, he drew forth the Prayer Book, and read the impressive marriage ceremony of his church.

  29. At the sound of approaching wheels she arose, and walked with rapid step to the lodge, reaching it just as a coach drew up before it.

  30. As Lizzie Heartwell turned the corner that separated her from her companion, she drew her shawl more closely around her benumbed form and quickened the steps that were hurrying her onward to her uncle's home.

  31. Once awakened, Lizzie sprang from her bed, and involuntarily drew aside the snowy curtain that draped the east window.

  32. And rising with the child in her arms, she drew the small bundle of food and clothing that she carried closer to her, and said, "I am ready.

  33. Once shut in, Emile drew from his pocket a slip of paper, and addressed a line to Gardner & Company, urging his friend to go for his wife, and come to him at once.

  34. Lizzie drew closer to the glowing grate, and they continued a pleasant conversation till Bertha appeared.

  35. She drew forth the little journal and pointed to the records.

  36. Bob drew his hand back where the light was better and examined the dark marks on the tips of his fingers.

  37. With that Tully pulled out the flap of the envelope and drew forth the closely typewritten pages which comprised the report.

  38. This spells trouble in capital letters," said Bob as he drew out a clean handkerchief and turned the blackjack over.

  39. He opened the brown leather case and drew forth a special hunting rifle which had been given to him by his uncle several years before.

  40. The sheriff drew out his pipe and lighted it, settling back against the gunwale.

  41. In any event he hastened his pace and when he reached the section which he and Tully occupied he drew his big Gladstone bag out from under one of the seats.

  42. The cab wove in and out of a web of traffic, then shot away down a dark street, took several corners on two wheels, and after threading through several narrower streets, drew up beside a well lighted corner drug store.

  43. Bob started down the aisle, but pulled up short when Hamsa drew a gun from his coat pocket.

  44. Bob reached into his inner coat pocket, drew forth his billfold, and produced the badge.

  45. A red lantern was being swung at the junction platform and the minute the Limited drew to a halt beside the cinder platform Bob and the trainman started running forward.

  46. Tully drew the letter with its confidential report on the smuggling ring out of an inner pocket.

  47. Bob did not like the tone of his voice and he drew forth the little badge which identified him.

  48. When he drew them out his hands were empty.

  49. He drew the object out of the bedding and gazed at it under the rays of the berth light which he had turned on.

  50. He drew her to his side in silence, even then repenting of his falsehood to this trusting, easily deceived creature.

  51. In a half-unconscious way he drew the girl towards him, and kissed her as might a brother--tenderly, but without passion.

  52. As they drew up before the inn door, the customary group awaiting one of the great events of bush life was noticeably swelled.

  53. With tact, as well as sincerity, he drew forth an admission of grief.

  54. Captain Devereux looked keenly at the strangers, then at the driver, as he drew forth a revolver of the latest pattern.

  55. His brow became contracted and his face betrayed disappointment as he drew back the probe and wiped it meditatively in restoring it to its case.

  56. She drew away from the thrust of his face with its great moustache, averting her own face as much as possible.

  57. A great train, bound for Manchester, drew up.

  58. He took her hands, drew her to him, and comforted her.

  59. Often Miriam kneeled to the child and drew him to her.

  60. Clara drew away from him, leaning away from contact with him.

  61. Yet slowly he drew her to him and kissed her.

  62. All his strength and energy she drew into herself through some channel which united them.

  63. The green engine hissed along the platform, the row of brown carriages drew up, several doors opened.

  64. She did not answer, but drew farther from him.

  65. Indeed, as the days drew near for his departure, her heart began to close and grow dreary with despair.

  66. She drew him to her; she pressed him to her bosom; she kissed him and kissed him.

  67. As they drew near home she walked in silence, and seemed to hang back.

  68. After tea, as it drew near to six o'clock, he went to the window.

  69. I gained her other hand, I threw myself on my knees before her, and drew her down to the level of my face.

  70. The Sergeant was less didactic than usual; he drew on his reminiscences more and more freely as the evening grew late, and the landlord contributed his quota, by no means without pith or point, to the hilarity of the entertainment.

  71. Four Germans drew a small wheeled truck, which they had made themselves, and a staunch team they were.

  72. You need not,” said Blount, as he drew her more closely to him, “not if Helen of Troy were of the company.

  73. Sometimes I think," he drew down his brows, "that I may never be able to make any money.

  74. She seized upon Di, kissed her loudly, drew back from her, saw the travelling bag.

  75. Bobby drew down his brows, set his hand on his leg, elbow out.

  76. That lady at first looked blank, as she always did in the presence of any humour couched with the least indirection, and then drew back her chin and caught her lower lip in her gold-filled teeth.

  77. I want Lulie," she said, and the corners of her mouth drew down.

  78. She drew nearer to him, and with her breath, more than with her voice, answered: "Is it impossible?

  79. Then the mother seated herself near her daughter, drew her head on her bosom, and looked into the depths of her eyes.

  80. The Marquise had recourse to Daniel, of whom she made a confidant, and having questioned him, drew out the acknowledgment that for some time his master had been in the habit of going out in the evening and not returning until morning.

  81. Matt's sudden appearance drew the attention of all, and there was a chorus of wondering exclamations as he brought his machine to a halt.

  82. The man drew close, leaned on his club, and stood looking down.

  83. The Mexican gave a backward jump, but the sheriff, with a pull of the arm, drew him back with a jerk that almost lifted him off his feet.

  84. Susie drew back a little and Chub pushed up a chair.

  85. You drew the plans an' I put the machine together.

  86. That isn't the doctor," said Susie, as the rig drew nearer.

  87. He now laid hold of Matt and drew him away from the brink of the precipice.

  88. Agreeing upon their course of action, Black Ben quietly drew back the slide which covered the door which communicated with the cabin.

  89. The rig drew up with a rush in front of the gate, and the two officers dropped out.

  90. Bascomb thought the matter over for a moment, then drew the revolver.

  91. Gallopin' Dick pulled up his hoss clost by the coach an' drew a bead on the passengers with his trusty pistol.

  92. This drew in the Duke of Ormond, who is not, I daresay, as yet undeceived.

  93. The "Fraternity Club" was organized in 1869 by a devoted member of the Society for the entertainment and improvement of its members; and drew together very brilliant minds both within and without the immediate fellowship.

  94. Mr. Weiss drew larger audiences as a preacher on religious themes than he did as a lecturer on secular subjects, where one hardly knew what to look for, because he was known to be outspoken and capable of introducing heresies on the platform.

  95. The most kindling literature of my growing days drew inspiration from it.

  96. He drew into discussion every atheist and materialist he met, talked with them closely and confidentially, and rose from the interview more confident in the strength of his own positions than ever.

  97. I have already said that he was not very communicative as we went along; but as we drew nigh to Dinant he told me in a few words the chief events of his career since we had parted.

  98. And so you rather incline to suppose--" She drew out the words tardily, and fixed on Herr Klann a look of ineffable softness and intelligence together.

  99. Here is the surgeon, mademoiselle," said Lizette, hurriedly; and an old man drew nigh the bed and touched the wrist of the dead man.

  100. My father drew forth the fragment from his own side, and then, stooping down, examined the body of his adversary.

  101. Here the diligence drew up, and the passengers were ordered to descend.

  102. As I drew back my chair, to seat myself at her side, I felt a hand placed on my arm.

  103. They were used by yourself, and drew down rounds of applause.

  104. Such was Margot's exclamation, as we drew up at the door.

  105. When at length assured, to all appearance, at least, of my being the person I claimed to be, he drew up a statement of my case for counsel, and a day was named when I should be personally examined by a distinguished member of the bar.

  106. I was instructed as to every word I was to utter, and every phrase I was to use; but now that the moment to employ these arts drew nigh, I had utterly forgotten them all.

  107. And as was usual with him, Asa Lemm drew down the corners of his mouth.

  108. Then he drew himself up and his face stiffened.

  109. The excitement increased as the racers drew closer to the finishing line.

  110. With a flourish, the driver drew up to the curb with the boys tooting loudly on their tin horns, but this salute came to a sudden end when the lads caught sight of their former schoolmates.

  111. Presently he drew out his pipe, filled it, and sat down in front of the fire to smoke.

  112. He drew them from his understanding of the descriptions of Marco Polo, Friar Odoric, and other travellers.

  113. Three mountain peaks loomed up in the offing before them, and as they drew nearer it appeared that those peaks belonged to one great mountain; wherefore the pious Admiral named the island Trinidad.

  114. But how about Ferdinand and Isabella, who finally granted what was demanded, and their ministers who drew up the agreement, to say nothing of the clerks who engrossed it?

  115. It is needless to add that neither Catherwood, who drew these inscriptions most minutely, nor myself who brought impressions of them away, nor living man, ever saw these elephants and their fine trunks.

  116. Nicolò drew a fresh copy of this map, and pieced together the letters as best he could, with more or less explanatory text of his own, and the result was the little book which he published in 1558.

  117. The others seated themselves on the floor and watched pleasantly as White drew from his pocket a small bottle of whiskey and a tin cup.

  118. He drew Miss Foster's arm through his and, leaning towards her with tender deference, began a long conversation.

  119. Mrs. Dowson saw husband and daughter off to work in the morning, and after washing up the breakfast things drew her chair up to the kitchen fire and became absorbed in memories of the past.

  120. He drew back hastily, and passing through the kitchen groped his way along the narrow passages.

  121. In response to his startled cry the others drew near, and all three stood gazing at the dead man below.

  122. He stood appalled, and then as they drew near entered a small room and stood behind the door as they rushed by.

  123. With a lifelong knowledge of the requirements of the Force, she drew a jug of beer and placed it by his side while she set the table.

  124. Mr. Hatchard drew himself up and regarded her with lofty indignation.

  125. He drew his chair to the table and helped himself, and, filling his mouth with cold meat and pickles, enlarged on his plans for the capture of his assailant; plans to which the undecided Miss Pilbeam turned a somewhat abstracted ear.

  126. At the sound of a slow, measured footfall on the cobblestone path outside Miss Pilbeam caught his arm and drew him towards the door.

  127. Still shaking her head over her mistake, she drew Flora's latest portrait carefully from its place in the album, and putting on her hat and jacket went round to make a call in Peter Street.

  128. He drew Miss Foster to the seat, and, sitting between them, sat with an arm round each.

  129. He drew a chair to the fire, and putting his feet on the fender gazed moodily between the bars.

  130. Mr. Green drew back a little and regarded him unfavorably.

  131. This drew more civilities from the lady, and these again more acknowledgments; all which we shall pass by, and proceed with our history.

  132. The instant this had been accomplished, Tad drew in his with one hand, coiling it at the pony's side.

  133. We certainly drew a prize when we picked him.

  134. The two who drew slips of paper with the word "rope" written on them, were to have the honor of meeting in a test of skill.

  135. All that day and the next they drew the net slowly over that portion of the Ozark range that cut through the southwestern part of the state.

  136. When Tom Phipps came in from work, Tad drew him aside at the first opportunity.

  137. Tad leaned over and drew from it a slip of paper.

  138. Margaret's heart was full of anxiety and agitation as the hour for the commencement of hostilities drew nigh.

  139. As the time drew nigh, the whole country for many miles around was excited to the highest pitch of interest and expectation.

  140. Mr. Van Pycke drew back and glared at him through his glasses.

  141. She drew back ever so slightly, confused by the look in his eyes.

  142. The young man drew in a long, deep breath.

  143. His father swore softly and drew his feet a bit nearer to the legs of the chair.

  144. He moved the big chair and drew up another for himself beside it.

  145. Gabriel took her by the arm, and drew her up.

  146. Then, all at once, as he rounded a sharp turn, he drew up with a cry.

  147. As the long, glittering car drew up at the main gate of the enclosure, a sharp-eyed watchman peered through a sliding wicket therein.

  148. As he stood up again and drew a deep breath, under the reviving influence of the drug, his inspiration once more recurred to him.

  149. Craig laughed grimly, as he drew at his pipe.

  150. Silence, a moment, while Waldron slowly drew at his cigar and while the Billionaire tugged with impatience at his gray mustache.

  151. Louder shouting drew him down a path to the left.

  152. And so, pressing onward through the livid glare, through the night shattered by stupendous detonations, he drew his revolver and broke into a run.

  153. He deliberately drew back his heavy boot and kicked Gabriel full in the face.

  154. He chuckled dryly to himself, then drew the paper from his pocket.

  155. The girl, busy with her farewells as the car drew up for her, had not observed him.

  156. When the gate had closed noiselessly behind it, the chauffeur ran it down a splendidly paved roadway, swung to the right, past the machine shops, and drew it to a stand in front of the administration building.

  157. Flint drew toward him a sheet of his heavily embossed letter-paper, and, picking up a pencil, began to sketch a rough diagram.

  158. The Billionaire drew near, adjusted a pair of pince-nez on his hawk-like nose, and peered curiously at the apparatus.

  159. They all drew round the reading-table, now, near the fireplace.

  160. So we drew on to midnight, and to (Ay de mi!

  161. Miles did condescend to say that one of the objects to which Frank drew our attention was not so very unlike at a distance, but that the resemblance was lost as you approached the reality--a piece of rock not less than twenty feet high.

  162. He had risen to his feet, but she drew him gently down again.

  163. Barnes moistened his dry lips with his tongue, and drew a long breath.

  164. She drew him a little nearer with glad recklessness.

  165. She drew a long breath, presumably of relief, and moved a step forward.

  166. Only he held out his hand as though to keep her away, and drew a little further back.

  167. He drew Wrayson at once towards the corner.

  168. The carriage drew up in the Albert Road, within a hundred yards or so of Wrayson's own block of flats.

  169. Wrayson drew a long, deep breath of content.

  170. He drew her face to his and kissed her with a sudden passion.

  171. With a little gesture of excuse she drew Duncan on one side.

  172. She yielded to his embrace, but almost immediately drew herself away.

  173. He drew her away with him towards their seat under the trees.

  174. He drew a little breath, and, with his eyes glued upon the half-closed door, recollected that he himself had left it open that he might hear Barnes go upstairs.

  175. He drew a short choking breath of relief.

  176. He eagerly accepted an invitation to join the expedition, as de Soto's first lieutenant, and he drew along with him many other substantial men from Camaguey and other parts of the island.

  177. He also drew a sword from its sheath and showed it to them, telling them that it, too, would slay them.

  178. It drew from Hispaniola, Darien and other lands, both insular and continental, many of their best colonists, including some who afterward became famous for their achievements elsewhere.

  179. But the date is not certain, by any means; and it is notorious that more than one early cartographer drew upon imagination as well as upon ascertained geographical facts.

  180. Tejada indeed almost exhausted the pecuniary resources of the island in the prosecution of the much-needed works of fortification, road building, and what not, and also drew heavily upon his own private funds.

  181. It was apparently the liberal laws and the fertile soil that drew them to Pennsylvania in spite of their contempt for most of the Quaker doctrines.

  182. He drew up a constitution or frame of government, as he called it, after wide and earnest consultation with many, including the famous Algernon Sydney.

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