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bettyr; betuix; betuixt; betune; betwane; betweene; betweens; betwen; betwene; betwix
  1. Much of the time we were on a high divide between two creek systems, from which we could see the great landmarks of all the regions roundabout--Sentinel Butte, Square Butte and Middle Butte, far to the north and east of us.

  2. We scraped a hole between the stones with our hands, put in squash seeds, watered them by carrying water from the spring in our hands and raised several hills.

  3. On the return journey, after I had hired as many of the greasers as I desired, I camped at night about twenty miles from home, in a log cabin that had lost the door, the roof and all the chinking from between the logs.

  4. When he went up to look at it, to his amazement, he came across another dead caribou, between the spot where he had fired and the one at which he had aimed.

  5. The Waldeir hills, extending east and west half-way between St. Petersburg and Moscow, are the only exception.

  6. The next day we pitched a rough camp on a hogback between two barren plains, about five miles from our main camp.

  7. As soon as he caught sight of the wolf, every hair on his back reversed, his tail drooped between his legs, and the efforts of three strong men could hardly have held him.

  8. We had camped on a little strip of land, between a pond and a long narrow swamp, about 4 o'clock on a beautiful afternoon.

  9. Across this plain lay the bush where my guide assured me the buffalo slept during the day, and according to him at that moment somewhere between me and this bush wandered at least 100 buffalo.

  10. Particularly a bear with cubs would put at least that distance between herself and hunters.

  11. The cliff was divided by several shoulders or ridges, there being hollows like vertical gullies between them, and up one of these I scrambled, using the utmost caution not to dislodge earth or stones.

  12. He looked up and grunted when he saw the fat briefcase under the girl's arm, and she dropped it on the table between them and sank down opposite him, studying his face.

  13. The railroad branch ran between two low peaks and curved out toward the desert.

  14. And now the streams, flowing on reluctantly over ice-coated rocks, and the ice cathedrals formed by the icicles between the rocks.

  15. There was scarcely any conversation between them.

  16. Have you any theories about life and death, and the bridge between them?

  17. And for some time there was silence between them.

  18. We shall go on building our bridge between life and death, each one for himself.

  19. For some time there was no conversation between the two occupants of the sledge.

  20. They both laughed, and the good understanding between them was cemented again.

  21. And the bridge between her former and her present self was her own illness.

  22. There would be but little difference in meaning between no punctuation and a comma; but there is a wide difference in meaning between no punctuation and a semicolon.

  23. Suppose that Dunsey came home the night he staked Wildfire, recite the conversation between him and Godfrey.

  24. Trace the relation between the first and second sentences; between the second and the third.

  25. There should be a blank line between the title and the beginning of the composition.

  26. Frequently the topic-sentence is delayed until after the connection between what was said in the preceding paragraph and what will be said has been made.

  27. Can you feel any difference between the movement of this story and the movement in "The Gentle Boy"?

  28. Why does so much time elapse between Part I.

  29. What is the relation between the opening and the close of the paragraph?

  30. To secure coherence between the main divisions of an essay, instead of words and phrases, there are employed sentences and paragraphs of summary and transition.

  31. What seems a kind of temporal death to people choked between walls and curtains is only a light and living slumber to the man who sleeps afield.

  32. Incidents: a conversation between brother and sister about some fruit; a conversation between the sewing girl and the lady about money due for sewing; stealing apples; arrest; appearance of the lady.

  33. The introduction of a single fact would ruin the story; for between the realm of fact and the region of fancy is a great gulf fixed, and no man has successfully crossed it.

  34. What connection in thought is there between the second, third, and fourth stanzas?

  35. M288) The distinction between idea and ideatum I cannot otherwise conceive than by making one the effect or consequence of dream, reverie, imagination--the other of sense and the constant laws of nature.

  36. While thus arguing against the need for independent matter, as an instrument needed by God, Berkeley fails to explain how dependent matter can be a medium of intercourse between persons.

  37. Sense-given phenomena thus, among their other instrumental offices, are the medium of communication between human beings, who by this means can find companions, and make signs to them.

  38. There is a rerum natura, and the distinction between realities and chimeras retains its full force.

  39. Whether possible that those visible ideas wch are now connected with greater tangible extensions could have been connected with lesser tangible extensions,--there seeming to be no necessary connexion between those thoughts?

  40. What connexion is there between a motion in the nerves, and the sensations of sound or colour in the mind?

  41. But, that one might be deceived by these suggestions of sense, and that there is no necessary connexion between visible and tangible ideas suggested by them, we need go no farther than the next looking-glass or picture to be convinced.

  42. The difference between entia realia & entia rationis may be made as properly now as ever.

  43. Preface to the Three Dialogues between Hylas and Philonous.

  44. Berkeley here begins to found, on the experienced connexion between extension and colour, and between visible and tangible extension, a proof that outness is invisible.

  45. Crozet says that every one of these kitchens has in it a cooking hole, dug in the ground, of about two feet in diameter, and between one and two feet deep.

  46. A number of large fires were also kindled on the beach, for the purpose of giving light to the canoes, which were employed all night in going backward and forward between the shore and the ship, although it rained the greater part of the time.

  47. They had plundered and murdered nearly every person that lived between the East Cape and the river Thames; and the whole country dreaded the name of Bomurry.

  48. This wild melody was infinitely superior to any that we had ever heard of the same kind; it seemed to be like small bells, exquisitely tuned; and perhaps the distance and the water between might be no small advantage to the sound.

  49. The river Massacre, the boundary at the north between the French and Spanish portions of the island, was about thirty miles distant from Breda.

  50. It was a strange kind of comfort to Aimee to hear from her mother how long ago her father had foreseen, at Pongaudin, that the day might come when her heart would be torn between her lover and her family.

  51. Trust in the better part of negro nature guided him in his choice between two evils.

  52. They had been for some time ascending the ridge which lies north and south between Fort Dauphin and the river Massacre, the Spanish boundary.

  53. But, in the hour of choice between your sovereignty and continued dependence, you must not suppose the sympathy between the First of the Whites and the First of the Blacks to be greater than it is.

  54. It was only by confining my narrative to the relations between Toussaint and France that I could keep my tale within limits, and preserve the clearness of the representation.

  55. There is now a greater distance between me and you than there, once was between you and me.

  56. There will soon be peace between France and Spain, he says; and then he shall be a noble at the court of Spain.

  57. They have been pacing the alley between the rose-trees this hour nearly--talking and arguing all the time.

  58. Not another word passed between them on the way.

  59. Among all the hatreds which had deformed the colony, none more fierce had existed than that between Monsieur Revel and the negro race.

  60. Twenty yards more to go, but there were two Luftwaffe mechanics between them and the plane.

  61. And when he did, when he stared at the uniformed figure framed in the open doorway, it was akin to a blow right smack between the eyes.

  62. Dawson murmured as they stood together between their two parked planes, with propellers idling over.

  63. So Dawson simply fired from the hip and saw Hans' head jerk back as the bullet hit him between the eyes.

  64. Winded, the two youths sank down onto the ground, and for a full minute not a word passed between them.

  65. And when he looked toward the west side Dawson saw that the runway pointed straight at a wide opening between two of the ringing hills.

  66. It was as though he were in a world of one, himself, and riding a thundering monster toward the opening between two hills at the far end of a white-painted cement strip on the ground.

  67. Nothing happened, though, and presently Freddy and he were running through a narrow passage between two of the hills.

  68. Nazi behind the wheel presently broke the silence between them.

  69. Hunching forward, air clamped in his lungs, hands gripping the controls with every ounce of his strength, he guided the Fortress forward straight for the opening between those two western hills that actually seemed so terribly, terribly close.

  70. Included in the furnishing were twin beds with a little night table between them.

  71. Then, suddenly, sound began to come from between the dying man's thin moving lips.

  72. And that was that between them until Herr Krumpstadt swung the car into a long, broad street and rolled to a stop at the curb.

  73. And ten minutes after that he was rolling it along the highway between Duisburg and Dortmund.

  74. Dawson whispered between stiff lips as he slackened the car's speed and applied the brakes.

  75. And in a crazy, abstract sort of way Dawson realized that completed planes had passed down through that opening between the hills when the pilots came in for a landing.

  76. That brings me to think," said Clemence, "of the flirtations between married couples, that we see going on continually around us.

  77. After her own brilliant marriage, all communication ceased between them.

  78. His look said more than his words, and set the girl's heart beating with sudden fear, as she thought of the strip of silent forest that lay between them and the town.

  79. I never cared for but but one woman on earth, and I broke her heart when I told her that I had forever placed a barrier between us by my own act.

  80. If misfortune or death were to overtake this fragile creature who stood between her and the storms of life, what would become of Ruth?

  81. I have never told you of your obligations, and I do not wish it to form a topic of conversation between us.

  82. The wordy war raged fiercely, and life-long enmities were created between those who had been intimate friends, endeared to each other by years of pleasant intercourse.

  83. I shall see poor Harte there, who, I am told, is in a miserable way, between some real and some imaginary distempers.

  84. We must imagine some form as intermediate, as is Lepidosiren now, between reptiles and fish, between mammals and birds on the one hand (for they retain longer the same embryological character) and reptiles on the other hand.

  85. I felt that you had supplied one of the missing links--not to say THE missing link--between the facts of science and the promises of religion.

  86. I have not knowledge enough to choose between these two diagrams.

  87. I had meant to have made some remarks on it; but Lyell wished much to keep it, and my head is quite confused between the many reviews which I have lately read.

  88. He at least was for the universal mutability of species and for a genealogical link between the first and the present.

  89. How coolly he assumes that there is some clearly defined distinction between individual differences and varieties.

  90. To walk between five and six miles is splendid, with a little patience you must soon be well.

  91. On the theory of Natural Selection there is a wide distinction between Rudimentary Organs and what you call germs of organs, and what I call in my bigger book "nascent" organs.

  92. I had got as far as to see with you that the struggle between the races of man depended entirely on intellectual and MORAL qualities.

  93. Any ignoramus would suppose that I had FIRST broached the doctrine, that the breaks between successive formations marked long intervals of time.

  94. The absolute amount of difference of the forms in such groups at the opposite extremes of time ought to be considered, and how far the early forms are intermediate in character between those which appeared much later in time.

  95. They have accustomed you to be invisible, and inspired you with a timidity which prevents you from speaking; thus all direct communication is cut off between the master and his subjects.

  96. A considerable sum of money, and letters of credit on Paris, were given him at his departure; and the parting between the Ambassador and the young Count was most touching.

  97. We admire the wisdom and the goodness of Faraki, who has implanted an unconscious mutual attraction between the sexes that constantly draws them towards each other.

  98. Marigny had received some little services from me, in the course of the frequent quarrels between him and his sister, and he had a great friendship for me.

  99. The year that the King returned from Poland, a quarrel began between De Grillon and D'Entaigues, both brave and valiant gentlemen, who being called out and ready to fight, the King gave orders for their arrest of M.

  100. I heard their conversation, as there was only the door between us.

  101. Honora's innocence was not too great to enable her to read between the lines of this biography which Reginald Farwell had related with such praiseworthy delicacy.

  102. The wharves were gay, and dark clustering foliage hid an enchanted city as the Folly glided between dancing buoys.

  103. The onward rush of our story between its canon walls compels us reluctantly to skip the narrative of the winter conquests of the lady who is our heroine.

  104. Indeed, the incident seemed rather to heighten the confidence between them.

  105. Nothing could have been more commonplace than the conversation which began, and yet it held for her, between the lines as in the biography, the thrill of interest.

  106. And he turned to her with a disconcerting directness, as though taking for granted a subtle understanding between them.

  107. The tie between them might perhaps have been described as intellectual, for Elsie Shorter professed only to like people who were "worth while.

  108. If you say anything about it, all's up between me and Wing.

  109. Incredibly sweet and peaceful that week appears as I view it across the gulf which the World War has thrust between that year and this.

  110. One night as we sat at dinner in his house, he suddenly leaned back in his chair and said with a smile "I can't tell you how I enjoy having a man at my table who knows the difference between a parfleche and an aparejo.

  111. Between Frank Norris and Edward MacDowell I appeared but a rusty-coat.

  112. Would you let a gown come between you and a chance to see the Needle Peak?

  113. A few days later we rode back to Eagle's Nest Camp together, and all through those three hours on the train a silent, subconscious, wordless adjustment went on between us.

  114. It had been arranged between Zulime and myself that in case of fire (once the children were safe), she was to secure the silverware and her jewelry whilst I flew to collect my manuscripts.

  115. That night, at the Seminary, I met the Alumni and spoke to them on some subject connected with the early history of the school, and in doing so I obtained once again a perception of the barrier which had risen between my classmates and myself.

  116. He told of our first meeting, smilingly called me "a Henry George crank," and referred to other differences which existed between us.

  117. Mary Isabel strengthened the bond between Zulime and myself, but it altered its character.

  118. Lying down between them with a small head on each arm, I told them stories or answered the questions which were suggested by the trees and the sky.

  119. I had burned no bridges between me and the Island of Manhattan, however!

  120. It may interest the reader to know that while my wife and I occasionally lunched or dined with "the choice ones of the earth," we prudently practiced "light housekeeping" between our splendid feasts.

  121. Manufacturers are already beginning to make a discrimination between wool that is clean and that which is not so.

  122. Ensign, although a kind and affectionate man naturally, was too weak and yielding to interpose between her and his strong-minded, sharp-tongued wife.

  123. The space between the school and the meeting-house was occupied by some fifteen or twenty dwellings, many-colored and diverse in age and appearance.

  124. The present will live hereafter; memory will bridge over the gulf between the two worlds; for only on the condition of their intimate union can we preserve our identity and personal consciousness.

  125. Her moral training had not fitted her to withstand this seductive influence; no mother's love, with its quick, instinctive sense of danger threatening its object, interposed between her and the tempter.

  126. The parties were entirely unknown to one another, so that it was not caused by any close sympathy between them.

  127. So that there is no permanent association between any one physical particle and that amount of astral matter which happens at any given moment to be acting as its counterpart.

  128. Between those who are entirely unimpressible and those who are in full possession of clairvoyant power there are many intermediate stages.

  129. She was too ill to be moved, and between one and two o'clock in the morning she fell into a trance.

  130. There is a distinct difference between etheric sight and astral sight, and it is the latter which seems to correspond to the fourth dimension.

  131. The difference between even the profoundest intellectual conviction and the precise knowledge gained by direct personal experience must be felt in order to be appreciated.

  132. From the ‘Rose-garden,’ Adventure 11: The battle between Dietrich and Siegfried.

  133. From the ‘Contrast between the Pope and Christ,’ by Niklaus Manuel.

  134. Notes: 6: Die Sache is the fundamental difference between plastic art (Malerei) and poetry.

  135. Eleven duels, in which Kriemhild’s man is either slain or barely holds his own, precede the encounter between the two invincibles.

  136. Notes: 1: A sham battle between two troops of mounted knights.

  137. Notes: 1: The idea that the last judgment would be preceded by a great battle between Elijah and Antichrist rests upon extra-biblical tradition; but see Mal.

  138. Now this fact emphasizes the difference we have already noted between the sculpture of Michelangelo and that of the Greeks.

  139. The interval between was "the time of his best technical and spiritual creativeness," when he produced the statues of the Sacristy of S.

  140. The confiding way in which the boy leans against his mother's knee shows the love between them.

  141. There is a great difference between the two works.

  142. On his lap is a large open book supported on the back of a tiny figure standing between his knees.

  143. Yet we know that the love between mother and son was constant and unchanging.

  144. Another romantic tragedy for which Cupid was responsible was the love between Hero and Leander.

  145. Some difficulties afterwards arose between the Commissioners and M.

  146. You must remain from two to five minutes in this situation, or until you feel an equal heat between your thumbs and his.

  147. His knowledge of medicine was useful to him in this respect, and often stood between him and disgrace.

  148. An edition of this work was printed in 1673, in which the author maintained that a magnetic influence took place, not only between the celestial and terrestrial bodies, but between all living things.

  149. Meric Casaubon, under the title of "A True and Faithful Relation of what passed between Dr.

  150. Such is the wonderful sympathy," says the latter, "between the magnetiser and the somnambulist that he has known the latter to vomit and be purged in consequence of medicine which the former had taken.

  151. The magnetic fluid, in this stage, unites him by powerful attraction to others, and establishes between them an impenetration of thought and feeling so intense as to blend their different natures into one.

  152. Jealousy and mistrust sprang up between the two confederates, and led to such violent and frequent quarrels, that Dee was in constant fear of exposure.

  153. They embraced the patients between the knees, rubbed them gently down the spine and the course of the nerves, using gentle pressure upon the breasts of the ladies, and staring them out of countenance to magnetise them by the eye!

  154. I learned, that on the road between Pau and Toulouse, there resided a monk, who was very skilful in all matters of natural philosophy.

  155. Craske, represented the ballet scene from Nicholas Nickleby, between the infant phenomenon and the Indian.

  156. Although the matter related to a book, and not to a play, the dramatic critics felt anxious again, because no distinction could be drawn between criticisms upon the two kinds of work.

  157. There are enthusiastic persons who desire a closer union between Church and the Stage, and wish to have the theatre employed as a kind of pulpit, who believe that Scripture plays would be beneficial.

  158. On the one hand, we have Smith posing as the Prince of Denmark; on the other the fat woman, whose unpleasant mass of unhealthy flesh is real--the lady giant hovers between reality and fiction.

  159. What opinion is he to form of the perfectly idiotic, complex conspiracy between the King and Laertes to get rid of Hamlet?

  160. In a nebulous way the theatre plays with certain aspects of the relations between the two sexes, but without seriously considering any question of feasible reform.

  161. I feel that there is sufficient sympathy between us for you to be anxious to read the MS.

  162. This is a delusion founded upon the failure to perceive the radical difference between the technique of the novelist and the dramatist.

  163. To be juster, the family relation is not between the things seen, but between the feelings which prompt people to pay money to see them.

  164. The capture of Noteburg was most important, since it furnished the Tsar with the mastery of the Neva, so far as its upper waters were concerned, and there now remained but one small fortress between him and the open sea.

  165. He raised his foot and tripped up one of the men who held him by the arm, the guards with Boris between them being in full run at the moment.

  166. There is a great contrast between the characters of Hilda and Elma.

  167. But the growling of the brute sounded rather close at his ear, and Boris was forced to dodge in and out between the tree trunks in order to avoid capture.

  168. The Neva, just before throwing itself into the gulf at St. Petersburg, spreads out into several branches, like the fingers of a hand, the spaces between these fingers being occupied by islands.

  169. This is the fourth time, I account it, that you have directly or indirectly stood between me and death; how can I possibly continue to hold aloof from you, my brother?

  170. The bear tottered, his eyes rolled and his tongue showed between his teeth, and for a moment it seemed that Boris had won the battle.

  171. Neither Drury nor his wife had the slightest objection to the great friendship existing between their little daughter and this fine young officer of the Tsar; as indeed why should they?

  172. They were in some respects an oddly-assorted couple; and yet there was much in common between them, as for instance the intense love which both bore towards the open air and all that appertains to life in the country.

  173. And in nothing does the difference between these two men better illustrate itself than in their separate treatment of what is called the Problem of Evil.

  174. It may take a time to identify the true relation between the two, but our instinct decides the question, long, it may be, before the actions appear to justify the verdict of the instinct.

  175. It is just doing the duty that tasks us most, whatever our feeling about it, which makes the difference between the worthy and the unworthy in character; between the numerals and the ciphers in the human world.

  176. But assuming that as yet this is outside your experience, still you know the difference between what may but arbitrarily be called sin, and sin that is what it is called.

  177. There are multitudes of young men who appear to have lost sight of the distinction there may be between wishing for an opportunity and being ready to use the opportunity when it presents itself.

  178. Cast out the selfishness which is sin, and you cast out the first and the last thing that stands between us and the new heaven and the new earth.

  179. No man who with the eyes of the soul has looked down that awful cleft that separates between the carnal mind and the holy will of God, can use words here under the wasting impression that he knows things.

  180. But just as our moral nature is educated, just as we grow in sympathy with the divine will, do we become increasingly sensitive to the distance there is between what we are, and do, and the holiness of Him who is a consuming fire.

  181. There is no necessary connection between a straight life and failure to win the kingdoms of this world.

  182. It means that a man's beliefs are between himself and God.

  183. What is the exact relation between the death of Christ and the forgiveness of sin no one can tell us; but that there is a relation charged with redeeming power is not a theory about Christianity--it is Christianity.

  184. They are between him and a higher tribunal than ours.

  185. Because there is a radical difference between self-love as taught and practised in the world, and the love of self sanctioned and regulated by the Royal Law.

  186. Away off in the cold seas of the Arctic Ocean, about half way between the coasts of Norway and Greenland, there is a small archipelago, the best-known island of which is called Spitzbergen.

  187. Carefully placing the ball, with a due allowance for the direction of the wind, he sends it just high enough to be out of reach of the reds who face him, and a few inches over the bar between the poles.

  188. The distance between one goal and the other is not less than 330 feet.

  189. Between each crib is a small square table with a shelf underneath.

  190. The distance between the "touch lines" is 160 feet.

  191. It may be brought into play again either by being placed on the line, and a scrimmage formed over it, or it may be thrown out between the two parties, and then they fight for it.

  192. Then both the Indians turned pale with terror; for what could they do in the way of fighting a bear, with only one carving-knife between them?

  193. The Jeannette had, however, gone into the polar seas by Behring Strait, which is between the American continent and Asia.

  194. We always put it in our bureau drawers between the linens.

  195. Each bore marked family resemblances in their big frames, dark eyes and well-shaped heads, but there was a distinct line drawn between their personalities.

  196. Between times I'm making a dress and cap for the masquerade dance.

  197. I like clean rooms, but if it's a matter of choosing between foul air without dust and fresh air with dust I'll take the dust every time.

  198. I smiled but soon grew sober as I thought that the incongruity between gown and shoes was no greater than that between the gown and the girl--the girl who was reared to wear plain clothes and be honest and unpretentious.

  199. The walks between the garden beds were trim and weedless, the yard and buildings well kept, and the entire little farm gave evidence that the reputed Pennsylvania Dutch thrift and neatness were present there.

  200. Our music, our appreciation of each other's ability, has strengthened the bond between us.

  201. I'll be better qualified after this to discriminate between the false and true.

  202. Thus he was torn between doubt and satisfaction, but it was too late to undo the deed.

  203. Between him and Phœbe there existed the old comradeship, free of restraint or embarrassment.

  204. Between the early morning meal and the twelve o'clock dinner much hard work was generally accomplished and Maria Metz felt that a substantial foundation was necessary.

  205. Only in the wide, high forehead and the resolute mouth could be seen any resemblance between him and the fair child by his side.

  206. She was so eager to finish the unpleasant task that she forgot one of Aunt Maria's rules, as inexorable as the law of the Medes and Persians--the door between the kitchen and the sitting-room must be closed.

  207. It is the only way I can express in words my clear and definite perception that one thing is quite distinct from another; that there is no logical connection between flying and laying eggs.

  208. Now, speaking quite externally and empirically, we may say that the strongest and most unmistakable mark of madness is this combination between a logical completeness and a spiritual contraction.

  209. Mr. Bernard Shaw has not perceived the real difference between the old utilitarian test of pleasure (clumsy, of course, and easily misstated) and that which he propounds.

  210. There cannot be any real community of spirit between forces that produced symbols so different as that.

  211. In that matter there had been this combination between two almost insane positions which yet somehow amounted to sanity.

  212. We have always in our fairy tales kept this sharp distinction between the science of mental relations, in which there really are laws, and the science of physical facts, in which there are no laws, but only weird repetitions.

  213. It is rather like alluding to the obvious connection between the two ceremonies of the sword: when it taps a man's shoulder, and when it cuts off his head.

  214. But they could not be got to see the distinction between a true law, a law of reason, and the mere fact of apples falling.

  215. In pagan society there may have been (I do not know) some such serious division between the free man and the slave.

  216. She does not muddle her head until it imagines a necessary mental connection between a horn and a falling tower.

  217. Take, for instance, the matter of modesty, of the balance between mere pride and mere prostration.

  218. He must either deny the existence of God, as all atheists do; or he must deny the present union between God and man, as all Christians do.

  219. As if there were any inconsistency between having a love for humanity and having a hatred for inhumanity!

  220. He has so often seen birds fly and lay eggs that he feels as if there must be some dreamy, tender connection between the two ideas, whereas there is none.

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