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Example sentences for "heat"

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  1. In the evening they rake the coals in a heap, and shut the entrance of the yourt, where the smoke should evaporate; and thus the heat is concentrated, and kept up during the whole night.

  2. The heat is sufficient to dissolve the ice, and to this trough they have recourse when they are thirsty.

  3. A canoon filled with charcoal with which to heat the water for tea first arrived; then one brought bread, another eggs, a third sugar, and another melons; and such melons!

  4. Twenty-three thousand people had to give up their lives for the light and heat and speed which we enjoyed in the last ten years.

  5. Moschele rests neither by day nor by night; he prints bills and scatters them as if money were paper; he sleeps with an open window even in the winter, as if he wanted to heat all outdoors, and he has even travelled on the Sabbath!

  6. I hesitated just a second, swept by the heat wave that follows sudden shyness, embarrassment, a sense of folly it is too late to avert.

  7. All day long in the tempered heat flowers blazed around me, insects hummed, lizards darted in and out of the terrace wall, birds flashed among the checkered shadows of the live oaks.

  8. Often during the heat of summer noons when we were assembled under the big maple beside the lattice fence in the Peters' yard, the spirit would move me to relate the most amazing of adventures.

  9. By these means no time will be allowed for anybody to object to the proceeding, to plead the health of the King, the heat of the weather, or to interfere with the arrangement of the troops which it will be necessary to make.

  10. As he was but little sensitive to heat or cold, or even to rain, the weather was seldom sufficiently bad to prevent his going abroad.

  11. It happened that the weather passed suddenly from excessive heat to a damp cold, which lasted a long time.

  12. He partook of a dinner-supper at Saint Ouen, at the Duc de Tresmes, where he said that the excessive heat and dust, together with the crowd on horseback and on foot, had made him quit the review sooner than he wished.

  13. He feared that all this heat would not last out even the short stay he intended to make.

  14. The last mentioned birds lay eggs as large as the goose, and bury them under the sand, through the great heat of which they hatch out.

  15. The other giant whom we had captured was in that ship, but he died when the heat came on.

  16. Then add corn and milk and heat to the boiling point.

  17. Archie's recent heat and hysteria had soothed under the influence of the girl's presence.

  18. He was glad he saw something of it, for he felt more justified in the heat of his own feelings.

  19. This love of his which had taken its place so suddenly in his life thrilled through his body like a fiery torrent roused to fever heat by the sound of the girl's sobs.

  20. It was evening; the sun had not yet set, but it was dipping low over the western hills, casting long shadows from behind the gorgeous-colored heat clouds.

  21. The moist air of the cavern might possibly be counteracted by the heat of my body, but even so, I knew that I could not hope to get a light for many hours.

  22. Thanks to the suffocating heat of the season, a deshabille of plain lawn adorns her charming, easy shape.

  23. The heat is more intense than I imagined," said she; "I must return.

  24. In this heat it's impossible to feel hungry, isn't it?

  25. Strong and fierce though he seemed, heat instantly crumpled him up.

  26. If the artist's form is to be the equivalent of an experience, if it is to be significant in fact, every scrap of it has got to be fused and fashioned in the white heat of his emotion.

  27. What engine is to generate the heat and make taut the energies by which alone significant form can be created?

  28. In art the motive power is heat always; some drive their engines by means of boiling emotion, others by the incandescence of intellectual passion.

  29. And how is his emotion to be kept at white heat through the long, cold days of formal construction?

  30. Thoughout the proceedings he had displayed no heat whatever, and when he addressed Jacker it was with his usual bland irony.

  31. Harry's whispering was almost shrill in the heat of his passion, and the singing of the hymn became faint and thin, so eager were the singers to catch a word of that most significant conversation.

  32. I think there's a clue in the fact that it froze everything around where it landed, in spite of traveling fast enough to heat up from air-friction alone.

  33. Electromagnetic radiation may be long radio waves or radiant heat or yellow light or ultraviolet or X-rays, or who knows what, according to its frequency.

  34. He meant that in empty space certain aluminum plates on the outside of the hull were picking up heat from the naked sun.

  35. The power obtainable from the sun as heat had dwindled to one-ninth of that at the Earth's distance.

  36. Metallic connection with the outside plates conducted heat inward from those plates.

  37. A battery in the handle energizes them so they use the heat they contain to make a lethal punch without a kick-back.

  38. Then I excused myself by adding, "The heat of the theatre has been rather oppressive, that's all.

  39. The heat of this crowded room upset me--it caused my faintness.

  40. The fractured end is heated, and by the combined action of heat and centrifugal force opens out into a flat foot.

  41. The desired result is obtained either by moving the manufactured goods gradually away from a constant source of heat, or by placing them in a heated kiln and allowing the heat gradually to die out.

  42. The greater the heat of the ashes the more would the sand adhere to and impress the inner surface of the vessels.

  43. The furnaces are driven to a white heat in order to fuse the mixture and expel bubbles of gas and air.

  44. There is, however, differential heating of rock and ice, and if the stones carried are thin they tend to sink into the ice because they absorb heat readily and melt the ice under them.

  45. An increased production of heat in the fevered animal is thus obvious, as his capacity to receive and assimilate food is considerably less than that of a high-fed, healthy dog.

  46. Water at higher or lower degrees of heat than this may be used.

  47. The greater the ventilation, the more rapid the change and the more heat required.

  48. The additional heat thus generated renders it possible to sustain the vicissitudes of climate.

  49. Every increase of body-heat is associated with rapid tissue-waste, with enfeebled heart-action and with exhaustion of the nerve-centres.

  50. Like other pathogenic microphytes this may be preserved for months or years if thoroughly dried, but in the moist condition it is easily destroyed by heat (133° F.

  51. Relatively accurate inductions with regard to the origin of febrile heat were first rendered possible by the experiments of Billroth and Weber.

  52. Heat and moisture of the skin are more often met with together in the fever of acute articular rheumatism than in any other {159} affection.

  53. It was nearly calm the whole day, and the thermometer exposed to the sun about the middle of the day rose to a degree of heat we have not before met with.

  54. The ship was found to be very leaky in her upper works, as the great heat had opened up her seams which had been badly caulked at first.

  55. But he knew it generated all that heat because it was a blue sun and not one of the ordinary yellow-white type, as it appeared.

  56. The deceptive appearance was caused by the heavy atmosphere that held out the ultraviolet and the heat and light came in on the yellow band.

  57. And Samson slept, in the heat of the day, with his head upon Delilah’s knees.

  58. Then she huddled forward towards the fire, which no longer seemed to heat her, and Susan's letter fell from her lap into the fender.

  59. I can run down and heat up your chop, if you'll wait.

  60. She moved away from the heat of the fire and from that other heat which had so strangely been engendered by these contacts which always before engendered light, and went to the window and laid her forehead against the cold glass.

  61. When she saw its horrid little body stripped for the bath, heat ran through her throat, and she remembered again how exquisite it had been to hurt him, and she speculated whether very much force would be needed to kill it.

  62. If this man would go soon she would run down to Mrs. Powell and get her to heat up the chop again.

  63. It was as if the heat of his lips dissolved some seal upon her mouth, and she sobbed out: "It's when the boy touches me with a stick that I can't bear it!

  64. And then one of them replied simply: 'Indeed, what you say must be true; for do you not see how his beard is crisped and his face brown with the heat and smoke of it?

  65. If circumstances could ever make a great national poet, here were all the elements mingled at melting-heat in the alembic, and the lucky moment of projection was clearly come.

  66. The kossak should be made with, so to speak, no neck through which the heat which one produces can leak out.

  67. The heat was fierce when we at last anchored, and had the height of the blaze not passed, we should certainly have been glad to seek again the cool of our icy friends outside.

  68. Immortality may be the complement of mortality, as water becomes steam, and steam becomes power, and power becomes heat, and heat becomes light.

  69. Fortunately warmth depends only on keeping heat in; and we find an impervious, light, dressed canvas best.

  70. The carcasses of my dogs I piled up to make a windbreak, and at intervals I took off my clothes, wrung them out, swung them in the wind, and put on first one and then the other inside, hoping that the heat of my body would thus dry them.

  71. The heat of the weather," he pleaded by way of excuse when the Squire blew him up.

  72. A blow, argued the pater in private, is so easily given in the heat of passion.

  73. The heat of the day and the dust on the journey must have caused them to take more than they were aware of.

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