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Example sentences for "fuzz"

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  1. To brush the hairs of fuzz from, as wheat grains, in the process of high milling.

  2. They were as much all in a fuzz as ever, but his skin was not so gloriously tanned, and his hands were white instead of umber.

  3. Fuzz and Brown-ears, Snip and Peepy felt rather strange and lonely; two round furry balls seemed a very queer sort of exchange for their active, bright-eyed father and mother.

  4. Papa, Mamma, Fuzz and Brown-ears, Snip and Peepy, their four children.

  5. But Fuzz was obstinate and sure he knew best.

  6. Nuts very large, smooth and glossy, with little fuzz near the top.

  7. Shell dark brown, smooth, with a little fuzz around the point.

  8. Vigorous rubbing removes the fuzz after the nuts are scalded.

  9. Your head is--" "You see, the fuzz of her curls gives that effect.

  10. Phoebe," he called after her, "the one with the yellow fuzz is the girl, buy her for me if you can flimflam Milly into it!

  11. Fuzz ball, a kind of fungus or mushroom, which, when pressed, bursts and scatters a fine dust; a puffball.

  12. Defn: To brush the hairs of fuzz from, as wheat grains, in the process of high milling.

  13. Will Blanchard's been mixin' a bit of chopped fuzz with the sheep's meal these hard times, like his betters.

  14. Vye fired a short blast from the ray tube before it could turn on him, saw fur-fuzz afire, as he ran for the tree.

  15. Hume snapped a second blast at the head, and the fuzz covering it blackened.

  16. A light breeze ruffled the fuzz covering of wide shoulders, long muscular arms.

  17. A line of them were walking quietly and upright towards the humans, their blue-green fuzz covering like a mist under the direct rays of the sun.

  18. When he got angry, the kid’s blond bristles would stick up like the fuzz of a newly hatched chick.

  19. Through the hatchway dropped a small, bandy-legged man whose short blonde hair bristled like the fuzz of a newly hatched duckling.

  20. You will notice there is some fuzz mixed with the hair at the base close to the skin, pick out the fuzz and place the butts of the hairs under the hook as in Fig.

  21. It wasn't much of a mustache--a little blond fuzz about as heavy as his yellow eyebrows over his big inquiring blue eyes, and he once told Dolan that he kept it for a danger signal.

  22. Fuzz had the peculiarity of sympathising with the Navajos in their contempt for the Pai Utes.

  23. The latter roused his ire on the instant, but when a Navajo came up, with his confident step, Fuzz would lie still, with merely a roll of the eye to signify that he was on guard.

  24. The Flambeau Ojibwe used to throw the fuzz of the fruit into the eyes of their enemies, the Sioux, claiming that it blinded them.

  25. The Flambeau Ojibwe use the matted fuzz as a hemostatic.

  26. They say the fuzz will blind one if it gets into his eyes.

  27. They claim that the fuzz thrown into an enemy’s face will blind him.

  28. The Flambeau Ojibwe used the fuzz of the fruit for a war medicine.

  29. And, Miss Gaskett," the deadly coldness of his voice made her shiver, "I doubt if the fuzz under your bed has troubled you as much as the fact that for three summers your cat has had kittens in the linen closet has annoyed me.

  30. But then I had no friends, and so I had Fuzz and Buzz, and Thunder and Lightning, and the little Stars.

  31. You know, if you annoy me in any way, I should think nothing of putting either Fuzz or Buzz into your bed.

  32. One day, to Rosamund's great delight, Irene suggested that Fuzz and Buzz and all their children should go back to the nearest chemist.

  33. Oh, suppose Fuzz or Buzz were there, wouldn't I just scream with terror?

  34. Mary kept as close as she could to Emma and baby, and every now and then she looked round over her shoulder for fear of Fuzz coming full bang upon her in his affection, and knocking her down.

  35. And Fuzz wagged his tail as much as to say, "Yes, indeed; Leigh knows what I can do.

  36. The little party stopped when they had got some way down the lane, and Leigh began to fasten Fuzz to the perambulator.

  37. It was certainly a comfort to Mary to see that Fuzz was not loose; and in a minute or two, when the pair came back again, running more slowly, she left off trembling and began to laugh a little.

  38. The voice was that of an older man, too, belying the youthful complexion, the almost childish features, the soft fuzz of a beard.

  39. Then they'd be more pine trees and more fuzz and then more yellow mud.

  40. First we'd pass a few pine trees with fuzz on 'em and then a couple o' acres o' yellow mud.

  41. The third day you will perceive a slate-colored down or fuzz upon its head.

  42. On the seventh the fuzz will become red-brown feathers on its back and white upon its breast.

  43. Hazel, with a dismayed, wide-eyed look; "must I have fuzz for hair?

  44. The drones have a heavy coat of fuzz on the thorax, and the abdomen presents a mottled yellow appearance, being often highly yellow.

  45. The workers are dark leaden gray in their general color, and present quite a ringed appearance because of the alternation of this dark color with the lighter fuzz which edges the segments of the abdomen.

  46. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fuzz" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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