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Example sentences for "fluff"

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flue; fluency; fluent; fluently; flues; fluffed; fluffing; fluffs; fluffy; fluid
  1. Then you can stay here, and I'll give you my word of honour that I'll not try to cut you out with Lady Blanche, although she takes the fancy of yours truly more than any bit of fluff I've seen for years.

  2. Cautiously now, with an almost tender skill, the big car circled a tiny, venturesome clump of highway violets and crept through a prancing, leaping fluff of yellow collie dogs to the door of the big stone house.

  3. No, I suppose not," Jean admitted, "but I wonder what they think the veils are for when they fluff out their hair.

  4. When using the water gold-size it is most important that this should be kept free from dust, and especially small hairs and pieces of fluff that often float about in the air.

  5. The ink should be kept free from pieces of fluff or small hairs, as if these get into the pen it is impossible to produce good writing.

  6. I don't know who the bit of fluff is that they're fighting about, but you can wager a quid to a bob that Dick thought he was doing her a good turn.

  7. He puts in the plate, and prepares to release the shutter, whereupon FLUFF deliberately rises and presents his tail to the camera.

  8. FLUFF is, with infinite trouble, prevailed upon to mount an arm-chair, from which he growls savagely whenever MR.

  9. FLUFF (to himself, as he makes a triumphant exit).

  10. The silken fluff from the ties was not good for his sickness; nor was his sickness good for the ties, and the handlers and wearers of the ties yet to come.

  11. A great golliwog of a black dog who sat on one side of the tent like an image, watching them as if he meant to eat them, and a great fluff of a white cat sitting on the other with her eyes shut as if she did not want to watch them.

  12. So, as the camel was passing under a thorn tree about half a mile out from camp, a great fluff of white hair sprang from the branches and landed right in Head-nurse's broad lap.

  13. But they reckoned without a great white fluff which after a time showed itself at the entry to the charcoal bunker, yawning and stretching and blinking its eyes.

  14. Her way of completely covering the brood was to fluff out the under coverts against the rim of the nest and bring the wings down, just inside, so as to effectually close the nest.

  15. At that period they were naked except a fluff on head and wing quills, just showing feathers at tips.

  16. A; a12] fluff up cotton or kapok in preparation for further use.

  17. A; a12] pull and fluff up cotton fibers and loosen them from the seeds prior to putting them in a deseeding device.

  18. A; a1] {1} dress yarn for weaving by starching and combing it to eliminate fluff or lint and give it a degree of stiffness.

  19. I called," said Nod, "because I spy something jutting there with a fluff of hair in the wind that leaps the chasm, and with thin ends that look to me like the arms and legs of a Man of the Mountains lying caught in a bush of Tummusc.

  20. He's been awfully decent to Fluff and me.

  21. Fluff sees the ball slowly spinning--harmless enough till it pitches, and then deadly as a writhing serpent.

  22. Next day he asked Fluff to walk with him, but Fluff was walking with some one else.

  23. John and Fluff were playing in the Sixth Form game; but John had no chance of his Flannels, although he had improved in batting and bowling, thanks to Warde's indefatigable coaching.

  24. Fluff was a fag; his friend John was in the Fifth Form, and a "fez.

  25. But I would never bother him," said John to himself, "as Fluff has bothered me, never!

  26. Scaife takes off Fluff and puts on a fast bowler, changing his own place in the field to short slip.

  27. Fluff was no longer the delicate, girlish child of a year ago.

  28. Fluff is in, playing steadily, holding up his wicket, letting the giant make the runs.

  29. On his day Fluff is tricky, but this, apparently, is not his day.

  30. He made a cricketer out of Fluff and a scholar out of Jonathan.

  31. His mentor had said so much to Fluff and him about the propriety of not putting on "lift" or "side" in the presence of an older boy, that he had choked back a retort which occurred to him.

  32. Fluff could paddle his own canoe, provided, of course, that he kept out of the rapids.

  33. And then that thick-set, muscular beast, for so Fluff regarded him, stared fixedly at Fluff's middle stump.

  34. John watched him, frowning, because Fluff was a good little chap, and yet, at times, such a bore!

  35. It was rather a rum go, but John was as mad keen to call C├Žsar friend as poor Fluff to call John friend.

  36. But Miss Fluff and I are at home to honest working friends on Friday evenings.

  37. When you're too busy to come and see us, Fluff and I will peek out and admire you as you go plunging past on your irresistible course.

  38. Fluff saw that she wore a coat of light brown fur, but that her breast was as white as his own fur coat, as were also her silken whiskers.

  39. Fluff could hear her shrill squeaks of consternation and fear growing fainter and fainter as she hurried away.

  40. The bright sunshine which met him as he poked his nose outside the hole almost blinded his little pink eyes, and the soft spring breeze ruffled his white fur coat, but Fluff enjoyed it.

  41. Fluff even ventured to give a pleading little squeak which meant to reassure them, but it was no use; evidently they too took him for a ghost, for like a flash they were off, and all he saw of them was five vanishing brown tails.

  42. Finally he reached a green door; there was a little crack beneath the door, and Fluff decided to squeeze through.

  43. They would stand close to the great glass window, pressing their noses quite flat against the pane, as they watched with delight the funny capers of the white mice, Fluff and Muff, for thus the children had named them.

  44. Fluff was the larger mouse, and he would spend hours whirling about in the small wire wheel, going so swiftly at times that all the children could make out was just a round ball of white fur revolving in space.

  45. The fluff and bloom of existence for her too is gone.

  46. I see the fluff of their ermine garments, their tossing white plumes, and get the glint of their jewels, breaking up the white light into multiple rainbows that flash all the pasture world with a dainty glamour of romance.

  47. It is this entangled air, whether in the fluff of a woolen blanket or in a snowfall, that fends from the cold.

  48. Robed in this regal ermine fluff from top to toe, they hold their life warmth secure behind the entangled mass of non-conducting air and are safe from all disaster.

  49. Under its power the draggled clots that once were flowers lift, fluff out, bud and bloom as does the magic plant under the potent spell of the sorcerer of the Far East.

  50. And yet this is the smallest and frailest British bird--a mere fluff of feathers, weighing only seventy grains.

  51. This, the smallest British bird, is a mere fluff of feathers, and weighs only eighty grains.

  52. Mrs. Brigham passed a large fluff of handkerchief across her eyes; Rebecca sobbed outright.

  53. A few steps more and the Englishman came in sight, swinging forward alertly, a fluff of brown feathers dangling from his right hand.

  54. Illustration: 9030] Floss and Fluff were the hap-pi-est dogs in the world.

  55. Be- cause he was so prompt and true and kind, Fred-dy was hap-py, and so were Fluff and Floss.

  56. Then for a time, she frolicked with Fluff while Maida read aloud.

  57. Moreover, she is absolutely powerless to penetrate the mason bee's fortress, powerless as a fluff of down against a rock.

  58. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fluff" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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