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Example sentences for "boot"

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  1. Apparently they had walked into the parson's scullery, and finding nothing in the edible line, had picked up the boot as a souvenir of the visit.

  2. It was part of Peter's creed to knock out his pipes on the heel of his boot and deposit their remains on the floor, convenient ash-trays notwithstanding.

  3. Now if you'll be so good as to unlace my boot I'll massage this low-down ankle.

  4. But Mudie and Sir Jesse Boot sent parcels to the house unchecked, the newspaper drifted in not even censored: the nurses who guided Ellen through the essential incidents of a feminine career talked of something called a "movement.

  5. It flashed like an arrow across a further space of flower-bed, dropped to the ground, became two agitatedly receding boot soles and was gone.

  6. I expressed a desire to have a small piece of the boot to exhibit in my Museum; the lady cut off, without hesitation, a slip three inches long by one in width.

  7. In the house is shown a part of the boot which is said to have once covered the unlucky leg.

  8. Presently he seemed to come to another difficulty, for he sat down with one boot in his hand and one still on his foot.

  9. His toilet was cut short by the arrival of the train, so, seizing bandolier and spurs and dropping a few coins, he jumped into a second-class compartment with but one boot clean of desert sand.

  10. Shaving over, and Mac's other boot cleaned, a little sight-seeing was suggested as a modest and inexpensive way of passing the afternoon.

  11. In one place the lower leg and boot of a dead Turk stuck out from the corner of a trench, and at another a bony hand protruded.

  12. Gates and Dingle, the first and second mates, who with cold douche and unrelenting boot were sparing no pains to rouse to a sense of duty those of their flock who had not yet found or recovered their sea-legs.

  13. Mr. Gates, knocking the heel of his boot on the deck to ease his aching toes.

  14. He dived down the fore-hatchway, just in time to escape the itching boot of the unimpressionable Mr. Gates, and proceeded between decks toward the stern.

  15. Gates and Dingle had been requested by him as a particular favour to adopt the policy of the thick stick and the big boot in the case of those members of the crew who refrained from looking slick in executing their orders.

  16. I lost the favour of the lady of the Grand Pensionary of Amsterdam, by touching with the sole of my boot the train of her black velvet gown, which I mistook for a foot-cloth, it being half the room distant from her person.

  17. It was still raining and my clothes were covered with mud; one boot was gone and one sleeve of my coat was hanging by a mere thread.

  18. The door opened, and Moleskin's boot was not to be found.

  19. I twisted round and swung him clear, then lifted my boot and aimed a blow at the animal which took him on the jaw.

  20. It was raw and bleeding where Bennet's nailed boot had ripped the flesh.

  21. The odd good boot is usually picked up by a rag-picker, and in course of time it finds its way into a rag-store, where it is thrown amongst hundreds of others, which are always ready for further use at their old trade.

  22. Once I tried to hit it with my foot, but the blow swung clear, and my hobnailed boot took Moleskin on the shin, causing him to swear deeply.

  23. One boot has always the knack of wearing better than its fellow.

  24. He tried to turn round, but my boot shot out and the blow took him on the head.

  25. Joe with a single boot on, struck the ground heavily with one foot; the other made no sound.

  26. Leaving that individual to others, Stone and Boot dashed into a rear room, throwing up the window.

  27. The baby did not resemble her in the least: it was fair, and pretty, and daintily kept, its bonnet and coat and the shawl in which it was wrapped were of finest quality, and the tiny boot that lay on the carriage seat was a silk one.

  28. Dorothy tugged at her boot lace till it snapped, then had to tie the two ends together in a knot.

  29. What, thought I, is their object in burying the boot there?

  30. Bowman, as all glances present converged like wheel-spokes upon the boot in the centre of them.

  31. If so be I hadn't been as scatter-brained and thirtingill as a chiel, I should have called at the schoolhouse wi' a boot as I cam up along.

  32. Outside the window the upper-leather of a Wellington-boot was usually hung, pegged to a board as if to dry.

  33. There, between the cider-mug and the candle, stood this interesting receptacle of the little unknown's foot; and a very pretty boot it was.

  34. He was neither stupid nor quite unskilled, however, and in a few minutes he had slit the Captain's boot down the seam at the back and removed it almost without hurting him, as well as the merino sock.

  35. Pica went upstairs and found the Captain stretched on his bed in his wet clothes, while the three soldiers who had carried him up were trying to pull his boot off instead of cutting it.

  36. Chet looked at the print of the large boot in the soft soil.

  37. And with angry kicks he sent then All the booty flying swiftly, Boot and toad in peace together To the water where they came from.

  38. It is curious, however, that the tags at the sides are still represented and sewn to the boot so as to be quite useless, while new tags placed inside the boot now do their duty.

  39. A modern boot decorated with perforations made in the leather 63 65.

  40. The perforations do not go through the boot or shoe, and in a Roman example in the British Museum, which is much more highly decorated, there are two thicknesses of leather, of which the outer one only is pierced.

  41. A modern boot decorated with perforations made in the leather.

  42. A modern top boot in which the upper part can no longer be turned up.

  43. The modern top boot in which the upper part can no longer be turned up 66 70.

  44. The original top boot with the upper part temporarily turned down 65 69.

  45. The original top boot with the upper part temporarily turned down.

  46. He was creeping with the utmost care: and probably the scraping of his boot against the rock had admonished him to be more careful; at any rate he acted as though such were the case.

  47. The nails in the heel of a heavy boot grated upon a flat rock, and this was the noise that awakened the tired sleeper.

  48. The door of the hind boot should be|The door on the hind boot to be hinged at the bottom, that it may |hinged on the off side to enable be used as a table when open.

  49. The body of the drag and the panel |The body of the coach and the panel of the hind boot should correspond |of the hind boot should also in color.

  50. The horse must then wear a shoe-boil boot at night.

  51. The top, and down to six or eight feet from the end, the whip was made of leather, often old boot tops.

  52. It'll quit hurting, if you stop and stoop down and unbuckle your boot and then buckle it again.

  53. ON BOOT HILL Up from the prairie and through the pines, Over your straggling headboard lines Winds of the West go by.

  54. As he spoke, Dick's hobnailed boot appeared, his corduroy leg followed, and next moment he stood in the room with a menacing look and attitude and a short thick bludgeon in his knuckly hand.

  55. The water filled my boots at once, and felt very cold at first, but soon became warm, and each boot was converted into a warmish bath, in which the legs felt reasonably comfortable.

  56. He had one ankle resting on t'other knee; the boot on that foot was busted, and two of his toes stuck through, and he worked them now and then.

  57. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "boot" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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