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Example sentences for "howler"

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  1. The accompanying sketch will explain how the Night-Howler is made.

  2. In our last chapter we promised to explain the nature of the little instrument by which the Night-Howler produced those "hideous and unearthly noises" to which we alluded.

  3. If the statesman makes a howler all the world knows about it.

  4. If the grocer makes a howler in his trade the world knows nothing about it.

  5. The calamity howler is a destroyer; he doesn't think, he spurts out words.

  6. So, little by little, he began to be spoken of as Howler the Wolf, and after a while everybody called him Howler.

  7. It has been so ever since, and the name Howler has been handed down to this day.

  8. No sound in all the Great Woods carries with it more fear than does the voice of Howler the Wolf, and no one hunts so openly, boldly, and honorably.

  9. Be thankful, Peter, that Howler never comes down to the Green Forest, but stays far from the homes of men.

  10. The first time he met his cousin, Jumper the Hare, he asked him about Howler, for Jumper had come down to the Green Forest from the Great Woods where Howler lives and is feared.

  11. Of course, Howler taught his children how to hunt and that the only honorable and fair way was to give those they hunted fair warning.

  12. This Howler is known only from the virgin forests of the eastern and north-eastern portions of Guatemala.

  13. This is the species of Howler which ranges furthest to the south.

  14. South of the Isthmus of Panama, the Red Howler (A.

  15. The habits of the Mantled Howler do not differ widely from those of the species already described.

  16. This species differs from the Black Howler (A.

  17. I was too busy with that howler thing and that magpie and that murder, to see anything.

  18. What with the magpie and the howler and a man shot in a locked room and the spot of soot on your neck--I'm all twisted into a knot.

  19. The howler established considerable in this case.

  20. It was either one or the other who put the howler on after Stockbridge was shot and the 'phone had fallen to the floor.

  21. The telephone call at five minutes past twelve, and the howler put on soon afterward, checks up.

  22. The old man was alive during the telephone call from the Grand Central, and dead when the howler was put on for the first time.

  23. The same character is seen in the caecum of Mycetes fuscus the brown howler monkey (Figs.

  24. Among the latter are Howler the Wolf, Old Man Coyote, Eagles, Hawks and Owls.

  25. Howler and Mrs. Wolf mate for life, and each is at all times loyal to the other.

  26. But when winter comes, Howler and his friends get together and hunt in packs.

  27. Old Man Coyote varies in size from not so very much bigger than Reddy Fox to almost the size of his big cousin, Howler the Timber Wolf.

  28. His big cousin, Howler the Gray Wolf, sometimes called Timber Wolf-- is found now only in the forests of the North and the mountains of the Great West.

  29. He is the Prairie Wolf, so called because he is a lover of the great open plains and not of the deep forests like his big cousin, Howler the Timber Wolf.

  30. Howler is as keen-witted as, and perhaps keener-witted than, Reddy Fox or Old Man Coyote, and added to this he has great strength and courage.

  31. Howler is very closely related to the Dogs which men keep as pets.

  32. Man in his effort to destroy them has used poison, cleverly hiding it in pieces of meat left where Howler and his friends could find them.

  33. In summer when food is plentiful, Howler and Mrs. Wolf devote themselves to the bringing up of their family and are careful not to be overbold.

  34. Old Man Coyote takes pains to keep out of Howler's way, but he is clever enough to know that when Howler has made a good kill there may be some left after Howler has filled his own stomach.

  35. So when Howler is hunting in Old Man Coyote's neighbor hood, the latter keeps an eye and ear open to what is going on.

  36. Then Puma the Panther must be watched for, and lower down Howler the Wolf.

  37. Howler soon found out that there was something wrong with pieces of meat left about, and now it is seldom that any of his family come to harm in that way.

  38. In one patch of thick jungle we saw a black howler monkey sitting motionless in a tree top.

  39. In one wood we came on the black howler monkey.

  40. We saw a few more birds; there were fresh tapir and paca tracks at one point where we landed; once we heard howler monkeys from the depth of the forest, and once we saw a big otter in midstream.

  41. I also thought I heard the asthmatic, territorial roar of a giant howler monkey, the lord of the upper jungle.

  42. A pack of howler monkeys was cavorting up and down the steps on my left, like circus Harlequins in electric red-and-blue suits, doing pratfalls and huffing as they flew through the air and tumbled one over another.

  43. He called Scraggs on the howler and explained the situation.

  44. Instantly the engineer dropped back into the engine room and set the Maggie full speed astern; then he grasped the howler and held it to his ear.

  45. Instantly a chorus of shrieks up on the fo'castle head attracted his attention to such a degree that he failed to hear the engine room howler as Mr. Gibney blew frantically into it.

  46. A troop of red howler monkeys were hopping from one high tree to another, sometimes hanging on to branches only by their tails.

  47. Their captors were in a hurry because all the while, the cries of the howler monkeys were becoming louder.

  48. Footnote 178: Rütimeyer has found a fossil howler in the Swiss Jura--middle cocene.

  49. On the west coast of South America there are at least three or four species of monkeys, among them a black howler and a Cebus capucinus.

  50. We called her the Howler because she howled.

  51. Like the spider monkeys, they live entirely in trees, making good use of their long tails as they move about from branch to branch; indeed, the tail serves the howler for another hand.

  52. They were considerably larger than any we had seen; indeed, the howler is the largest monkey in the New World.

  53. Usually the howler is detached by the switch hook during conversation from a station.

  54. The howler is cut off and the receiver is short-circuited by the same operation of the key.

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