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leeway; leeze; lef; lefe; leff; lefte; leftenant; leftest; leftist; leftover
  1. Sixteen years afterward, when a foreign invasion threatened Canada, they loyally left the plough in the furrow and again sprang to arms, to protect their altars and firesides.

  2. Arnold with his two regiments, numbering together about eleven hundred men, had left Boston in the month of September, with the fixed intention of penetrating the unbroken wilderness which lay between the two cities.

  3. As he left the Château, passing out of the main entrance and down the path that led to the river, he was followed by groups of friends and citizens, whose sad countenances evinced their forebodings of the future.

  4. Generations of saintly men, under vows, have trodden in the shade of its walks, trying with the rigours of monastic life to crush out the memories of love and home left behind among the sun-kissed vineyards of France.

  5. In the year 1841, near to the spot, was discovered a large quantity of shot and shell left by the retreating army.

  6. The disabled vessels retreated before the artillery of the elements, and left Bourbon's Lilied Blue to wave for half a century longer over Fort St. Louis.

  7. Addison says, in reference to the catacombs at Naples, "they must have been full of stench, if the dead bodies that lay in them were left to rot in open niches.

  8. Having purchased at St. Petersburg, the library left by an old Russian nobleman of high rank, I was quite astonished to find a copy of Oeuvres de Frederic II.

  9. I left her there in the road with all her little ones about her.

  10. Although left for so long a time without food, the faithful creature had never quitted the spot where the chair and basket had fallen.

  11. He felt ill--desperately ill--but the swift action of his brain left him no time to dwell upon it.

  12. She only trusted that superstition would prevail, and the aged landmark would be left standing.

  13. The stench of tobacco smoke blending with the fumes of liquor left it nauseating.

  14. He did not ride up, but left Peter, much to that creature's disquiet, tied in the bush some fifty yards from the place.

  15. I've been trying to find him ever since I left here.

  16. His radiant dreams of a rancher's life tumbled about his big unfortunate head, and, for the moment, left him staggered.

  17. The laughter had gone out of her eyes and left them full of anxiety.

  18. His interpretation of the officer's expression left him no room for doubting.

  19. But the sign did not come, and the saloonkeeper was left without the least encouragement.

  20. That's the trail," she said abruptly, pointing at the path which Fyles had left for his inspection of the tree.

  21. He scorned the surrounding of lesser trees which had been left to guard it from the crushing impact should the tree fall that way.

  22. The moving object had suddenly left the trail.

  23. The young man and the girl, who has left school, will be ready to receive the whole standard of sex-morality as has been outlined in this manual.

  24. Where a compromise is introduced, the permanence of marriage, and therefore of the home, becomes correspondingly impaired, while there are left a number of unhappy cases for which divorce is not allowed.

  25. We are then left with a technical and not a moral offence.

  26. And as to my discontinuance of my attendance at the public worship, I refer you to my papers, which I have left with my worthy friend, Mr. Barlow.

  27. Upon which the neighbours took their leave and returned home, and his sister shut the door, and left him alone to his private contemplations.

  28. Police Chief Vincent Grande reached the scene half an hour after the criminals left it.

  29. An Ohio waterworks put in a bid for the sixteen square miles of hole that Superior had left behind, explaining that it would make a fine reservoir.

  30. Don left the three names intact, distributing the rest, then put three squares together to spell Man.

  31. Don left Alis, shivering, at her door and decided he wanted a drink.

  32. But it was likely that all she noticed then was the brief case he carried, attached by a chain to a handcuff on his left wrist.

  33. She was looking at the Atlantic, which was virtually the only thing left to see except the bright blue sky, a strip of the New England coast, and the circling bomber.

  34. The instructor, without interrupting his lecture, followed them with his eyes as they left the room.

  35. I gather you've been in some kind of suspended animation since you left your old world.

  36. He fell into step on her left and took her arm with his free hand.

  37. That's all that was the matter with her--Bobby the Bold had left her hanging by her thumbs too long.

  38. The Master was showing the vault-like chamber in which he had spent the generations since the spaceships left Gorel-zed.

  39. Yesterday they had seemed only mildly interested in what their town was up to but today, with the North American continent about to be left behind, they were paying more attention.

  40. As long as we are left alone we can pursue our ordinary industrialism.

  41. If the choice had been left to the nation she would not have become Germany's catspaw.

  42. Even the children know that coin has not left them richer: many, very many Germans know the Kultur War to be ruinous: but Berlin must play the Game still, and assume that the tricks and aims cannot be understood!

  43. But it has been left to France to pay the most fitting recognition to his genius and to his services in the cause of freedom and truth.

  44. On the left is one of the many widows who have lost their all in this war.

  45. Thus it is not for us to speak, as the people of Belgium and Northern France will speak, of the limits of endurance, and of war's last terrors imposed on those whom war should have passed by and left untouched.

  46. No shirkers would be left if every subject of the Crown were taught to apprehend the significance of Henley's interrogation: What have I done for you, England, my England?

  47. It is only left to the Allies to treat him as such, to thrash him by brute force, and then to clip his teeth and talons and by treaty and agreement amongst themselves to keep him chained and caged beyond the possibility of another outbreak.

  48. A private house has been attacked, the mother has been killed, the father and child are left desolate.

  49. There is nothing left to young William but useless imprecations.

  50. I annex a tracing of one of his enlargements, by permission of the London University, to which he left his great collection.

  51. Most of the other saloon passengers were business men on their way back to the Far East, and left us at Ceylon.

  52. All these processes were in full use when I left India, on the completion of twenty-five years' service, in 1878.

  53. Blood on the fingers has occasionally left impressions that fortunately sufficed to reveal the murderer; but, as a rule, wet fingers leave only smudges as useless as this one.

  54. For the sake of interest I give, among the illustrations, several examples of late 'repeats' taken many years after I left India; but these do not belong to my story.

  55. Devil never left him with his Machinations, till finding he could not tempt him to any Thing wicked in his Government, he tempted or mov'd him to a needless War with the King of Egypt, in which he lost his Life.

  56. No, no, He gave no light, but I smelt his fire and brimstone; he left a smell of it behind him, when he was gone.

  57. I therefore carefully avoided wounding his few gray hairs and latter days, and left him still untold that it was by her, of whom he thought so highly, that his uncontradicted treachery had been discovered.

  58. The Cardinal left me, not much satisfied at his reception.

  59. The better to execute my task, I retired the moment he left me, and wrote down all I could recollect of his discourse, that it might be thoroughly placed before the Queen the first opportunity.

  60. I kept this part of the packet secret till the King's two aunts, who had also been warm advocates in favour of the prelate, left Paris for Rome.

  61. Thus was this wicked prelate left at leisure to premeditate the horrid plot of the famous necklace, the ever memorable fraud, which so fatally verified the presentiments of the Queen.

  62. When I could get no satisfactory information, I said I could not trace anything undeserving her charity, and left Her Highness to exercise her own discretion.

  63. But Madame de Bouffon was so alarmed by the state in which she saw the Duc d'Orleans that she instantly left the Palais Royal, and despatched his valet express to bring her thither.

  64. The Princease de Lamballe did not like play, but when it was necessary she did play, and won or lost to a limited extent; but the prescribed sum once exhausted or gained she left off.

  65. Considering only the character of his prisoner as one of the highest dignitaries of the Church, from ignorance and inexperience, he left the Cardinal an opportunity to write a German note to his factotum, the Abbe Georgel.

  66. Through the private correspondence which was carried on between this country and England, after I had left it, I was informed that M.

  67. Such sallow youth are best left to platonic love, it's more proper, and to them, quite as entertaining.

  68. Besides, my officer, I thought you had not a spark of life left in you after that beating.

  69. He was sure that he had not left the town by the ordinary channels, but, as time passed, and the week ended fruitlessly, he was inclined to believe that the fiend which befriended Baboushka had also shielded Claudius with his wing.

  70. She beckoned to Hedwig as soon as it was released, and smiled kindly on him as she left the room with her servant to dress befittingly to show herself to Mademoiselle Rebecca.

  71. Left to himself, with the notification of the important interview overhanging him, the host pondered.

  72. He was oppressed by the magnitude of the ruin he left behind: the peaceful student to whom the pencil and the eraser were alone familiar had handled firearms like "the professor" in a shooting gallery.

  73. The warder had returned but he had left the gate open to close its sliding grate by mechanism worked within his little house.

  74. Two of the new-shaped projectiles dropped on this mark, left not enough wood to make a match and enough stone to strike a light upon it, while not a splinter of the missile could be found.

  75. When he left the house in my charge he bade me touch nothing, and let nothing be touched until his return.

  76. Some other pretender to the grand-ducal left or right hand thought it feasible, for everybody said that it was feminine jealousy that led to the countess and her "little beauty" being ordered out of the White Czar's realm.

  77. She took a seat which placed her on the left of the old Jew.

  78. Long after Madame Clemenceau had left the room, the Italian stood in the same position as he had taken after kissing her hand.

  79. She drew the curtains and pulled the cord which caused the shade to roll itself up in each of the three tall windows, before returning to the table where she had left her now useless lamp.

  80. His left arm whipped out, like a lizard's tongue, and Silvestro lay flat on his back among the cistus flowers, seeing ink and scarlet clouds.

  81. He tore his hand away and left Olimpia holding a fixed blade.

  82. The servant shrank into the passage and stayed there praying; of the three men at the table only one, Can Grande himself, had the spirit left to be courteous.

  83. The good captain carried his loyalty to the edge of his simplicity, and left it there for Olimpia to handle.

  84. At the next moment the long knife was below his left arm, buried to the hilt, and defender and defence rolled heavily to the floor.

  85. There stood Ridolfo and Ugolino with swords in their right hands; in his left Ugolino carried a brazier.

  86. Before he left Pitecchio, and that was before the dawn came upon it, he wrote this letter to his mistress.

  87. Another pair of eyes was at work, belonging to a very handsome, ruddy youth who had been at the Duke's left hand.

  88. He was so favourably impressed that Amilcare (who never missed a chance) left him alone with her for two hours in the garden after supper.

  89. A black and white cat making a pounce had sent hearts to mouths after this: though they found her out before they had got to "Dominus tecum," she left them all in a quiver.

  90. The last stage in the education of Molly, Amilcare found must positively be left to the Secretary.

  91. He placed his letter in an infallible place and left Pitecchio just as the western sky was throbbing with warm light.

  92. He had to beg her pardon on his knees, made an enemy of Bentivoglio, a fool of himself, and left next morning in a tearing passion.

  93. Not a soul in the city was left to doubt; it might be said that not a soul was left to save, if faith can save you.

  94. I'll bet they've left their trail right here in this room.

  95. He left the platform and joined the others.

  96. I left a note scribbled on a square of paper by the microscope.

  97. He was leaning over her, half turned on his left side.

  98. We left the plane and plunged into the darkness.

  99. Shelton's eyes misted and something of the hardness left his expression.

  100. The room was quiet; the paralysis left him; and in the instant of his release the clear brain of Garry Connell flashed from chaos to lay before him a full-formed plan.

  101. My heart was pounding with fear that she would be seen; but the man had turned the central light off when he left the microscope, and it was far darker here now than before.

  102. They'd left him for dead and he was--almost.

  103. If Horab left the cave and took Luhra with him, the two would die in the desert.

  104. The guard had drawn back into his cubby; there was only this extended hand and the muzzle of his weapon left visible.

  105. I could see no sign of the plane: the mighty sea had swept away what was left of it.

  106. The sound of the exhaust died away rapidly and left them staring into each other's eyes in awed silence.

  107. His strength left suddenly as the fingers dug in deeper, and Eddie shook him as he would a rat.

  108. It is believed to have collided with the abandoned hulk of an Italian-owned tramp freighter, the Roma, which was left by its crew yesterday in a sinking condition.

  109. When at last luncheon was over Mannering left his place and came over to her.

  110. Borrowdean, who left the study a madman, was a sane person the moment he began to descend the stairs and found himself face to face with a tall, heavily cloaked woman.

  111. She nodded, without glancing in his direction, and left the room.

  112. He turned and left the room and the house.

  113. There were few traces left of the woman whom once before he had found so easy a tool.

  114. He was one of those men whom solitude never wearies, a weaver of carefully thought-out schemes, no single detail of which was ever left to chance or impulse.

  115. If I had never left my study, England could not have contained a more rabid opponent of any change in our fiscal policy than I.

  116. They left the hotel, and Fardell summoned a cab.

  117. Well, all I can say is," Lord Redford pronounced, "that I very much wish you had left him down at his country home.

  118. A man of method, he seldom left his rooms without instructions as to where he was to be found.

  119. The freemasonry of old acquaintance which existed between all of them left her outside an invisible but very real circle.

  120. Very little was left of his healthy colouring.

  121. Mannering is best left alone--now, for the present.

  122. Men spoke of him as a weakling--as one who had shrunk from the burden of great responsibility, and left the friends who had trusted him in the lurch.

  123. Burke left the bulk of the stores and most of the party on the Darling in charge of Wright, who was to bring them on with all possible speed, while the leader made a forced march with a light party to Cooper's Creek.

  124. There is no prettier town on the coast of Queensland, no place which seems more fitted for the site of a great city than Bowen; but trade left it soon after its foundation, and it has mouldered half-forgotten ever since.

  125. Governor Collins rejoiced to get away from the spot, the soldiers rejoiced, and the convicts also, and posterity will never leave off rejoicing that Victoria was left to be a 'free colony' from its inception.

  126. The flutter about the tall building on the left tells of some mining excitement.

  127. Still there are vast territories in Australia untrodden by the foot of the white man, but the task of filling up the blanks is now left to the pioneer settler.

  128. He left Adelaide in 1840, his party consisting of five Europeans and three natives, with thirteen horses.

  129. Both animals were introduced from Timor, and when the settlements were abandoned males and females were left to run wild.

  130. The deep forests of Gippsland and the Otway ranges, inhabited by a hardy race of farmers whose lives are spent in clearing the jungle, are not left unprovided for.

  131. His father took up country so far back as 1839, in the Moira district; and Mr. Carr, though a stripling, was left in charge.

  132. The tale of heroism and suffering begins with Bass and Flinders, two young men who have left their names writ large upon the map for ever.

  133. Branching off at Walerawang, he may find the mountain scenery he has just left repeated on the line to Mudgee, but there is another turn, and not by rail, which he must not miss.

  134. Small space has been left for a notice of such marvels as the bottle-tree, and such beauties of Australian vegetation as the flame-tree.

  135. The two natives had murdered the overseer, decamped with the stores, and left Eyre and his boy Wylie to their fate!

  136. Yet shall we cherish not the less All that is left our hearts meanwhile; The memory of thy loveliness Shall round our weary pathway smile, Like moonlight when the sun has set, A sweet and tender radiance yet.

  137. The few writings left behind him show him to have been a profound thinker of rare spiritual insight.

  138. T was duskish down below; but all These hills stood in the sun, Till, dipped behind yon purple wall, He left them, one by one.

  139. Our young and gentle friend, whose smile Made brighter summer hours, Amid the frosts of autumn time Has left us with the flowers.

  140. Less dreary seems the untried way Since thou hast left thy footprints there, And beams of mournful beauty play Round the sad Angel's sable hair.

  141. In order to look in the direction of the reflected rays, I must place myself as much to the left of the glass, as Emily stands to the right of it.

  142. If you now shut your right eye, and look with the left, it will appear to the left of the bar; then by closing the left eye, and looking with the other, it will appear to the right of the bar.

  143. Not quite gone, perhaps--I should have had a few cents left in the stocking--but I should have lost a lot more than I care to lose.

  144. Remembering her last words, as I left her in the hall, I had rather imagined she would.

  145. As I left the dining-room I heard Lute reiterating his belief that I had gone crazy.

  146. Then from the beach I had just left I heard a faint hail.

  147. There I left him, groaning before the woodpile, and went down to the boat house.

  148. I left the two together and came out to wait for Taylor and the doctor.

  149. I left him standing there, and hurried down the Lower Road.

  150. Captain Jed entered the door as I left the cashier's gate.

  151. I declined, and, after thanking me for the sail and the pleasure of the fishing trip, they left me, Colton carrying his big squiteague by the gills, its tail slapping his leg as he climbed the bluff.

  152. If you left it to the hens would THEY clean their house?

  153. After Cap'n Jed left that chauffeur feller from the big house come here.

  154. The sneer had left his face and his tone when he addressed me was respectful, though there was a curious note of chagrin or dissatisfaction in it.

  155. She called my name over and over again and, if I left her, even for a moment, she grew so much worse that the doctor forbade my going back to the city.

  156. The look of alarm caused by my sudden appearance left her face, but the wonder remained.

  157. I left the store and strolled across the road to the bank, intending to make a short call on George Taylor, the cashier, my most intimate acquaintance and the one person in Denboro who came nearest to being my friend.

  158. Insect, putting up his left lower hand to feel of the beloved necktie.

  159. Wherever he went, thereafter, he carried the parcel underneath his left upper arm, pressed as closely to his heart as possible.

  160. Woggle-Bug, curiously, as the children left the bower.

  161. Scarcely had she left the shop when a lady of Swedish extraction--a widow with four small children in her train--entered and asked to look at a gown.

  162. In charge of the shield stands St. Laurence himself, dressed in a monk's garb, and holding in his right hand the instrument of his martyrdom, and in his left the palm of martyrdom.

  163. Nestling amongst the mantling on the left side of the design is a distinct shield, on which are depicted the arms of Susanna Koler, wife of the owner of the book-plate.

  164. She leans her cheek upon her right hand, whilst the left rests upon the book.

  165. He left her a widow in 1718, with Drayton as her home and a vast fortune.

  166. In this we have a seated female, classically draped, who rests her left elbow on a cippus, on which is engraved a shield bearing the arms of Hoare.

  167. Here the arms are in an oval frame, surrounded by the Golden Fleece; on the right and left are inverted cornucopiae, and the crown is held aloft by four cherubs.

  168. The one on the sinister side is furnished with two trumpets, and is blowing that in his left hand.

  169. I have lived with him ever since I left you--four years ago.

  170. But the question is, How long will these doubtful means of happiness be left to you?

  171. But surely he can not have deserted you altogether--have left you five children totally unprovided for?

  172. I suspect he doesn't mean to do so either, though he has left an old portmanteau in my charge.

  173. It is Christmas-time, nearly two years since the Lefroys have left Nutsgrove.

  174. There is, I think, a little life left in him still.

  175. No; my mother died when I was an infant, and my father left me on the parish and went to America.

  176. She walks listlessly up the stairs, stands panting heavily in her flower-scented room, looking to right and left with the quick, restless movement of an animal newly caged.

  177. It seems ages and ages since I left you all.

  178. The path to the left went up toward the little town of Bethlehem, with huddled roofs and walls in silhouette along the double-crested hill.

  179. I knelt before him, protesting that he must know me; that I was his friend, his messenger; that I had left all my goods in his hands; that the girl who had danced for him was mine.

  180. All my goods would be left safely in the hands of the king, my friend, who would reward me double.

  181. Near the church (in ruins), take on the left the Cunel road and cross the bridge.

  182. On the Mayor’s declaring that there was nothing left the officer lost his temper and threatened to have him shot.

  183. Hill 285, opposite, is literally ploughed up by the shell fire, while not a single tree is left (photo below).

  184. After leaving the village, it passes 500 yards to the left of Forges Wood, in which German batteries were posted.

  185. Turn to the left beyond the last bridge in the lower town, then take the first street on the right, which by a wide bend and a steep ascent leads to the upper town and to the terrace, where stands the church.

  186. Tombstones have been built into the walls on either side of the doorway in the left transept, at the entrance to the church.

  187. The River Aire divides the town into two parts: the upper town on the left bank, and the lower on the right bank.

  188. The cemetery alone, on the left of the road, indicates the site of the village.

  189. The banks closed, and many of the inhabitants left the city, the trains in the evening being literally taken by storm.

  190. Brunswick, who had left Grandpré and was already on the Châlons road, was forced to stop and face Dumouriez.

  191. The French left gave way, but retook part of the lost ground after six counter-attacks.

  192. Women left cards on her; heads of rival cliques warned her one against the other; the wife of the principal grocer planned a tea in her honor.

  193. Say, I wisht I hadn't left my dress-suit in cold storage!

  194. Hardly was Lost Shoe Creek left behind when from the bushes by the wayside sprang a band of men, with hats drawn over their faces, pistols in hand, bidding the driver halt.

  195. The marshal was a mean man an' deserved ter die--but Nick should 'a' left it to a meaner man to shoot him.

  196. As the victims were left penniless, Dave Hastie, proprietor of the Grand Hotel, offered them gratuitous hospitality for the approaching night, a kindness that was accepted only too gladly.

  197. It appeared her sister was afraid to be left alone.

  198. When we left the monastery, a group of wounded soldiers were just entering.

  199. We followed him into the big, empty railway station, and there a soldier took away our passports and we were left waiting in the douane, behind locked and guarded doors, together with a crowd of bewildered Jews and Roumanians.

  200. The refugees behind left their carts and came up to see what had halted the procession.

  201. Every time Olga left the room, her sister caught at her dress and made her promise not to desert her.

  202. We left the room, leaving the nurse to calm the screaming man.

  203. Last Saturday, it was late when I left you, and I stopped on the way home to get some herring for supper.

  204. But, then, they're all I have left of back there.

  205. Before he left to go back to his hotel, I had regained my conviction he was a match for even the Russian Secret Service.

  206. The train we were to have taken for Kiev left without us, on tracks twice as wide as those of the Roumanian toy railroad.

  207. When I left Bulgaria there was no talk of her going with Germany.

  208. At supper, one of the priests almost got left and had to run for it, a piece of meat-pie in one hand, the other holding up his flapping gray gown.

  209. He took a piece of silver from a leather purse he wore round his neck, and gave it to one of his companions, who left on the errand.

  210. His spies clustered about him, and they left the room.

  211. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "left" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    abandoned; castaway; counterclockwise; departed; derelict; deserted; discarded; disused; forsaken; gone; knock; left; leftover; leftward; liberal; liberalism; marooned; near; net; nigh; odd; outstanding; over; port; progressive; punch; radical; remaining; sinister; sinistral; spare; superfluous; surplus; unused; verso

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    left alone; left bank; left camp; left college; left field; left foot; left free; left guard; left half; left hand; left her; left here; left him; left his; left home; left none; left over; left port; left school; left shoulder; left side; left the; left them; left undone; left unfinished; left wing