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  1. And the conclusion arrived at by the authorities upon such matters cannot be better put than in the revised edition in book form of an article in the Revue Archeologque by Monsieur G.

  2. He also put his own son Crispus to death, and other relations as well.

  3. To put the matter plainly, the victory of Jesus was not a victory over the cross; for He did not come down from the cross.

  4. The graceful ribbon designs interlacing each other in knots, and the flowing carving in mahogany of Chippendale, put a period to all dullness and heavy design.

  5. We may safely assume that she had a well-filled stocking hidden away somewhere in this old-fashioned repository, put by for the rainy day.

  6. They are not meaningless ornaments put in place, unthinkingly, to create a new style.

  7. There are many plainer chairs without arms and having what is termed "fiddle-string" backs; more often than not across this back there is a rail put transversely to strengthen it.

  8. In addition to this, new clocks were put in older cases, or vice versa, which, like putting new pictures in old frames, adds to the gaiety of collecting.

  9. It seems incredible that this survival of early-Jacobean days should have been put together by a village craftsman true to convention and exact in seat and arms and stretcher.

  10. Think of him two years in his own hired house, when the church of Rome ought to have put out handbills that Rev.

  11. I could get into the spirit of it, I could write something, but I am so unsettled and so put out from not doing anything, that I can scarcely write a letter, to say nothing of writing what is to be left as a monument!

  12. They put me to sleep in the parlor where you said to me, 'I will go with you!

  13. One sees that this love of poetry was no superficial acquirement; it was not that nice taste for forms that contents the modern reader of magazines with a four-line stanza about any subject that can be put into four lines.

  14. I believe the Lord will put it into the hearts of our friends to stand by us.

  15. I can remember that Mrs. Carr put me in a room by myself for fighting Willie Church.

  16. He has been put up for the Upper House, and is pretty sure to go in.

  17. She and her husband put their sentiments into words of remonstrance, which resulted in the Captain's making slighting remarks, as they sat at table.

  18. But wherever they put the Capitol, my home shall be three miles from Stanford on the Crab Orchard pike!

  19. For all my efforts to avenge the shame Put on me yesterday, I still am helpless.

  20. To-morrow then you may in the Divan Put him to shame and contumely, and see His anguish and his torture call for death, Because with you he loses all he loved.

  21. Mr. Clinton's cabin I'll put you in irons, Government official though you are.

  22. Why, even that sour-faced old devil of a door-keeper at the Home put a tract on his bed every evening.

  23. And I have no the heart to tell him to put it in the fire and warm his naked shin bones wi' it.

  24. The officer, with an exclamation of disgust, put his pistol back in his belt.

  25. Palmer looked steadily into the man's immovable face, and then said-- "You want a stitch or two put in that cut.

  26. The suddenness of the address nearly caused me to fall off the log, and the speaker put out his hand to save me.

  27. Carry you up this bluff, and then put you on my horse and take you to Willeroo Station as soon as the heat of the sun has passed.

  28. A savage oath preceded Captain Lucy's reply-- "They can lie there till they die before any one of them shall put a pipe in his mouth.

  29. Suddenly he stopped, and, walking back, he carefully put out the fire.

  30. The best I can do for you is to put you ashore at the Bonin Islands.

  31. He looked at me for a moment, and then put his hand on my shoulder.

  32. It had been our intent to capture the town, but the frigate's presence there put that out of the question for the time being.

  33. And our wedding feast shall wipe out the shame which she hath put upon thee.

  34. This was good advice, and I sent for a man to put the vicinity of the well in order and give it the air of neatness which characterizes the rest of our home.

  35. But Captain Cephas soon put an end to this sort of thing.

  36. A box of broken ship-biscuit was brought out and put on the ground in front of the horse, who immediately set himself to eating with great satisfaction.

  37. When the captain had gone, Mrs. Trimmer gayly put away the sail.

  38. What used to be your house," she continued, "can be jack-screwed up a little bit and a good foundation put under it.

  39. There was some sense in that, an' when the steamer had got to within half a mile of us, we was glad to see a boat put out from her with three men in it.

  40. We found hay and oats and a pump in the corner of the wagon-house, and having put the horse in the stall and made him as comfortable as possible with some old blankets, we returned to the house, bringing our valises with us.

  41. In all the surface of the much-perforated targets of the club, there was scarcely a hole that he could put his hand upon his heart and say he made.

  42. That would satisfy us and the public, would put money in your pocket, and would not interfere with your reputation.

  43. Whereupon each mariner put his hand into his trousers pocket, pulled out a silver quarter, and handed it to the widow.

  44. When he came to see me he was quite as likely to put his hat over the inkstand as to put it anywhere else.

  45. Nay, then, and yea, then--and I put it from me.

  46. Leicester quickly put on an air of gravity.

  47. Aubert had been put to rest in St. Martin's churchyard, and there his tombstone might be seen so late as a hundred years ago.

  48. Grace had seen a hundred repairs made on the road, but up to now she had never put her hands to the task herself.

  49. Grace put her hands up to his head and deliberately drew off his hat, drew off his red wig, drew off his red whiskers, and tossed them all back into the tonneau.

  50. He put out his hand as he spoke, and papa took it.

  51. My dressmaker once put a hundred dollars in an oil company, and the oil company man was surer than you--and yet it went pop.

  52. I'll put in that forced water circulation at once, and I'll make your and Harry's share of it a wedding present!

  53. I put the locket carefully into my pocket.

  54. The spark-plugs were badly carbonized, and when I had seen to them and had put the captain on the crank, we could only get explosions at intervals.

  55. He put on his spectacles and read it, asking me not to breathe on his neck, as it tickled him.

  56. Take this five dollars, and for heaven's sake, man, put yourself in his hands quick.

  57. I put up a good fight for Lewis Wentz--not that I cared two straws for him, now that I was going to have an automobile of my own, but just to head pa off from grasping for more.

  58. I wouldn't put a price on my secrecy,' I said.

  59. And thus obeying his request and commandment, I have put me in devoir to oversee this his said book, and behold as nigh as I could how it accordeth with the original, being in French.

  60. And he said, "Whosoever will acquire and get science, let him never put him in the governance of a woman.

  61. On the contrary, in whatsoever he grieved his subjects, he wisely put it off on those, that he found fit ministers for such actions.

  62. He said that there were dwelling in Oxford two priests, both masters of art, of whom that one was quick and could put himself forth, and that other was a good simple priest.

  63. This poor beast had inflammation of the stomach, and, according to the directions of the traveler who brought her, was placed in bed and a night-dress put on her.

  64. Thereupon the Emperor rose, and, while I put his bed in order, walked about the room.

  65. Twenty select police, with a battalion chosen from the finest grenadiers of the guard, were put on duty at the Imperial palaces.

  66. This measure, which was very wisely taken by his Majesty, put him in the bad graces of Mademoiselle Bourgoin; and another incident added still more to the displeasure of the actress.

  67. This monument was then almost completed, with the exception of a few bas-reliefs which were still to be put in position.

  68. Printemps put his hand on his heart, "Yes, I have heard from you.

  69. I put the boots on his feet, and disguised him anew, advising him to let his arms hang, if he did not wish to be recognized at once; and his Majesty promised to obey in every particular what he called my instructions.

  70. I'll put you up to a few of my dodges - free, gratis, for nothing.

  71. Mr. Green at once put Durham aside, on account of its infancy, and its wanting the ~prestige~ that attaches to the names of the two great Universities.

  72. Why, what could put such an idea into your head?

  73. JPG> again, two or three times a day, at racing pace with a fresh spurt put on every five minutes.

  74. But though thus put under petticoat government, Mr. Verdant Green was not altogether freed from those tyrants of youth, - the dead languages.

  75. I'll go out with Billings, as if to call at a neighbor's, and if I see Litizki will put him on the track at once.

  76. To put it roughly, the fellow knocked the breath out of me.

  77. To tell how loyally she had clung to him would be to put her in a ridiculous light before all readers.

  78. There's no telling who may say the word that will put us all on the right track.

  79. Litizki put on a long coat with a high collar that he turned up about his ears, and a soft hat that he pulled down over his eyes.

  80. The engraver gave me the plate, of course, when he delivered my cards, and at the moment I put it here for convenience.

  81. A little more effort and he could put the nail in place and withdraw it without the slightest noise.

  82. That cop's too fresh to live," remarked Mike as he put his head in to receive instructions.

  83. Because he came straight into the doorway, put his hand lightly on my shoulder and said in that deep, scornful voice of his: 'It is enough, Nicholas Litizki.

  84. The spy would have plenty of money, he could have put up at a hotel; why had he not done so?

  85. Would fate be once more kind, just once more, and some time during the coming ten days, put Poubalov in his way so that he could push the villain overboard?

  86. I will call for you or I will put a carriage at your disposal.

  87. I knocked and shouted, and then neighbors put their heads out of windows and advised me that I was making a noise to no purpose.

  88. Not when he went away," answered Mrs. White; "I thought he seemed put out when the strange gentleman called.

  89. Reddening at this pathetic question, which recalled the memory of the imagined slight he had put upon her, she answered in great confusion, "Sir, I believe I once had the pleasure of seeing you at a ball in Winchester.

  90. He put himself therefore in mourning, out of regard to the memory of his departed friend, and exhibited genuine marks of sorrow and concern, though he had in reality more cause to grieve than he as yet imagined.

  91. Our gallant was no sooner announced, than she collected all her coquetry, put on the gayest air she could assume, and contrived to giggle just as he appeared at the room door.

  92. You may be sure I made no objection to this plan, which was immediately put into execution.

  93. Give me a scoundrel, so he be a sensible one, and I will put him in my heart of hearts!

  94. Mark now how a plain tale shall put you down.

  95. I prithee, Tom, beat Cut's saddle, put a few flocks in the point.

  96. To put down Richard, that sweet lovely rose, And plant this thorn, this canker, Bolingbroke?

  97. With a view to my comfort and quiet, they put him into the cab of Le Baron; and, having undertaken to send Dupuytrien to me immediately on my reaching Paris, took their leave, and Trevanion and I set out homeward.

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