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Example sentences for "put you"

  • Now, I'll put you in a corner," forensically shaking a forefinger at him.

  • You must let me put you in a room at the back here.

  • If you don't, I will send for the second lieutenant and a file of men to put you out of my cabin.

  • Then why could n't I put you in a cap and jumper and work you in as one of the greasers?

  • Then I 'm going to put you on your feet again!

  • I 'm going to get what I 'm after or I 'm going to put you where I ought to have put you two years ago!

  • I 'll put you so low you 'll never even stand up again!

  • You will be driving straight toward your goal, not even pausing when he attempts to put you off.

  • Yet you perceive that he is inclined to put you off or to turn you down.

  • When your prospect tries to put you off, he tacitly admits your weights are right.

  • Even in case you cannot induce your prospect to go ahead with you, or close an intermediate sale, you can avoid being blocked by his attempt to put you off.

  • I like you first rate, you know; when you're big enough I mean to put you in my business.

  • I put you onto it because it was the only thing in sight likely to give you the return you wanted.

  • I don't know how to execute your commission for books of architecture, nor care to put you to expense, which I know will not answer.

  • You will even have found some traits to put you in mind of this place.

  • Why should I desire to put you out of the world, if you're innocent?

  • If you and the sporting guy who's sitting on your counter thought me a sucker, I guess I've put you wise!

  • If you sling that cutter at him, I'll put you on the fire.

  • You can't find the lode unless I put you wise.

  • And now (taking out a morocco case), let me put you in funds for the campaign.

  • I'll put you in my bank; they'll take you on for five hundred.

  • He'll want to put you in the wrong with Gordon.

  • Across the dining-table Densmore said to his guest: "So the Old Boy wants to put you up here.

  • And don't let them dare to put you on on a matinĂ©e day.

  • We'll put you up and have you in by the next meeting.

  • I'm afraid I've put you to a lot of bother.

  • The general urged, rightly, that with your broad view and knowledge of national policy, it was his duty to put you in that place whatever people might say.

  • We did what we could up our way to put you in the Speaker's chair.

  • Tell me, and if it is soon, I will hold my hand and wait to hear his report of you before I put you to death, for if he speaks well of you, you shall not die.

  • I put you in this office here that you may learn respectable and orderly habits and in due course succeed to a very comfortable business.

  • Even if I'd been stopping there, I should move if I were going to put you in the hotel.

  • And at least they won't put you to shame.

  • It will only be to finish dinner, and let me put you into a taxi.

  • If you could see the darling new room we'll put you in: old rose and pearl gray, and Cupids holding up the bed curtains!

  • It will rid you of the need to do this--sort of thing, and put you--put you in a comfortable position.

  • And we put you in the kneading-trough, and the servants found you and shifted you to the horse-trough?

  • If you do not leave me, I will call for some one to put you out!

  • If you overstep one detail of Will's plan, I guarantee to put you ashore on the first barren island we come to!

  • Take more than his guesswork to put you where he'd like to have you--eh?

  • I'll put you on a road nobody knows an' nobody, uses!

  • Drive me down to the burg, and I'll put you in possession.

  • Wasn't that the very reason he gave you for wanting to put you on the ticket?

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "put you" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    been tryin; drilling machine; fifty cents; good brown; incredibly short; just exactly; one sense; put down; put her; put himself; put his; put off; put out; put the; put them; put you; putting himself; putting them; said section; show the; soon after his arrival; stirring until; that night; union among; well here; you had better take