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Example sentences for "putting them"

  • Cover with grated cheese, bake until the cheese softens, and serve immediately.

  • Methinks this fragrant liquid amber here Within the Pot, is pretty much the Thing.

  • Cook for ten minutes, take from the fire and fold in the stiffly beaten whites of four eggs.

  • Rub these with some of the above seasoning, putting them into a quart of the liquor reserved for that purpose before the vegetables were added; flour them well, and simmer till they are nicely tender.

  • Then take it off the fire, and add three eggs well beaten, putting them in by degrees, and stirring the paste all the time to prevent its being lumpy.

  • Roll it into small balls, and boil them in fresh lard, putting them in just as it boils up.

  • The lightest way of dressing them is by poaching, which is effected by putting them for a minute or two into brisk boiling water: this coagulates the external white, without doing the inner part too much.

  • A; b56] broil small dried fish by putting them in a plate with embers and shaking them.

  • A; a12] pull and fluff up cotton fibers and loosen them from the seeds prior to putting them in a deseeding device.

  • A2; c] gain stones in a game of sungkĂ  (putting them in the home base).

  • A; c1] broil small dried fish by putting them in a dish with embers and shaking the dish back and forth.

  • Those that remain will be in a piece, and will give a good crop of spring greens, after which they may be made use of as manure by putting them at the bottom of a trench.

  • They may be planted out in April, if prepared for that mode of cultivation by putting them in small pots in November or December.

  • In wet, cold seasons, it is sometimes necessary to finish the store Onions by putting them in a nearly cold oven for some hours before they are stored away.

  • The difficulty is easily surmounted by putting them out a foot apart in a good open position, and if possible in a rather stiff soil.

  • Should the leeks happen to be old and strong, it would be better to blanch them five minutes in a gallon of boiling water previous to putting them in the stock.

  • You may try the freshness of eggs by putting them into a pan of cold water.

  • This will preclude the frequent inconvenience of their getting twisted, unlinked, and otherwise out of order; a common consequence of putting them in and out of their box, and carrying them from place to place.

  • When the gages rise to the top, take them out and peel them, putting them on a sieve as you do so.

  • A very nice sweetmeat is made of white raspberries preserved whole, by putting them in white currant jelly during the ten minutes that you are boiling the juice with the syrup.

  • Merciless in the treatment of his captives, putting them to death by horrible tortures, or immuring them in the dark and noisome dungeon of his tower, he would hold his revels over their heads, and deride their groans.

  • The similar legends of the mysterious disappearance of early kings in other lands, for example at Rome and in Uganda, may well point to a similar custom of putting them to death for the purpose of preserving their life.

  • Our knowledge of them is derived from the accounts written by British officers who, about the middle of the nineteenth century, were engaged in putting them down.

  • The turkeys themselves may get along very well, but they are likely to abuse the fowls, and as they can easily fly over any ordinary fence, they cannot be controlled except by putting them in covered yards.

  • This is done either by hanging the carcasses in a very cool place or by putting them in cold water.

  • The chickens may be saved either by removing them to other broody hens or by putting them in a flannel wrapping in a warm place.

  • And so you know the young gentlemen [He was speaking of the Westminster boys] had never seen me in them; because, as I was a saying, it was the first day of my putting them on.

  • I passed, I assure you, when they saw me with my lawn sleeves and quite in full decoration, being the first day of my putting them on, they all bowed; and I assure you behaved with the greatest respect you can think.

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