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firmus; firn; firre; firs; firsht; firstborn; firste; firsten; firstfruits; firsthand
  1. I have not myself had an opportunity of consulting Mr. Halliwell's first volume, but a friend who looked at it for me says he could not find any account of them there.

  2. Can any of your numerous contributors, who may be lovers of ichthyology, inform me whether or not the mackerel is blind when it first arrives on our coasts?

  3. Having nothing to tell you of my poetry, I come to what is now my chief care, my health and amusement; the first is better as to headaches, worse as to weakness and nerves.

  4. This Edition is printed from the last revised by the Author, and not only contains more pieces than any other, but is also the first in which the works appear together exactly as their author left them.

  5. Formby, a retired village on the Lancashire coast, my first cure, the people observed this usage.

  6. I do not know by whom or when the above couplet was first imputed to Pope.

  7. I always plunge the bottle of gallic acid solution into hot water when first made, which enables it to take up more of the acid; on cooling, the excess crystallises at the bottom.

  8. John Pocklington was first a scholar at Sidney Sussex College, B.

  9. My Dear Lord, On Monday the French and Spanish ships took their troops on board which had been landed on their arrival, and it is said that they mean to sail the first fresh Levant wind.

  10. Then turning back again, and fully meeting, for the first time, those calm eyes, fell sobbing on her neck.

  11. If you please, Mister, I was the first you know," said Clemency Newcome.

  12. I am glad you are not the first I have met this morning: I should have taken it for a bad omen.

  13. Several times when they were on the bay they saw the rough man of Dalton's first acquaintance.

  14. It was the young man himself, fortunately for his good suit of clothes, in which Beth had first seen him, now attired in camping costume, with high leather buskins.

  15. Then Leslie gave the details of their first meeting with Mr. Ives, summing up the case quite clearly.

  16. They did not stay in the water long on this first occasion, but they all found it invigorating and Dalton insisted that after the first he did not notice the scratches.

  17. It was hoped that the entire number of aliens, high and low, might be transferred to the yacht first because of its size.

  18. Poor little kiddies," Beth thought, "this is probably the first time that they ever played upon a beach!

  19. He was inclined to go abroad to do a little investigating, but he decided that first he should get some familiarity with the woods and coast by daylight.

  20. Bill came to see us when we first came, and I just told Mr. Tudor that Bill was the high ruler of this little village and would very likely want to know about him.

  21. Peggy was the first to jump up, and by the light of the flashlight which she carried, they all found their way back to the opening and crawled out.

  22. Naturally Leslie did not know that it was their own Swallow, borrowed from Beth and Dalton by Mr. Tudor, though he had not come for it till long after the first party had left the Eyrie.

  23. People are often afraid when we take them through the channel for the first time," said Peggy, "especially if they have heard the stories about Pirates' Cove.

  24. But the first object must be to avoid suspicion.

  25. When shall we have the first meeting of the 'triumvirate'?

  26. With a salute to everybody, Evan Tudor stopped first to speak to Dalton, then joined the other group with greetings.

  27. But to understand matters one must first realise what his mode of proceeding was, the skill and the kind of amiable delicacy which he showed, which were far from the brutal corruption and dirty trafficking that people imagine.

  28. The one thing that nobody is exactly aware of is whence Sagnier first came.

  29. Tell Guillaume," she said, "that he must make haste to get well and be back for the first shoots.

  30. Truth to tell, the errand was so distasteful to Pierre that he had at first thought of sending Sophie in his place.

  31. He loves me first because I'm not such a fool as many others are, and particularly because I'm young.

  32. From each, too, came the same cry, and a common impulse brought them first to their feet and then to his arms.

  33. Natives are never so helpful and willing as when you're egging them on to do something they shouldn't, and he fell in with the preaching idea, and wanted to start right away.

  34. He laid down the brush beside him, and in a somber reverie looked toward Apia.

  35. If Coe had ordered him to set off the dynamite and blow up the ship, he would have said "Aye, aye, sir!

  36. Then Tom and me started in our digging operations on a checkerboard plan, very systematic, with stakes where we left off, working by night so as not to rouse the natives' ill will.

  37. It's horrible to call him a deserter," said Francis.

  38. Or when the sunset slants its brimstone light Above the water!

  39. We are gainer though we're loser; All the finer force revealing Of our natures.

  40. At noon the weak, white sunlight crawls, Like feeble feet once beautiful, From mildewed walks to mildewed walls, Down which the oozing moisture falls Upon the cold toadstool.

  41. The brown, the bronze, the green, the red Of weed and brier ran riot To walls of woods, whose vistas led To shadowy nooks of quiet.

  42. With bush and bramble, far away, Beneath us stretched the valley, Cleft of one creek, as clear as day, That bickered musically.

  43. The place is lone; the night is hushed; Upon the path a rose lies crushed.

  44. Love, and a glad good-morrow, Heart where the rapture is!

  45. The flue moans--'tis a gorgon throat Of wailing winds.

  46. My heart with grief is breaking, With grief that this should be-- My eyes with tears are aching-- Why has she written me?

  47. Why do we weep and weep When near us the solace lies?

  48. First of all they spread the loveliest white snow carpet over the rough, bare ground; then they hung the bushes and trees with icicles that flashed like diamonds in the moonlight.

  49. Jessie and Fred had gone to bed very early so they might be the first to shout "Merry Christmas!

  50. For the first time he would see a Christmas-tree.

  51. The first taken out was a tiny box; inside was a gold chain and locket; the locket held Uncle Roy's picture.

  52. The first will soon wilt, while the other will remain fresh.

  53. When the first sprouts appear above the ground let another set be planted, and so on, till a series is obtained ranging from plants several inches high to those just starting from the seed.

  54. These questions are only intended for review, they are never to be used for the first study of the specimen.

  55. This difference in the veins, netted in the first class, parallel in the second, is characteristic of the classes.

  56. Why do the first leaves of the Sunflower change so much as the seedling grows?

  57. I think it characteristic of the minds of little children to associate a term with the first specimen to which it is applied.

  58. The acid given out was first thought to be carbonic acid, but now it is supposed by some experimenters to be acetic acid, by others to vary according to the plant and the time.

  59. It does not usually grow after the first year.

  60. Annuals are generally fibrous-rooted, and the plant dies after its first year.

  61. It will be very difficult to make them understand that cotyledons are the first seed-leaves, and they will feel as if it were a forced connection, and one that they cannot see for themselves.

  62. In the first case, they feel the difficulty of expressing themselves and are glad to have the want of exact terms supplied.

  63. In a cross section of Oak or Chestnut the wood is first very open and porous and then close.

  64. What part grows first in all these seeds?

  65. For the first time in his diplomatic career of thirty years His Excellency was nonplussed.

  66. For the first time he seemed afraid, and Saunders drew near to catch him.

  67. Mark looked at his hand as though noticing its condition for the first time.

  68. I do not know when this woman first came into Monsignore Murray's life, but he has seen her quite frequently during the last few years.

  69. This is the first time she's had it thrown back.

  70. If a church claims to have the Truth, she forfeits her first claim to a hearing if she asks for no sacrifice.

  71. Mark had vivid recollections of the day of his own First Communion, but he had never been confirmed.

  72. When I first came here he called to see me to ask about my politics.

  73. Their first plan would have been best if nobody had seen the deed.

  74. I happen to be brother to a baron; that fact may prove useful, for the first time in my life.

  75. I am delighted to see you again, and so soon after our first meeting.

  76. In fancy he was back in the Seminary at Rome where he had first met Donald Murray.

  77. Philosophy is good to argue one into self-regulation; but religion is better, because it first secures the virtue and then makes you happy in it.

  78. But first I want you to know how happy I am that you have come back to Mother Church.

  79. On the train, the Bishop's breviary first claimed his attention.

  80. Tired of body, and with aching heart, he flung himself into the tall grass wherein he had lain on the day he first saw her.

  81. Let us rest under the cool shade of the linden, until the king comes up, for he must have the first draught.

  82. She wondered where they could have met before, and took the first opportunity of questioning her sister-in-law.

  83. The king was at first too much amazed to speak, but recovering himself, he desired his nephew, Hrodulf, to bring the gifts he had prepared to reward the victor.

  84. At last he unexpectedly reached the very lime-tree under which he had had his first interview with Alberich.

  85. Queen Hygd was at first so overwhelmed with sorrow for the loss of her husband that she could give no thought to matters of state; but after a time she roused herself from her grief, and began to consider what was best for the nation.

  86. Breka was the first of the bold swimmers to reach the shore.

  87. He felt that his first duty was to restore peace and quiet to Lombardy, and that only after that was done would he be at liberty to consult his own wishes, and start to the assistance of his faithful servants.

  88. At first she refused, and then consented, saying that he might come back to her if he did not find what he was going away to seek.

  89. The first kingdom he conquered with his own right hand, the other is his inheritance; and I, his queen, may hold my head as high as you.

  90. Arrived at Nantes, the first person he met was a red-haired knight clad in red armour, and riding a sorrel steed.

  91. He replaced his crown, and rode on first through the dark forest.

  92. The Harlungs were first brought under suspicion.

  93. At first she tried soft words and flattering speeches; but finding these of no avail, she had recourse to sterner measures, though she waited till her son had left home on a warlike expedition.

  94. It seemed as if a safe, strong wall, which formerly had protected him, had fallen down, and as though he looked for the first time on things and people which surrounded him and which were strange to him.

  95. In this way she came to the first houses of Middle Lot.

  96. I have lived ten years with your great-grandfather and thirty with your grandfather and twelve with your father, and I have seen your father grow up from the first day of his life and your little brothers.

  97. So they sat on their bench under the tree on the sunny Sunday afternoon in the first week in October, and Sally had just begun her questions.

  98. Now the reports were finished and for the first time Erick's eyes beheld the stranger in the crowd.

  99. You are the scout and always go first to see whether the land is clear and safe for us and where we can best pitch our tents and give battle.

  100. First he had answered quite quietly: "Yes, I know, Mother has told me that it would come so.

  101. The next morning Marianne first had to brush and press the velvet suit, for she would not bring the boy back to the parsonage in disorder; she would not have done that for the sake of his blessed mother.

  102. Which when she had spoken she went into the chamber and took a box out of the coffer, which I first kissed and embraced, and prayed that I might [have] good successe in my purpose.

  103. Then Psyches perceived the felicity of divine providence, and according to the advertisement of the incorporeall voyces she first reposed her selfe upon the bed, and then refreshed her body in the baines.

  104. After that we had passed many small villages, we fortuned to come to one Britunis house, where at our first entrie they began to hurle themselves hither and thither, as though they were mad.

  105. When midnight came that I had slept my first sleepe, I awaked with suddaine feare, and saw the Moone shining bright, as when shee is at the full, and seeming as though she leaped out of the Sea.

  106. As he expressed a strong desire to discourse with me on the means of a reconciliation with America, I promised to consider the subject, and appointed Saturday the first day of June, for our conversation, when he proposed to call on me.

  107. I also send bills for the first quarter, commencing in January, so that you will, on the receipt of this, be enabled to pay one half year's salary to our Ministers and their Secretaries.

  108. Sir, I received your letter of the 2d instant, by your first express, this morning at six, answered it, and sent him away immediately.

  109. Mr Adams already had received the same; by the first safe conveyance I shall acquaint the Congress with the steps that have been taken in the negotiation.

  110. In my private opinion, the first civility is due from the old resident to the stranger and new comer.

  111. Mr. Rice has fairly won his singing robes and has a right to be ranked with the first of living poets.

  112. With the first bay-leaves that flung Their scent to me by the billows, I twined some faith, some trust, As glad as the sparrow's song.

  113. His later volumes confirm the judgment of those who have named him the first and most distinctive of modern American lyrists, and one of the world's true poets.

  114. His place in contemporary first class company is secure.

  115. And first I could only hear the wind in my ears, And the foam trying to fill the high rock-shallows.

  116. You are not with me--only fear, As old as earth's first frenzied bier That severed two whose hearts were near, And left one with all Life unclear.

  117. I regret the bride's garter, for it is first cousin of the girdle of Venus.

  118. To subdue the matter is the first step, to realize the ideal is the second.

  119. Marius was the first to break the silence.

  120. At the first glance you might be inclined to take it for one of those subterranean passages so common formerly, and so useful for the flights of monarchs and princes in the good old times "when the people loved its kings.

  121. These words fell on the buzzing groups, and produced the same effect as the first drops of a storm do on a swarm.

  122. He walked with drooping head for the first time in his life, and equally for the first time in his life with his hands behind his back.

  123. Gillenormand first passed through every form of agony, and then through every form of ecstasy.

  124. When the first horror had passed away a certain philosophy of the situation appeared even in her mind, and was translated by the exclamation, "It must end in that way.

  125. They turned into the boulevard: the first of the wedding carriages contained Cosette and Aunt Gillenormand, M.

  126. The first step is nothing, it is the last that is difficult.

  127. At first he stayed only a few minutes with Cosette, and then went away; but by degrees he grew into the habit of making his visits longer.

  128. Be that as it may, the mortar paste has now to do two things; first to dry, and next to take up carbonic acid from the air and water, enough to harden it again into limestone: and that it will take some time in doing.

  129. Off some neighbouring land, was the first and most natural answer.

  130. And in trying to do so, I shall no longer treat my readers, as I did in the first two papers, like children.

  131. But, granting this, how did the first change take place?

  132. In the first place, they need, I presume, occupation after their hours of work.

  133. You will have a right to say at first starting, "Coal is utterly different in look from leaves and stems.

  134. He had been sent to schools famous for religion and discipline, from which he reacted in the first weeks of freedom in college, getting into dire academic scrapes.

  135. So she would get up and steal away with the first gleam of light.

  136. The first place you fetch up may be the police-station, if the things you said just now are true.

  137. For the first time in her life she was swept by pride in revolt.

  138. You could stay as long as you liked or as short as you liked, after the first week or two.

  139. If his inhibitions were suspended the thing he most wanted would be in his first glance; and if his first glance fell on her.

  140. You're the first fellow I've ever heard say that.

  141. For the first time in her life she was relatively free from fear.

  142. She wondered if he could have fallen in love with her at first sight, realizing a favorite dream she often had in the subway.

  143. There was, however, in Barbara Walbrook a something deeper than this which at first eluded her.

  144. Not only did that impulse of furious jealousy, by which she meant at first to leave it wholly to Rash, begin to seem dangerous, but there was a world to consider and throw off the scent.

  145. The very first element of success was therefore denied, and no wonder that the whole affair was subsequently regarded as an absurdity.

  146. One of the women went in first and returning immediately, the others were invited to enter.

  147. The knees first supported her body, then it rested on these and the elbows, and finally her face was brought in actual close contact with the tiled floor.

  148. Nicolas did as he was commanded, but at the first mouthful he was seized with violent vomiting.

  149. During the first three weeks he emaciated rapidly; afterwards he did not seem to waste so sensibly.

  150. Then the face resumed its primitive expression, and thus she remained for the half-hour which constituted the 'first station.

  151. Imbert-Gourbeyre that she bled in the shape of the cross, and he gives a wood-cut representing a cross on the dorsum of the hand, a little above the space between the first and second fingers.

  152. At first there is pain, the seat of which is referred to the stomach, and which pain in the beginning, being simply a feeling of emptiness, rapidly assumes a gnawing or tearing character.

  153. During the first ten days he had a little dirty water, but for the last thirteen days nothing whatever.

  154. Spasms and trances alternated with alarming frequency since Miss Fancher was first attacked.

  155. First her limbs only became rigid and disturbed at the caprice of her strange malady; but as time passed her whole frame writhed as if in great pain, requiring to be held by main force in order to remain in the bed.

  156. During the first nineteen years she ate every day nothing but a little piece of apple the size of a holy wafer, and drank a little water and a swallow of beer, or sometimes a little sweet milk.

  157. At the first interview, after some conversation in the course of which Palma declared that she had often seen Louise Lateau while in ecstasy, the doctor directed the conversation towards the subject of hallucination.

  158. In the first year of her fasting she scarcely slept, and in the second year never closed her eyes in sleep; and so she continued for a long while after.

  159. Beds were made without his interference, meals were ready (roughly) at the appointed hour, and for the first time since the strike he experienced satisfaction in finding fault with the cook.

  160. His announcement that their mother was out and that there would be no dinner was received at first in stupefied silence.

  161. At her own back-door Maudie collapsed on the step, and, to the intense discomfort and annoyance of her father, had her first fit of hysterics.

  162. Betty reached the spot first and cried out joyfully, "They came!

  163. At first the bottle bobbed up and down in the water.

  164. At first they thought they would hide it in their treasure cave.

  165. At first Paul was too wet and cold and too much frightened to care about anything.

  166. First she took the children to the pasture to see the cows.

  167. First they baited their lines and then threw them into the water.

  168. At first the sails filled and the boat moved swiftly on.

  169. At first the children thought they would carry the cups home and drink the milk for breakfast.

  170. First she went into the house and came out with two ripe, red cherries still on the stem.

  171. Peggy was the first one to reach the tree house.

  172. I wanted to show it to mother the first thing, but she was not in and I proudly displayed it to Roxana.

  173. They were all missing the first scene and Nettie and Claude might just as well have remained at home for all enjoyment they were having.

  174. No matter how far in the wrong Ivy might be, it was always Hugh who made the first advances toward a reconciliation.

  175. The dog had come bounding over the grass to meet him at the Tower House gate, strange to say unaccompanied by the little girl who was usually the first to greet him each evening on his return from the office.

  176. Her first scratch, a tiny one on the back of her hand, was proudly exhibited to the others.

  177. At first Jack's people rather scouted the idea of entertaining the Stony Road gang.

  178. The smallest boy, who had been in the rear, was the first to recover from the sudden bath.

  179. Ivy was the first to find an apron in the folds of an umbrella on the hall rack, the very place where, strange to say, Laura had searched unsuccessfully a moment before.

  180. Did not the pinching of shoes worn the first time the Sunday previous remind him of his mother's latest ill-spared expenditure?

  181. Alene rose hurriedly at the first sign of their coming, intending to parley with the first comer, but her courage oozed away when a nearer view of him disclosed the boy who had rushed to strike her at the picnic.

  182. It was her first appearance before the public, and the thought of it had brought her much nervous apprehension that she might forget her lines, falter, or even run away at the last moment.

  183. At his first bark Nettie's heart stood still.

  184. They all descended to the first floor, where the boys joined the men in the library, and the girls went outside for a parting ramble and chat, with Prince gambolling around them.

  185. The first four stories in this volume are instances of this power.

  186. They both came up and made leaves, and budded and blossomed, and the first thing each did when he opened his petals was to look round for his brother.

  187. Oddly enough, it was on the first day of this year that I made the acquaintance of Mr. George Manners; and I think I can do no better than begin by giving you an extract from the first page of my journal at that time.

  188. At first this change simply brought him flying to my feet again, if I was standing with my friend in his garden.

  189. I shall first pull out a hair from your beard, and then one from my donkey's tail, and then another from your beard, and so on.

  190. The wind was so very strong," answered the Khoja, "that when it blew me into this place I clutched with both hands at the first things I could lay hold of, lest it should drive me further.

  191. Then the first wise man came forward and said: "My question, most worshipful Effendi, is this: Where is the middle of the world?

  192. The monotony of my grass-plat was only broken by the marrow-bones and beef-ribs which my dog first picked and then played with under my windows.

  193. His first idea had been flight, and being unable to drag the ring from Edmund's hand, which was swollen, he had cut it off, and thrown the body into the ditch.

  194. In the first thrill of agony he stretched himself and became much wider.

  195. This one brought my husband's first white hairs, and took away my girlhood for ever.

  196. Harriet was spending some hours with a friend, Edmund was out, and I had been left alone all day for the first time since I came home.

  197. His treatise on the conduct of their foreign allies, first taught the English nation the dangers of a continental war, dispelled their delusive dreams of conquest, and stopt them in the full career to ruin.

  198. We are indebted to the Pierpont Morgan Library for a photographic reproduction of its copy of the first edition of the pamphlet.

  199. Tenth is, 'first after the ninth, the ordinal of ten.

  200. In the Highlands he is like a foolish peasant brought for the first time into a great city, staring at every sign-post, and gaping with equal wonder and astonishment at every object he meets[54].

  201. When the Doctor acquires the first elements of geography, he will learn, that in no climate of the world is the time between sunset and sunrise all of it a time of darkness.

  202. Peruse only the first page of this poem, and then judge.

  203. He continues in the same fretful tone from the first line to the last.

  204. For in almost every department of learning, from astronomy down to the first principles of grammar, his ignorance seems amazing.

  205. Now take notice, that the very first poem in the collection, and one of the very best in the whole of it, is Chevy Chace!

  206. The reception which it at first met with has induced him to risk a second edition.

  207. During the first several years in Philadelphia, he was reporter of the Congressional debates for the Philadelphia Gazette and did some editorial hackwork.

  208. The first of these definitions does not distinguish a circle from a triangle, or any other plain figure.

  209. When it was day, the outpost withdrawn first occasioned surprise, then, on a nearer approach, the unusual stillness.

  210. Thus fortune balancing events against each other, all was suspense and uncertainty on both sides, their hopes and their fears being as strong as though they were now first commencing the war.

  211. At the first light, on the following day, he had gained the summit of Mount Ciminius, from whence having a view of the opulent plains of Etruria, he let loose his soldiers upon them.

  212. Junius Brutus exhibits the first show of gladiators, in honour of his deceased father.

  213. Jehoshaphat said to the king of Israel, Please inquire first for the word of Yahweh.

  214. In the thirty-first year of Asa king of Judah began Omri to reign over Israel, [and reigned] twelve years: six years reigned he in Tirzah.

  215. Therefore he said to the messengers of Ben Hadad, Tell my lord the king, All that you did send for to your servant at the first I will do; but this thing I may not do.

  216. On turning the first point of land, who should he meet but his cousin.

  217. But the intrepid youth drawing his knife, and cutting off the head of the first eagle that menaced him, raised his voice and exclaimed, "Thus will I deal with all who come near me.

  218. He first attracted notice by giving an account of a water lilly, a single leaf of which, he averred, was sufficient to make a petticoat and upper garments for his wife and daughter.

  219. About 1827 his mind was arrested by the truths of revelation, which were first brought to his notice by his wife, who had been instructed at a mission on the island of Mackinac.

  220. The little girl, who was the elder, was the first to awake.

  221. He then spoke to the youngest, who immediately got a flambeau, and prepared to go, having first asked the elder wife to accompany her.

  222. He thought he would first go and see Kaubina, and endeavour to deceive him, or try his skill in necromancy.

  223. They left their lodges with the first appearance of daylight, and having passed through a long reach of woods, had ascended a lofty eminence before the sun arose.

  224. For this purpose he went to a cave, and built a very small fire near which he laid down, first telling his wife, that neither she nor the children must come near him, till he had finished his fast.

  225. It was long before the time that the flag of the white man had been first seen in these lakes, or the sound of an iron axe had been heard.

  226. He was however pleased to see him show signs of life; he first commenced moving, and soon sat up.

  227. He replied that he would attend to all, but he must first invite his friends to smoke with him.

  228. Soon after, they hunted on a wager, to see who should come in first with game, and prepare it so as to regale the others.

  229. I am the creation of His thinking mind, and therein first appeared, and he gave me such power, that when the word was spoken, it was done.

  230. Panigwun took the first opportunity of acquainting the daughters how he had been carried off, and been compelled to leave his little brother on the shore.

  231. But in this he was disappointed, and for the first time they returned home together.

  232. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "first" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    ahead; alpha; antecedent; anterior; anticipatory; arch; banner; before; best; capital; central; champion; chief; chiefly; crowning; dominant; earlier; early; elder; especially; exalted; famous; first; focal; fore; foregoing; forehand; foremost; former; forward; front; frontal; fundamental; gambit; great; head; heading; headmost; inaugural; initial; initially; initiative; initiatory; introductory; lead; leading; magisterial; maiden; main; mainly; master; native; older; original; originally; outset; overruling; paramount; preceding; precursory; predominant; preeminent; prefatory; preliminary; premier; premiere; preparatory; preponderant; prevailing; previous; primal; primarily; primary; prime; primitive; principal; prior; pristine; prominent; prototype; ranking; rather; rudimentary; ruling; senior; sooner; sovereign; star; stellar; straightaway; successful; supereminent; supreme; uppermost

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