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care; cared; careen; careened; careening; careered; careering; careers; carefree; careful
  1. For the theme of these dramas is, in a word, Christian: the career of the individual as an integral part of the social organism, of the religious whole.

  2. The Comedies of Shakespeare, which form more than a third part of his dramatic work, belong to every period of his career as a writer, except one.

  3. Concerning the academic career of this Henry Porter there is no information to be gathered from the records of university or college--why he was not admitted B.

  4. Qualities romantic and real invest the career of the three Ladies; and the characterization of the numerous minor personages is both subtle and suitable to their different classes and interests.

  5. A new and admirable biography, with all the elements of standard popularity, makes his peerless career familiar to every citizen from the woods of Maine to the shores of the Pacific.

  6. Cavour began his public career in the same capacity, and Heine was the admirable correspondent of leading German journals for many years.

  7. His affection for her was the redeeming fact of his career and character.

  8. You have a bold, ay, and a broad career before you.

  9. It ought also to be published every where, that immediately after the conquest of Kandy, the government entered upon the Roman career of civilization, and upon that also which may be considered peculiarly British.

  10. From that date is, therefore, justly to be inaugurated our English career of improvement.

  11. His whole career has been a series of revolts.

  12. I described Mrs. Drummond's worthy career as a wife, a mother, and a self-sustaining business woman.

  13. One of the shrewdest acts of Mr. Gladstone's career was his disruption of the suffrage organisation in England.

  14. But there is now an opportunity for acknowledging this obligation, and for recognizing the useful career of this really admirable institution.

  15. They went away together a quietly married couple; both having one special aim and object in relation to the beneficent career upon which they had entered in company.

  16. In that golden city, so feverish and so diseased, no career is more lucrative than that of a physician.

  17. The overwhelming speciality of its career has the effect, as we see among men, of attenuating one limb, exaggerating another, and prevents anything like harmony: the blacksmith is frequently a hunchback.

  18. Early in his career Arnold Bennett fashioned a novelette, Hugo, which may be read as a modernised version of the Gothic romance.

  19. As no skull-headed lady appears in Ernestus Berchtold, it is probable that her career was only suggested to the rest of the party as an entrancing possibility, and never actually took shape.

  20. Death at the hands of parricides seems to him the only appropriate catastrophe for the Count's career of infamy.

  21. He has none of the reckless daring of "Monk" Lewis, who flung restraint to the winds and raced in mad career through an orgy of horrors.

  22. And this innumerable cortege that followed her bier testified more eloquently than any panegyric to the goodness of this admirable artist who had been able to lead a long and glorious career without creating a single enemy.

  23. In a little while he will come back to you with every noble principle blotted out, with a mind stored with pollution, and with a fitting phraseology, ready to run a mad career of debauchery and vice.

  24. Perhaps the young men themselves believe that an honourable connexion is beyond their means, and deliberately pursue a career of vice.

  25. In the flaring fire he saw strange pictures of events in his own career--a career such as had never before fallen to the lot of a boy of his years.

  26. I do not propose to let him escape, to continue his career of crime and devastation.

  27. The time has come for Dugan's career to end!

  28. Let us hope, for the good of the Territory, that the young ruffian's career may be quickly terminated, and that he may receive his just due at the hands of the law.

  29. I fell musing deeply, but I did not doubt then this career of mine was a thing that merited sacrifice.

  30. Leo's career and fall illustrate the futility of the principle of "state aid" in the reform program.

  31. After having thus arranged his affairs Hans bade farewell to Neustadt for the second time and prepared to enter on the career of a tutor as he had failed to find an unoccupied parish.

  32. The thousand insurmountable obstacles which life had thrown in the way of Master Anton should not halt the career of the future Unwirrsch.

  33. Spenser's admiration for that bright but short career was strong and lasting.

  34. The estimate placed on him by his friends was not too high, as his subsequent career has proven.

  35. Even those who had not the pleasure of knowing, from intimate association, the beauties of his private character, may from the knowledge of his career form some conception of the vigor of his mind and the unspotted virtue of his life.

  36. Thus equipped, Randolph-Macon College entered on its career--a career full of unforeseen trials and difficulties.

  37. Within a few days of this interview the greatest event of Mrs. Purling's whole social career was due; she was to entertain royalty beneath her own roof.

  38. Besides, her career so far had not been an unmixed success.

  39. Having thus disposed of the hero whose early career was so chequered and eventful, I must add a word as to the fate of the other actors in this veracious narrative.

  40. The discovery of Caroline de St. Castin under such circumstances would have closed his career in New France, and ruined him forever in the favor of the Court.

  41. To boldly set at defiance a man who had boasted a long career of success was the way to rouse his pride, and determine him to overcome her resistance.

  42. She had not followed the career of Pierre from the military school to the camp and the battlefield, nor knew of his rapid promotion, as one of the ablest officers in the King's service, to a high command in his native Colony.

  43. Will not that be a glorious end to the career of the Bourgeois Philibert?

  44. Francis's career of professional usefulness and variously successful intellectual activity, are deserving such academical recognition.

  45. His ministry was formed on protectionist principles, but the close of its career was marked by the adoption of free trade doctrines differing in the widest and most liberal sense.

  46. Lashmar and Oxford belonged to a youth wherein he was not required to look for a career or to trouble about money and ambition.

  47. One will watch your career with interest.

  48. I hope it won't be only journalism," said Eric, who was sensitive enough to be daunted by the misgiving which his proposed career excited first in his parents and now in an unbiased outsider.

  49. Elsewhere than at Coralio one learns of the impetuous career of Isabel Guilbert.

  50. I had always felt all my life that he had never been satisfied with my want of a fixed career or position.

  51. Mr. Crewe's Career Illustrated "Another chapter in his broad, epical delineation of the American spirit .

  52. He retires from an honourable career, to pass his declining years in the peace and quiet of the town in which he began his career over fifty years ago.

  53. I guess your mother never has told you, but I'm going to--your father gave up a business career for this cause.

  54. He came to Boston, mostly on foot, and began his career in a small shop in Cornhill, where he sold bandannas, and the like.

  55. We therefore propose to offer a contribution to the record, by tracing the career of one who acted a distinguished part in the struggle, as an antislavery journalist.

  56. At this date, however, an event of great interest occurred in connection with the agitation of the slavery question,--an event exercising a most decided influence on the career of Dr.

  57. And thus commenced the literary career of another successful author, who, but for the existence of the Era, would probably have been left to struggle on in the adversity from which her pen has so creditably set her free.

  58. During his career as leading man at Daly's he demonstrated his right to that high post by the worthy portrayal of characters as wide apart as Shakespeare comedies and Drury Lane melodrama could make them.

  59. He spoke only two sentences, but they comprised the career of the star who came to be the inspiration of all the theaters that now bear his name.

  60. It was while he was a schoolboy at Derby, England, that he received the first lift toward the career which has placed him at the head of his fellows on the American boards.

  61. In the days when she had no sphere but the home and no career but marriage, she was a very insignificant creature even within those limits.

  62. The quiet Christians who had been modestly and steadfastly traveling Zion-ward were struck with self-reproach at seeing themselves so suddenly outstripped in their career by this new-made convert.

  63. Throughout his long career it has been his plan to "say nothing and saw wood.

  64. In this way she came to join Weber & Fields's, entering upon the second phase of her career as a burlesque actress of the first rank.

  65. Thus was Miss Anglin started on a career in which she has taken no backward step.

  66. To be sure, it was only a tiny role, but in my recollection now it bulks big, as it proved the gateway to a career which I had no idea of following when I paid down my four hundred dollars for a year's tuition in the dramatic school.

  67. Of all the famous figures of Wall Street, only Daniel Drew lived to greater years; and Drew lost all his millions before he ended his long career as a speculator.

  68. Another effective blow terminated its career for ever, and then the victor turned to find that Big Swinton lay on the ice, quite conscious of what was going on though utterly unable to move hand or foot.

  69. Not many days after the catching of the salmon--which remained a memorable point in the career of Oliver Trench--the explorers were led by Hendrick to the shores of a magnificent lake.

  70. Triumphant career and success are herein promised to Judah, but the Messiah's kingdom having been already declared to be a peaceful one, we cannot suppose literal warfare to be here intended.

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