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Example sentences for "eloquently"

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  1. Still blushing and turning away her eyes, and he gazing so eloquently upon her downcast features.

  2. So eloquently did she rehearse her tale, so still and patient was her listener, that she felt confident of gaining a new coädjutor in the ranks of female reform.

  3. Mrs. Stanhope said it appeared very strong of its age, and Miss Pinkerton gave it a hasty, expressive glance, which spoke her opinion more eloquently than words could have done.

  4. We two travellers shared the advantages enjoyed by Mr. Wallace in his first visits to memorable places in the new home, of which he has written eloquently in his book—Jerusalem the Holy.

  5. He would stand beside her chair, and watch the quick flush mount to her olive, delicately-rounded cheek, as he talked eloquently of the absent Juan.

  6. I can hardly advert to it without feeling all that has been much more eloquently expressed by the gentleman from Virginia than it is in my power to express it.

  7. Nor were the splendid figures of the eighteenth century, who wrote so eloquently about love, virtue, and humanity, real inventors of maxims.

  8. Fortunately for India, the value of Burke has been eloquently defined by Lord Morley, who has himself contributed more to the future constitutional freedom of India than any other Secretary of State.

  9. The halo of romance hangs over these ruins, and speaks eloquently of the Barons' War, and of the 'spacious days' of Queen Elizabeth.

  10. This will not fail to touch the woman's heart of Madame, whom I perceive indistinctly behind Monsieur her husband, and whose face speaks eloquently of a well-regulated mind.

  11. You will not easily persuade me against my own eyesight; and your face declares most eloquently that you require either a friend or a physician--which is it to be?

  12. Mantell, "Fossils have been eloquently and appropriately termed Medals of Creation," and the eloquent passage by which those words are followed may be transcribed here.

  13. Fossils have been eloquently and appropriately termed 'Medals of Creation.

  14. Nordau speaks eloquently for all who claim the name "average plain citizen," all who would hustle off to the gallows anyone found guilty of breaking the lockstep imposed upon men by convention.

  15. But no matter how eloquently he presents his case, his quarrel with his three enemies remains almost as bitter as before, and he is obliged to pay some attention to their individual charges.

  16. From Albi and Carcassonne multitudes flocked to him with cries for redress and protection, and Pequigny spoke eloquently in their behalf.

  17. To worship God elsewhere," he boldly replied, and so eloquently pleaded his cause that the Turk ordered the Christians to be unmolested, and gave Angelo permission to preach.

  18. The mystic symbol, placed above a crescent, eloquently interpreted the condition of a life divided between love and grief.

  19. He pleaded eloquently for the retention of the small boroughs.

  20. It is recorded in the minutes of the meeting that "Mr. Gladstone rose and eloquently addressed the house.

  21. Lamartine has spoken eloquently on this theme: "Ye columns who veil the sacred asylums where my eyes dare not penetrate, at the foot of your immovable trunks I come to sigh!

  22. You will find it an impressive sight, one that will speak more eloquently than my weak words.

  23. But the scourge spoke more eloquently than did the young Rabbi--the people listened to him but shook their heads.

  24. Soon after the issue of the new four ounce edict a learned doctor delivered a public lecture and eloquently assured us that we ate too much meat!

  25. Egg-cup-fuls of the liquid were exultingly passed round to the wary, suspicious ones; and these proud sceptics by extending to it the charity of their silence most eloquently admitted the groundlessness of their horsey apprehensions.

  26. In his report of the great work he eloquently says: "The Adirondack wilderness may be considered the wonder and the glory of New York.

  27. Eva and he were all over the house, while she eloquently explained to him the working of the furnace, the position of the water pipes, and the various comforts and conveniences which they had introduced into their little territories.

  28. Mr. St. John was not aware that he was looking at her; in fact, he supposed he was listening to Eva, who was eloquently setting forth to him all the good points in Dr.

  29. Oh, reader, had you been at my side that day at Ujiji, how eloquently could be told the nature of this man's work!

  30. The cannibals talked so eloquently and plausibly to them, that the savages withdrew and left them in peace.

  31. And for herself they shone eloquently of courage and love.

  32. May the National Fund so flourish as to enable its Trustees to undertake such measures as will eloquently testify to a sorely stricken humanity the healing power of God’s Faith.

  33. The medical men know, nevertheless, every aphorism of the ancients by rote, and discourse as eloquently and plausibly on any case as do their ministers in Cortes.

  34. How eloquently does he portray the feelings awakened by fine scenery, and the thoughts to which it gives birth!

  35. No other writer that I recall has set forth the Gospel of Walking so eloquently and so stimulatingly.

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