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eloquentia; eloquently; elped; elps; els; elsen; elsewhere; elsewhither; elsewise; elucidate
  1. The 'wages' of every noble work do yet lie in heaven, or else nowhere.

  2. Laissez-faire and much else being once dead, how many 'impossibles' will become possible!

  3. Charicles is a mere impersonation of benevolence and parental love; and Cnemon seems to have been introduced for little else than to tell his own long story, and listen to that of Calasiris in return.

  4. Glad to hear it; nobody else will; and in the next chapter, which is the seventeenth of the second volume of this romance, you will see how closely the story fits.

  5. Above and beyond all else in its unapproachable glory, the Dome of the Capitol in the mellow, hazy moonlight, shone resplendent as a matchless crown to the architecture of the Occident!

  6. She knew that Fillmore Flagg was the soul of honor and that she could trust him under all circumstances, else her father would not have chosen him to be her worthy and trusted assistant in the work.

  7. During sleep these are altogether arrested or else very materially retarded in force and frequency.

  8. For if, as Locke[65] remarks, the sleeping man on awaking has no recollection of his thoughts, it is very certain that no one else can recollect them for him.

  9. I don't care what else he is--lord or no lord, he would always be a perfect gentleman.

  10. Quite honestly; at least I have never mentioned it to him, and I don't think anybody else has, or he would have mentioned it to me.

  11. Perhaps someone else has had the bulge over him, too," suggested Erskine gently.

  12. He could think of nothing else to bring Mr. Luttrell all the way from Melbourne at the time of year when a sheep station causes least anxiety.

  13. The conciliation of his enemy seemed assured without that, though he did think of something else to make it doubly sure.

  14. When Ruth spoke next she whispered too, as though they were just outside those lighted windows: "Yet you would rather live at Wallandoon than anywhere else on earth!

  15. Whatever else she may be, she's more or less original as she stands.

  16. If there is no one else you care for you shall care for me yet.

  17. Remember that--and this: that I will never give you up until someone else has got you!

  18. You'd be able to missionise somewhere else all right, but here you are obliged just to dig like the rest, you can't help it.

  19. In Good Luck Row matters were worse than anywhere else in the town; the occupants were mostly very poor, and the pressure of the high prices was sharpest upon them.

  20. They forget everything else and just go in for gold.

  21. In addition to all else they had to suffer, typhoid broke out amongst them, and another horrible fear was added to the terror of the cold.

  22. Suffice it that it is so situated that there is not one chance in a million of anyone else coming upon it.

  23. He forgot the hounds, the hunt, and everything else in his desperate fears for his own reason.

  24. Would you mind asking me something else in return--something not quite so eccentric this time?

  25. That is just the safeguard which we have against anyone else discovering it.

  26. If you can lick Ted Barton you may lick the Master of Croxley, but if you don't we're done, for there's no one else who is in the same street with him in this district.

  27. You have to be whip, huntsman, and everything else if you are the first man up.

  28. I feel sure that nobody else will be there, because they are mowing all of them in a different direction.

  29. For hours and hours every day he would stare in a dark humor at the smoke-begrimed ceiling of his inn, having mostly little else to do, and dull visions of a future unrelieved by a single ray of hope would float across his saturnine mind.

  30. If you insist on coming, you may come there, but for the present go and take care nobody else sees you.

  31. On his account alone the master's wife was forced to remain at home Sundays, or else to provide his lonesome supper.

  32. Why else should this man, just like himself, be such a gentle, smooth-spoken and experienced sort?

  33. While the two rivals arranged their little vehicles on their wheels, and Dietrich did the same, she repeatedly touched him with her elbow, or else stepped on his foot.

  34. Becoming fully awake they at first thought the devil were after them or else thieves had entered their room.

  35. It seems to me this evening that I, Emilia, am still beside you, that some one else sits here in exile with nothing written on the page of her future, not even by the finger of Hope.

  36. Be happy, be well, my darling, else I suffer.

  37. Pearce, is a work of a flavor or timbre (or however else we may metaphor the quality too subtle to define) so delicate that it may escape recognition for a time.

  38. Each individual must gain for himself this freedom; no one else can aid him except through suggestion and moral help.

  39. And if any one else offers to buy an interest in this range," he called back, as a happy afterthought, "just tell them that you have all the partners you need.

  40. No one else was afraid, and why should I be?

  41. The hills of this range were very much broken up, so that we did nothing else than make continuous ascents and descents.

  42. We love the woods, for there we live, and if we were to live any where else we should starve.

  43. We are poor; every thing we had has been left behind, and we have nothing else to do but go back to the sea, following the road by which we came.

  44. But I managed to get inside one of these strange little houses, and I found there two beds, which were as curious as every thing else about the premises.

  45. Lying in the grass that lined the road leading to the farm or else behind the stacks, with the admirable discipline which makes them so formidable, they had carried out their orders.

  46. The horses' footsteps resounded strangely in this unknown country where nothing else could be heard.

  47. The boats were lowered, the men dropped into them and pulled off, leaving Underhill and two or three of the crew still on the vessel to collect the remainder of the provisions and whatever else seemed worth saving.

  48. All hands had rushed on deck, and clung to rails and stays and whatever else afforded a hold.

  49. Cries of amazement broke from some of the Malays as they caught sight of this strange portent from the sky, but the greater number were climbing up the sides of the junk, heedless of all else than the work in hand.

  50. Eat away, man; the junket won't keep; everything else will, and you can take with you what is left.

  51. There'd always be some one else to look out for, and they might not be as reasonable as we've been, either.

  52. You know, yourself, of course, that the only ground at the lake not already taken up is south of Octagon County, down where the Batavian and the Anona and all those properties are located, or else north as far as Seneca.

  53. Do I get time for anything else except speechmaking?

  54. Either we've got to do something pretty quick, or else he will.

  55. He, perhaps better than any one else in the city, save Doyle, knew the pace Gordon had been setting for himself of late.

  56. The examples of divine providence, everywhere found (the first divine histories being nothing else but a continuation of such examples) have persuaded me to fetch my beginning from the beginning of all things: to wit, Creation.

  57. Or else he mote tellen his tale untrue, Or feine things, or find words new: He may not spare, altho he were his brother, He mote as well say o word as another.

  58. For seeing we digress in all the ways of our lives: yea, seeing the life of man is nothing else but digression; I may the better be excused, in writing their lives and actions.

  59. Socrates said that women be the apparels to catch men, but they take none but them that will be poor or else them that know them not.

  60. And because nothing else could move his appetite, he caused his head to be stricken off, before he ate his dinner.

  61. The new Union Jack certainly did not represent a union of the nations, else why did the two national Jacks still remain?

  62. The minstrelsy of the Irish harper has held sway and been cherished through all the ages by the Irish people, whose temperament may have been affected, or else has been most touchingly expressed, by its strange and mystic cadences.

  63. Naturally the tendency is to get as much as possible for its goods, and provided there is a market, the army would seek to obtain just as much as any one else in the business.

  64. McCulloch and Macaulay were both, I believe, born in Scotland, but in all else they are English.

  65. Nowhere else does one come so completely into the feeling of negro music as in Harris.

  66. All this and the hundreds of pages like it in The Innocents Abroad and Roughing It and the later books is excellent drollery, but had Mark Twain written nothing else than this he would be as dead now as an author as even "Doesticks.

  67. In a period that over enormous areas was transforming thousands of discordant elements into what was ultimately to be a unity, nothing else was possible.

  68. More and more is it evident that aside from this and perhaps two or three sonnets, nothing else that its author wrote is of permanent value.

  69. He had been drawn into this hospital experience, as into everything else in his life, almost by accident.

  70. Nowhere else in the period such distinction of expression, such charm of literary atmosphere, combined with such deep soundings into the heart of human life.

  71. There is about the book, and the two books which quickly followed it, an exotic quality, an aura of strangeness, that is like nothing else in our literature.

  72. It was his realization of this fact more than anything else that caused him to omit from later editions such wide areas of his earlier work.

  73. Who else could have dealt with it, especially in the new era that demanded reality and absolute genuineness?

  74. How else shall we explain such a phenomenon as those old crusades?

  75. For, if tradition is worth anything--and we have nothing else to go upon--they are at first few in number.

  76. Having this, you should wish to have naught else under heaven.

  77. Like much else taught by the Inquisition, this found its way into general criminal law, which it perverted for centuries.

  78. Holy Land were so favorable that everything else must be postponed to that great object, and all indulgences must be used solely for that purpose; but that if he will continue to threaten Raymond, that prince will be forced to submit.

  79. Even Chancellor Gerson himself could see nothing else to be done with those who pertinaciously adhered to error, even in matters not at present explicitly articles necessary to the faith.

  80. I bent down and smelled, but there was no trace of liquor or anything else on their breath.

  81. Presently arrived Alephplex, along with four other Adjusters who had arrived before the quarantine shield made it not possible for anyone else to enter the disturbed area.

  82. There was no one else but these two in the chamber, and it was at her request that they were alone.

  83. She was the light of his life, the hope, the joy of it; nothing else but Mildred was worth living for.

  84. Oh, must you:" For dance after dance his delight to enhance The Prince asks her hand ; no one else has a chance !

  85. I dare not write to her, I dare not write to her father, or else I would.

  86. I deserve to call her mine; for nothing else CAN atone for what I've gone through for her.

  87. If there was any one else who had been so fortunate as to gain her favourable opinion?

  88. If there's anyone else that understands that turn of her head as I do, I'll give her up without scruple.

  89. This state of suspense is like hanging in the air by a single thread that exhausts all your strength to keep hold of it; and yet if that fails you, you have nothing in the world else left to trust to.

  90. Yet what else could be the meaning of your little sister's running out to you, and saying "He thought I did not see him!

  91. They are all of them, every soul, frightened at you; they have SEEN enough of you to make them so; and they have doubtless heard ten times more than they have seen, or than anyone else has seen.

  92. In the grave, I hope, or else in her arms.

  93. Was there any one else that you did like?

  94. Else might the world convince of levity As well my undertakings as your counsels; But I attest the gods, your full consent Gave wings to my propension, and cut of All fears attending on so dire a project.

  95. As you and Lord ]Eneas Consent upon the order of their fight, So be it; either to the uttermost, Or else a breath.

  96. Who may you else oppose That can from Hector bring those honours off, If not Achilles?

  97. So do each lord; and either greet him not, Or else disdainfully, which shall shake him more Than if not look'd on.

  98. E'en so; a great deal of your wit too lies in your sinews, or else there be liars.

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