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somersaulting; somersaults; somesing; sometam; somethin; somethings; somethink; sometime; sometimes; someting
  1. When, after much forethought, he has found something to do and has begun doing it, there is a cry of "Stand clear!

  2. Having said so much I can gladly leave the rest to your perusal, or, better perhaps, your imagination, only hinting that the conclusion has something of dignity that does a little to redeem the volume.

  3. Sometimes they have a waltz or something that you can use in these highbrow things," shuffling them.

  4. She's thinking too hard of something which you have evidently forgotten.

  5. Lean and distinguished; something like Lewis Stone, if not quite so tall.

  6. Prove to yourself that you're something more than an average female who wants nothing but security.

  7. Her shining eyes are fixed on something invisible that hovers in the room just over your head.

  8. I'm a lot older than you are and I think we're something alike.

  9. Two girls especially, looking in the windows for lack of something better to do.

  10. Don't you think we must have come from--I mean, don't you see that we must be something like Him?

  11. You know, Ben, there's something I want to say.

  12. Don't you think I hear something like this every day of my life?

  13. It is almost as if, against her own will, she waits for something fateful.

  14. Let's play something loud and get waked up.

  15. There's something about you that makes people talk.

  16. A positive object is where we seek to assert or acquire something for ourselves.

  17. This means something quite different from the military idea of occupying territory, for the sea cannot be the subject of political dominion or ownership.

  18. In the old squadronal instructions, "The transports of the enemy are to be your principal object," became something like a common form.

  19. But this idea was abandoned before it had gone very far for something much more subtle.

  20. A negative object is where we seek to deny the enemy something or prevent his gaining something.

  21. The men of the old wars knew that when a squadron is attached to a combined expedition it is something different from a purely naval unit.

  22. A negative object is where we seek to deny the enemy something or prevent his gaining something.

  23. The fleet sailed for Coruña, where it was known the Armada, after an abortive start from Lisbon, had been driven by bad weather, and something like what the Government feared happened.

  24. They must know whether they are expected to take something from the enemy, or to prevent his taking something either from us or from some other State.

  25. So fortunate, however, was the geographical conformation of the theatre that by promptitude and the bold use of an uncommanded sea it could be reduced to something far more correct.

  26. But something he will attain, if he continues to aim high.

  27. They must always do something else, always a hundred other things first, always save and spare and patch and contrive; there was never time to do the thing she longed for most.

  28. Always the path winds and returns, and even in the moment of gaining something, there is something lost.

  29. Then something flashed in the image, something as if the features had caught fire and burned.

  30. After covering seventeen miles, she realized that she never could do it; so she turned around and walked back, and entering the house of an acquaintance in Port Huron asked for something to eat.

  31. Something of the Emersonian striving after individual attainment plus the passionate sympathy of Heath is found in a remarkable book, which is too good to have obtained a popular hearing, entitled "The Story of My Heart.

  32. The words smote her ears like something hot and stinging: "You know I am one of the three accusers (the other two are Ascheri and Molas) who figure in the trial.

  33. To defend it, to maintain that there was something else in it, was equivalent to pleading for the life of the King before the convention!

  34. But that is the man we love: who has something in him superior to the judgments of men; who holds steadfast--steadfast even in persecution, even to death.

  35. He took off his glasses, laid them on the folded paper, and saying something to himself about resting his eyes, fell fast asleep too.

  36. Something seemed to take away all my breath and strength.

  37. Though I did not fancy any sweets on that morning, I saw something in a small jug on the table which I thought looked even nicer.

  38. Something had put little Rose out of temper.

  39. I gave one last hopeless glance around, and saw something large and dark in front.

  40. As Dick was hiding his face in his hands and thinking these sad things, he felt something very soft rubbing gently against his neck, which was close to the hard cold stone step, and he heard a pleasant sound at his ear.

  41. I settled upon something far nicer now than either sugar or cream.

  42. Come, I will go and get something for us both to eat.

  43. But, as I was on the way to it, I had to pass a pot of something which had a better smell than what she was then eating.

  44. Why do you not send something in the ship too?

  45. I knew that something must be done, or I too should one day be found lying on my back with my legs in the air, and Thomas would sweep me away, as he did the other flies.

  46. He stayed all night in the streets, and, next morning, he got up and walked about, asking those whom he met to give him something to keep him from starving.

  47. Some people think that so long as they are doing something or other they are busy.

  48. At length she was in so sound a nap that she did not notice when Mr. Sutton put down the paper, after reading a long, dull account of something or other.

  49. Any day now a bit of luck would move them forward, and there would be something doing.

  50. Something of this I mentioned to Monsieur le Commandant as the line filed past.

  51. I am glad that America is to know something of their spirit, of the invincible courage and resolution of the French to fight in the cause of humanity and justice.

  52. I know something about boys, and I think he was seventeen at the most.

  53. A baby sweater of a hideous yellow roused in her something like wrath.

  54. It is a good-natured bit of raillery, with something of grimness underneath.

  55. It is to war what rules are to bridge--something to lead by!

  56. There is something magnificent, a contagion of enthusiasm, in the sight of a great volunteer army.

  57. And after a time I learned something about them from the Chief Scout of Belgium; perhaps it will show the boy scouts of America what they will mean to the country in time of war.

  58. There is always something grim and menacing about the attitude of the sentry as he waits on such occasions.

  59. I could testify that something had broken the glass!

  60. I thought something should be done about it.

  61. Anyhow, Morning Glory leaped into my mind and stayed there, through soup, through rabbit, which was called on the menu something entirely different, through hard cakes and a withered orange.

  62. His official title is something entirely different, but the French word is apt.

  63. I wish I could leaven all this with something cheerful.

  64. Provided you have brought something to eat with you!

  65. Can we blame him for being glad to earn something substantial at last?

  66. Major Doyle knows something of it, after the time when I got through my technical school by working as a servant to pay for my instruction.

  67. It suggests that he knows something of the murder, even if he is himself wholly innocent.

  68. The Wegg children, having something of their mother's timid nature, perhaps, were not so adventurous, but they seldom hesitated to go wherever Tom led them.

  69. As it is my vacation, it was a real pleasure to me to have something to do.

  70. Give up this idea and think of something else to bother me.

  71. And he often noticed them grouped in isolated places and conversing in low, eager tones that proved "something was up.

  72. Why--unless something had occurred that rendered their marriage impossible?

  73. As Louise held it in her hand something induced her to turn it over.

  74. Every person who lives is dependent on some other person for something or other, and I'll not allow you to make a fool of yourself by refusing to let me take you in hand.

  75. He may know something of his father's former associates that will enable us to determine the object of the murder and who accomplished it.

  76. If a man turns a corner and sees something that stimulates him into writing a world-shaking manifesto, the high-order variable would have started when he decided to turn the corner instead of going the other way.

  77. Something was missing somewhere, some vast gap in his knowledge, something of which he simply was not aware.

  78. If Martin could talk to Morrel, and get something done, perhaps they could get a line.

  79. Something deep in his mind forced its way through, saying NO!

  80. Thus the Protestant comes to church to hear something said; the Catholic to witness something done.

  81. Rollo and Minnie looked up to this cliff, as they passed beneath it, with something like a feeling of terror.

  82. The women have baskets, with something to eat in them, I suppose.

  83. He said something to Mr. George and Rollo in German.

  84. When we deceive a person, we do it by saying or doing something to give him a false impression, or to make him suppose that something is true which is not true.

  85. Did you see the man who was kneeling at the foot of the steps of the altar while the priest was performing, and who brought two little silver vessels, out of which he poured something into the priest's cup?

  86. The man shut the gate after them, and then began to say something to them, very fluently and earnestly, pointing at the same time to a door which opened upon a gallery that extended along the wall of a tower near by.

  87. They did not understand what he said; but his action showed that he was taking up a contribution, for something or other, from the visitors who came to see the church.

  88. The woman called to a man who was then just coming down out of the garden, and said something to him in German.

  89. That was concealing something from you," said Mr. George, "not deceiving you.

  90. I never heard of raising trees before," said Rollo, "except apple trees, or something like that.

  91. There was only something to be done for them; and so long as it was done, and done properly, they standing by and consenting, it was not of much consequence whether they could see and hear or not.

  92. But there was a man who asked us something in German; but we could see it all just as well without going in; so we said Nein, which means no.

  93. Yes," said Rollo, "or something like a batz, that I had in my pocket.

  94. Very often something is left out of the account which ought to be taken in and calculated for, and that is the case here.

  95. There seemed to be something a little like artifice in thus prolonging his absence in order to make his uncle think that he had gone farther down the river than he had been.

  96. I then said I thought there was something in the note that boded no good to me, and I did not intend to give it to him.

  97. Let not the man who cannot reconcile his sympathies in the American struggle with his convictions on the question of slavery pooh-pooh this as an extravagant fancy picture of something that never can occur.

  98. Waiting my opportunity, I saw three men leave the house, and judging there then only remained women, I went up and asked if they would please to give me something to eat.

  99. Towards morning I saw a farm-house, and being hungry I resolved to venture to ask for something to eat.

  100. The English hunting seat is, in point of length, the medium of those mentioned; and perhaps that seat, or something between that and the military seat, is the best adapted to common riding.

  101. This is something like steaming without steering.

  102. I am glad, therefore, that you are to break the ice, and I will certainly support you, as I have a longing desire to know something more in regard to the mysteries of the confessional.

  103. Though I had heard something of that nature when I was a simple ecclesiastic in the college, I had not the least idea that such was the life of so many priests.

  104. He muttered something that I could not understand.

  105. She answered something which I could not understand.

  106. I then told them something of my desolation, when alone, in my room; of the granite mountain which had been rolled over my shoulders, of my tears and of my despair.

  107. I have something to tell you, confidentially, which surpasses, in a measure, anything you know of the abominations of these last three nights.

  108. Newman tells us frankly that, after ten years of hard and painful travail, he produced something less than a mouse.

  109. Fearing something wrong had happened to my old friend, I lost no time, and ran to him.

  110. But the reader has the right to know something of the dangers through which it has pleased God to make me pass.

  111. How can any man be sure of the honesty of his wife as long as a hundred thousand priests tell her that she may commit any sin with her neighbor, in order to prevent him from doing something worse?

  112. I suspected that something strange had occurred.

  113. But I have something better than my own weak thoughts.

  114. But so afraid was Adatha of being turned into something else, that she refused the offer.

  115. One of us must hide in the room in which they will talk; for perhaps we may learn something which may help us to lift the spell from the King.

  116. But Alicia also was afraid of being turned into something else, and she too refused the alliance.

  117. She gave orders that several of the marvels be brought to her palace, and was looking about for something else, when her eyes chanced to fall upon the silver fish the Master Mariner was wearing.

  118. I'm looking for something I've lost myself.

  119. He was looking at it when he saw something which made him drop the fish on the deck.

  120. Something like a winged white flame escaped from it, and flew hissing through the air to the sun.

  121. I've lost something much more serious, I've lost my reputation.

  122. And something tells me that it is time to let him feel your staff.

  123. This is unanswerable, and there's something tells me I err in my opinion.

  124. Though it has not the atmosphere of Massinger, it has something of the mellow graciousness at which he, like Fletcher, aimed.

  125. It might also be said that Greek tragedy is limited, and the statement is true of all our Elizabethan playwrights; yet we return to them again and again, for they have something to give us which we cannot do without.

  126. Perhaps something of the sort was cut out.

  127. They put aside the calls of culture and pleasure, and the natural ambition to do something in the world before they were abolished by death.

  128. Later on, however, Pedro has an intuition that the slave is other than he seems to be: "I do see something in this fellow's face still That ties my heart fast to him.

  129. Doubtless, it is natural to wish that each play of Shakspere should excel its predecessor, and to be unwilling to confess that he ended his career with something that was not supremely excellent.

  130. It will be said that there are scenes which remind us of Lady Macbeth and Ophelia; why should not an already existing play have suggested to Shakspere something which he worked up in those two characters into a far finer result?

  131. We laugh less, but we admire more, for we feel that we are seeing something transacted which might have happened.

  132. I am full of thoughts, And something there is here I must give form to, Though yet an embryon.

  133. There is something slight and unsubstantial about the whole thing, while the metre is continually careless and lame.

  134. But it is better to take things as we find them than to seek to twist them into something else on inadequate grounds.

  135. Written over something of which the first words are "in a," the last word "king.

  136. Something that You dearly may repent; howe'er you scorn me, The slave may prove your master.

  137. And yet we think your countrymen could wish you had used this poor enthusiast's folly as something else than a mere lesson in economy.

  138. Lose no time; be always employed in something useful; cut off all unnecessary actions.

  139. Young Benjamin was open to every influence about him, and something of the large and immovable tolerance of his nature may have been caught from old Peter Folger, his grandfather.

  140. Naturally in so large a family, where the means of support were so slender, young Benjamin had to get most of his education outside of the schoolroom, and something of this practical unscholastic training clung to his mind always.

  141. And there is something eminently fit in the fact that this lurking mystery of the heavens was finally exploded by Dr.

  142. He even saw something of the ways of Grub Street through his friend Ralph, who had come with him from Philadelphia.

  143. This was no satisfaction; there must be something more.

  144. In Latin he had had a year's instruction at school, and later in life he dabbled a little in that language; but his knowledge of the classics was always superficial, and he seems to have entertained something like a spite against them.

  145. It was a shady easy-going place, with pleasant gardens about the houses, and something of Quaker repose and substantial thrift lent a charm to its busy life.

  146. Danger is a good thing for giving a fillip to a man's ideas; but even danger, to us, must come recommended by something useful.

  147. Something of this it may be to our old friends in harness.

  148. But some have given the bar, lately, a surreptitious squeeze in the middle, and flattened it a little into something obliquely resembling an inconvenient seat.

  149. There is something worth looking at in the pair of horses, with that sparkling pole of steel laid across them.

  150. He was a voice and nothing else; but any difference is something in a watchman.

  151. If any of the four-in-hand gentry go by, he shakes his head, and thinks they might find something better to do.

  152. But, till something of the kind be really done, the thing certainly wears an unfavourable aspect.

  153. Come, Pistol, utter more to me; and, withal, devise something to do thyself good.

  154. The dower of this gentlewoman established the house of Falstaff--for some months at any rate--in a position of something like comfort and solvency.

  155. But time and the publishers say something to me,--namely, that I have no business to trouble myself with writing the History of England in these pages, at all events except so far as it concerns Sir John Falstaff.

  156. He administered to his father's literary effects by tying them up in a bundle, and disposing of them for something under the cost price of the vellum to a Lombard broker in the city of London.

  157. For a few brief hours Sir John Falstaff really ranked, in the popular estimation, as the most influential subject in the realm (and that distinction, however briefly enjoyed, is something for a man to look back to with satisfaction!

  158. My lord, I was born about three of the clock in the afternoon, with a white head, and something a round belly.

  159. Bardolph was very well in his way; but his way was not an enlivening one, at the best of times; he so rarely opened his mouth, except to put something into it.

  160. He was busy picking up something in the mud--which he carefully pocketed, dirt and all.

  161. The latter hypothesis is, indeed, based on something more than conjecture, and may be considered proved by certain important omissions in the chronicles of the time.

  162. Thus incapacitated from further service in the field, he resolved to devote himself to the improvement of his estate--which, to be sure, stood in need of something of the kind.

  163. I thought that perhaps, as you came from the stars, you knew something of astronomy.

  164. But we are wind fairies; and yet the Father of the Winds is called Astraeus--that sounds something like your long word, does it not?

  165. I'll buy some cookies to trate thim wid, and maybe something besides.

  166. She came up in a few moments with something wrapped up in her apron.

  167. This circumstance, and something he had read about a wind harp, had given him the wish to make one--with what success he was anxious to find out, when Lisa laid it in the open window for him.

  168. With your experience in boat-building, you ought to make something nice this time.

  169. Not only had her appearance awakened his interest to the point of enthusiasm, but there was something irresistibly attractive to him in her lack of affectation and audacious frankness.

  170. Something had happened in the last few weeks that had brought about a change in him, but just what it was she was unable to determine.

  171. No, I mean every word that I say," he hastened to assure her, looking straight into her eyes where he could scarcely have failed to read something which the Girl had not the subtlety to conceal.

  172. Of a truth, then, it was something far broader and deeper that had entered into her heart--love.

  173. Gents, I look on this place as something more 'n a place to sit around an' spit on--the stove.

  174. Some mysterious force--a vague foreboding of something about to happen--impelled her to open her eyes again and again.

  175. Something in the Girl's altered tone so struck the Sheriff that he obeyed her.

  176. Here--here is something that will interest you!

  177. Her mind was not the abode of hardened convictions, but was tender to sentiment, and something in his manner at once softening her, she said: "Nonsense?

  178. Indeed, there was something so tigerish about the woman that the Sheriff, in alarm, quickly pushed back his chair.

  179. You can think of something to tell her--lie to her," had been the Sheriff's parting suggestion.

  180. There is a little of Michaelangelo about Ford--something excruciating, tortured.

  181. Passion must be incestuous or adulterous; grief must be something more than martyrdom, before he could make them big enough to be seen.

  182. The total costs were something under a million and a half of money--less than is needed for a modern battleship.

  183. So having done something of it, I to bed.

  184. There is something of a smile about every elephant's lips, to be sure, and fun is so contagious that one should hesitate to say that he saw an elephant laugh.

  185. It seemed hardly fair, and I must say that I felt something like sympathy for the under dog, wild dog though he was; the odds against him were so great.

  186. Something like this is true of the common hornpout, or catfish, I believe, though I have never seen it recorded, and lack the chance at present of proving my earlier observations.

  187. Doing something, hearing something, seeing something by no means exhausts our whole business with the out-of-doors.

  188. Such careful and prolonged study will surely reveal to you something no one else has seen, too.

  189. PAGE 107 bite into something poisonous: Send to the Department of Agriculture at Washington for the little booklet on our poisonous plants.

  190. It was over; but there was something strange, almost unfair, it seemed, about the finish.

  191. The man with the camera saw the act, for I heard his machine click, and I heard him say something under his breath that you would hardly expect a mere man and a game-warden to say.

  192. Yet it would be something if, since the future is shut out from me, you had not also deprived me of the past: I have not even the privilege of looking back!

  193. His features were of that pure and severe Greek of which the only fault is that in the very perfection of the chiselling of the features there seems something hard and stern.

  194. Let me in something repair what I have cost you.

  195. Love makes us all the woman; love has left me, and something hard and venturous, something that belongs to they sex, has come in its stead.

  196. There is something more than ordinarily fearful in the tempests that visit those soft and garden climes.

  197. And yet I cannot blame thee; it were something if I could: in proportion as you loved me not, you were kind and generous; and God will bless you for that kindness to the poor orphan.

  198. That you may know the perfect virtue of this prince, in the power of healing more especially, I shall add something which will excite your wonder.

  199. I saw something wonderful,” said he, “and therefore I did not laugh without a cause.

  200. There was something more to the same effect.

  201. Scarcely does a year elapse in the chronicles, in which he did not perform something great and advantageous to his country; in which he did not build some new monastery.

  202. Wherefore the emperor contemplating his sagacity and courage, which promised something great, was inclined to detain him.

  203. Nor had they recourse to their customary practice of a flying battle, but throwing down their bows, they manifested, by a flight of three successive days, something greater than mere human apprehension.

  204. On the fourth day since my departure from the ship, I thought I perceived something at a distance; I looked at it intently--it was a sail.

  205. As the Irish do something besides misuse shall, the Doctor should have said that they continually use shall for will.

  206. Here the new clause is something independent added to the previous clause, and not limiting that clause in any way.

  207. If they have not an uneasy subconsciousness that their cause is weak, they would, at least, do well in eschewing the violence to which, for want of something better, the advocates of weak causes proverbially resort.

  208. Ability supposes something done; something by which the mental power is exercised in executing, or performing, what has been perceived by the capacity.

  209. Participating, then, in the physical influences of a southern climate, we have contracted something of the more distinct articulation that belongs to a dry atmosphere and a clear sky.

  210. The sense that something is wanting appears to have led many writers to use indicative forms where the subjunctive might be expected.

  211. You have told us of the latter, but we would know something of the former.

  212. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "something" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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    something about; something akin; something analogous; something better; something between; something beyond; something different; something doing; something done; something else; something external; something extraordinary; something for; something foreign; something good; something held; something like; something quite; something real; something resembling; something seemed; something similar; something that; something very; something which; something wrong