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Example sentences for "wish that"

  • I wish that he could have come with us, but as soon as he had deposited these clothes he had to ride back as fast as he could to attend to his mistress, and I undertook the rest.

  • If we go we must take Le Duc with us, I wish that we could find something to knock off his chains, and we might set the other poor fellows at liberty.

  • I wish that we were out of this, and aboard her," exclaimed Jack.

  • I wish that I had had a chance of doing something of the sort.

  • I wish that we had got away a couple of hours ago," said Bill; but he did not remind Jack that it was through his fault they had not done so.

  • I wish that we had something better than this rhinoceros meat," said Denis to Mangaleesu.

  • I wish that I could get up and set off immediately.

  • I wish that I could go and help him; but I must not desert my post.

  • I wish that we could feel a little more certain we are going in the right direction," observed Percy.

  • It remains now for us to join heartily, as we all do, in expressing a wish that, being convalescent, you would not be tempted to over-exert yourself.

  • Harry by this time was beginning to wish that he had never found his way to Mount Street.

  • Wish that he should go on with his engagement!

  • Father, I suppose that it is wrong, but I wish that I were dead too.

  • But upon my word I am beginning to wish that I had been content with the humble profits of horse-breeding.

  • I wish that he had taken me with him when he jumped into the sea to lighten the boat.

  • I wish that we were down there with him, although it is true that then we should be nearer to the Matabele.

  • I wish that I knew more about it, but if we can get water and cocoa-nuts and shellfish there, we must not complain.

  • I wish that I had the chance of going home, and finding myself the possessor of a tidy fortune with a title.

  • I wish that we had run for it, and tried to reach the shore," said Desmond.

  • I wish that he had thought fit to steer in the opposite direction," observed Tom.

  • I feel humiliated enough, and I think it may be a sort of shame, as well as consideration for them, that would make me wish that no difference should be made.

  • I do so wish that he should not think we were hurt by his marriage, and you see, two lone women can do nothing to make it agreeable; besides that, it would not be proper.

  • I certainly shall take no notice of such folly,' said Mr. Kendal, 'and I wish that no one else should.

  • When I am promised anything I wish that it shall be given me at once.

  • I don't wish that we should again become the talk of the whole town on your account.

  • If she must one day go away, I wish that we may be able to love each other at a distance.

  • Susan, chronically affected by a wish that "something would happen," had been somewhat sobered by the fact that in poor Virginia's case something HAD happened.

  • I don't wish to add fuel, but it is natural to wish that one's letters are made as acceptable as possible.

  • I wish that he was here, that I might talk with [him] for half an hour upon your subject.

  • I wish that if he has any left, he would exert them now for the sake of the reputation of his family as well as of his own; or he will add a load of obloquy to that which has been already derived (?

  • But as I love Charles more than I do the other, I wish that, or anything which can put him once more in a way of establishment.

  • The only thing is that I do wish that my name could be left alone.

  • That woman sometimes says things to me that make me wish,--wish that they'd make him bishop of Patagonia.

  • Mr Crawley greeted him in the pathway, raising his hat from his head, and expressing a wish that Mr Thumble might not feel himself fatigued with his drive.

  • Again, I wish that I did not know his voice so well--that I did not so clearly recognize that slightly guardedly malicious intonation.

  • How I wish that you were my father instead!

  • I wish that I did not know his voice so hatefully well: all its intonations and inflections are as familiar to me as Roger's.

  • I wish that he would sometimes be dignifiedly humorous to us, or even humorous without the dignity.

  • And so we slip away from the subject; but, all the same, I wish that I had not said it.

  • I wish that a part of Admiral Vernon's fleet and General Wentworth's forces may give it a visit, before the Spaniards sue for peace.

  • Having ascertained that Job had in his possession certain slips of a kind of paper, on which he wrote strange characters, he furnished him with some sheets of paper, and signified a wish that he should use it.

  • I wish that I could have seen the shepherd, though it may well be that his wife, if she is alive, would reveal more.

  • I wish that I had heard him; I wish also that I had seen him; for he had determined on a happy way of illustrating and pointing his discourse.

  • I wish that we could call a man's speeches his speech, and find it was perfectly true.

  • I wish that I knew the history of them, and whence the first bush was brought.

  • I don't know what sort of a person my own niece is, and I wish that I need never find out, but I shall try to do my duty.

  • Now I wish that we could give them the ten per cent.

  • I should be driven to wish that he was in gaol!

  • As the afternoon drew on, she began to wish that he was not coming till to-morrow.

  • She already began to feel the ill effects of her son's reformation, and to wish that it had been postponed just for a month or two, till she was a little more settled.

  • The above list will hopefully provide you with a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "wish that" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this group of words.

    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    acquitted himself; another volume; assumed name; became more and more; certain birds; first century; followed closely; forever free; high blood; kingdom come; los cuales; mournful smile; only more; other stories; unclean until the evening; violent attack; whether they; wish for; wish that; wish thee; wish them; wish they; wish you; wish you were here; wish you would tell; wished himself