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  1. He belched out a small Niagara of water, groaned, trembled, and finally tried to beg them to have a little mercy on him, saying that he was now all right, upon which the boys of course ceased their efforts intended to bring him to.

  2. They seldom see a living soul but their father, now that the mother has been laid away.

  3. They are badly wanted right now in Rockaway, where some months back they robbed a residence, and nearly killed a butler who caught them in the act, and recognized them too.

  4. So 'deed, I is right glad myself now dat de leetle critter didn't git tuh me.

  5. We didn't hardly now what to do, go on and knock at the door, or hurry back here to report.

  6. Under the direction of the scout master they dragged the tremendous bag, now emptied of its gaseous contents, and piled it up close to the camp.

  7. And the scout master laughed softly to himself as he muttered: "I fancy Charles is about to have a little surprise, now that Elmer has found a trail to follow.

  8. Each represents one of the leading players who are now playing in the American and National Leagues with names slightly changed, but the reader will soon discover that he is reading the early exploits of one of his baseball favorites.

  9. Once back at his fire, now burning briskly, the tall boy hastened to spill some of the contents of his kettle, and then set the latter firmly on the stones.

  10. Elmer, looking annoyed; for it would be too bad if, after all their plans, Ginger should take it into his head to delay them now by getting lost.

  11. And as they finally drew near the lone cabin, even this style of talk was stopped by order of Mr. Garrabrant, so that they now crept along in absolute silence.

  12. Small though she was, the girl had snatched up a long-barreled gun, and was now actually menacing the intruders.

  13. I hope now the old man ain't been taken sudden, and handed in his checks!

  14. Ted, with his usual lisp, which even the alarm that was seizing hold of him now could not dissipate.

  15. As we rode along we saw deer and elk dodging out of our way, a beaver now and then and coveys of sage hens and prairie grouse.

  16. That settled it; a Crow war party was somewhere on the cliffs about us; they had perhaps slept here, and were now out on watch.

  17. So now we ask: Would you like to become Braves?

  18. Said Mad Plume to me: "You now know why Ancient Otter is with us.

  19. I now learned that we had come to this particular camping place for the purpose of building a great lodge offering, called o-kan, or his dream, to the sun.

  20. I now learned that, when there was time for the change, the warriors put on their war clothes before going against the enemy.

  21. I help you hunt, and butcher your kills; it is only fair that you do something for me now and then.

  22. He now cut the hide from tail to neck along the belly, and from that incision down each leg, and then, I helping in the skinning, we soon had the bare carcass lying upon its spread-out hide.

  23. The chiefs having decided that camp should not be moved until the next day, Red Crow and his sister took me next morning up a stream now called Swift Water, running into the river from the west.

  24. It is the bulls; the buffalo bulls are grunting because now is their mating season," Red Crow explained.

  25. And now for comfort: a lodge, fire, food!

  26. I made my way to the upper floor of the bastion and entered into conversation with the two men on guard there with the cannon, and looked down now and then at the great crowd of Indians out in front of the stockade.

  27. Hull; but its harbour, getting choked up by sand, was converted into a luxuriant meadow, and the ports of Hull and Grimsby now reign in its stead.

  28. Here then is a solid wheel, which answers all the intentions of the garden roller; now can anything be conceived that would have so happy a tendency upon the roads?

  29. In 1806 there was a Select Committee appointed "to take into consideration the Acts now in force regarding the use of Broad Wheels, and to examine what shape is best calculated for ease of draught and the Preservation of the roads.

  30. The march of progress had taken another step forward, and England found it had now entered definitely on the Coaching Era.

  31. Not one child weeps now on account of corporal punishment for every hundred who wailed bitterly for the same reason when Froebel and Dickens began their loving work.

  32. Not one blow in a thousand is given to a child now as compared with the time of Dickens's childhood.

  33. We shudder now as we read of the outrages practised on helpless children and on the insane half a century ago not by the heathen, but by earnest, conscientious Christians.

  34. Men are not persistently dwarfed now by deliberate efforts to define a blighting consciousness of weakness; they are stimulated to broader effort and higher purpose by a true self-consciousness of individual power.

  35. Considering myself sufficiently incongruous on my legal eminence, I have until now suppressed my domestic destiny.

  36. And now I fell into a state of neglect, which I can not look back upon without compassion.

  37. And now I can associate her memory with the peacefulest of cottages, the easiest of veranda chairs, a bay-window full of books and sunshine, and a strawberry bed alive with berries and blossoms and butterflies and bees.

  38. In 1806 Zebulon Pike camped where Pueblo now stands.

  39. The thin stream of civilization that trickles off into the wilderness, following the iron track, makes puddles now and again.

  40. We were waiting the arrival of the Alaska boat,--wandering aimlessly about the little town, looking off upon the quiet sea, now veiled in a dense smoke blown down from the vast forest fires that were sweeping the interior.

  41. From time to time as we sailed, the sea, now a brighter blue than ever, was strewn with fragments of ice.

  42. Perhaps it did in the good old days now gone; but there is little or nothing of the Russian element left, and the place is as dead as dead can be without giving offence to the olfactory organ.

  43. Probably, being fishermen, the tribe had gone out with their canoes, and were now busy with the spoils somewhere among the thousand passages of the archipelago.

  44. But what would he have thought had he threaded the tortuous path now marked by glistening railway tracks?

  45. But now let me offer you a stray handful of leaves from my note-book--mere suggestions of travel.

  46. Beyond the beach is a strip of green lawn, and at the top of the lawn the old officers' quarters, now falling to decay.

  47. A goodly number of passengers were already on board; as many more were now to join her; and then her prow was to be turned to the north star and held there for some time to come.

  48. It was like a second closing of the scholastic year; the good-byes were now ringing fast and furious.

  49. We must preserve mechanicks now To lectorize and pray; By them the gospel is advanced The clean contrary way.

  50. And now comes the supplication of the members under the rod: "Nay, my Lord!

  51. Whom now shall I choose for the theme of my song?

  52. Our servants did ride With swords by their side, And made their masters footmen be; But we'll be no more slaves To the beggars and knaves Now the King and the realms do agree.

  53. Sing hi ho, Cornelius, your zeal cannot delude us; The reason pray now tell ye us why thus you play'd the Judas.

  54. She's been playing the British matron too and now she's having her fling.

  55. Why didn't you tell me just now that you'd decided to keep Ronny in Cairo?

  56. Those dear good donkeys, the Applebys, told me just now they thought I must be the happiest man alive!

  57. You see, now I've given up my flat I shan't come to Egypt very often and I should never have seen Ronny.

  58. And now that everyone has gone I needn't be dignified any more.

  59. Even though I love her with all my heart I know now that I made a mistake.

  60. She told me herself just now that the worst was over.

  61. If you like we'll have a turn now before we send the band away.

  62. And now they're more or less happy because I promised to help them.

  63. It seems to me now inevitable that you should have fallen in love with him.

  64. But at least now I've given you all I had to give.

  65. He was telling me just now about his trip in Upper Egypt.

  66. I think time will heal the wounds which now you think are incurable, but when it does I hope that you will look back on your love as a thing only of beauty.

  67. Arthur, I'm sorry if I was cross just now about Abdul Said.

  68. And just now when you were alone he kissed your hands.

  69. Of course I am not frightened now that I know who it is.

  70. After a while she remembered that she was now a fully grown Frog and had spring work to do, and she said to him, "I really must lay some eggs.

  71. The Oldest Nymph now stopped breathing water and began to breathe air.

  72. And now the red and blue markings on the Stickleback Father grew paler and paler, until he did not have to fight at all, and could call upon his friends and see how their children were hatching.

  73. One morning, when the Cranes awakened, a fine young fellow began to strut up and down before the rest, bowing low, and leaping high into the air, and every now and then whooping as loudly as he could.

  74. I must put them to sleep now and try to get a little rest myself, for the sun is well up.

  75. Before long she began egg-laying, flying low enough to touch her body to the water now and then and drop a single egg.

  76. I will now say a word about the Indian Civil Service.

  77. It is said to-day that Sir Bampfylde Fuller recommended certain measures about education, and that the Government have now adopted them.

  78. The Government of India will now frame what is called a Resolution.

  79. Macaulay, for it was he, said-- "India now is like Europe in the fifth century.

  80. I am delighted to meet you to-day, because I have always felt in my political experience, now pretty long, that it is when face answers to face that you come best to points of controversial issue.

  81. Let me invite your Lordships to look at the formidable difficulties that now encumber us in India, with a due sense of proportion.

  82. It means that nine Indian gentlemen on December 13 last were arrested and are now detained--arrested under a law which is as good a law as any law on our own statute-book.

  83. It is incumbent upon them loyally to accept the principle that these measures involve the surrender of some portion of the authority and control which they now exercise, and some modifications of the methods of administration.

  84. We have now got a very Radical House of Commons.

  85. I have not got it with me now, but certain language was used by Sir Norman Baker, who is now the Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal.

  86. Even now when we are passing through all the stress and anxiety, it is a mistake not to look at things rather largely.

  87. There is one very important chapter in these regulations, which I think now on the Second Reading of the Bill, without waiting for Committee, I ought to say a few words to your Lordships about--I mean the Mahomedans.

  88. Now I do not believe anybody--either in this room or out of this room--believes that we can now enter upon an era of pure repression.

  89. In reference to the Amendment now before the House, I have listened to the debate with keen, lively, and close interest.

  90. There never was a more manful and admirable expression of the devotion of the service, than the promise of their cordial, whole-hearted, and laborious support of the policy which they have now got to carry through.

  91. If the duke had been short of a pretext for carrying a drawn sword into the dominions of Guidobaldo, he had that pretext now in this act of enmity against himself and the Holy See.

  92. The hopes of the Romagnuoli rose in a measure, as the alarm spread among the enemies of Cesare--for Florence and Venice shared now the anxiety of the Vatican.

  93. He paused for fresh horses at Forli on the morrow, and on the 28th reached Ferrara, where he remained for a couple of hours to visit Lucrezia, who was now in convalescence.

  94. On October 12 the Duke of Valentinois landed at Marseilles, where he was received by the Bishop of Dijon, whom the king had sent to meet him, and who now accompanied the illustrious visitor to Avignon.

  95. It is also possible--as has been abundantly suggested--that the stern mood of penitence had softened with his sorrow, and was now overpast.

  96. This states that Perrotto had been missing for some days, no one knowing what had become of him, and that now "he has been found drowned in the Tiber.

  97. These set about defending it against Cesare, who had now opened fire.

  98. To accept such a pied-à-terre in Tuscany as was now offered him would have been the first great step towards founding that kingdom of his dreams.

  99. But wake at once, my warriors bold, Stand now to your armor and strive for honor; Fight at the front unafraid and undaunted.

  100. Yet course now desires Which surge in my heart for the high seas, 35 That I test the terrors of the tossing waves; My soul constantly kindles in keenest impatience To fare itself forth and far off hence To seek the strands of stranger tribes.

  101. On the board now I lie 10 Lidless and lonely and lacking my trappings.

  102. And now I bid thee, my best of comrades, That thou reveal this vision to men.

  103. To heaven now look, To the Guardian of glory: Thou shalt gain there support, 85 The sign of victory!

  104. After supper propriety, which up to now had held slack rein on the carnival spirit, turned her loose.

  105. For three hours now the worldly possessions of the dubious Mrs. Lewis had lain exposed on the pavement, and for three hours Dan had sat beside them keeping guard.

  106. Only one thing in the wide universe mattered now to him, and that was Nance.

  107. He'd get along just as well now with another nurse.

  108. Instead of working now with tingling enthusiasm for Nance and the honeysuckle cottage, he worked doggedly and furiously to meet the increasing expense of Birdie's wastefulness and the maintenance of her child.

  109. It hadn't come direct to me until to-day, but I got wind of it every now and then.

  110. Nance was convinced now that the lady was crazy, but she rattled them off glibly.

  111. There was no time now to go to Calvary Alley to find out what the trouble was.

  112. Isaac Lavinski, now an arrogant member of the staff at the Adair Hospital, paused on his last round of the wards and cocked an inquiring ear above the steps that led to the basement.

  113. All the bitterness of his childhood's tragedy came now to poison his present mood.

  114. Nance seized on it now to further her designs.

  115. She had been home three days now and had caught no glimpse of him.

  116. And now Mr. Snawdor, the nominal head of the family, was acknowledging it to be true.

  117. Turn now for a moment to the home ministry of the Church, and what have you?

  118. This fair county must not be devastated and this city must not be rendered unhealthful by any such a nuisance as that which has been borne with now for a long time.

  119. And now I come to a subject concerning which the people of the United States are greatly aroused.

  120. We think there is law enough now to proceed under.

  121. So we have continued organizing quorums of Seventy, to labor in the foreign ministry, until now we have one hundred and forty-three quorums in the Church--a body of nearly ten thousand men.

  122. Such an enactment as is here proposed seems now so reasonable to us, so commonplace in its justice, that we marvel that it was not unanimously and immediately passed by the house of burgesses.

  123. So much in the way of reflection; now as to the facts referred to.

  124. Yes," they said from now on they'd cling close to the marriage vows.

  125. Who is there beside the blessed Jesus that can pick up this poor unfortunate daughter as she now stands before the bar of sorrow and despair awaiting her dues?

  126. I kiss her more now than when I courted her and they are just as sweet as ever.

  127. So was it with their ancestors, the Tartars; now dosing on their horses or their wagons, now 5 galloping over the plains from morning to night.

  128. What I have ever declared in my letters, I now declare again, that, wherever I may be, though I be transported to a still more desolate place than this, you and your matters I never shall forget.

  129. I have done the same in the case of many others; for many others too, with a generosity like yours, ardent friends of mine, have 5 made me the same offers; and the same apology has set me right with them which I now ask you to receive.

  130. We have now arrived at what may literally be called the turning point of Turkish history.

  131. But still could we be surprised, my Fathers and my Brothers, if the winter even now should not yet be quite over?

  132. He hoped that he could 20 now convince Saul of his integrity.

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