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Example sentences for "cocked"

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  1. He instantly cocked his gun, stepped behind a tree, and waited till the Indian came within the sure range of his shot.

  2. They cocked their guns, threatening those gentlemen with instant death, if they did not desist, and rushed into the fort.

  3. At this moment the Germans made their third and last attack.

  4. It is this help that, in spite of the difficulties of organisation, or the trying climatic and other unpleasant conditions of Salisbury Plain, has made my period of command so pleasant.

  5. You would be an officer and a gentleman then, and wear a cocked hat.

  6. Barney struck an attitude, sent his old cocked hat spinning into the air, and then catching it, tucked it under his arm, and pulled his imaginary forelock over and over again.

  7. The old man gave his cane a thump, cocked his own hat, and stamped along by the side of his nephew.

  8. Then go and put them on, and don't come down with your cocked hat wrong way on.

  9. Oh yes, a cocked hat--a small one, you know.

  10. The time of the story is in the middle of the eighteenth century, but the only real evidence of this is the fact of people wearing cocked hats.

  11. Yes, I was thinking what a popinjay I should look in a cocked hat.

  12. The quick movement caused his cocked hat to come down in front over his eyes, and before he had raised it again he had run right into the arms of the stout landlady.

  13. Here where the water was smooth as glass Sydney stood leaning over, holding on by a bough, and gazing at his foreshortened image, as in imagination he dressed himself in the blue uniform, buckled on his dirk, and put on his cocked hat.

  14. Wait till he gets his cocked hat and his dirk.

  15. Well, it's bloo coat, and white weskutt and breeches, and gold lace and cocked hat, and two gold swabs on the shoulders.

  16. A blue uniform with white on the collar, and a cocked hat and a sword!

  17. At last, though, all seemed perfectly quiet, and fixing his cocked hat tightly on his head, and holding his dirk with one hand to keep it from swinging about and striking the balusters, he ran along the passage and dashed down the stairs.

  18. And therewith Duncan Galbraith martially cocked his hat, and placed it on one side of his head with an air of defiance.

  19. Lowlander, adjusting his cocked hat fiercely upon his head; "we desire neither your brandy nor your company," and up he rose from his seat.

  20. He cocked a solitary reproachful eye on me.

  21. Then he cocked the revolver, laid it across his right hand next the thumb and the tin across the fingers.

  22. He nervously cocked the pistol, and scarcely attempting to sight in the darkness, he fired and missed.

  23. There was a question in the eye he cocked at her.

  24. Jennie got up to give him a piece of sugar, and he cocked his yellow upside-down eye at her and showed the ribbed black tongue inside his hook of a beak.

  25. In this way he made money hand over hand; became a rich and mighty man, and exalted his cocked hat upon 'change.

  26. It knocks the Quaker into a cocked hat, and makes even the Nun look silly.

  27. He cocked his head on one side as he regarded it.

  28. Woollen caps are little used in Germany; and, in Suabia, I observed cocked hats were very general.

  29. An English farmer would laugh at the great cocked hat which is usually worn by the French husbandman, and would not be disposed to change his white frock for the blue one used on the Continent.

  30. Next, three six-horse mourning-coaches; outriders and coachmen in black, with cocked hats and white wigs.

  31. And I was so taken with the ready wit and contrivance of the rogue, that although I had the cocked pistol pressed to my temple, I could not pull the trigger for the life of me.

  32. Cocked his ugly mug through the carriage-window as cool as a church, and had us step out of our cushions into the pouring rain.

  33. All his wilderness caution was alive in a moment, and, drawing back, he cocked the rifle.

  34. The big fellow, assured now by use and long immunity, cocked his head on one side and regarded him with a friendly eye.

  35. Then he carefully picked out that spot on the bull's body beneath which his heart lay, cocked his rifle, took sure aim, and put his finger to the trigger.

  36. They wore cocked hats, neat velvet coats, knee-breeches, silk stockings, and low shoes with huge silver buckles.

  37. He cocked the flint-lock several times and pulled the trigger, and each time little sparks of fire shot down into the chamber.

  38. Where the men were hiding God only knew, but hiding they were with cocked weapons, firmly gripped knives at some point of vantage that had been carefully chosen--as they expected nothing less than half our crew.

  39. Gates cocked his head and listened, then whispered to the mate who went back and changed the Whim's course.

  40. This" was a note folded into the shape of a cocked hat, which Suzanna thought very elegant.

  41. She went on with her breakfast, eating daintily with the small finger on her right hand cocked outward.

  42. She cocked an ear toward the upper regions and frowned, but went on smoothly.

  43. At about this point the expressmen set the trunk down, put their hands on their hips, cocked their hats at a new angle and waited in gloomy ennui for the conversation to stop.

  44. And then Doolittle winked and Noonan cocked his head rakishly, and Uncle Martin put--Hello, Mr. Jaffry.

  45. To make a cocked hat, take a sheet of stiff paper and double it.

  46. Then fold AB AB over the doubled corners; fold the corresponding strip of paper at the back to balance it, and the cocked hat is ready to be worn.

  47. Great suspense on the part of the audience, then a general burst of laughter as Boo trotted in, a perfect miniature of his honored parent, knee breeches, cocked hat, shoe buckles and all.

  48. Up went the curtain and several trees in tubs appeared, then a stately gentleman in small clothes, cocked hat, gray wig, and an imposing cane, came slowly walking in.

  49. They both stood slightly turned, their right sides presented, their arms depending, with the cocked pistol in the right hand.

  50. To the front of the troopers, the captain in command sat his horse, holding his watch in his left hand to determine the correct time, while in his right he carried a cocked revolver.

  51. On board the Brunswick, in her struggle with the Vengeur, one of the longest and fiercest fights the sea has ever seen, the cocked hat was shot off the effigy of the Duke of Brunswick, which she bore as a figure-head.

  52. As I knew exactly what would happen, I looked around, with my cocked rifle in my hand, and saw the mother coming down with terrible bounds from the oak clumps higher up.

  53. I had pulled out my second revolver, and held it cocked in my left hand.

  54. I chose a spot covered with rather tall grass, lay down on it with my cocked rifle by my side, but drew my ramrod out and fastened my handkerchief to it.

  55. The wounds were stopped with grass, and his escopeta lay ready cocked close to him.

  56. Montano saw the movement, cocked his head in question; then, as understanding flashed over his face, his hand darted to his own gun.

  57. Ringg cocked his fluffy crest to one side.

  58. From a swirl of pink chiffon and my best blankets, with her ear cocked quite frankly toward a step on the stairs, her eyes like stars, her mouth all a-kiss, the Bride reported her own emotions in the matter.

  59. Her lovely childish eyes were strangely alert, her radiant head cocked ever so slightly to one side as though she held a shell to her listening ear.

  60. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "cocked" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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