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Example sentences for "cocking"

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  1. Only a slight pressure on the trigger is necessary, as it is not required to perform the work of turning any other part by the trigger, as is the case in the self-cocking revolver.

  2. It was the first practical invention of this kind, and it embodied as a leading feature the automatic rotation of the cylinder in cocking by a pawl on the hammer engaging a ratchet on the end of the cylinder.

  3. Enraged at this inhuman partiality, and seeing the rope cut, I pulled one of my pistols from my belt, and cocking it, swore I would shoot any man who would presume to obstruct my entrance.

  4. Despite the protests of the majority of interested persons, however, Cocking and a companion named Green made the ascent at the appointed time.

  5. For the American aeronaut, Wise, demonstrated a little later that parachutes built on the same principle as that of Cocking could be used successfully.

  6. Cocking his rifle, the young hunter sprang through the bushes towards his horse, and was just in time to save a Banattee Indian from being strangled by the dog.

  7. Joe, cocking his gun; "there he is, an' no mistake.

  8. He slept again, and dreamed that he was about to shoot a deer, and, when cocking his gun, the main-spring broke.

  9. Directly after he arose he went to his gun to examine it, and, in cocking it, the main-spring snapped off.

  10. Petrak started off to the left of him to circle and get behind me, and Long Jim began to draw near, cocking his pistol again and raising it and leering at me.

  11. That's who it is," I called to them, cocking my pistol.

  12. I have put the baby to bed," said Miss Junick, cocking her head in the air, and slamming the door behind her.

  13. Oh and what do you teach" said Mrs. Hose cocking up one eyebrow.

  14. Sam heard the cocking of a pistol, but did not pause for the report.

  15. Alas," said Wade, resuming the patient smile that had been missing for days and cocking his head a little, "it is not for me to rest.

  16. Slowly, very slowly, the bows of the brigantine were settling down, and her stern cocking up.

  17. The man lay with a slate-coloured face, his chin cocking up towards the sky, his eyes turned upwards to the whites, and his mouth wide open showing a leathern crinkled tongue like a rotting leaf.

  18. Hoarse whisperings and the click of the cocking of guns from below told that the Iroquois were mustering for a rush.

  19. Sammy Jay, stretching one of his wings out and cocking his head on one side to admire it.

  20. This exceedeth the limitations of your privileges,' said Saxon, drawing a pistol from his belt and cocking it.

  21. He might see sword-playing at Hockley, or cocking at Shoe Lane, or baiting at Southwark, or shooting at Tothill Fields.

  22. All ready," said Jack, cocking both barrels of his rifle.

  23. My companion nodded, and half-cocking our pieces, we advanced with slow and cautious steps towards the spot whence the sound had come.

  24. Poor Cocking was still in the basket of the parachute when he reached the earth, but was quite insensible, and in ten minutes he was dead.

  25. I asked, drawing one from my belt and cocking it.

  26. The path had been safely passed, and the men were marching more slowly, when my ear caught a clicking sound like the cocking of a gun.

  27. Caspar to himself; at the same time placing himself firmly on one knee, raising his gun and cocking it.

  28. I raised my gun, at the same moment manipulating the lock, with the design of cocking her.

  29. We were desirous of emptying our guns at the great birds of prey, and there was a simultaneous spurring of horses and cocking of guns: to no purpose, however.

  30. He listened to Bill's boastful remarks critically, cocking his head to one side and smiling whenever he mentioned his horse.

  31. Creede must have been thinking too, for he rode past the kitchen without stopping, cocking his head up at the sun as if estimating the length of their journey.

  32. I have seen more accidents happen from people cocking their guns, and forgetting to uncock them afterwards, than you can have any idea of.

  33. It was almost two; he sat down upon the edge of the bed, cocking the revolver, waiting for the clock to strike.

  34. He sat down in the huge leather chair, and, drawing it up to the piano lamp and cocking his feet upon the table, began to read.

  35. Do you think this by-named Drimdarroch will be going about cocking his bonnet over his French amours and his treasons?

  36. I wish to the Lord you had prudence; old Vellum's cocking his lugs.

  37. He would have waited still longer, had he not seen a Spaniard near him cocking his pistol and giving a very significant glance towards him.

  38. Agreed," answered Lieutenant Stokes, cocking his squinting eye in the most ludicrous way.

  39. It was a self-cocking weapon, and as rapidly as he could pull the trigger he delivered the contents of all six chambers at the guerillas.

  40. Major, fiercely, at the same time drawing and cocking his revolver.

  41. So I watched them, and well-knowing what they portended, drew forth a pistol and, cocking it, had it ready to hand.

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