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Example sentences for "bonnet"

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  1. Next to that of Reaumur, the name of his admiring correspondent Bonnet may be mentioned.

  2. Are we to suppose with Bonnet that these insects are truly androgynous, as strictly uniting both sexes in one?

  3. Bonnet and Jurine both found that the female Aphides and Branchiopods that were fertile without the usual intercourse of the sexes were less fruitful than their mother, and those of the last generation less so than the first.

  4. Bonnet thought he discovered a similar vessel in a large caterpillar, but with all his attention could perceive no motion in it[376].

  5. Mr. Sheppard has observed that Dytiscus marginalis when recently taken smells not unlike liquorice: Bonnet mentions a caterpillar that had the scent of new hay.

  6. IV Maggie had thrown her bonnet off very carelessly, and coming in with her hair rough as well as out of curl, rushed at once to Lucy, who was standing by her mother's knee.

  7. The tall girl snatched the bonnet and put it on her own head hind-foremost with a grin; but Maggie was determined not to show any weakness on this subject, as if she were susceptible about her bonnet.

  8. She is at an age at which a girl can hardly be trusted to choose a bonnet for herself, yet a task is laid upon her from which an archangel might shrink.

  9. He had a pale face with large black eyes and dark hair partly covered with a Glengarry bonnet set rakishly over one ear.

  10. They studied the catechism while their father sat with his bonnet on his head nodding over the Bible, and the wag-at-the-wall clock ticked the hours solemnly away.

  11. He shook hands all round and sprang quickly into the carriage, and as it rattled away with him down the road, he stood up, waving his bonnet with the spray of evergreen pine in it and whistling the pewit call.

  12. The Shepherd put on his Kilmarnock bonnet and called Tam, who had had his breakfast on the hearth, and the two went away to the hills after the sheep.

  13. But on her head she wore the bonnet trimmed with a parrot, set, as usual, frightfully awry.

  14. Mrs. Hastings, with a gesture that was quite wild and sent her bonnet hopelessly to one side, burst into a volley of exclamations and demands.

  15. It continually waved about a little, so that usually, even in peace, it intimated indignation; and when actual indignation set in, the jet on her bonnet tinkled and ticked like so many angry sparrows.

  16. Then in came Mrs. Hastings, a very literal interfering goddess, and her bonnet was frightfully awry so that the parrot upon it looked shockingly coquettish and irreverent and lent to her dignity a flavour of ill-timed waggishness.

  17. To him there was about it nothing definitely peculiar, except that the woman wore a crinoline, a Paisley shawl of silken white, and such a bonnet as he had not seen since Grandma Buntain's time.

  18. And as for Black, the baker, I saw his wife in Miss Minto's yesterday buying boots for her children and a bonnet for herself.

  19. In one of my books there is a mother who is setting off with her son for the town to which he had been called as minister, and she pauses on the threshold to ask him anxiously if he thinks her bonnet 'sets' her.

  20. A good way of enraging her was to say that her last year's bonnet would do for this year without alteration, or that it would defy the face of clay to count the number of her shawls.

  21. And then there would be no tormenting "caught back" feeling when the wind blew, which made it necessary to press the chin firmly on the strings to keep that miserable bonnet on at all.

  22. After her dinner, if the weather were fair, she would perhaps deck herself with a black silk mantilla and a tall bonnet with nodding flowers, and go out to visit some old friend.

  23. Very much indeed," said Pennie, who had now taken off the bonnet and was looking at it ruefully.

  24. So Pennie put it on with a little secret hope that it might be a prettier bonnet than the last; she looked in the glass, and then followed the exclamation with which this chapter begins.

  25. So the winter bonnet cast quite a gloom on her for the moment, and although it may seem a small trial to sensible people it was a large one to Pennie.

  26. But the outside of a bonnet is the only part that matters," replied Pennie.

  27. How often she had sighed over the straight little serge frocks which she and Nancy always wore, and secretly longed for brighter colours and more flowing lines, and now this ugly dark bonnet had come to make things worse.

  28. Probably this very bonnet which was such a trial to Pennie would be a suitable frame for Nancy's round rosy face, and look quite nice.

  29. Seeing Miss Unity's grim face framed by the nodding bonnet bending down to kiss her, the child looked up and said with a sweet smile, "Ugly lady!

  30. She struggled into the small grey coat, tied the bonnet firmly under her fat chin, and sat down on the lowest stair to put on the goloshes.

  31. I don't see anything amiss with it," said Nurse, who stood with her head on one side, and the other bonnet perched on her hand.

  32. Her hair was fluffy and yellow, just as Pennie had thought, and hung down her back in nice waves escaping from the prettiest possible quilted bonnet (how different from that black plush one upstairs!

  33. The new plush bonnet was a misery to her, and she sighed to be beautifully dressed.

  34. Sitting on a footstool beside her aunt, she stitched away at "le bonnet de la petite Lise.

  35. She was fond of adorning her straw bonnet with jay's feathers, which, as her uncle Urbain remarked, gave her the appearance of one of Monsieur de Chateaubriand's squaws.

  36. When Jock came to bid farewell to old Spence, he approached him bonnet in hand, with every token of respect.

  37. Jock, seeing only a plain-looking little gentleman in a Glengarry bonnet and tweed suit, never imagined that this could be a lord, and was accordingly quite composed.

  38. She had taken off her bonnet elsewhere, and when we were all ready, and the door was opened, I saw her once more, standing underneath the lamp.

  39. She then brought from the crown of her bonnet a paper full of bonbons, which she opened and presented to me.

  40. And she ran out, having replaced her black bonnet and long veil.

  41. I went downstairs and opened the door, and there I found a little girl, with no bonnet upon her head, who wore a gay frock all covered with artificial flowers.

  42. He wore the war-bonnet of the Sioux, and at his shoulder was a rifle, pointed at someone in the bottom below him.

  43. As the soldiers came up I swung the war-bonnet high in the air and shouted: "The first scalp for Custer!

  44. She put a shawl round him and a sun-bonnet on his head to disguise him as he was taken out.

  45. In two hours we were making a forced march back to War Bonnet Creek.

  46. In half an hour I was out in the fields under the holy and blessed stars, where I tore off my accursed shawl and bonnet and buried them in clean earth.

  47. Madame looked more like a fashion-plate than ever, in a mass of green flounces, and an impressive bonnet flushed with poppies and bristling with wheat-ears.

  48. It was good to see Ma Wilkins jog ponderously after in full state and festival array; her bonnet trembling with bows, red roses all over her gown, and a parasol of uncommon brilliancy brandished joyfully in her hand.

  49. He hurried back by the way he had come, and found that Marigny's chauffeur had lifted the bonnet off the Mercury.

  50. Medenham, however, took his cup of tea a la chauffeur, helping himself to bread and butter from a plate deposited on the bonnet by a waiting-maid.

  51. Comrades, to us--a squad of the battalion of the Bonnet Rouge--is due the glory of taking the leader of these Royalist Brigands!

  52. A person having a long neck has the neck of the bonnet descending, the neck of the dress rising, and filling more or less of the intermediate space.

  53. One having a broad face, wears a closer front; and, if the jaw be wide, it is in appearance diminished, by bringing the corners of the bonnet sloping to the point of the chin.

  54. As green around the face heightens a faint red in the cheeks by contrast, so the pink lining of the bonnet aids it by reflection.

  55. A person having a narrow face, wears a bonnet with wide front, exposing the lower part of the cheeks.

  56. One having a short neck has the whole bonnet short and close in the perpendicular direction, and the neck of the dress neither high nor wide.

  57. And proud she was of heart, when clad In crimson stockings, tartan plaid, And bonnet with a feather gay, To Kirk he on the sabbath day Went hand in hand with her.

  58. Before me as the Wanderer stood, No bonnet screened her from the heat; Nor claimed she service from the hood Of a blue mantle, to her feet Depending with a graceful flow; Only she wore a cap pure as unsullied snow.

  59. No bonnet shaded, nor the hood Of the blue cloak .

  60. Mr. Madgin smoked in silence for a little while, while Mirpah toyed patiently with her bonnet strings.

  61. A nun, dressed in black and with a heavily-veiled bonnet half concealing her face, sat by his bedside, and looked with curiosity at the girl as she came in and gave her hand to the patient.

  62. Aunt Mary asked, when she was left alone with the maid, who hurried to take her bonnet and shawl, and get her into juxtaposition with the tea-tray as rapidly as possible.

  63. Well, then the bonnet half of me’ll be all right, but what shall I wear on the rest of me?

  64. Jack saw that the bonnet was attended to first of all and then they went to another store and purchased a scarf pin for Joshua and a workbox for Lucinda.

  65. She is thinly clad, is without bonnet or shoes.

  66. Bess waved her old sun-bonnet vigorously, and held up the baby Rose, that she might watch them to the last.

  67. Her pink sun-bonnet had fallen back and she was holding it by both strings in one hand.

  68. She sat down on the lowest step and untied her bonnet strings.

  69. She still wore her bonnet and her triumphant expression.

  70. Just get your bonnet on, Aunt Sally," he cried jovially, "and both of you come along with me.

  71. I'm just dying to get a certain bonnet that I saw in the window.

  72. A few moments later she might have been seen in bonnet and shawl and armed with a large cotton umbrella, issuing from her front gate and walking briskly toward the business part of the town.

  73. Mrs. Chetwood put on her bonnet at once and went with him.

  74. If I can be of any use, I will take off my bonnet and stay; it is perfectly convenient.

  75. Then laughingly she told the story of Fan's doings, and as needles and cord must be replaced, put on her bonnet and sallied forth upon the errand.

  76. No, I did not, I'll put on my bonnet and go over there at once.

  77. There was the very bonnet with which I had fallen in love.

  78. Many bows being exchanged, the old gentleman's head went in again, and the demure, pretty little bonnet once more appeared.

  79. A pretty little bonnet and head were popped out of the window of the carriage in distress.

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