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fated; fateful; fates; fatha; fathah; fathered; fathering; fatherland; fatherless; fatherly
  1. For she had been obliged of course to begin at the very beginning, penny-a-lining reports of balls and receptions, descriptions of weddings and the gowns of debutantes.

  2. Possibly the coach road was not far off, and by continuing ahead she would find it.

  3. We may run into your party then, for I'm bound there too.

  4. Vivienne did not know what a kop was, but her guessing powers were unimpaired.

  5. You've told me so many a time, and your father always said you were an idiot.

  6. She saw her father standing by his bed, holding on to the post, praying for courage.

  7. I think that children need both father and mother, don't you?

  8. There was a corn factor's shop there at which her father dealt.

  9. I wish so much I could have found that before father died and read it to him.

  10. It was midnight when her father opened her door and came into the room.

  11. Father had a lot of books about those things and I read them to him when he was ill.

  12. Until father gave up trying himself and realized that he was weak, he was--was--sort of hiding the ulcer with a bunch of ribbons.

  13. Marcella--when your father was ill, did he pray?

  14. He talked to father for five or six hours while Aunt and I kept shivering and thinking father would murder him.

  15. It was her only break from inarticulateness--it surprised herself and her father almost as though she had said something indecent.

  16. She knew that he was drunk, but he was not drunk as her father had been.

  17. My father is busy, and he can't mind things always.

  18. Rivers had to ascertain in what way the father of a given child is determined, before he could proceed to draw up the genealogies.

  19. A boy "when weaned, accompanies his father upon short excursions, upon which occasion the father takes every opportunity to instruct his son.

  20. All these facts serve on the one hand socially to define individual kinship, and on the other to show that there exist certain ideas of a mystic bond between father and child.

  21. So in Rome potestas meant the absolute power of life, death and liberty that the father legally possessed over the persons of his children.

  22. In what way does the position of the father differ from that of the mother--is there any special trait of severity?

  23. The same author says that the tie between mother and child is closer than that between father and child.

  24. Schultze says explicitly that the father often gave his daughter away from mercenary motives.

  25. Stripping himself of the clothes he wore, the Bishop covering his nakedness, Francis gave his clothes to his father saying, "Hitherto I have called you Father, henceforth I desire to say only Our Father who art in heaven.

  26. To swerve him from the new life his father had cited him to appear before the Bishop.

  27. Then the besetting passion is the father of an innumerable progeny of evil.

  28. His father was a notary belonging to an old but decadent Guelph family, his mother, named Bella, was a daughter of Durante Abati, a Ghibelline noble.

  29. Contrasting with this picture of his early life is the face of his death mask and of the Naples bust, suggesting the lines "How stern of lineament, how grim The father was of Tuscan song.

  30. Francis, unmoved by the appeal of his father persisted in his resolution.

  31. O'er flowing was he in his eyes and cheeks With joy benign, in attitude of pity As to a tender father is becoming.

  32. It is from him that our Swiss critics descend, Naville father and son, Secrétan.

  33. He is the type of an untoward race, and the father of a disagreeable lineage.

  34. Their niece has just arrived with two of her children, and the conversation turned on Father Hyacinthe's lecture.

  35. The religion of a child depends on what its mother and its father are, and not on what they say.

  36. They had died comparatively young--his mother was only just over thirty, and his father cannot have been much older.

  37. If I were a father how many griefs and vexations, a child might cause me.

  38. A new certitude arises to deny the apparent and the tangible; it pierces through the mystery of things, it places an invisible Father behind visible nature, it shows us joy shining through tears, and makes of pain the beginning of joy.

  39. God is the father of spirits, and the constitution of the eternal kingdom rests on the vassalship of love.

  40. His father must have been a youth at the time when Geneva passed into the power of the French republic, and would seem to have married and settled in the halcyon days following the restoration of Genevese independence in 1814.

  41. Faith in the justice and love of the Father is the best and indeed the only support under the sufferings of this life.

  42. The sower who casts in the seed, the father or mother casting in the fruitful word are accomplishing a pontifical act and ought to perform it with religious awe, with prayer and gravity, for they are laboring at the kingdom of God.

  43. My worldliness, if you please, and I working myself to a shadow for the election of Father Frontford!

  44. Father Frontford cast down his eyes; then raised them to flash a glance of vivid intelligence upon Ashe.

  45. The discovery might have seemed to Father Frontford a dangerous one.

  46. I have for some time," Father Frontford went on, "in fact ever since your return, seen with pain that your heart is no longer single to the good of the church.

  47. The thoughts of Maurice went back to the day he had come to do the errand of Father Frontford, and his cheek grew hot.

  48. The Father Superior dropped the hand he held.

  49. The obligation which she is under to you," the Father said, ignoring the exclamation, "will naturally incline her to listen.

  50. When he heard the voice of the Father Superior bidding him enter he was for the first time seized with an unpleasant doubt.

  51. It seemed the more treasonable to desert the Father Superior now that he was in the midst of a desperate struggle.

  52. The name brought back the interview with Father Frontford, and the refusal of his request for leave of absence.

  53. I think that you have met Mrs. Frostwinch," the Father said.

  54. Whatever Mrs. Frostwinch has done with the property," Father Frontford said, "of course Miss Morison may do if she pleases.

  55. He says that that is the way the friends of Father Frontford are trying to secure the election.

  56. Jackson’s ridiculing of the Chinese style must have been particularly galling since Papillon and his father had specialized in producing such papers.

  57. In this situation Jackson suddenly appeared as the pioneer, as the father of printed pictures based upon paintings in oil or water colors.

  58. My fourth lieutenant in place of Evans was Mr. Arthur Sinclair, who, though not bred in the old service, belonged to one of the old naval families of Virginia, both his father and grandfather having been captains in the United States Navy.

  59. It comes from heat, and as the sun is the father of heat, he is the father of the winds.

  60. The commander of a ship is more or less in the position of a father of a family.

  61. Father of Waters, and ran rapidly down to the anchorage, between Fort Jackson, and Fort St. Philip, where we came to at 4 A.

  62. It is the ranz de vache, which recalls the memory of his boyhood, and youth, when under the tutelage of some foster-father of an old salt, he was taking his first lessons in seamanship.

  63. Madison has been called the Father of the Constitution.

  64. We have already called the sun the Father of the Winds; he is equally the father of the currents.

  65. I take this public mode of expressing to both father and son my thanks for the many obligations under which they have placed me.

  66. And yet, gentlemen of the jury, my father during his lifetime spent more for the state than for himself and family, and it was four times what I have now, as I was often at hand when he was reckoning.

  67. Against my father perhaps some could bring other charges, but no one, even an enemy, dared (to accuse him) about his money affairs.

  68. This suit troubles me greatly, gentlemen of the jury, when I consider that if I do not speak well, not only I, but my father will appear in the wrong, and I shall lose all my property.

  69. For as long as the friends of Erasiphon disputed the property with me, I claimed it was all mine, because Erasistratus was defeated while defending a suit against my father for the whole.

  70. My father never wished to be a leader, but he supplied all choruses, and was Trierarch seven times, and made many large contributions.

  71. So I was clearly thirteen years old when my father died at the hands of the Thirty.

  72. But it seems wrong, if you take away his privileges on the ground that you gave (them) without just reason, and when this one commits a wrong acquit him on the ground that his father was an ornament to the state.

  73. His father was Eumares, and Eumares was the slave of Nisocles and Anticles.

  74. Eraton, the father of Erasiphon, borrowed two talents from my grandfather.

  75. For the chief things my father expected from their endeavours to whom he had delivered me for education, were affability and good-humour; and, to say the truth, my manners had no other vice but sloth and want of metal.

  76. Your family is settled; consider mine, and cast your eyes on the condition of this lady and on that of both the father and children.

  77. My father told me of some advantageous offers made to me indirectly by the Court, but advised me not to trust to them.

  78. A week was not too long for the future Father of the West to study the hills and valleys which were to bear forever the precious favor of his devoted and untiring zeal.

  79. If Washington was the father of his country, he was in a stronger and more genuine sense the father of the West.

  80. No picture could show better the three commanding traits of this youth who was father of the man: hearty daring, significant homespun shrewdness, dogged, resourceful patience.

  81. Truly, Washington was in a special sense the father of the Central West.

  82. Truly, "between their father the French and their brothers the English, they were in a fair way of being lovingly shared out of the whole country.

  83. At first Foma, on such occasions, ran from him and hid himself, then he became accustomed to it, and learned that his father was better when drunk than sober: he was kinder and plainer and was somewhat comical.

  84. The desire to forsake her father and go away somewhere in order to study something, to do something.

  85. See, your father does not know that you have arrived.

  86. For the money was donated by your father and you are entitled to the honour as his heir.

  87. If my father had been rich I would have had a hundred pigeons and chased them all day long.

  88. That is, it is difficult to tell whether he is his father's head or his father his.

  89. Since his trip with his father on the Volga, Foma became more lively and talkative at home, with his father, with his aunt and with Mayakin.

  90. From behind his shoulder Foma saw the pale, frightened and joyous face of Luba--she looked at her father with beseeching eyes and it seemed she was on the point of crying out.

  91. I promised your father to make a man of you, and I will do it; if you cannot stand on your feet, I'll put you in irons.

  92. Foma came out in the garden and sat down on the same place where his father had died.

  93. Smolin asked me to come to him this Sunday," said Foma, looking up at his father questioningly.

  94. The son stood about three steps away from him; his head already gray, was lifted high; he knitted his brow and gazed at his father with large dark eyes.

  95. That's because his father would not listen to him," Taras reminded him.

  96. Our mother deeply sympathised with the aged William (our father said he was a lying old ruffian), and always let him take the boat and pull over to Sydney to sell the fish.

  97. When George was eleven his father died, leaving the best part of his wealth to Lawrence.

  98. His father was a teacher as well as a preacher, and wrote the Morse geographies which were used in the schools of that day.

  99. As for George, he believed it must be right because his father had willed it so.

  100. They wrote devoted letters to each other as if they were father and son.

  101. His father had spectacles fitted to his eyes, and everything looked so much clearer and brighter that he went about laughing and shouting “I can see!

  102. Father Grant smiled and sent his son off to another school.

  103. She pleaded so earnestly, threatening to kill herself if Smith was harmed, that her father gave orders to stop the execution, and to keep the white man prisoner.

  104. His father fitted up a gymnasium on a porch for him so that he could have fresh air while taking his health exercises.

  105. Lee’s father was chosen by Congress to deliver the great oration in his memory.

  106. Alfred’s father fell in love with the beautiful young daughter of the French king, and asked her hand in marriage.

  107. As years went on there came to be very many such tales sung by the bards, and handed down from father to son.

  108. When William was thirteen his father was unfortunate in business, and the boy had to leave school to earn his living.

  109. He was also strongly recommended to the Holy Father by Primate Mey, who, writing to Pope Nicholas V.

  110. Knowing that the Father had given all things into His hands, and that He was come from God, and went to God.

  111. His final words on the Passover night, before he went out to Gethsemane in the moonlight, contain the influence which moulded His whole earthly life, 'As the Father gave Me commandment, even so I do.

  112. His own word is a wonderful one: 'The Father seeketh such to worship Him'; as if God went all up and down the world looking for hearts to love Him and to turn to Him with reverent thankfulness.

  113. Christ is in us and we in Christ in some measure as the Son is in the Father and the Father in the Son.

  114. Do you remember the story of the father taking his boy who carried the bundle of wood and the fire, and tramping over the mountains till they reached the place where the sacrifice was to be offered?

  115. But that the world might know that I love the Father, and, as the Father gave Me commandment, even so I do.

  116. To worship Christ does not intercept the honour due to God; to worship the Son is to worship the Father; and no man honours the Father who sent Him who does not honour the Son whom He has sent.

  117. In His divine ubiquity, that Son of Man, who in His glorified manhood is at the right hand of God the Father Almighty, is here and everywhere where there are weakness and suffering that turn to Him; ready to help, ready to bless and heal.

  118. Believe Me that I am in the Father, and the Father in Me.

  119. Jesus' vindication of His action roused them still farther, for He put it on a ground which seemed to them nothing short of blasphemy: 'My Father worketh even until now, and I work.

  120. Another reason may be drawn from the whole strain and tone of this chapter, which, as I have already said, traces up everything to the loving relations of obedience between the Father and Son.

  121. Do you not think it would be hard for the father to steady his voice and say, 'My son, God will provide the lamb'?

  122. Suppose the father had not gone his way, would his son have lived?

  123. I knew because I had read old books and manuscripts and had heard the stories which had come down through centuries by word of mouth, passed from father to son.

  124. One of my early memories is that I heard an under-nursemaid say to another this curious thing: "Both her father and mother were dead when she was born.

  125. My father and mother had both been very young and beautiful and wonderful.

  126. It was said that my father was the handsomest chieftain in Scotland, and that his wife was as beautiful as he was.

  127. So I understood, in a way of my own, what happened to my mother one brilliant late October afternoon when my father was brought home dead--followed by the guests who had gone out shooting with him.

  128. I don't know how it was that I myself seemed to see my young father and mother so clearly and to know how radiant and wildly in love they were.

  129. There are scarcely any of the original Richmond county families but claim relationship to the French Protestants either on the father or mother's side.

  130. Doctor Fenwick is now the father of four small tow-headed children, who poss the long Australian days teasing a tame Kangaroo and stoning the loud-laughing great kingfisher and other birds, catalogue of which is mislaid.

  131. His father had my mother: when he got tired of her, he sold her Souf.

  132. It is a memorable fact that Hiram was never in the habit of accompanying his father on these Sunday-excursions.

  133. He was no doubt the first child ever named after the father of his country, and the touching incident of Lizzie's presenting the chubby, bright-eyed boy to Washington, is hit off in a few touches.

  134. His father was a highly respectable man, who resided in Hampton, about fifteen miles from Burnsville, and cultivated one of the most valuable farms in the county.

  135. She ran, screaming, from the room, and her father came and went up to him and laid his hands on the boy's shoulders.

  136. Then their father fished, and their mother was gay.

  137. Don't let your father see them--don't keep them yourself.

  138. She looked at Jon and Loa, and made complaint to their father that they were still very small and not likely to be of much use.

  139. Jon and Loa lived with their father and mother far to the north of the Island of Fire, and when the children looked from their windows they saw only wild scaurs and jagged lava rocks, and a distant, deep gleam of the sea.

  140. But his father was still too anxious about him to let him out of his sight, so he put him on a cot in his room, and thus it chanced that the mother and Grace concluded to sleep together downstairs.

  141. His father was a colonel in the army, and equerry to James I.

  142. His father was an artist, and this fact would seem to have marked out his path in life.

  143. Illustration] Unfortunately history has nothing to tell us of the boyhood of young Hans, though we may gather that his father was in straitened circumstances and not on the best of terms with members of his family who were better off than he.

  144. They had heard the voice of the father of their children, and understood that accent of anguish in which he had called out the name of his son.

  145. You surely remember how reluctant our father was when it was found that his private bank must be nationalized.

  146. Father carried the same brand, but folks began calling it the B-line and both ranches go by that name.

  147. Yet there is one thing in which they are as far apart as the two poles: Father always banks his money, and Grandaddy never did.

  148. More than eighteen months ago, while his regiment was resting after an effective foray against the enemy in the vicinity of Lyons, he received a letter informing him of the death of his father and indicating that a telegram had been sent.

  149. After her death, and while Father was setting up business over here, the Craigs moved in with Grandaddy.

  150. Now if her father could only be brought home with the assurance of his getting well, her cup of happiness would be overflowing.

  151. And there he lived and carried on until Father grew up, married, and built this home.

  152. I doubt if Father would know, if he were here.

  153. When Father came to Omaha this last time, Grandaddy came over here occasionally.

  154. Worse yet, he had never seen his father or felt a mother's caress.

  155. Father is in Omaha on business and Mother and I are changing things around for the winter.

  156. The first half of that space of her life was only just accomplished, when her pitiful and plaintive look saw her father a widower.

  157. You are coming back to see my father again?

  158. I shouldn't care,' said the Daughter of the Father of the Marshalsea, 'if the others were not so common.

  159. You know what a sweet singer father is; but he couldn't get a note out for the children at tea, if you'll credit what I tell you.

  160. Because you hadn't cleared his father to him, and you ought to have done it.

  161. To come out into the shop after it was shut, and hear her father sing a song inside this cottage, was a perfect Pastoral to Mrs Plornish, the Golden Age revived.

  162. When old Mr Gilbert Clennam proposed his orphan nephew to my father for my husband, my father impressed upon me that his bringing-up had been, like mine, one of severe restraint.

  163. She and his father had been at variance from his earliest remembrance.

  164. It is a holiday with him, and he comes to see his old friends, who are always glad to see him,' observed the Father of the Marshalsea.

  165. Father and Mother Meagles never deserved their names better than when they took the headstrong foundling-girl into their protection again.

  166. Instead, I remarked inanely that I was sorry to hear his father was not alive.

  167. My darling child, have we ever depended on a man since your father died?

  168. I can recall my father telling splendid stories about him--as good as fairy tales.

  169. We passed from the meer called Morra into the biggest in all Friesland, Fluessen Meer; and it was all rather like the Norfolk Broads, where my father once took me when I was a child.

  170. All I know about mine is, that mother told me father had relations in Holland--in Rotterdam.

  171. That is why I always intended to fall seriously in love with a Dutch girl, although my mother was an Englishwoman, and her father (an English earl who thought England the only land) made an American heiress his Countess.

  172. Your father had left every red cent away from you, I said, in case you married a foreigner; and it was such a blow that she didn't even notice that I'd committed an Americanism.

  173. When she was seventeen and keeping house-boat for her father (the mother died when she was a child) the poor man had an accident, and was drowned.

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