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Example sentences for "fateful"

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fatality; fatall; fatally; fate; fated; fates; fatha; fathah; father; fathered
  1. I propose that we try the experiment on ourselves: whether a man can of his own accord dispose of his life, or whether the fateful moment is appointed beforehand for each of us.

  2. With eyes full of terror and a certain vague curiosity they glanced rapidly from the pistol to the fateful ace, which slowly descended, quivering in the air.

  3. For this strange, mysterious artillery was a phenomenon I had already met with on this fateful march--weird enough and inexplicable, but no novelty to me, for I had previously met with it in the Shan Hills of Burma.

  4. Nicol Brinn, at the wheel of the racer--the same in which Harley had made his fateful journey and which had afterward been concealed in the garage at Hillside--scarcely nodded.

  5. If all tales be true, here was the cradle of Banquo’s race, he to whom the fateful sisters promised a long line of kings, himself cut off as foretaste of so many violent ends.

  6. Mark the sequel: this gentleman died suddenly very soon afterwards, so he might have opened the fateful chamber whatever.

  7. As we stand, on this soft summer day, by the old tree which tradition declares to have witnessed that fateful scene, we go back into a summer long ago, but fair, and just like this.

  8. Will you fail the world in this fateful hour by your faint-heartedness?

  9. Night drops her mantle, and silently the unsuspected squadron floats down the stealthy waters, and debarks its fateful freight.

  10. The fateful letter was short, badly written and worse spelled.

  11. Early in the following week the half-expected, half-dreaded fateful letter arrived.

  12. He read fateful things in the august countenance, and he was not surprised when Mr. Davis handed him a lemon, but he was surprised when he took the lemon back.

  13. I spoke to the Minister about the fateful consequences of my abdication and asked how he, as a Prussian official, could reconcile such a supposition with his oath as an official to his King.

  14. I closed the door again and flung myself back into my chair, utterly mystified by those fateful words.

  15. I inquired eagerly, as this was the first time he had admitted knowledge of their concealment at the farm to which Pink had been called on that fateful night.

  16. She was, of course, not aware that I knew the name of the man with whom I had seen her on that fateful morning.

  17. Lady Lolita had then entered into negotiations with young Wingfield to effect her release from the bondage in which the Frenchwoman held her, and these continued for some months, until that fateful night in August.

  18. Despite this imminent danger, the capital was remarkably quiet and calm; every day, as fateful event crowded upon event, seemed to renew the resolution and coolness of the population.

  19. Altogether the fateful she looked rather small; but distinctly fetching--though of course he could not see her face, in her veil of jasmine blossoms.

  20. God send it might be nothing; but 'twas the fateful month.

  21. That fateful plain where hundreds of thousands of men had already given up their lives in battles which for their time had decided the fate of Hindustan.

  22. Meanwhile till the fateful moment of fight arrived there was the Garden!

  23. Fateful innovation which sent old Kasim back to his own camp hungry, in the highest of dudgeons.

  24. Once again it was whispered that so great an impression did this fateful warning produce on the Emperor-elect that he was within an ace of cancelling the disastrous scheme which now enmeshed him.

  25. This sense of fateful hustle--this, and the umbrella--they impart quite a peculiar flavour to his pages.

  26. She moves in fateful fashion, like the hand of a clock.

  27. Fiercely and trenchantly he resolves this fateful problem.

  28. But it also brought salvation, and Napoleon's fateful obstinacy during the negotiations at Prague virtually compelled his own father-in-law to draw the sword against him.

  29. What was the impression produced by that fateful Order?

  30. History will undoubtedly throw light on the fateful influence exercised by the Empress Alexandra upon the Russian Government in the period preceding the Revolution.

  31. This proclamation had a grave and fateful effect upon the entire course of events.

  32. Later, at the fateful sitting of the Conference at the Stavka of Commanders-in-Chief and members of the Government, on July 16th, I had an opportunity of expressing my views once more.

  33. When the sun turned away its red face from the melancholy scene at the Cove on that fateful Saturday afternoon in early December, it showed itself no more for a whole fortnight.

  34. But never, perhaps, before had he passed those fateful portals with so marked a sense of independence and freedom as on the present occasion.

  35. The capitalist bowed gravely as Harold Stamford passed into the fateful reception-room, of which the very air seemed to him to be full of impalpable tragedies.

  36. The fateful passion which makes or mars all womanhood was for her as yet in the future.

  37. At any rate he turned up, as the governess expected him to do, and the Fynes saw him pass through the fateful door.

  38. I saw something fateful in that deliberate pacing towards the inconspicuous door with the words Hotel Entrance on the glass-panels.

  39. Was she somewhere near by and did she hear without the slightest premonition his chance and fateful footsteps on the flagged path leading to the cottage door?

  40. What is it fateful woman, so blear, hardly human?

  41. If the riders were really agents of the slave-takers, or even soldiers of the town-watch, the next few minutes were fateful indeed.

  42. Then Sir Edward Grey rises, and amidst loud cheering advances to the table, and begins the most fateful speech that was ever made in all our long history.

  43. Another five hundred yards, and then---- The fateful moment has come.

  44. So in this great and fateful struggle they stand by us, one in heart and mind, and we are knitted closer to them, and they to us, by their splendid loyalty in this hour of danger.

  45. Martindale was not the only old soldier in search of son or nephew that fateful summer.

  46. Oh, the tremulous opening of those fateful messages, the breathless reading of the cipher, the awful suspense of the search through Cable Code pages that dance and swim before the straining eyes!

  47. About others hangs a fateful atmosphere of impending disaster, as though weighted with a gathering doom.

  48. And when at last, after sixteen months of self-denial, he had a fortune of two hundred marks, he thought he could risk the fateful step.

  49. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "fateful" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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