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Example sentences for "accord"

Lexicographically close words:
accompt; accompte; accompted; accompts; accoont; accordance; accordant; accorde; accorded; accordeon
  1. Under the Ta'if accord - the blueprint for national reconciliation - the Lebanese have established a more equitable political system, particularly by giving Muslims a greater say in the political process.

  2. And Alexis, realizing that the end was near, listened with joy as Anne read it to him, and added of her own accord that she and Vittorio wanted to look after the boy in the future.

  3. She thrust herself into my life of her own accord when my will was crushed and almost dead, and I never shall forgive her for it.

  4. On comparing these extracts with the speech, as published in the "Madison Papers," I find them to accord in all respects.

  5. So regarding his whole career, they with one accord gave him the highest place on the roll of fame and the first in their hearts.

  6. We wish, indeed, that this scene never changed; so well does its landscape accord with the narrative, that one wishes the unities could have been preserved to the end.

  7. His large hat is worn too gracefully; his ragged blue blouse is too old to accord with his proud and delicate features.

  8. I beg you to consider that I am not accustomed to such outbreaks, and shall be compelled to close the conversation, if your manner does not assume a form more in accord with the standard of my circle.

  9. Those are violent measures which would not accord with the sweet weakness, which renders you at once so guilty and so excusable.

  10. Both Governments, however, are now in accord in the belief that the question is not one that should be allowed to frustrate the ends of justice or to disturb the friendship between the two nations.

  11. A decisive step forward was taken in the Vladivostok Accord which I negotiated with General Secretary Brezhnev--joint recognition that an equal ceiling should be placed on the number of strategic weapons on each side.

  12. Whenever they are able to agree of their own accord it is especially gratifying to its, and such agreements may be sure of our sympathetic support.

  13. I shall, in a special message, lay before the Senate the protocols covering the statutes of the World Court which have been revised to accord with the sense of previous Senate reservations.

  14. And over the next several months, our Congress and the Canadian Parliament can make the start of such a North American accord a reality.

  15. In accord with Public Law 132 of the Seventy-ninth Congress, I have transmitted recommendations for additional rescissions for the current fiscal year of appropriations amounting to 5.

  16. I am in full accord with both of these policies.

  17. That act of justice would well accord with the character of Spain, and is due to the United States from their ancient friend.

  18. The budget to be submitted to the Congress shortly is in full accord with this pledge.

  19. The positions of the skeletons in their own houses do not accord with this general fact, and have led some to believe that this race was destroyed by an earthquake or other violent action of nature.

  20. I was thus able to prove another virtue of the Mexican people, or at least a certain portion of them, and this too despite the fact that my discovery does not accord with the generally accepted American opinion of Mexican laborers.

  21. Neither are physicians all of one accord on the subject as to whether circumcision is a benefit, or, being useless, a dangerous and an unnecessary operation.

  22. My mind and my body are not in absolute accord this moment," he said, "and I am rather anxious.

  23. Lady Ellington longed to contradict all this; it was not in the least in accord with what she felt, and what she felt she was accustomed to state.

  24. She was in no hurry, for there was still plenty of time before she need dress, and she waited till the flap of the envelope began to curl back of its own accord as the gum that fastened it was made fluid again by the steam.

  25. Wait until I accomplish the seemingly impossible of making your mother decide of her own accord that your sister had better not come out yet.

  26. With respect to the first principle of science and theology, "Mormonism" is in entire accord with the best philosophy.

  27. The doctrines of Joseph Smith maintain, however, that the events connected with the introduction of organized intelligences on this earth, were in full accord with the simple laws governing the universe.

  28. These brief quotations go to show that the doctrines of the Prophet of the Latter-day Saints are in full accord with the views that distinguish the new astronomy.

  29. Suppose on examination you find that the doctrines of our church are in accord with the teachings of the Bible, then your duty is plain, is it not?

  30. He saw in a flash that if the Baptists were true to their doctrine of religious liberty they could not demand that he change his faith, but must accord him a perfect right to his belief.

  31. They seem to be in accord with what I have read.

  32. He looked at the beaming faces, smiling up from the wide-spread napkins in perfect accord with life, and again, involuntarily, he smiled.

  33. As though the affair had been prearranged through countless ages, they turned by one accord and forced a way through the crowd that still encompassed them.

  34. Wisdom does not seem to be any protection against folly, and you take no notice of the existence of anything that does not accord with your system.

  35. We know that he was never happier than when his heart of its own accord began to sing, and his hand could scarcely write fast enough to seize the melodies he heard.

  36. At his words they wheeled with one accord and fixed their eyes on the land.

  37. So, long before Bert would have stopped of his own accord and while he was reeling off the miles with no sense of exhaustion, Reddy called a halt.

  38. So the Kazi turned to me and said, "Thou wast of accord to practice upon me with this woman, for she said she came from the Citadel.

  39. There is plenty of time in which to work up all the details in accord with the general principles I have laid down.

  40. Peaceful succession in accord with the people's will has replaced the forcible seizure of power permitted by the people's indifference.

  41. His application was of the last importance, he promised, but, that the ends of justice might not be defeated it was necessary their worships should entertain it in private; he therefore craved the bench to accord it to him.

  42. I am only too happy that you should accord it consideration, for it speaks to me of hope," was his reply, as he opened the door for her to pass out.

  43. But they may surely accord a few minutes' grace to a man who has just been converted into an M.

  44. The disciples, persuaded and moved by this appeal, went of their own accord to quest in the neighboring places, to get the better of the natural repugnance they felt to it.

  45. At last, with one accord they flew at the blankets, turned them down, took out dish and frame, and repeated the same process with Maida's narrow bunk.

  46. The fa├žade is formed of pilasters divided horizontally by narrow bands; upon these pilasters, and on the wall between them, hang shields or targets, that accord well with the lances flanking the entrance.

  47. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "accord" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    acceptance; acclamation; accommodate; accommodation; accord; accordance; acquiescence; adapt; adaptation; addition; adjunct; adjust; adjustment; administer; admit; affairs; affiliation; affinity; affirmation; affirmative; afford; agape; agree; agreement; alliance; allot; allow; amity; answer; apportion; approbation; approval; approximation; arrangement; assent; assimilate; associate; association; atone; attraction; attune; award; aye; balance; bargain; belong; bend; bestow; blend; blessing; bond; cartel; cede; charity; check; chime; chiming; chord; chorus; closeness; cohere; coherence; coincide; coincidence; collaborate; combination; combine; communicate; communion; community; compatibility; compliance; comply; comport; compose; concede; concert; concord; concordance; concur; concurrence; confer; conform; conformation; conformity; congeniality; congruence; congruity; connection; connivance; connive; consensus; consent; consist; consistency; consonance; consort; consortium; conspire; contact; contiguity; contract; contrariety; convention; cooperate; cooperation; coordinate; correct; correspond; correspondence; covenant; deal; dealings; decision; deduction; diapason; discipline; disjunction; dispense; ditto; dole; donate; dovetail; eagerness; echo; empathy; endorsement; endow; equal; equalize; equivalence; esprit; euphony; extend; fellowship; filiation; fit; fix; flexibility; follow; friendship; gee; gift; give; grant; harmonics; harmonize; harmony; heap; hit; homology; identity; impart; interchange; intercourse; interlock; intersect; intersection; intimacy; issue; jibe; join; junction; keeping; key; kinship; lavish; leave; let; liaison; line; link; linkage; lock; love; march; match; measure; meet; mete; mold; monody; mould; moulder; mouldy; mutuality; nearness; obedience; observance; observe; offer; oneness; orthodoxy; overlap; pact; parallel; parallelism; peace; peacetime; permission; permit; pour; present; proffer; promise; promptness; propinquity; proportion; protocol; provide; proximity; quadrate; rain; rapport; rapprochement; ratification; readiness; reciprocate; reciprocity; recompense; reconcile; reconciliation; rectify; register; regulate; relations; relationship; release; remunerate; render; repay; resemblance; rhyme; right; sanction; serve; settle; shape; sharing; show; shower; similarity; slip; snow; solidarity; square; stipulation; stoop; strictness; submission; suit; symmetry; sympathy; symphony; synchronism; synchronize; tailor; tally; tender; tie; timing; traditionalism; transaction; treaty; truce; true; tune; unanimity; understanding; uniformity; union; unison; unite; unity; vouchsafe; willingness; slip; snow; solidarity; square; stipulation; stoop; strictness; submission; suit; symmetry; sympathy; symphony; synchronism; synchronize; tailor; tally; tender; tie; timing; traditionalism; transaction; treaty; truce; true; tune; unanimity; understanding; uniformity; union; unison; unite; unity; vouchsafe; willingness

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