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Example sentences for "attune"

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attribution; attributions; attributive; attrition; attulit; attuned; attyre; atum; ature; atween
  1. By knowledge of truth, he furthermore sees how to direct, govern, and attune himself.

  2. But such is not the case, for Marconi finds that he can attune his receiving instrument to a certain pitch, and that the instrument will receive and record only vibrations emanating from a sending instrument attuned to the same pitch.

  3. Let him cast aside Fear, and attune himself to the Fearless pitch, and he feels an influx of Courage, Fearlessness, Confidence, Energy and other positive thoughts.

  4. Attune our ears so that we may hear the call of the Supreme Concourse.

  5. Let us pray to God that He will exhilarate our spirits so we may behold the descent of His bounties, illumine our eyes to witness His great guidance and attune our ears to enjoy the celestial melodies of the heavenly Word.

  6. I endeavoured to attune my mind to the gravity of this marriage, to the deep historico-ethnologico-poetical significance of its smallest detail.

  7. I arise, for my customary stroll in the direction of the cemetery, to attune myself to repose by shaking off those restlessly trivial images of humanity which might otherwise haunt my slumbers.

  8. And how can it ever attune itself to the divine harmony of the highest Principle, when that harmony is destroyed by the mere presence, within the Sanctuary in preparation, of such animal passions?

  9. But pause, gay Muse, nor leave your play Another Cean dirge to sing; With me to Venus' bower away, And there attune a lighter string.

  10. String this maiden lyre, Attune for him the Lesbian strain, O goddess, with thy sister quire!

  11. On the contrary it is the Spirit's ministry to attune our wills to the Divine; thus only can there be praying in the Holy Ghost.

  12. It is the Spirit's deepest work in the believer to attune his mind to this exalted key, as he "maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God.

  13. Isolated from all distractions, he will learn to attune himself with Nature; the obscuring veil will be lifted and he will gradually come to see how community throughout the great ocean of life outweighs apparent dissimilarity.

  14. This accomplished, attune then a third instrument to them; after that a fourth, and so on; and ye shall be all attuned alike.

  15. Upward from this dying state Bid my waiting soul aspire; Open thou the crystal gate; To thy praise attune my lyre: Then, triumphant, I will join the immortal choir.

  16. The morning strengthens into noon; Earth's fairest beauties shine more fair; And noon and morning shall attune My grateful heart to praise and prayer.

  17. Inspired to praise, I then shall join Glad nature's cheerful song, And love and gratitude divine Attune my joyful tongue.

  18. But when one hasn't a soul at all, I beg you, what is there to attune then?

  19. At length the priest said in a serious and kind tone: "My fair young maiden, no one indeed can look at you without delight; but remember so to attune your soul betimes, that it may ever harmonize with that of your wedded husband.

  20. He ceast, and then gan all the quire of birdes 2 Their diuerse notes t'attune vnto his lay, As in approuance of his pleasing words.

  21. But, oft as on their charms we gaze, Attune the wondering soul to praise; And be the joys that most we prize The joys that from Thy favor rise!

  22. It is wonderful, indeed, to see how humanity can attune itself to a situation.

  23. Attune our hearts to notes of praise and make us glad upon the earth until Thou bringest us to perfect and unshadowed joys where we shall see Thee as Thou art and be like Thee.

  24. If it may be, open our minds and attune our spirits to receive more than we could hitherto interpret of the assurances sent to us by elevated goodness and love.

  25. So shall my aukward gratitude, With fond presumption to the Laureat's duty Attune my rugged numbers blank.

  26. How shall my aukward gratitude, And the presumption of untutor'd duty Attune thy numbers all too rude?

  27. In this old-world city, I fondly imagined, I should forget the Regent's Park, and attune my mind to the life that once filled its narrow streets.

  28. Strengthen me, Heaven, and attune my lay Unto my better angel's clear refrain.

  29. What magic, perfecting her harmony, Have these red drops that so attune her key, Or those of brine that set the wretched free?

  30. The fault is of course mine, in not being able to attune my mind fully to yours.

  31. You know how to attune your minds to mine.

  32. Attune our hearts to sing Thy praise, Expand our souls to comprehend Thy attributes and all Thy ways, And ever be our Guide and Friend.

  33. If you would hear this music And be charmed by its tone, Attune your heart to harmony, For the music is its own.

  34. Attune your joyous song for me, And lift my soul that it may see The world in beauty bright; Sing on, sing on, until the wood Shall laugh aloud in merry mood, And sadness take her flight!

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