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Example sentences for "equip"

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  1. Many citizens and the convents of the religious orders have given them the loan of lands and twenty-five pesos per head, so that they might settle and equip themselves with the necessary implements for farming the land.

  2. Ringnes Brothers, were willing to equip a new Polar expedition with Sverdrup as the leader.

  3. To arrange in order of battle; to array for battle; also, to prepare or arm for battle; to equip as for battle.

  4. These matters being adjusted, in spring 1615, the company proposed to equip two vessels, a larger and a less, to sail from Horn at the proper season.

  5. The Confederacy had no guns with which to equip us and we had found no opportunity to capture any.

  6. Loring's opinion, to equip a division, were loaded and went their way.

  7. Active measures were at once instituted to clothe, arm with Enfield rifles, and equip these companies, to be in readiness for a quick departure.

  8. No, not the wealth of a kingdom can purchase any paint to dress pale Ugliness in the bloom of that young maiden, nor any drugs to equip Disease with the vigour of that young man.

  9. Then followed applications to Major Raines for horses and arms to equip the volunteers; but the horses at the Fort being unfit for service, and the Major unauthorized to equip volunteer troops, there resulted only misunderstandings and delays.

  10. From each of these sources such assistance was obtained as enabled the colony to arm and equip the first regiment of Oregon riflemen, which in the month of January proceeded to the Cayuse country.

  11. Is it passive so to equip a microscopic cell with living human powers and aspirations that, within the space of months, it makes that miraculous pilgrimage of the pre-natal evolutionary ascent whereby it becomes Man?

  12. This results, however, from such failure of vital resources that the individual had fine material only to equip his mind, and none left over to adorn his body.

  13. Its powers thus handicapped by requiring to engender the vital potential and the developmental power to equip it with two orders of implement, neither order has attained perfection of construction or of function.

  14. On the first were the names of vessels, on the other the figures recapitulating the number of cannon and men requisite to equip these ships.

  15. Otherwise it might be possible to equip and operate aeroplanes satisfactorily with engines of 15 horsepower, or even less.

  16. Allowing that the amateur has become reasonably expert in the manipulation of the glider he should, before constructing an actual flying machine, equip his glider with a rudder.

  17. There was no urgent necessity for Victoria to equip and send forth an exploring expedition.

  18. Three thousand dollars would help us to properly equip the Canning Factory we already have at Tuskegee.

  19. We very much wish that some friend might see his way clear to give $3,000 with which to properly equip this factory.

  20. Captain Scott allowed me a sum with which to equip the "Terra Nova"; it seemed little enough to me but it made quite a hole in our funds.

  21. The progressive section, mainly English, urged not only that South Africa had no alternative but to join the struggle, but they actually raised volunteer corps, which they proceeded to equip for service in Europe.

  22. He exhausted his arsenals and his treasures in despairing attempts to equip a second and even a third Armada.

  23. Claiming that it had always been the duty of seaboard towns to equip ships for the defense of the country, Charles demanded that since they no longer built ships, the towns should contribute money for the maintenance of the navy.

  24. I say, then, that you ought to equip fifty galleys and resolve, if necessary, to man them yourselves.

  25. It is necessary to have enough wealth to equip one's self at one's own expense, for the state furnishes no arms to its soldiers; down to 402 B.

  26. The farmer and his wife should feel an interest in such a matter, for they can render no better service to their community than that of joining the district teacher in an effort to equip the school grounds with play apparatus.

  27. So, instead of saving up for college expenses, she may be taught to lay by something for the day of her marriage and with the thought of helping equip a home of her own.

  28. I always agree with his arguments, feeling it to be safer; but I had to put in just a mild protest, when he observed that America could equip an army in six weeks, that would lick any Continental army.

  29. He will realize that we could not save Serbia, because we simply had not trained men or the guns to equip them with.

  30. He was anxious to equip a fleet, but instead of requiring the various ports to furnish ships, as was the ancient custom, he permitted them to buy themselves off by contributing to the fitting out of large ships owned by himself.

  31. An efficient government must be devised immediately to maintain the loyalty of the nation to the republic, and to raise and equip armies and direct their commanders.

  32. I have already told them that I will not go through Gyangtse or Khatmandu (capital of Nepal), as Ma proposed to me, and to equip here a caravan for the Chang-tang is out of the question.

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