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throu; throuble; throubled; throubles; throuch; throughe; throughlie; throughly; throughout; throught
  1. They, like the Temple Bar at London, have each three ways through them; but they are much loftier than those of Temple Bar.

  2. They are planted with trees in every direction, in the trim formality of the ancient style, having alleys through all parts of them.

  3. It is nothing but an extensive grove of tall slender trees, like those of the groves in Kensington Gardens, with narrow avenues cut through it in several directions.

  4. I found my way into the interior by means of an English officer, who, having conducted me through the gallery of statues on the ground floor, directed me up stairs to that containing the pictures.

  5. Its style of architecture is pure and manly, and its interior, as far as I could judge by looking through some of the windows, is conveniently arranged.

  6. The country about St. Cloud is very picturesque; the river winds luxuriantly through a valley, enclosed by hills planted with vineyards, and there are an immense number of country seats to be seen in all directions.

  7. But I saw no open lawns, or plots of grass, only one large grove of ugly trees, like some of the groves in Kensington Gardens, and the paths through them almost impassable.

  8. On my return I rode through the desolate courts of a large palace, near that of Meudon, formerly inhabited by a princess of the blood-royal, but now completely in ruins.

  9. On the 18th of March I set out for Cambray, through Arras and Douay, the two principal cities in this neighbourhood.

  10. They have, however, too much blood ever to behave with the requisite steadiness of a private soldier, if I may judge from the irregularity of the movements which I saw them put through by the officer who commanded them.

  11. Buos was chastising Laloi as they sped through the ionosphere of the green planet.

  12. But like the airy creature she was, Laloi ignored the criticism and rippled zephyr-like through a clump of daffodils when they completed their descent.

  13. Aztlan must pass through all the fated field Of mythologic peculence and lore, And to their sturdy priestcraft blindly yield, To cipher out the destinies in store.

  14. Infirmities are easy to impart, And through the generations, they come down; But God must place his hand upon each heart, And press each brow where he would drop a crown.

  15. And plow its furrow through the same red mould?

  16. Not many years Ere nation follows nation to their thrall; And many are the hot, convulsive tears, Through which we read of any people's fall.

  17. Let not deceit claim sanction from above; It may assist upon the wheels of fate, But what Spain offered through such legatees Was worse than powder on the bated flame.

  18. The sky is low, the clouds are mean, A travelling flake of snow Across a barn or through a rut Debates if it will go.

  19. Buzz the dull flies on the chamber window; Brave shines the sun through the freckled pane; Fearless the cobweb swings from the ceiling -- Indolent housewife, in daisies lain!

  20. Oh, fraud that cannot cheat the bee, Almost thy plausibility Induces my belief, Till ranks of seeds their witness bear, And softly through the altered air Hurries a timid leaf!

  21. Inebriate of air am I, And debauchee of dew, Reeling, through endless summer days, From inns of molten blue.

  22. She likely foresaw the snarl that was comin' through Henry's puttering with these inventions.

  23. They had come through so much already, it did seem as though their venture must end successfully.

  24. We may get through as slick as a whistle.

  25. He was being towed in the sea; dragged through the bursting waves rather than over them.

  26. Found it right under that winder where the burglars sawed through the bars.

  27. There was a drift of snow, too, on the railed balcony, through which the lightkeeper waded.

  28. It did not enter into Lorna's consideration that the only testimony she had as to Cora Devine's character came through Conny Degger.

  29. A flame of anger shot all through her trembling body.

  30. I wish that gal hadn't peeked through the old telescope and seen her.

  31. It was not yet ten o'clock, and a mail train went through Clinkerport just before eleven.

  32. Arad telephoned a message to the telegraph operator at the station, who put it through for this bank examiner, before he even tucked his shirt in, so they say.

  33. The dash through the breakers at the entrance to the bay did not excite the party, for they were merely wretched and exhausted.

  34. I can go quicker than you, Tobias Bassett," the girl declared through chattering teeth.

  35. Why did Tainter," replied Murray in deliberate tones, "a friend of yours, put in his application through another solicitor?

  36. It took a good deal really to disturb Murray, but this case disturbed him before he got through with it.

  37. The Lord provides for His children through human instrumentality.

  38. He is content because the Lord will provide, but why may not I be the human instrument through which the Lord makes provision?

  39. He hesitated over his answers to the most ordinary questions, he corrected himself once or twice, and he betrayed a strong desire to get through with the ordeal in the quickest possible time.

  40. And a good company will no more stoop to shabby tricks than you will; nor will it seek to escape obligations through technicalities or petty subterfuges.

  41. He succeeded in putting the other route through Bington practically beyond our reach, and forced us to take the risk of doing business with the minority stock-holders at a possible dead loss.

  42. I just want to be sure I'll never have to go through this again,' says the girl, and she tries to make sure.

  43. I want a twenty-year endowment policy for twenty thousand dollars, and I want it put through like a limited express that's trying to make up time.

  44. But it would be through human instrumentality: the legacy, and the method and law by which it reached them would be essentially human.

  45. It was humiliating not to be able to put the scheme through himself, after all his planning and confident talk, but it was better to turn it over to some one else than to fail entirely.

  46. They have unlimited resources, and they'll certainly get through Bington on another street, if you persist in making your terms too stiff.

  47. About eleven o'clock, as he passed through the main cabin, he saw a woman putting a little boy to bed on a sofa, and he offered her his state-room.

  48. When he had saluted them all, he passed through a corps of soldiers outside the door, and walked to the river-side, followed by the officers in solemn silence.

  49. A wild shout of laughter rang through the school-room.

  50. Half an hour before school was over, Anna Maria had finished the string-case, and run the piece of pink alpaca braid through it.

  51. The guns were got ready as they ran through the pirate-haunted Straits of Malacca; and though no pirate ventured to attack them, they had to face an enemy quite as dangerous that very afternoon.

  52. Minnes through our house; and so we sent, and their chimnies have been swept this morning, and the noise was that, and nothing else.

  53. Sir Mortimer turned, and from the younger, more heedless adventurers broke a ringing shout, a repeated calling of his name until it echoed from the lofty roof, but his friends spoke not to him, only made an aisle through which he might pass.

  54. Now it is late in the day,--though God knows I am glad for the least of my poor fellows if he be raised from his sickness through this or any other cure.

  55. By the signs that Ferne had given them they found the entrance which they sought, and when they had thrust aside the curtain of branch and vine, saw the clearing through the tunal.

  56. Thus it was that in the cooler air before sunset a litter was borne through the streets of Cartagena.

  57. Down through a wide rift in the clouds streamed light from a haloed moon.

  58. For I would know, Henry--I would know if through all the days and nights that await us over the brim of to-morrow I may dream of an hour to come when that dear and fair lady shall bid me welcome.

  59. He staggered to his feet, swaying forward, clutching at the empty air as at a man's throat, and again his laugh rang through the cabin.

  60. When through the mist of falling water and the veil of drooping leaves she saw riding towards the house a youth clad in blue, the horse and rider seemed but figures in a piece of tapestry.

  61. Orange and green and red, the cockatoos flashed through the air, or perched upon great boughs beside parasitic blooms as gaudy as themselves.

  62. Being naturally timid, the silence began to terrify him, and he resolved to search once more through all the rooms; but it was of no use.

  63. When he reached the first court of the castle he saw before him a flight of agate steps, and went up them, and passed through several splendidly furnished rooms.

  64. Deep silence reigned everywhere, and at last, tired of roaming through empty rooms and galleries, he stopped in a room smaller than the rest, where a clear fire was burning and a couch was drawn up cosily close to it.

  65. I dipped my pen in the ink again, and I drew a line through Dorothy, and then I looked up questioningly at her, and.

  66. Rising hastily to his feet he peered through the trees, and there, fifty yards away from him, by the side of a stream sat the most beautiful damsel he had ever seen, wringing her hands and sobbing bitterly.

  67. It has been a long weary wait, dear, but the sun has broken through the clouds at last.

  68. Through there--and over there--and then back under there.

  69. A murmur of admiration for the relentless way in which the truth had been tracked down ran through the court.

  70. And I've been through an hour's torture for nothing, and I don't mind that.

  71. There, or thereabouts, it will remain through the generations to come--a cascade of glory to the eye, a fountain of pride to the soul.

  72. The cuckoo is what I'm listening for all through November.

  73. The eager shouts of the players seemed to annoy him, for he frowned and bit his pen, or else passed his fingers restlessly through his hair.

  74. Then out he goes," I said, and I drew a line through him.

  75. Chum, you bounder," I shout as he is about to wade through the herbaceous border.

  76. On a sloshy day in November, as I grope my way through the fog, I say to myself, 'Courage, the raspberries will soon be ripe.

  77. The theft had been proved by Albert Jobson, a shopwalker, who gave evidence to the effect that he followed her through the different departments and saw her take the things mentioned in the indictment.

  78. The impossibility of preserving the exact tone of colour in these different sections through all the vicissitudes of printing, toning, and fixing, was also enough to condemn the process.

  79. During the king's absence in Scotland, when engaged in war, the northern wall of the chamber was broken through by some of the monks of Westminster Abbey, and the whole of the treasure carried off.

  80. And with a negligent air Miss Reed went through the booking-office with us.

  81. Along the right-hand side of his boat a narrow sheet of white canvas is stretched; when he leans to that side it dips under the surface, and if it be a moonlit night, gleams through the water.

  82. One of the Companies adopts a particular diagonal red line on all tickets, distinguishing them from other tickets which have to pass through the railway clearing-house.

  83. All the tickets in one series are made to pass through a machine with a velocity which the eye can scarcely follow.

  84. Regarding fishing in the Japanese seas, he says: 'Through an inlet on this coast our small boat is sculled by two sturdy Japanese fishermen, who drive the light craft across the shadows of the hills with speed remarkable.

  85. Through some poisonous taint either occasionally or always present, but modified by the process of cooking, people sometimes die from eating this animal.

  86. But I suppose I, like the other sixty million, emit it through my nose!

  87. It's like looking through the wrong end of an opera glass.

  88. He immediately addressed himself through the other window to the appreciation of the scenery, and I felt, as I took out my note-book to record one or two impressions, that he would do it justice.

  89. For a moment there was silence, through which we could hear the scrubbing-brush of the chambermaid on the marble hall of the first floor.

  90. Mr. Malt explained that they had come straight through from Paris, as time was beginning to press.

  91. We passed through the villages of Montretout and Buze.

  92. There came a chill through the darkness that struck to one's very marrow, and we all rose with one accord and groped about for more rugs.

  93. We wandered through a palace or two and thought how interesting it must have been to be rich in the days of "Sir Horatio Palavasene, who robbed the Pope to pay the Queen.

  94. If ether can so readily go through such solids, no wonder that a spirit body could appear to the disciples, "the doors being shut.

  95. We drive tunnels three times as long for double-track railways through rock that is held down by an Alp.

  96. No wonder that much fruit is expected, and that one who knew most of this imparted power said, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

  97. It was not an oak or mahogany tree, but a soft, pulpy, squashy squash that one could poke his finger into, nourished through a soft, succulent vine that one could mash between finger and thumb.

  98. By the magic chemistry of the sunshine and vegetable life the tree breathes through its myriad leaves and extracts carbon to be built into wood.

  99. When the worlds navigate this sea, do they plow through it as a ship through the waves, forcing them aside, or as a sieve letting the water through it?

  100. The tremendous life of infinite strength surges up through the vine and out into all branches that are really vitally attached.

  101. Paul said, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

  102. And so it happens that the air is driven up through some crack in the rock and the superincumbent earth, one or two hundred feet from the shore, and a great hole appears in the ground from twenty to seventy feet deep.

  103. And he left on record for us promises of greater works than these, at which we stagger through unbelief.

  104. Jagadis Chunder Bose, of India, has fired a pistol by an electric vibration seventy-five feet away and through more than four feet of masonry.

  105. A plumbline dropped from the summit of Monte Rosa through the mountain would be seven miles from Zermatt.

  106. At exactly the right moment he may dive headlong through the pearly green Niagara that has not yet fallen quite to his head and may sport in the comparatively quiet water beyond, while the wild ruin falls with a sound of thunder on the beach.

  107. They lead men, as of yore, but not so much through the fancy or the senses as through the legitimate consciousness of the man that in following woman's guidance he is tending to higher purposes.

  108. Lord Reginald had thus to force his way through nearly half a mile of the camp, and then to cross nearly two miles between both forces.

  109. Some other decisions were adopted having especial reference to the employment of labour and insurance against want in cases of disablement through illness, accident, or old age.

  110. About one thousand men invaded the White House, some entering by means of the air-cruisers through the roof and others forcing their way through the lower part of the palace.

  111. His design was to deepen the bed of the Mataura river, running through Southland, and to make an outlet to it from Lake Whakatip.

  112. It was through accident he was not consulted before the offer was officially made.

  113. But as the river flowed on without its usual accession from the lake and the diverted tributaries, an idealist might have fancied that it was fading away through grief at the desertion of its allies.

  114. She felt that the prospect of the motion being carried was largely increased through Lord Reginald having so cleverly appropriated it to himself.

  115. It was clearly laid down that, when the invention proved a failure through no fault of the inventor, he would not be asked for any repayment.

  116. He took out a patent for his invention of forcing air through liquid molten iron.

  117. Sidenote: Course of Taipings] In their camp at Isinghai the Taiping rebels, in China, were closely beleaguered through the early part of the year until spring.

  118. He marched his force in the direction of Santa Fé in New Granada, hoping to push through to Peru.

  119. The Greeks were driven back through Tripolitza, and did not succeed in making a stand until the Turks reached Nauplia.

  120. King Otto, partly from lack of sympathy, but more through fear of the Western Powers, whose ships suddenly appeared at the Piræus, opposed the movement.

  121. President Jackson, in his annual message, called attention to "the fearful excitement produced in the South by attempts to circulate through the mails inflammatory appeals addressed to the slaves.

  122. General Pollock, with a strong force of Sepoys, was sent through the Punjab and Peshawar.

  123. The scandal grew to such an extent that the Duke of Cumberland hastened to dissolve the order before a resolution condemning his conduct could pass through the Commons.

  124. In the same year he published "Descriptive Sketches in Verse," inspired by a pedestrian tour through the Alps.

  125. Through the efforts of De Witt Clinton, the State of New York without Congressional aid had completed the great Erie Canal.

  126. His body remained hanging throughout the Easter celebration, and was then given to the Jews to be dragged through the streets and cast into the Bosphorus.

  127. In the end, through the devotion of Italian patriots, he managed to escape to America.

  128. As Radetzky, at the head of the first army corps, galloped through Nebola, the aged marshal met the retreating columns of D'Aspre's second corps.

  129. The statement was confirmed by the King's refusal to create new peers wherewith to pass the bill through the Upper House.

  130. Another measure which was speedily passed through Parliament, owing to the slight importance attached to it, was Gladstone's bill requiring the railroads of England to provide proper accommodations and to run cheap trains daily.

  131. Illustration: "I'll put this simple star stencil on the hem"] Margaret scrubbed hard and succeeded in getting a variety of shading through the amount of paint that she allowed to soak entirely through or partway through the material.

  132. As a matter of fact, they have been hunting hard for her through every clue that promised any result ever since Grandfather died because they wanted to give her her share of his property.

  133. I think I'll make myself one when we get through with the Ship.

  134. They have a brass head and two legs and when you've pushed the legs through the papers you press them apart and they can't pull out.

  135. The afternoon sun shone brightly in through simple curtains of white cheesecloth, the sewing machine awaited Helen beside a window with a clear north light, and Roger's jig-saw was in a favorable position in a corner.

  136. That's what makes Edward think that perhaps we can get in touch with her through the same means.

  137. If you didn't care whether it was ever used again you could put in the ball of twine with its end sticking through and then paste a band of paper around the joining of the top and the box.

  138. We'll have to make them understand through their eyes.

  139. Once he had run his head through the slats of a chicken coop into which an over-swift hopmobile had thrown him.

  140. The result of a conference among some of the townspeople who had the interests of the place at heart was this entertainment which was the first of a series to be given in the school hall on Friday evenings all through the winter.

  141. It was through her relationship with him that she expected to be sent where she wanted to go--that is, to Belgium.

  142. Well, I hope he'll come through with all his legs and arms uninjured," said Roger.

  143. Why don't you cut out several garments at once and not have to go through all that spreading out and pinning down process every time?

  144. A larger percentage has failed even to get through a High School course.

  145. He can only illumine where the mind is prepared to pass through the process.

  146. Through the reformation the Bible ceased to be tongue-tied.

  147. College and University courses are excellent, not so much for what one can remember out of the many things studied in them, but for the system and mental discipline as well as the social culture through which one passes.

  148. It is only through your letter and his conversation, that I am again connected with the world.

  149. Badly distributed amongst the actors, the characters were doubtfully filled in the interior of this new and uncertain party of the centre, on whom the government, through necessity, devolved.

  150. The Cabinet of the Duke de Richelieu entered upon office warmly welcomed by the King, and even by the party which had gained the ascendency through the present elections.

  151. I have not left my intention in doubt, for in the third Book I have caused it to be positively declared to the Eternal that Eudore will draw the blessings of Heaven upon the Christians through the merits of the blood of the Saviour.

  152. Maine-Biran, Gallois, and Raynouard, and through them I obtained a correct knowledge of the dispositions of the two others, MM.

  153. It has done more than last, through soundness of principle; it has given, by facts, an astounding denial to its adversaries.

  154. And a small state may even keep perfect independence without any protector at all, simply through the jealousies of the greater powers.

  155. How it was that Rome and Europe lived through such a trial, what were the special causes which gave Rome strength to bear up through the most fearful of dangers, it is for special historians of Rome to tell.

  156. I have run with a swift pace through a general view of the Methods of Historical Study, through a general view of the chief periods of European history.

  157. The importance and independence of the cities grow as we go on a south-eastward journey through England, France, Aquitaine, Provence, and Italy.

  158. Yet all that was characteristic in the Imperial power arose out of its gradual growth, its growth through an union of magistracies and extraordinary commissions which virtually bestowed supreme authority on their holder.

  159. I passed through it with a feeling as if I had been carried back into some distant age.

  160. In the course of that century the Vandal passes through Gaul into Spain; he founds a Spanish realm, and presently forsakes it for a somewhat more lasting dominion in Africa.

  161. Beyond her small possessions in Western Greece, Rome has in the Eastern world no dominion but that of influence; but through that dominion she is supreme.

  162. The League drooped; its members fell away; three only lived through the last storm to claim a revived freedom in the first new birth of Germany seventy years back.

  163. The one became Greek through one of its old elements obtaining an exclusive predominance; the other became German by bringing in an element altogether new.

  164. But yet more important it is to remember that, if old Hellas lost much through the advance of the Macedonian, the younger Hellas beyond Hadria lost immeasureably more through the advance of the Phœnician and the native Italian.

  165. In October I hope to begin a more regular course, and to make a path, through a true understanding of the early history of Gaul, to a true understanding of the early history of Britain.

  166. Sixty thousand leagues in length, all unweary, full of wrath, Through the centre, in their strength, clove they down their hellward path.

  167. From my lord this long divorcement--through their power do I endure.

  168. Through the arts of one of his wives Kaikéyí, to whom he had made an incautious vow to grant her demand, Dasaratha is obliged to send his victorious son Rama into banishment at the very moment of his marriage with the beautiful Sita.

  169. After arriving in the neighborhood of the earth, it would be put into orbit, and the surface of the earth would be studied through telescopes for days or weeks.

  170. If you are not too familiar with the Old Testament, I suggest that you read through the first chapter of Ezekiel to get the feeling of the flow of words, and a general idea of what sort of material we will be covering.

  171. It is my belief that those who had the task of translating the Bible from its original tongue and re-copying it through the ages were particularly careful of this chapter because they did not understand it and were afraid of damaging it.

  172. Like liquid fire it ran through my veins.

  173. Like black plunging dolphins with red bellies, The steamers in herds Swim through the choppy breakers On this day of winds and clouds.

  174. As I went through the city by day I was hustled by jostling people.

  175. I drink of the red bowl of the sunlight: I swim through seas of rain: I dig my toes into earth: I taste the smack of the wind: I am myself: I live.

  176. I feel the muscles bending, relaxing beneath me; I direct the rippling sweep of the lines of my body; Its impact crashes through the thin walls of the atmosphere, I dance.

  177. The grass is full of forget-me-nots and poppies: Through the air darts many a fly.

  178. Loose the plucked string, poet, Spurn the strings, For the echoes of memory float through the gulf for long.

  179. Smoking our morning pipes we shall ride two and two Through the woods.

  180. XIII As I went through the city by day I saw shadows in sunlight: But in the night I saw everywhere Stars within the darkness.

  181. Like black plunging dolphins with red bellies, The steamers together Dive and roll through the tumult Of green hissing water.

  182. I I will not yield my sword, I will not bow the knee, But I would hear the blessed word That calls my soul to Thee; And through the din of war, And in the midst of strife, That word shall be the guiding star To lead me on to life.

  183. VI To Thee my soul enraptured sings, O Thou Immortal King of kings, But I would join the song, Of myriad souls in realms of light, Who praise their King by day and night, Through all the ages long.

  184. Watchers there were, who lingered through the night, Angels who said, "The Master hath arisen.

  185. III To God I make this chief request, That I in His abode may rest Through all my earthly days, To mark its comeliness and grace, And see the beauty of His face, Whose love inspires my praise.

  186. So the two friends set off together through the woods, and the next day something else happened to them.

  187. On and on he traveled up some hills, and down others and through the woods, and pretty soon he came to a place where there was a big hole in the ground.

  188. As he sat there in the shade of the apple tree, thinking, about his fortune and whether he would ever find it, all of a sudden he saw something round and squirming sticking itself toward him through the bushes.

  189. So he and Uncle Wiggily hurried off through the woods to where the elephant was groaning, and, would you believe it?

  190. Then, in another moment a man with a long rope came bursting through the bushes, and he ran straight toward the elephant.

  191. So with his long, sharp tusks he made a tunnel right through the mountain, and, though it was a bit darkish, he and the rabbit went through it as easily as a mouse can nibble a bit of cheese.

  192. They are coming," answered Nellie, as she tied her tail ribbon over again, for the bow knot had become undone as she was flying through the air.

  193. So they said good-by to the mamma robin, and away the pussy and Uncle Wiggily went, over the hills and down the dales through the woods and over little brooks.

  194. Now I must travel all alone once more," said Uncle Wiggily to himself, as he hopped on through the woods.

  195. Pretty soon he came to a place in the woods where the sun was shining down through the trees, and a little brook was making pretty music over the stones.

  196. The day after the old gentleman rabbit had helped Mrs. Wren feed her little birdies he found himself traveling along a lonely road through a big forest of tall trees.

  197. Then some bad boys and a man came along to see if there was anything in the hole-trap, or the string-trap they had made; but when they saw the bird flying away and the rabbit hopping away through the woods they were very angry.

  198. They whipped her away at the tail o' the cart Through half the streets of the town, But the words she uttered that day nor fire Could burn nor water drown.

  199. Through hymns of triumph the tempter calls, And whoso thinketh he standeth falls.

  200. And evermore, beneath this outward sense, And through the common sequence of events, He felt the guiding hand of Providence Reach out of space.

  201. But when they reached the open way, Full free the rein he cast; Oh, never through the mirk midnight Rode man and maid more fast.

  202. The colors of my sketch are all very sober, toned down to the quiet and dreamy atmosphere through which its subject is visible.

  203. Gravely Pastorius listened, not the less Discerning through the decent fig-leaf dress Of the poor plea its shame of selfishness.

  204. Through lane and alley the gazing town Noisily followed them up and down; Some with scoffing and brutal jeer, Some with pity and words of cheer.

  205. Enough to know that, through the winter's frost And summer's heat, no seed of truth is lost, And every duty pays at last its cost.

  206. Through the deep Hush of the woods a murmur seemed to creep, The Schuylkill whispering in a voice of sleep.

  207. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "through" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    about; around; broadside; complete; conclude; dead; decided; defunct; deleted; direct; done; down; ended; expunged; extinct; fini; finished; hereby; herewith; mean; over; pending; per; perfected; round; settled; shot; sideways; straight; straightforward; terminated; thank; thereby; through; throughout; uninterrupted; upon; with

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    through being; through divine; through every; through faith; through fear; through grace; through his; through ignorance; through lack; through life; through long; through many; through natural; through patience and comfort; through some; through space; through the; through the open door; through their; through them; through thick and thin; through what; through which; through whom; throughout the; throughout their