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impoliteness; impolitic; imponderable; import; importable; important; importante; importantly; importation; importations
  1. Boy-like, he attached more importance to the human than to the mechanical or commercial side of life.

  2. Still deeming it of the utmost importance to open the navigation of the Delaware completely, he detached Lord Cornwallis about one in the morning of the 17th, with a strong body of troops to Chester.

  3. But the real importance of the affair was derived from its operation on the spirits of the whole army.

  4. While the blockade of Boston was thus perseveringly maintained, other events of considerable importance took place elsewhere.

  5. But that officer understood the importance of his position too well to abandon it.

  6. This fortunate event, for such it may well be termed, though not of much magnitude in itself, was, like many other successes attending the American arms in the commencement of the war, of great importance in its consequences.

  7. The present relative situation of the armies gave a decisive importance to these works.

  8. The importance of Thessaly in the earliest history of Greece, may be gathered from the principal data enumerated above for the history of the Pelasgi and the Hellenes.

  9. Importance and superiority of the Jewish accounts, so far as they are purely historical.

  10. It now becomes of importance to enquire whether the historians were Christians or pagans.

  11. Their use was much more general among nations of a later period, especially Greece and Rome, than among the moderns; yet of the great mass of inscriptions still extant, but few comparatively are of any importance as regards history.

  12. These two places, and Olbia in particular, were of the highest importance for the inland trade, which issuing from thence in a northern and easterly direction, was extended to the very centre of Asia.

  13. The power of Babylon and the importance of its situation increased the jealousy with which it was guarded by the Persian kings; so much so, that they were wont to reside there a certain portion of the year.

  14. At a period in which religious parties must almost necessarily have become political parties, we can by no means venture to judge of the importance of the sect by the importance of their points of doctrine.

  15. The former splendour and importance of this city and the neighbouring country are testified by an abundance of most noble ruins; a more accurate research into which every friend of antiquity must desire.

  16. Why, couldn't the girl see that this had to do with the birth of a great big company, a million dollar corporation, and that it was of vital importance to him?

  17. No long space intervened ere Roland Graeme was able to discover among the crowd of revellers, who gambolled upon the open space which extends betwixt the village and the lake, a person of so great importance as Dr.

  18. Assuming, therefore, an air of consequence, corresponding to what he supposed to be his master's importance and quality, Adam Woodcock led the way into the courtyard of the Palace of Holyrood.

  19. In fact, it is invariably accompanied by a growing militarism whose importance for accumulation will be demonstrated below in another connection.

  20. This problem being of such paramount importance for capitalist economy, it is not surprising that bourgeois economists have dealt with it again and again.

  21. It is the more intensive exploitation of this part of the constant capital, irrespective of its increase in value, which is of paramount importance for the expansion of production.

  22. On Accumulation and Enlarged Reproduction', which is of primary importance in the present context, and of the whole book this is the most incomplete.

  23. And yet, Sismondi's criticism sounds the first alarm of economic theory at the domination of capital, and for this reason its historical importance is both great and lasting.

  24. Technical progress is expressed by the fact that the means of labour, the machine, increases more and more in importance as compared to living labour, to the worker himself.

  25. In his reply Sismondi[178] himself states that his polemics were conceived under the impact of the commercial crisis: 'This truth we are both looking for, is of utmost importance under present conditions.

  26. There is more theoretical importance in this division than in all previous squabbles on the theory of markets.

  27. You attach small importance to images and symbols; yet if they seem representative, and they sicken numbers of us, they are important.

  28. I am detained here by a man who seems to think my business of less importance than his pleasures.

  29. If a man can not rightfully collect more than he honestly earns, it is, then, a matter of the utmost importance to know how much money a man can honestly earn.

  30. It includes both exchange and transportation and stands next in importance to production.

  31. The ministers have for years considered the liquor question a moral question, and I would not chide them for their activity; but I think too little emphasis has been placed upon the importance of total abstinence.

  32. We see almost anything to be of greater importance when from the obscurity of thought we bring it out into the daylight of speech.

  33. Trifles, light as air were noticed, and their importance magnified.

  34. I have business of importance with a gentleman who resides in Brooklyn, and have promised to meet him at his house this evening.

  35. Matters which seemed in the beginning of such light importance as scarcely to attract his attention, now loomed up before him as things of moment.

  36. She held in her memory utterances and actions forgotten by her husband, and, by dwelling upon, magnified and gave them an importance to which they were not entitled.

  37. Flattered by this homage to their talents, they grow more ardent in the cause which they have espoused, and see, or affect to see, little else of any importance in the world.

  38. But her mind was too firmly bent on going to be turned so easily from its purpose; she did not consider trifles like these of sufficient importance to interfere with the pleasures of an evening at one of Mrs. Talbot's conversaziones.

  39. Yet to him it seemed of the first importance that this matter, as a basis of future peace, should be settled between them, and settled at once.

  40. In his Principles of Forest Economy, published in 1757, which for the first time brought out the economic importance of the subject, he discusses in two volumes divided into nine chapters the different branches of forestry.

  41. The original idea of Cotta that orderly procedure in the management is of more importance than the actual determination and equalization of yield still pervades the Saxon practice.

  42. Possibly a change in the methods of the use of wood may also change the relative economic values, but at present the vast forests of the tropical countries are of relatively little importance in the discussion of wood supply for the world.

  43. But this includes the open woodlands of the northern territory and of the prairies, which, while of great importance to the local settlers, are for the most part probably or surely not of commercial value.

  44. So we have annually three young men from the agricultural college that present papers or make addresses on subjects that are of importance to this society.

  45. Next in importance to these essentials is a location such that the berries may reach the market without delay.

  46. The thinning of apples in Minnesota has not been received with as much consideration as its importance demands.

  47. We realized the importance of this matter and plans were prepared.

  48. The actual source of seed is really of greater importance than the botanical name, as it is possible to get the seed from too far south, whereas we should plant only the northern form of the species.

  49. You have stood by at times when people were not perfectly certain about the importance of various kinds of scientific work.

  50. Your executive board meets twice a year to verify the accounts of the secretary and treasurer and at other times when there is something of importance to attend to.

  51. There is a work of very great importance for the members of our society to do the coming year.

  52. This fact alone would indicate that a state flower is of some importance as an emblem, or it would not be so generally considered by the various states.

  53. There are other sprays besides these, but none perhaps of any importance to you up here except the winter spray for the San Jose scale, if you have that, and I noticed one or two specimens out there that seemed to have the scale upon them.

  54. The importance of this is all the more apparent, because with the shorter distances of this district being the rule, the danger from rapid spread is more pronounced.

  55. In those days of violence and rapine, it was of great importance to impress upon savage minds the sanctity of an oath, by some particular and extraordinary circumstances.

  56. The carriages in common use are small carts, drawn each by one little horse; and a man seems to derive some degree of dignity and importance from the reputation of possessing a two-horse cart.

  57. Strangely enough the defeat of Roncesvalles, which so deeply impressed the popular mind, has not a corresponding importance in real history.

  58. Charts show the nature of the unseen bottom of the sea--with the irregularities in its character in the shape of hidden rocks or sand-banks, and give information of the greatest importance to the mariner.

  59. At the outbreak of the Civil War Charleston was one of the three most important cotton-shipping ports in the United States, being exceeded in importance only by New Orleans and New York.

  60. The importance of the tithe to the poor is shown by acts of Richard II.

  61. Caution and the importance of "strategic points" are the chief features of his system.

  62. The six books of this work are rivalled in importance by the ten branches of the Norse Karlamagnus saga, written under the reign of Haakon V.

  63. Necessity compelled him to work rather with the people than the gentry; hence it was that the Riksdag assumed under his government a power and an importance which it had never possessed before.

  64. This implies a principle of the greatest importance in relation to the social utility of charity.

  65. For a city entirely unobtrusive and unpretending, it has really great attractions and solid merit; but the superior importance of other places will not permit me to tarry long within its hospitable walls.

  66. Up to that moment he had seemed pleased, though nervous, for it gratified him to have guests who were of sufficient importance to be brought to Glen Springs by the launch of a government steamer.

  67. But nothing of signal importance was on the program to detain them in New Haven, and they were away, therefore, for this short trip by boat.

  68. To give it its due importance we must think of it but as an anecdote in our Eternity.

  69. Reuben, therefore, felt the full importance of the promise which he most solemnly made to return and perform Roger Malvin's obsequies.

  70. This anxiety, perhaps, is common to all men who set their hearts upon anything so high, in their own view of it, that life becomes of importance only as conditional to its accomplishment.

  71. So much importance is attached to the breed both in the United States and in the Argentine Republic that English judges have travelled to each of those country’s shows to award the prizes in the Shire Classes.

  72. See also Swift's "The Importance of the Guardian considered.

  73. How I came among them is of no great importance to the reader.

  74. If the matter in hand is of sufficient importance to call for an engagement, it is of sufficient importance to keep the engagement so made.

  75. I suppose something of major importance detained you?

  76. My dear daughter," he said, "I invariably gauge the length of my speech by the importance of the occasion.

  77. The decoration of the two Libraries was scarcely finished when two new commissions of equal importance gave him further opportunity for the triumphant display of his decorative genius.

  78. Therefore, the importance to a country of her navy varies as the square of the value of her foreign trade.

  79. It is clear that the importance to a country of a navy varies with two things--the value of that country's foreign trade and the probability of war.

  80. We seem safe in concluding, therefore, that the importance of naval power will increase.

  81. Now one of the faults of a machine, a fault which increases in importance with the complexity of the machine, is the enormous disturbance which may be produced by a cause seemingly trivial.

  82. It is the positions of these three bases that make them so valuable to their holders; placed at points of less strategic value, the importance of those bases would be strategically less.

  83. But even in the past, while the importance of the merchant service was considerable in the ways just outlined, it may perhaps be questioned whether it formed an element of sea power, in the sense in which Mahan discussed sea power.

  84. Two other factors of great importance enter, the factors of skill and morale.

  85. The importance of the question, however, does not rest on a personal basis, but a national basis.

  86. Then he added in German that he had been so thoroughly occupied in practising that he had no time, but that he had something of great importance that he wanted to say to her.

  87. He repeated this as if to impress his listener with the importance of the business aspect of the situation being well preserved.

  88. You can't attach any importance to things like that.

  89. If in the course of your observations or inquiries they should appear to need any aid within the limits of our constitutional powers, your sense of their importance is a sufficient assurance they will occupy your attention.

  90. These, fellow citizens, are the matters respecting the state of the nation which I have thought of importance to be submitted to your consideration at this time.

  91. For the German nation is still young, and its maturity is of importance to the world.

  92. From behind every tree of importance peeped out wet, angry heads.

  93. A German child that has been patted on the head by a policeman is not fit to live with; its self-importance is unbearable.

  94. Her glimpse of tasks involving millions of people and a score of nations reduced Main Street from bloated importance to its actual pettiness.

  95. She wanted to laugh at the gratified importance in Raymie's half-shut eyes; she wanted to weep over the meek ambitiousness which clouded like an aura his pale face, flap ears, and sandy pompadour.

  96. She could hear the town yelping with it, every soul of them, gleeful at new details, panting to win importance by having details of their own to add.

  97. That these matters must be and are of the greatest importance to the medical student goes without saying.

  98. I cannot sufficiently impress upon the reader's mind the importance this simple lesson conveys.

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