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afero; aff; affability; affable; affably; affaire; affaires; affairs; affayres; affeccion
  1. The important affair of fixing upon a desirable match for their sons and daughters is the source of constant anxiety in the family of every Mussulmaun, from the children's earliest years to the period of its accomplishment.

  2. The readers select such passages as are particularly applicable to the part Abass Ali took in the affair at Kraabaallah, which is chanted at intervals, the procession pausing for that purpose.

  3. A very intimate friend of mine was seeking for a suitable match for her son, and being much in her confidence, I was initiated in all the mysteries and arrangements (according to Mussulmaun rule) of the affair pending the marriage of her son.

  4. When the good Mussulmaun is preparing for his evening Namaaz he fails not in his devotions to ask for help and guidance in an affair of so much importance to the father as the happiness and well-being of his son.

  5. Persons, wondering what was the cause of the to-do, asked questions; then fell in with the others, curious to learn what the issue of the affair would be.

  6. The constable replied: 'That's no affair of ours.

  7. You have had the most villanous affair in the world with a Jew.

  8. Since you have gained it, I congratulate you; and I am glad that this scurvy affair is done.

  9. My commission accomplished, I ran to the Plazuela de San Felipe, where, since the affair of Las Arcadas, were the few men of my battalion who were still alive.

  10. Yes--a few days ago--about that affair of the blows.

  11. We had best make haste and return to the city; this affair is nothing to us.

  12. The affair was timely enough for the Nazarenes.

  13. This affair came to the ears of the judges, and the ringleaders were hanged as murderers.

  14. He blamed him for his obstinate silence in an affair which concerned the French and Spanish communities so deeply, and importuned him to persuade his congregation to make common cause with the Maimunists.

  15. At length he had hopes of attaining his end, but when he meets the supposed mistress, he finds the entire affair to have been the joke of a friend.

  16. This was the affair of the chief minister, who was answerable to the king with his life.

  17. Suppose we let the affair rest until tomorrow, Mrs. Medulla," suggested he, turning to the lady.

  18. So she made no further comment on the subject, and the older people, deeming the affair of no great importance since it was known that a mistake had been made, resumed conversation.

  19. Yes; I came to tell how the affair happened, and to say good-bye.

  20. She glanced down at the incriminating shears which she held in her hand, then at Percival, expecting that the lad would instantly tell how the affair had occurred, and so absolve her from blame.

  21. The privileged maid had read love stories from the time she was ten years old up to the beginning of her affair with Diggs the butler.

  22. It was at this stage of the affair that the children began to see him through their mother's eyes.

  23. They might dispute his claim and make the affair so awkward and so unpleasant for him that he would withdraw, but what would be their gain?

  24. The Georgia affair is settled after a fashion; not so the nullifiers; they are infatuated.

  25. The only consolation that can be drawn from this heroic but tragic affair is that it may have created a diversion to our successful operations at Beaucourt.

  26. Whatever I shall say, be assured that it is less than the magnitude and atrociousness of the affair would justify: exertions will be used by us that it may be sufficient to set us properly on our guard.

  27. The youth on this repaired to his aunt AEbutia, told her the reason of his being turned out by his mother, and the next day, by her advice, gave information of the affair to the consul Postumius, without any witnesses of the interview.

  28. There is a considerable literature on his love affair and death; the most notable books are: Meine Beziehungen zu F.

  29. The affair led to a quarrel with his father in which Landor expressed his intention of leaving home for ever.

  30. This "affair of the casket" arose out of an attempt by the countess's friends to get possession of a bond for a large life annuity settled by the count on his mistress, a Baroness Meyendorf, to the prejudice of the countess and her children.

  31. Fox affirmed that he had been duped, and, although Shelburne always asserted that he had acted in thorough good faith, Bute spoke of the affair as a "pious fraud.

  32. Besides, nothing had been proved, and the unlucky affair had fallen through in consequence.

  33. But, if you won't take the chance I offer, that's your affair entirely.

  34. The minister communicated the affair to the Raja, who ordered the Bichari to try it by a Pangchayit.

  35. There an officer, called Bichari in the east, and Darogah in the west, received an account of the affair from the parties, or from the inferior officers, and endeavoured to settle it.

  36. But of course, it would be another affair were I to enter into the detail of all the ramifications.

  37. But getting out of the mouth on its journey downwards is not so simple an affair as getting into it by the front door, as it did at first.

  38. Now this Respiration affair is something like the sour-krout story--begging your pardon for the comparison.

  39. The same capacity and willingness to bless mankind which here in a small and domestic affair brought relief to His embarrassed friends, must be adapted to all the needs of men, and must undauntedly go forward to the utmost of sacrifice.

  40. She regarded the affair as an attack on Gopher Prairie's timidity in pleasure.

  41. It was five years after her affair with Kennicott.

  42. Is an illicit affair like a gambling debt--demands stricter honor than the legitimate debt of matrimony, because it's not legally enforced?

  43. And of course he must soon look upon the affair from a reasonable point of view sooner or later.

  44. She was the stalwart Russian who'd ended their affair eleven years earlier just as casually as she had begun it.

  45. Let's just get this ghastly protocol affair sorted out.

  46. One would have supposed that, after this heart-breaking affair with Doing-Nothing, the Church would have been on her guard against all members of the Nothing family.

  47. A volcano is a much more dangerous affair than an iceberg; but it is much more easy to fall in love with the things that make you shudder than with the things that make you shiver.

  48. The affair in Greece will not wait; the sooner we get there the better, if we are to do any good.

  49. Well, I will see to the affair at once, for there is no time to be lost.

  50. The tunny-fishing had always been too long an affair for the lad, who had his duties at home to attend to.

  51. Then there happened some small affair of outposts in which our cavalry got the best of it.

  52. When the day came to an end without any inquiry being made for the prisoner, Cleanor began to hope that the whole affair might escape notice.

  53. And this makes the affair comparatively easy.

  54. Under these circumstances, I thought it best to release this officer from arrest, and to submit the whole affair to the Commanding Officer of Trincomale.

  55. It appeared, however, necessary that an affair attended with such serious consequences should undergo investigation, and I was ordered round to Columbo, where a Court of Inquiry was held upon my conduct.

  56. He is tremendously pleased with his importance at this particular time, and he is just the sort of man--as we both know--to be delighted at being called back to preside over an affair which is usually a matter for old women.

  57. He saw as little as possible of his heir presumptive after this, and if the truth were told, Captain Alec Osborn was something of a factor in the affair of Miss Emily Fox-Seton.

  58. In a few days she would calm down and the affair would assume smaller proportions.

  59. Beverly is a bewitching American girl who has gone to that stirring little principality--Graustark--to visit her friend the princess, and there has a romantic affair of her own.

  60. The great affair of tea followed the performance.

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