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heim; heimlich; heinous; heinously; heinousness; heire; heires; heiress; heiresses; heirloom
  1. Philip was heir by adoption only, and the inheritance had been secured at the last by help of a lie--surely his was a righteous cause!

  2. Why do you call him monseigneur the heir to the duchy of Bercy?

  3. Now, returned from vagabondage, he was the valiant and honoured heir of the House of Vaufontaine, and heir-presumptive of the House of Bercy.

  4. The Duke had invited the Comtesse to witness the final act which was to make Philip d'Avranche his heir in legal fact as by verbal proclamation; not doubting that the romantic nature of the incident would impress her.

  5. But for himself, now heir to the principality of Vaufontaine, and therefrom, by reversion, to that of Bercy, it had no importance.

  6. For I know that before you wrote me this letter, and afterwards when you had been made prince, and heir to the duchy, the Comtesse Chantavoine was openly named by the Duc de Bercy for your wife.

  7. The heir male of the House of Vaufontaine.

  8. With Philip as adopted son and heir there would be fewer spoils of office; with Philip as duke there would be none at all, for the instinct of distrust and antipathy was mutual.

  9. With the death of the Prince of Vaufontaine, there is in France no direct heir to the house, nor can it, by the law, revert to my house or my heirs.

  10. His person and manners are no trivial recommendation; and the belief which every where prevails of his being heir to Mr. Valmont supports his consequence with its due proportion of power.

  11. When Murden and I first knew each other, I was the expected heir to a good fortune; and, as I was descended from some of the first families in the kingdom, Murden moved in a sphere below me.

  12. How different the elated and aspiring heir of Moses!

  13. Isabella, was proclaimed heir to the throne.

  14. By his first marriage Don Carlos had five children, among them Don Jaime, now in his twenty-eighth year, who is regarded as heir to the throne by the Carlists.

  15. The heir apparent to the throne was the grandfather of the present Don Carlos, Carlos V.

  16. But when the supreme court decided that a corporation was a person in the meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment it thereby made the corporation heir to the rights established primarily for the negro.

  17. Can the moral consciousness by taking the name "reason" become heir to all the privileges of the absolute idea and to the timelessness of space and number?

  18. And to secure themselves against us, rather than the House of Austria, as it then stood; they chose to marry the heir of Brittany before that of Burgundy.

  19. The First Arch, as true Heir unto thy Father dear, Did set thee in thy Throne, where thy Grandfather sat!

  20. Adrian attributed the employment of the telegraph to John Todhunter's uxorious distress at a toothache, or possibly the first symptoms of an heir to his house.

  21. Young Tom is heir to all the agremens of the Beast.

  22. That is the very reason why you, who may some day be the heir of one of the first houses in England, must never marry Winifred Wynne.

  23. Don't you know that the newspapers were full of long paragraphs about the heir of the Aylwins having left his famous bungalow and gone to Japan?

  24. He died in 1822; but she has survived to see the heir of his name recognized by the world as the heir also of his talents and fame.

  25. While in some cases inheritance may be looked upon as a gift to the heir, in other cases, elsewhere noted, it is partly earned by the heir who has helped to produce it.

  26. But every profligate son is an argument against inheritance; every incompetent heir is an argument in the hands of the enemies of the existing order of society.

  27. But the Electress Sophia died first, and her son, Prince George of Hanover, became the next heir to the throne, a prospect not much to the liking of many in England.

  28. Death of Electress Sophia: George of Hanover now heir to the British throne.

  29. He could stop the wing of a windmill with one hand; on the birthday of the Sultan's heir he hoisted a six-pound cannon on his shoulders and fired it off, and he could break a hard piastre in two when he was in a good humor.

  30. He embraced his wife and the Sultana Asseki, and finally his son, the heir to the throne.

  31. I saw the highest in the land weeping, and Royalty when overcome with grief; for the Heir Presumptive to the English Throne had been cut off and the nation was in mourning.

  32. But the Prince Imperial had made a foolish, boyish will in which he named his cousin, Prince Victor, the eldest son of Prince Napoleon, his heir and successor.

  33. It may be claimed that the Prince was not a man, but a Personage; but it is well to remember that he played cards in his private capacity and not as Heir Apparent.

  34. But the Duke of Teck's pedigree was the trouble, for he is the descendant of a morganatic marriage, and but for that would now be heir to the throne of Wurtemburg.

  35. Who his second wife was we do not know, but it seems probable that he survived her, because she is not mentioned in his will, and in it he constitutes his son Laurence his sole heir and executor.

  36. She was the daughter of Sir Richard Temple of Stowe, and the heir of Viscount Cobham; thus it was through her that the Viscounty and Barony of Cobham came to the family.

  37. The next heir to the crown is a little girl, only a year older than you, Elizabeth.

  38. Albert Yet the revenge, for this intent of mine Hath bred much slaughter in our families, And yet my wife (which infinitely moans me) Intends to marry my sole heir Clarissa To the head branch of the other faction.

  39. Mercy, mercy heaven: Thou heir of all dishonor, shamest thou not to draw This little moisture left for life, thus rudely from me?

  40. In almost so many words he declared that his heir should not receive the fortune if he possessed a single penny that had come to him, in any shape or form, from the man he hated, Edwin Peter Brewster.

  41. The most extraordinary of these conditions was the one which required the heir to be absolutely penniless upon the twenty-sixth anniversary of his birth, September 23d.

  42. You are retained as my agents, heir to report to me through you weekly.

  43. Heir must get rid of money left to him in given time.

  44. If heir wants to try for the big stake he'd better begin quick, because he might slip up if he waits until day of judgment.

  45. If an heir of his controverts the deed, he is to pay a certain sum, and none the less the conveyance is to remain in full force.

  46. May we not be fairly certain that this third heir will get the land on the old terms, if he will 'recognize' the church's right to turn him out?

  47. Old Puffington was, however, what a wise heir esteems a great deal more--an excellent man of business, and amassed mountains of money.

  48. Eunice, reputed to be the sole heir to the Seabright millions, was a girl of great beauty, highly accomplished, and the center of attraction of any group of which she formed a part.

  49. Made heir to all the contempt of the world.

  50. THE HEIR OF LYNNE From Percy's Folio Manuscript.

  51. Then haistylie he did command That all his weir-men should convene; Ilk an well harnisit frae hand, To melt and heir what he did mein.

  52. Grit pitie was to heir and se The noys and dulesum hermonie, That evir that dreiry day did daw!

  53. Ballad: The Heir Of Lynne Of all the lords in faire Scotland A song I will begin: Amongst them all dwelled a lord Which was the unthrifty Lord of Lynne.

  54. All the information that could be given concerning the heir was that he had been living with a certain family in Jersey City, and was now believed to be selling newspapers in this city.

  55. As has been since learned, the friends of the young heir saw the notice which had been inserted by the attorneys, and straightway believed the lad was wanted because of some crime committed.

  56. But Samuel knew better than to quarrel with the attorney at that juncture; so he answered him in the affirmative; and, in five minutes afterwards, the heir and the lawyer were in a coach, driving off to Cockenzie.

  57. Now Samuel had already told Sharp that he was to have no more of the wine; and the question of the attorney, which was a clear forestaller, would have angered any man who was not an heir (five minutes old) of ten thousand.

  58. The old mother tells him, however, of the heir that is to come.

  59. Later, Immanuel finds himself the heir of a vast fortune.

  60. You might see a presumptive heir of a great estate ask blessing of his coachman, and a celebrated toast paying her duty to a valet de chambre.

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    Other words:
    aftermath; conclusion; consequence; descendant; effect; heir; heiress; inheritor; line; lineage; offshoot; offspring; orphan; posterity; recipient; replacement; sequel; succeed; successor

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    heir apparent; heir presumptive