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  1. You seem bent on the conviction he was up to mischief here, around this post.

  2. I won't ask you what you mean; but there's more than one way of getting to town if a man wants to very bad.

  3. He hasn't had the decency to take her a walk, a drive, or anything, since we got here.

  4. To a youngster just entering service, whose ambition it was to stick to business and make a record for zeal and efficiency, these were manifest advantages.

  5. What persons passed your post during that time?

  6. Lieutenant Rollins answered for them and passed them out.

  7. Rollins, there's Indian blood enough in Nina Beaubien's little finger to make me afraid of her.

  8. When Jerrold played wrathful and accused Rollins of mixing in other men's business, Rollins bounced up to him like a young bull-terrier, and I believe there would have been a row had not Sloat and Hoyt promptly interfered.

  9. He knocked us both out," said the colonel.

  10. The matter I have come upon will admit no further delay.

  11. He had accepted the announcement of their engagement.

  12. The captain was tramping up and down the room now, as was his wont when excited; his face was flushed, and his hand clinched.

  13. The Ginger must be very little, not so much as to make the Liquor taste strongly of it, but to quicken it.

  14. A Barrel at Liege holdeth ninety Pots, and a Pot is as much as a Wine quart in England.

  15. Therefore half a spoonful put into the composition, when you take it from the fire, seasoneth it more then ten times as much, put in at the first.

  16. Henrietta Maria sent him once more on the same errand; but the Roman Curia continued to look on him as a "useless and restless man, with scanty wisdom.

  17. When it is almost as cold as Ale-wort, then clear it out into another vessel: Then put Barm upon it, as you do to your Ale, and so let it work.

  18. When it is cold, set it together with some barm, as you do Beer.

  19. Don't you recollect what she said about it at the Carlton--that it is her favourite drink with coffee?

  20. I described Carsphairn to them, and showed them the snapshots of the place which I took surreptitiously when I was up there.

  21. I want you to think better of me, and for that purpose, I want to render you some little service, now that you are to marry.

  22. Her husband, who had lit a cigarette, and was lounging in a chair, agreed with her.

  23. Highly intelligent, and a first-class life.

  24. The light from the open door shone upon his face as he halted to speak to the servant, and then, to their amazement, they recognised the man to be Bernard Boyne.

  25. Scarcely before Marigold had realised that the alarm had sounded, he sprang down, rejoined her, and whispering: "Quick!

  26. Ena, with her innate cunning, had been quick to realise the open friendship which her companion had extended towards her.

  27. We know his habits on week-days, but he may have gone out all day to-day," he replied.

  28. Frenchman's hard reply, in a tone which left no doubt as to his firm intentions.

  29. I do my part, but it is your brain which evolves all this business for which the companies are so eager, and which is so wonderful.

  30. That he was known to the hall-porter was apparent, for the man had saluted him.

  31. He's never been away for more than a week together in all the time I've been with him.

  32. However, as you can see for yourself it has come out quite right; and although I should not advise you to put any great strain on your left arm, I believe that in a very short time it will be as strong as the other.

  33. Do you think that boy is as foolish as he seems?

  34. He has got a nasty wound, and the ticket with him said that three ribs were badly fractured; but I made no examination, as he said he would be fetched the first thing this morning.

  35. Since then everything has been going on as quietly and regularly as usual, while there is scarcely a man left on any of the estates near.

  36. Vincent sprang to his feet as the ropes fell from him, and grasped Tony's hand.

  37. But if they won't work I must make them, so long as I stay here.

  38. As the general had given him three days' leave, Vincent was able to stay to see the close of the affair, and early next morning again rode down to Sewell's Point, as the Merrimac was to start at daybreak.

  39. They took the old horse and two cows; but I hope the old horse will fall down the first time they uses him, and the cow meat will choke them as eats it.

  40. The message had been a somewhat important one, as he wanted the slaves for some work that was urgently required; and he lost his temper, or he would not have done an act which would certainly bring him into collision with Vincent.

  41. I think it is quite likely that there will be active work here as soon as anywhere else," the general said.

  42. Vincent, however, adhered to his wish, and it was arranged that as soon as he could get a nomination he should go to West Point, which is to the American army what Sandhurst and Woolwich are to England.

  43. We are ready to fight the hordes of Yankees and Germans and Irishmen as often as they advance against us, but I am sure that none of us would fire a homestead or ill-treat defenseless men and women.

  44. He knew what he wanted to say, he knew that he wanted to ask her to meet him, and he knew only too well that she would refuse.

  45. Has he spoken to you--not knowing perhaps of your engagement to Tom?

  46. A wonderful expensive tomb, and much admired," said Mrs. Bonner.

  47. So presently when Helen, who retired early, had gone upstairs, Joan slipped a cloak over her shoulders and stole out of the house as surreptitiously as any maid stealing to a love tryst.

  48. She is a spirited gel, full of life and fire and intelligence.

  49. Miss Meredyth was a pupil here at the time you mention, three years ago.

  50. I haven't heard a word of her for five and twenty years.

  51. He just stared at the cottage as he drove past, and I got an idea he smiled, only I ain't sure.

  52. I am asking you to do me the honour of marrying me.

  53. Climbing the hill, my dear, climbing the hill; and when the top was gained, when I stood there in my young manhood, I thought that the world belonged to me.

  54. She could never quite understand the position of Hugh Alston.

  55. And there on that same seat sat a small, dark-eyed maiden, whose rusty bicycle reclined against the railings.

  56. Certainly there were no rocks or caves to be seen such as Meta had described in her story.

  57. Bessy Grey tore her frock or spilt her tea and got one of her crying fits, as happened sometimes, and there was no one--no Cara or Louie to pet the nervous little girl into quiet and content again?

  58. But as long as he's free to go about with his rattlin' old box as was onst a' orgin, he's quite happy.

  59. But she had said outside the town--perhaps the piper was leading all the children, poor darling Baby among them, away into the country, to shut them up for ever as had been done in Hamelin town.

  60. You must manage your lessons as best you can.

  61. Paula smiling and pleased in the pink frock, as Rosy, also smiling and pleased with herself, walked in in the blue!

  62. Tiny, as they called the baby but one, was very ill with bronchitis, the doctor could not say if she would get better, and sometimes it seemed to the poor mother as if it was hardly to be wished that she should.

  63. But though it is really the same, it seems quite, quite different from the story as I heard it long ago.

  64. These pedlars came to be generally called by what they had to sell, as a sort of nickname.

  65. Bless you he comes every Saturday to us for his dinner, as reg'lar as the clock strikes, and has done for many a day.

  66. Sometimes a piece of land was thus occupied which was surrounded by property belonging to those who were not Christian.

  67. The grass is human nature borne down and bleached of all its color by it.

  68. A score of tiny silver bells tinkle from a silken cord around Chinna Tumbe's loins, and the silver whistle with which he calls his cockatoos is suspended from his neck by a chain of gold.

  69. She will pay every time we stop, if it is six times a day.

  70. I once was greatly attracted by one of them; and you, I think, belong to that order.

  71. You are living at one of the up-country stations, where the freer air of the jungle imparts to babes and sucklings a voracious appetite.

  72. Discovering that he hadn't it under his arm, he rushed after the cabman; but he was gone.

  73. Everybody admires the physical training of military and naval schools.

  74. Nine out of every ten of the people I met or passed spoke in a language that to me was as unintelligibly mysterious as the cuneiform characters on Mr. Layard's Nineveh sculptures.

  75. No, thou villain, thou art full of piety, as shall be proved upon thee by good witness.

  76. Sir boy, I'll whip you from your foining fence; Nay, as I am a gentleman, I will.

  77. God knows I lov'd my niece; And she is dead, slander'd to death by villains, That dare as well answer a man indeed As I dare take a serpent by the tongue.

  78. It were as possible for me to say I loved nothing so well as you; but believe me not, and yet I lie not; I confess nothing, nor I deny nothing.

  79. I found him here as melancholy as a lodge in a warren.

  80. Doth not the gentleman Deserve as full as fortunate a bed As ever Beatrice shall couch upon?

  81. I charge thee do so, as thou art my child.

  82. Signior Leonato, let the friar advise you: And though you know my inwardness and love Is very much unto the prince and Claudio, Yet, by mine honour, I will deal in this As secretly and justly as your soul Should with your body.

  83. Yes, I thank God, I am as honest as any man living, that is an old man and no honester than I.

  84. Of bitter moan for you there is small need; But England bows in silent sympathy With her whose love, chance-wounded, all may see Steadfast in suffering undeserved as sore.

  85. On a day which will be known henceforth in the Temple as Bad Friday, we read the new Rules, by which in future it will be possible to have an action--without pleadings!

  86. You may perhaps have noticed what an extremely large orchestra took part in last night's free classical concert; they were English marines disguised as musicians.

  87. Just as easy," he says, "as a boy drawing an animal writes over it 'This is a lion.

  88. This cannot be while Federal legislation, through the imposition of a high tariff, forbids to American manufacturers as cheap materials as those used by their competitors.

  89. Without the faculty of imagination no one can enjoy this work, pictures or no pictures: possessed of the faculty, what need of the illustrations, save so far as they may carry out our own notions of the author's meaning?

  90. Then if you are truly wise, you will cease to close your eyes To the fact that moderation is convincing, and should be In your words, as in our drink.

  91. Surely instead of "sans peur" she should have written "sans purr," as far more applicable to a cat asleep.

  92. Revelado o seu genio, come├žaram os criticos a hesitar sobre a idoneidade do Auctor.

  93. False Turandot, Malicious, cunning, cruel Turandot, Soon as the morning dawns, will have you murdered.

  94. If you don't I wouldn't give as much for your head as I would for a turnip radish.

  95. I had a brother, blind with love, as you are, For Turandot.

  96. What vengeance is so sweet As this: to cradle in security And restfulness an unsuspecting heart, And then from the pinnacle of happiness To dash it down into the blackest hell Of torment?

  97. We can't do with any more head-chopping, Heaven knows, as if they were nothing but lettuces.

  98. How can it be that this Sweet face, these gentle eyes, this soft, white breast, Should harbour such a heart as thou hast said, A heart cold as the snows of yesteryear?

  99. And all the time you share all she has, year in, year out, as far as you are able to.

  100. Princess, your own High understanding cannot fail but see That as your gifts in greater glory shine, As your refusal is more violent, So many more the hearts you set on fire.

  101. The position of the actors is exactly the same as in the First Act.

  102. It really would be a pity, such a fine young fellow as you are.

  103. I was the only one brought to the shore, And I was led in the triumphal train, And given as a slave to Turandot, To wait on the hard-hearted woman who Was cause of all my griefs.

  104. That you should doubt my words Is not such pain as your approaching death.

  105. The Canadian Pacific Railway claims that, if for no other reason, Mr. Smith's discharge was justifiable on the ground of neglect of duty.

  106. In some instances where the offences merited imprisonment a fine was allowed instead, and this was accepted by the Alliance President, who believed that justice should be tempered with mercy.

  107. The Company may summon to its defence any other reasons for Mr. Smith's dismissal that it chooses.

  108. We have given Mr. Smith communication of your letter, that he may reply to these if he sees best.

  109. Smith, from his position as station agent of the Canadian Pacific Railway at Sutton Junction.

  110. Silcox, as expressed by him from the pulpit of Emanuel Church, Montreal.

  111. An example of what intemperance among railway employees often means may be found in the Craigs' Road disaster, which occurred on the Grand Trunk in July, 1895.

  112. Kelly said he supposed from this letter that he had done nothing for which he could be arrested, and, therefore, after reading it, did not try to hide again.

  113. The party was composed of Superintendent Silas H.

  114. Two other witnesses testified to having seen Howarth and Kelly together at Sutton, on May 24th, where it was given out that the latter was from the United States, and was buying horses.

  115. Until then, however, I must say that I shall not travel on one mile of the C.

  116. Instead of copying the account of the assault which follows the above, we will describe the facts as nearly as possible as they have been related by the victim himself.

  117. It describes many of the events which led to Mr. Smith's dismissal, and seems to show plainly the real cause of that dismissal in spite of all later contradictions.

  118. It occupies a good deal of room, but will be read with extreme interest as showing just how a money corporation looks on the liberties of its servants.

  119. At the back of the stage the great velvet traverses through which the actors made their exits and entrances, hung in dark folds, sombre as the folds of a pall.

  120. Mistress Blossom, I care not to live to be as old as thou art.

  121. The whispered words of admiration that caught his ear as Debora stood beside him here and there in the public gardens and places of amusement, were as honey to his taste.

  122. Here come the waits, Dad, as motley a crowd as ever.

  123. And now I will away, as 'tis best, but my brother will stay, and carry out thy orders.

  124. Truly the gods had been good to this player--for first of all their gifts is such a golden-toned voice as he had brought into this world of sorry discords.

  125. Tis not his fault, in sooth, for no living man could quite understand or say the words as they should be said, but none the less it doth sorely try my patience.

  126. Ah, then, that's what I misremember, and I had it all right this morning.

  127. Sybella, who, while she could not refrain from a burst of laughter, became deep scarlet at her friend's hardihood.

  128. Aye," chorused in some half dozen friends of the woman--"nothing stands the wind like the thatch.

  129. And did you hear what the ould gentleman said then?

  130. If a high soaring imagination and elevated tone of thought were depicted in the one, the other, not less forcibly realized the mute and trembling eagerness of impassioned interest.

  131. It might appear an ungenerous theme to dwell on; but how often are our friendships suggested by self-love?

  132. If the doctor anticipated but little enjoyment in the society of Sir Archy, neither did the latter hope for any pleasure to himself from Roach's company.

  133. How then should he satisfy the French that his position was such as entitled him to their confidence?

  134. As long as hope remained of saving the unity of Christendom without degrading England into a vassal State of the Empire, Henry did not mean to break it.

  135. So long as danger is not feared from without, Parliament will agree to all that he wishes.

  136. The case was the harder, as he knew that her conduct had been dictated by her mother, and he was therefore obliged to keep them separate.

  137. The reader must be from time to time reminded that, as the law of England has stood ever since, a marriage with a brother's widow was not a marriage.

  138. This last move showed that he was as little disposed to apply the remedy[158] as he had been.

  139. Sentence passed as a matter of course, and then More spoke out.

  140. I feared it would be so," he said, "knowing as I do the heart and temper of the Queen.

  141. The domestic reasons for it were as weighty as ever were alleged for similar separations.

  142. But the imperious pride of Henry insisted on the form as well as the substance--on extorting a definite confession in words as well as a practical acknowledgment.

  143. Letters from Ortiz brought her news of the Pope's continued indecision--an indecision fatal, as she considered it, to the Church and to herself.

  144. The King's scruples of conscience, instead of abating, were on the increase, owing to the opinions of others who thought as he did, and no one in the world could turn him.

  145. Do your own duty towards her, following the King's commandment, as I am assured that you do and will do, and you shall find me your good lady, whatever comes.

  146. But Norfolk as much admired Catherine as he disliked his niece, and there were probably few English statesmen who did not regret that a public cause should have been tainted by a love-affair.

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    because; being; considering; equally; evenly; for; identically; indifferently; like; now; proportionately; since; thus; toward; whereas

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