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  1. I never did see thet boys was either useful enough, or ornamental enough, to make such a fuss over 'em!

  2. I guess I don't make such bad biscuit after all," she said.

  3. But there must be some reason beside good-will that prompted that boy to give you such a present.

  4. Even the gruffest boy could scarcely escape from such a net--and Neale O'Neil was never impolite.

  5. Ruth explained to the big-hearted German widow how they came to be struggling in the storm at such an hour.

  6. So the chief present the girls bought this Christmas for Aunt Sarah was a handsome sewing table, its drawers well supplied with all manner of threads, silks, wools, and such like materials.

  7. Mrs. MacCall wiped her eyes, declaring that "such goings-on wrung the tears out o' her jest like water out of a dishclout!

  8. To tell the truth she had tried this caper before--but never at such an early hour.

  9. Not so much that the paper speaks well of you, but because of your ability to do such a thing," said the oldest Corner House girl.

  10. They could not understand such an evidently kind-hearted tamer of wild beasts doing such a cruel thing!

  11. Milton had never seen such an exhibition before, and a crowd turned out--many more people than could possibly get into the place at once.

  12. They had never had such a fine time on that national festival before, although they were all alone--just the regular family--at the table.

  13. The doctor and his wife were a childless couple and that was why, perhaps, they both had developed such a deep interest in the four girls who made the old Stower homestead so bright and lively.

  14. It does for people who are not fond of one another, or for people who do not feel such things; but for two people who are in love, and one of them a hypersensitive musician--bah!

  15. No wonder men say such hard things about women; we simply destroy all the sentiment that is in them by our eagerness to cash it at once, and then we go in for a cheap cynicism and call them heartless brutes.

  16. It is such a blessing to meet some one who is content with the age as it is--bah!

  17. Why, there is no such thing as charity left now; haven't you learnt that from Sir Marcus?

  18. There is such a platonic friendship between them, you know.

  19. I use art in its highest, its only real sense, as meaning music only; such imitative branches as literature and painting will not then be practised.

  20. Dear Lady Joan, you must forgive the emotions of a foolish old mother; I assure you I am never flurried like this; but even the best of housekeepers would be disturbed by such a sudden event.

  21. Lettice, always told her it was an unnecessary thing to have such a tribe of them; but there!

  22. Squire gasped and recovered himself--"It's my duty as a father to withhold my forgiveness; what else is a poor man to do when he has such an enormous family?

  23. Of course if you didn't like me it might work better, because then I should have to make you fall in love with me, and that would prevent it from being such a deadly dull affair.

  24. Mrs. Haxtell belonged to such a class, and it did not in the least disturb her method that her husband had usually filled the pewter pot before she had finished inviting her customer to have it.

  25. I dared not send such a message lest such orders would be returned as I caused to be given to you.

  26. Such was the case but it is so no longer since we number you among us," replied the Kildare.

  27. And the Sons of God saw that the Daughters of Man were fair, and they took of them wives, such as they chose.

  28. It was to such a world that the Jovians came.

  29. I can see no reason why evolution should follow a different path there than it has here," replied Attomanis, "but millions of years will pass before you lose your atmosphere to such an extent as we have.

  30. Lura cried out in warning, but Damis had anticipated such a move.

  31. While the Grand Mognac believes that Earth is their destination, never before have the Jovians approached us in such force and it may be that Tubain will try to avenge his former defeats by an attack in force.

  32. My brain could not conceive of such a stupendous plan.

  33. I have the right to appeal to Tubain from such a sentence.

  34. Havenner reported to Glavour that you had made such a resistance that it was impossible to follow his orders and bring you back alive.

  35. At such a temperature, even stellanium has less strength than the most brittle substance.

  36. It was that of a butterfly, but such a butterfly as they had never imagined.

  37. Your mother was Hortan's only wife and he honored her as such, and meant that the Nepthalim should in time rule the Earth, but Glavour had no such ideas.

  38. I thank you for that mark of respect, Nepthalim," came a thought wave from the Grand Mognac, "but such forms are obsolete on Mars.

  39. With the course set to his satisfaction, he gave orders for the stern motors to be operated at such a power as to give the highest acceleration consistent with comfort for the crew.

  40. For it is unbecoming and highly censurable, when upon a serious theme, to introduce such jests as are proper at a dinner, or any sort of loose talk.

  41. For otherwise we cannot maintain such progress as we have made in the direction of virtue.

  42. But Ajax, with the temper he is represented as having, would have chosen to meet death a thousand times rather than suffer such indignities!

  43. And in making them even in such cases, the rule of the golden mean is best.

  44. Such was the effect of this epithet upon Marcus Brutus, the scion of a very noble family and the son of that Brutus who was an eminent authority in the civil law.

  45. For the war was being carried on with a legitimate, declared enemy; and to regulate our dealings with such an enemy, we have our whole fetial[CE] code as well as many other laws that are binding in common between nations.

  46. For the question no longer concerns the wrath of the gods (for there is no such thing) but the obligations of justice and good faith.

  47. Such conduct, however, is so remote from moral duty that nothing can be more completely opposed to duty.

  48. And therefore such sharp practice is under all circumstances to be avoided.

  49. He dressed and looked the "war correspondent," such a one as he would describe in one of his stories.

  50. Swanson considered to whom he might send a farewell message, but as in his mind he passed from one friend to another, he saw that to each such a greeting could bring only distress.

  51. Hemingway smiled back with such intimate understanding that Lady Firth glanced up inquiringly.

  52. This department," he explained, "under three administrations has instructed four ministers to arrange such a treaty.

  53. As to the progress of the conference, only such information or misinformation--if the diplomats considered it better--as was mutually agreed upon by the plenipotentiaries was given to a waiting world.

  54. But no such heroics were required of him.

  55. In that case," said the officer, "you will suggest to them that we fled in such haste we had no time to dismantle it.

  56. It has been such a long six months; and before you earn three thousand dollars I shall be an old, old maid.

  57. In all the world there were only two such cups, and as though he were dodging the slash of a bolo, Lee leaped into the shop.

  58. She's such a nice gell; not a bit like an American.

  59. The sufferings of the people, with such a government, did not, however, create great solicitude; the same old course of folly and extravagance was pursued by the court.

  60. They came from Denmark, and some of their chieftains won a great name in their generation, such as Harold, Canute, Sweyn, and Rollo.

  61. But their acquittal was impossible in such a state of national alarm and horror.

  62. Such was this enterprising nobleman, to whom the emperor Ferdinand committed so great authority.

  63. But, in such a corrupt age, false witnesses could easily be procured.

  64. Such was the state of things when Louis XVI.

  65. He expired in 1661; and no minister after him was intrusted with such great power.

  66. Both Wesley and Whitefield were demanded by their times, and only such men as they were could have succeeded.

  67. But she carefully avoided giving any offence, and managed with such consummate prudence, that she was preserved for the future glory and welfare of the realm.

  68. In short, he demanded sovereign authority; and with such humiliating terms the emperor, in his necessities, was obliged to comply.

  69. With such ministers as Cranmer and Cromwell, the measures of Henry were now prompt and bold.

  70. It had rightly argued that such a condemnation could not be issued without a trial.

  71. The reputation of each of them has risen to such a point that, except for injudicious and exaggerated praise, it can have little to fear in the future; and in each case this reputation is based primarily upon autobiography.

  72. To men of such close and restricted horizons the breath of the Romany Rye is as that of "the wind on the heath, brother.

  73. A small troup to man such a ship, and a weake garrison to resist so mighty an army.

  74. This is the little girl, sir," said the wardrobe woman, excitedly, proud at being the means of bringing together two such prominent people.

  75. Walters had a dignified and repellent air about him, and he brushed his hair in such a way as to conceal his baldness.

  76. But the man held back and began to whine and complain that they wouldn't let the likes of him in such a fine place.

  77. He would have to countermand the dinner which he had ordered over half an hour before, and he would have to explain who he was to those other servants who had always regarded him as such a great gentleman.

  78. The one exception was the smallest of them, a very, very little girl, with long auburn hair and black eyes; such a very little girl that every one in the house looked at her first, and then looked at no one else.

  79. Such sharp eyes and soft walk, like a cat!

  80. Surely such astute, far-seeing men as Mallowe and Rockamore are, at least, would not have attempted such a gigantic fraud if they'd anticipated the possibility of being discovered!

  81. As to the possibility of a conspiracy, you will realize the absurdity of such an idea when I deliver to you the message with which I was charged.

  82. Such a one who came to him for advice in her distress was the wife of Herbert Armstrong.

  83. I never knew before that such love could exist in the world!

  84. They must be mistaken--those who gave you such information.

  85. Such a day, balmy and gloriously bright, found four people seated together in the spacious, sunny morning-room of a great house on Belleair Avenue.

  86. There is only one man in this country who is capable of such perfect work.

  87. All things considered, it may not be such a pity, after all!

  88. No wonder poor old Jimmy Brunell was all broken up when he received such a message.

  89. But I will try not to entertain such thoughts.

  90. You must put all such morbid fancies from your mind.

  91. What a pity that she should fancy herself in love with such a man as you describe this Paddington to be!

  92. Among the authorities opposed to the occupation of Candahar were such men as the late Lord Lawrence and General Charles Gordon, Sir Robert Montgomery, Lord Wolseley, Sir Henry Norman, Sir John Adye, and Sir Archibald Alison.

  93. Shah Soojah would not see the man whom he had ingloriously supplanted, on the pretext that he 'could not bring himself to show common civility to such a villain.

  94. Of the necessity of some such form of reprisals an example is afforded in an experience which befell General Baker a few days later in this same Maidan region.

  95. Probably the Ameer, had he desired, would not have dared to concede such demands on any terms, no matter how full of advantage.

  96. His reply was that the tribes might be hostile, but that if no long halts were made by the way he would have no objections to such a march.

  97. It is well,' he wrote, 'as the Dost must have suffered much humiliation in being subjected to such an ordeal.

  98. It was not likely that a man of Roberts' nature would demean himself to take any notice of such overtures.

  99. But not a little credit is due to Skookum, for at the critical moment he had sprung on the ruffian's bare and abundant leg with such toothsome effect that the owner fell promptly backward and the knife thrust missed.

  100. There is never any question about such and such a voice being that of an English officer.

  101. Those who know nothing of the race will scoff and say they never heard of such a thing as a singing and religious red man.

  102. His heart beat louder and louder, so it seemed everything near must hear; but he kept on his careful stalk, and at last had reached the thicket that had given him such thrills and hopes.

  103. Imagine an American woman saying "No" at such a time.

  104. There was only one possible answer to such an offer--they stayed.

  105. She was bright and happy, full of the childish joy that belongs to that age, and engaged on such an important errand for the first time in her life.

  106. The Americans were averse to employing Indians in warfare; the British entertained no such scruples and had many red-skinned allies.

  107. It hath even been made a personal charge against myself, and with much bitterness I am held up as unzealous for allowing such a nefarious stronghold of Satan to continue on mine own demesne, and harbour one, escaped, as it were, from grace.

  108. Hoag's torrent of bad language had been quickly checked by the threat of turning Skookum loose on his legs, and he looked such a grovelling beast that presently the visitors decided to leave him with a warning.

  109. You can mostly get them this way; sure, if you have a dog to help, but ruffed grouse is no such fool.

  110. This is health insurance of such vital importance that millions of women bake at home just to be sure that Royal Baking Powder is used.

  111. He can never have had such frolics in the fields as we enjoyed in those ecstatic summer mornings.

  112. He knows very well that he can beat any man in the country on level terms, and in such races he will only put forth just as much effort as is needed to get ahead of his opponent.

  113. I promised to accompany him, and to fill up such time as he found it impossible or inconvenient to occupy.

  114. We may easily form a stupid habit of giving the landlord notice whenever the river happens to rise; and we forget that it is from just such movements--such goings and such stayings--that life as a whole takes its tint and colour.

  115. Little children do not attend political dinners such as Lord Beaconsfield adorned; nor Courts of Justice such as Lord Cockburn addressed; nor Royal chapels like that in which Dr.

  116. I was, therefore, just on the point of setting them an example when one of them exclaimed excitedly, 'Wait a second; I had such a lovely bite!

  117. There is nothing in the name of John or in that of Mary to account for such general attachment.

  118. He will be amazed at his own earlier readiness to resort to such a cumbrous and complicated system when a smaller transition would have ushered him into his kingdom.

  119. And thus,' as Oliver Cromwell finely says, 'to be a seeker is to be of the best sect next to a finder, and such an one shall every faithful humble seeker be at the end.

  120. Would it not be the height of absurdity to call such a man fickle and inconsistent because he had repeatedly altered his judgement?

  121. Now no man who was really fond of the esculent and homely fungus would have employed such a metaphor by way of disparagement.

  122. Ah, she should see he was not to be enticed away from the stronghold of his principles by any such alluring snare.

  123. Still, I agree with you that it's just as well for us to be clear of such a thing; let me think.

  124. Having now terminated the introduction with which he was accustomed to preface his remarks on all such occasions, he regarded the girl in the chair opposite him benignly.

  125. She had donned a short khaki skirt and a pair of riding leggings such as she had been accustomed to wear in the West, and the broad sombrero crowning her golden hair outlined it like a halo.

  126. She had calculated with such nicety that the engine was puffing round the bend in the track when she alighted on the platform.

  127. Traveling was not such a commonplace event that it had ceased to be entertaining.

  128. Well," she observed with undiminished amusement, "I've evidently got to be on my good behavior if I want to keep such an independent young lady as you in the house.

  129. But indeed I couldn't think of letting you do my work, especially on such a hot day as this.

  130. She would get him to buy her a cultivator such as he used in his own garden, and a wheel-hoe.

  131. Caleb Saunders, the witness Mr. Benton had brought with him, next wrote his name, forming each letter with such conscientiousness that Ellen could hardly wait until the painstaking and elaborate ceremonial was completed.

  132. It is not for such as him, or such as me.

  133. What excuse can you give to him for making him decline such an offer as mine?

  134. No one ever had such a mother as I have had.

  135. But she finds great pleasure in such retrospections, great pleasure.

  136. Are you serious in putting forward such a view?

  137. I always tell him that no younger son has ever had such good luck as he has had.

  138. Gerald has been having such a long talk with Lord Illingworth; I am sure you must feel very much flattered at the pleasant way in which everything has turned out for him.

  139. I hear you have such pleasant society in America.

  140. But good women have such limited views of life, their horizon is so small, their interests are so petty, aren't they?

  141. There are such a number of details that are so very, very important.

  142. Did you ever hear such a thing, Caroline?

  143. It is very strange that when I have had such a wonderful piece of good luck, the one person to put difficulties in my way should be my own mother.

  144. It is not customary in England, Miss Worsley, for a young lady to speak with such enthusiasm of any person of the opposite sex.

  145. If you imagine he is quite happy in such a position, you are mistaken.

  146. I couldn't believe that any women could really hold such views of life as I have heard to-night from some of your guests.

  147. Barty had never heard such a noise in his life, but inside the cave everything was dry and warm and comfortable.

  148. Every single thing," and he said it with such a peculiar smile that Barty knew there was some secret in his mind and he wondered what it was, but he did not ask because he felt sure that the Good Wolf would tell him some time.

  149. They have such crooked swords and such curly black mustaches.

  150. Such a good plan that: Never to throw a stone at anything.

  151. You've got such stout little legs, and you always seem to be enjoying yourself.

  152. It was so cool and lovely and splashy and it was such fun to pretend he was going to let a wave catch him and then turn and run, shouting and laughing away from it, that for a few moments he almost forgot about the Good Wolf.

  153. The wind made such a noise that they could hardly hear each other's voices.

  154. It was such a very tall tree and there were so many monkeys in it and they were making such a noise that they never could have heard him if he hadn't shouted.

  155. We spoke like this for such a long time that now we can't make our voices sound polite at all.

  156. Barty's stout little legs were flying over the ground faster than they had ever flown before, and he was in such a hurry he could scarcely find breath to speak, but he gave a little gasping laugh.

  157. There was such a lot of chattering and squeaking at this that Barty thought it must mean "yes.

  158. And Man Saturday seemed so pleased and the Good Wolf thought it such a good idea, that Barty was delighted and hugged his new little black friend quite tight in his arms.

  159. But then the Pirate Captain frowned such an awful frown that Barty began to feel a little frightened again.

  160. Such was the case, for instance, in the Hellenistic kingdoms, and in the age of the Caesars.

  161. One answer to it is this: There is more reason to expect variety of development and character in a generally educated than in an ignorant community; there is no such uniformity as the dull level of ignorance.

  162. There is no such subordination as authorizes us to destroy one another.

  163. His contemporary, Morelly, who published the Basileade in 1753, was troubled by no such ambiguity.

  164. Then quickly issued my command The men should take them overland; And such as were too large to drag on, Should be convey’d upon a waggon.

  165. Such a spectacle is worthy of such a people: such a people are deserving of the superior blessings they possess.

  166. After such notice has been received, no other notice for the delivery of an address on the same day will be valid.

  167. People were convoyed home from the suburbs, such as Hampstead and Kensington, and The Penny London Post (Jan.

  168. Public opinion did not coincide in the propriety of such a building, on such a site, and the residents in the neighbourhood raised especial objections.

  169. His Royal Highness considered that such Collection and Exhibition should consist of the following divisions: Raw Materials.

  170. It was numerously attended, and especially by large numbers of Irish labourers, whose hatred of Garibaldi excited their fighting blood to such an extent that a serious riot ensued, which a violent downpour of rain helped to stop.

  171. But you yourself speak of such stories as legends.

  172. If such was the case, he would find evidence of Reginald's intellectual burglaries, and possibly be able to regain a part of his lost self that had been snatched from him by the relentless dream-hand.

  173. You must pardon me," he commenced, "if I monopolise the conversation, but the revelations I have to make are of such a nature that I may well claim your attention.

  174. He could not be measured by ordinary standards, this dazzling madman, whose diseased will-power had assumed such uncanny proportions.

  175. But I always feared that he would come to such an end.

  176. Timidly he dared approach once more the strange event that had wrought such havoc with his nervous equilibrium.

  177. Stealth, trickery, the outfit of the knave, were legitimate weapons in such a fight.

  178. I was not such a nervous wreck before I met you.

  179. A little shaken in his confidence, Ernest resumed: "Reginald is utterly incapable of such an action, even granting that he possessed the terrible power of which you speak.

  180. Such crises come to every man who writes.

  181. Such fancies came to Ernest as he lay on the shore in his bathing attire, happy, thoughtless,--animal.

  182. Of the officers having a judicial function, such as land and claims commissioners, territorial judges, justices in the District of Columbia, none were removed.

  183. Such fanciful speculation the Republicans, led by Van Buren, opposed with strong and heated protests, in tone not unlike the Liberal protests of 1878 in England against Disraeli's Jingo policy.

  184. After using the wise and seemingly pertinent language of Washington against such foreign involvements, Van Buren skillfully referred to the very Prussian treaty which the President had cited in his message to the House.

  185. As such he turned all his skill and industry to win a victory for Jackson and Calhoun.

  186. But such denials were widely disbelieved by the slaveholders.

  187. But he could not ignore a matter of such magnitude to their constituents.

  188. But it was to be remembered, he continued, that after a few more such Federalist victories the ruin of Federalism had been complete.

  189. These, he said, were his own views; and such were "the prevailing sentiments of our constituents.

  190. It is a curious appreciation with which reputable historians have received such stories from irresponsible or anonymous sources; for they deserve as little credence as those told of Lincoln's frivolity or indecency.

  191. The States which approved the convention sent delegates in such number as suited their convenience.

  192. But of the disposition and capacity of the American people to resist such encroachments as our political history recorded, there were, he said, without naming either Adams, "two prominent and illustrious instances.

  193. Not only losses, but breakages, tearings, all such annoyances were laid to the account of the bad fairy.

  194. I quite believe that a tidy fairy would find plenty to do in your room, if such a being existed," she said.

  195. I have dipped deep into learning, for my abilities are, I am told, considerable; I have even of late in a sort of despair tried to find content in enjoyment of less elevated kinds, such as seems to satisfy many men.

  196. I will tell you a little story which has often served as a warning to me in such a case.

  197. We'll say nothing to Lilly--it would be cruel to raise her hopes again on such a chance," he said.

  198. Mamma said it was quite like an old-fashioned English inn, such as they used to be in the coaching days.

  199. It was such a funny place where the gentleman of the canaries, as Anna called him, lived.

  200. There were such beautiful walks all about, and from the end of every street one could see the fields and trees, so you see it wasn't a bit like a town.

  201. It is a shame for you to have such trouble for us.

  202. Young Billy felt so gay himself He danced with Sally Lunn, He never knew a cake walk Was such a lot of fun.

  203. In rage he shook his candy cane, As will such angry kings; And roared, “It’s plain to see your fare Lacks most essential things.

  204. Such, then, was the professor's boarder, and such was the purpose for which he became so.

  205. Never seed her in such a quandary in my life.

  206. The truth is, that I have lately met with such reverses as have entirely ruined me.

  207. She felt and knew that it was wrong to indulge such emotions; but she could not help it.

  208. I trust they are such as to merit the approbation of both.

  209. He had a high-crowned hat on, such as Johnny had never seen in his life before; an enormous pair of breeches; and a pipe a yard long in his mouth.

  210. With a tithe of the courage necessary for such a retreat, a man would have stood and fought till he died.

  211. Such were you, Alice Scott, when you first darted across our path on the hills.

  212. And yet you would fain persuade me that you wish the charm reversed, and that you were just such an obscure salt-water man as myself!

  213. But such was the influence of Elspeth, that they departed from the midst of the Faas unmolested, and she accompanied them.

  214. I am much too delicate to make and keep such appointments in the winter season.

  215. It seemed to open with such promise--such foreboding of a most strange tale to be unfolded.

  216. Then she had to dress in her freshest and fairest attire of white muslin: the perfect fineness of the day and the solemnity of the occasion warranted, and even exacted, such costume.

  217. I thought it shameful that, willing and able as I was to work, I suld be i' such a condition that a young cratur about the age o' my own eldest lass suld think it needful to come and offer me her bit o' brass.

  218. He has plenty of hair; on the temples were many such round curls.

  219. Such a Sunday school as you will have, Cary!

  220. Such ladies as come to try their life's luck here at Hollow's Cottage may, by a very little clever female artifice, cajole the mistress of the house, and have the game all in their own hands.

  221. It is singularly reviving after such hurricanes to feel calm return, and from the opening clouds to receive a consolatory gleam, softly testifying that the sun is not quenched.

  222. Her sole book in such hours was the dim chronicle of memory or the sibyl page of anticipation.

  223. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "such" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    ally; analogue; associate; brother; cognate; companion; complement; coordinate; correlate; correspondent; counterpart; equivalent; fellow; image; like; likeness; mate; obverse; parallel; pendant; picture; reciprocal; said; similitude; simulacrum; sister; such; suchlike; tally; twin

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    such and; such are; such case; such cases; such circumstances; such manner; such matters; such men; such occasions; such persons; such places; such that; such thing; such things; such times; such was; such wise; such words