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Example sentences for "amazed"

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amatorious; amatory; amaurosis; amavit; amaze; amazedly; amazement; amazes; amazing; amazingly
  1. The ships and pinnaces arriving at the town, the Indians were amazed and terrified at the sight of them, especially at hearing their cannon thunder, when they came to anchor.

  2. The captains were quite amazed at this resolution, and used great entreaties to persuade him to alter it, but all in vain; so that at last they were obliged to comply with his earnest request, in writing to Captain Froade.

  3. He was amazed and aggrieved--profoundly, bitterly--with the immense and blank desolation of a small child robbed of a toy.

  4. He was so amazed that for a time he absolutely forgot his own existence.

  5. Willems, looking at this strange, muffled figure, felt exasperated, amazed and helpless.

  6. Lingard listened, fascinated and amazed like a child listening to a fairy tale, and, when Willems stopped for breath, he shuffled his feet a little.

  7. I shall do nothing of the sort," blurted Treves, amazed at the absurd proposal.

  8. It was now the turn of the amazed Archbishop of Cologne to rise to his feet.

  9. I never knew until yesterday and to-day what a capable fellow you were, and when I remember that I nominated Kurzbold for our leader before Roland appeared on the scene, I am amazed at my lack of judgment of men.

  10. And he stood in like manner amazed before her.

  11. There he amazed every one by the strictness of his life, and his untiring observance of all the monastic rules.

  12. The most finished thing about it was the eyes, which amazed his contemporaries; the very smallest, barely visible veins in them being reproduced on the canvas.

  13. Glancing into them, he was amazed to find them empty.

  14. Even the foreign engineers were amazed at tactics heretofore unknown to them, and said then and there, in the presence of all, "These Zaporozhtzi are brave fellows.

  15. I remember Pyecroft's bending back, the surge of the driven dinghy, a knot of amazed faces as we skimmed the Cryptic's ram, and the dropped jaw of the midshipman in her whaler when we barged fairly into him.

  16. Now it was seven years since Manawyddan had seen man or beast in that place, and the sight amazed him.

  17. Tephany, but her aunt, amazed at such words, would hardly let her finish.

  18. Coventry is amazed at, and says we are a people made up for destruction, and will do what he can to prevent all this by getting the King to provide wherewith to pay them.

  19. Coventry called me down with him to his chamber, and there told me that he is leaving the Duke of York's service, which I was amazed at.

  20. When Miss Vrain rose to greet him, Lucian was amazed to see how beautiful and stately she was.

  21. Yet she seemed to have some activity about her, too, for she opened the door personally to Lucian, who was quite amazed when he beheld her monstrous bulk blocking up the doorway.

  22. Madame Blanc had been amazed at the extent and particularity of the Prussians' knowledge of the town, and of her inn.

  23. And at that his face glowed with sudden, amazed assurance.

  24. Then the smile dropped and left the amazed and naked face quivering before their eyes.

  25. If Mike Murphy was surprised by his first sight of the humble dwelling and grounds, he was amazed when he stepped across the threshold.

  26. Standing in the middle of the room the candidate amazed his listeners.

  27. Left to my thoughts, I felt amazed that such a place as the Great Pine Forest should be so little known to the Philadelphians, scarcely any of whom could direct me towards it.

  28. I did so because I was amazed at the appearance of things around me, which in fact looked so different then from what they seemed at night, that it took some minutes' reflection to account for the change.

  29. Mrs. Dundyke turned her face to the amazed listeners, who had risen from their seats.

  30. Viktor Fedorovich Volodin was amazed he'd managed to make his way this far, from the fiery intersection at the base of the Acropolis all the way down Leoforos Amalias, without his frayed facade of calm completely disintegrating.

  31. The thrust required to take Daedalus I airborne was less than that needed for a vertically launched space shuttle, since lift was gained from the wings, but still he was always amazed by the G-forces the vehicle developed on takeoff.

  32. Each stretched himself on one of the beautiful divans and was going to rest, when suddenly both started up, amazed by what they heard.

  33. When the gentleman saw this, he was perfectly amazed and said: "Hoho!

  34. Scarcely had Petru struck the pillars when something happened--I don't know how--that utterly amazed him.

  35. Yet what amazed me still more was to hear the ox talk.

  36. The Colonel knew the Governor's upright moral character as an individual, and was amazed that such a man could condescend to what he considered dirty trickery.

  37. Lillie was amazed and shocked at discovering how little she missed him.

  38. I was amazed at this, and began to wonder at the sudden termination of the concert.

  39. But at this moment they were amazed by a scream outside the house.

  40. I read it again a year or two ago, for some reason, and was amazed to see how tame it had become.

  41. I confess I was amazed and intensely curious by this time.

  42. When he turned at last and inquired the time we were all amazed that two hours and more had slipped away.

  43. Every learned man who enters Ruloff's presence leaves it amazed and confounded by his prodigious capabilities and attainments.

  44. Marrion, accustomed to the rigid rules made by men, listened amazed and interested; but indeed every word that fell from Princess Pauloffski's lips seemed to tighten the bond between them.

  45. She thought, amazed at the poverty of her own imagination, on the dread with which she had first viewed the heights of Alma.

  46. Now she saw me in the light, plainly commonplace; and remembering myself lame, I stood amazed at the audacity with which I had laid claim to her.

  47. I was amazed and humbled to find that she rated my ability to make music as a lofty art among the occult sciences.

  48. Now, the amazed comments of two Vermont farmers on the nature and properties of a swag-bellied god are worth hearing.

  49. Before the amazed rumble from the hall died away, Sinclair had acted.

  50. Scratching a match on his trousers, the cowpuncher was amazed to hear Jig cry: "You lie!

  51. But instead of viewing the weary face with pity, Sinclair burst into sudden and amazed profanity.

  52. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "amazed" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    agape; aghast; agog; amazed; astounded; awestruck; beguiled; bewildered; bewitched; breathless; captivated; confounded; daze; dumbfounded; enchanted; enraptured; enthralled; entranced; fascinated; flabbergasted; gaping; hypnotized; mesmerized; overwhelmed; puzzled; spellbound; staggered; staring; stupefied; surprised; thunderstruck; wondering