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Example sentences for "agape"

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agam; agamic; agan; agane; aganis; agaric; agas; agast; agat; agate
  1. Let fun a-screaming in Parabasis, Find food for folk agape at either end, Mad for amusement!

  2. Stamp out the nature that's best typified By its embodiment in Peter's Dome, The scorpion-body with the greedy pair Of outstretched nippers, either colonnade Agape for the advance of heads and hearts!

  3. At the sight of yawning hell, such nostrils--snouts that sniffed Sulphur, such mouths agape ready to swallow flame!

  4. Everyone stood there, agape at the beauty of these two.

  5. Everyone stood there agape at the sudden vision, and they looked at each other like wooden puppets.

  6. Phil gazed at the man, then he turned to Martin and knew he was not mistaken, for Martin's mouth was agape and he was on the very point of crying out.

  7. Now when he said this, Black Roger stared agape and even the archer's tongue failed him for once; but Walkyn smiled and gripped his axe.

  8. Here Mr. Shrig thrust a hand into his pocket,--then his pipe shivered to fragments on the stone floor and he started up, mouth agape and eyes staring.

  9. As he spoke, John Barty rose up out of his chair, his eyes wide, his mouth agape with utter astonishment.

  10. The days of their death were observed as special holy seasons with vigil services, Agape and oblations at their graves.

  11. The Westerns regarded the day of Christ’s death as properly a day of mourning, and only at the end of the pre-Easter fast on the day of the Resurrection introduced the celebration of the Agape and the Lord’s Supper.

  12. In the 4th century the celebration of the Agape and Supper at the grave was still frequent.

  13. She grew hot with anger at the inconsiderateness of the stranger in proposing such a sacrifice, hotter than ever at the thought of the three young sisters agape to hear her answer.

  14. In hoc apparuit ephanerothe he agape tou caritas Dei in nobis, Theou en hemin, hoti ton quoniam Filium Suum yion autou ton monogene unigenitum misit Deus apestalken ho Theos eis in mundum, ut vivamus ton kosmon, hina zesomen per Eum.

  15. In agape esti, kai ho menon hoc perfecta est nobiscum en te agape en to Theo caritas ut fiduciam menei, kai ho Theos en habeamus in die iudicii auto.

  16. In hos kai he agape autou intellegimus quoniam teteleiomene estin en in eum manemus et hemin.

  17. Harris stood with mouth agape in mute astonishment when Carmen, whom he had constituted his interpreter, translated to him the story.

  18. Morales fell back and stood with mouth agape in astonishment.

  19. It was Dawvys, clothing disheveled, mouth agape with running.

  20. Blue-tinged, mouth agape and eyes upturned without sight, there lay a priest, half over the lip of the shaft.

  21. It was being bandied from mouth to mouth in those days; for the Mohammedan crowd was also agape for wonders.

  22. All this time the Sheriff had been staring with wide-open eyes and mouth agape at the tall man-at-arms, who stood as though carved out of stone.

  23. Arthur a Bland was worse off than any, for his mouth was open, agape with wonder of what was to come, so that a great cloud of flour flew down his throat, setting him a-coughing till he could scarcely stand.

  24. All this time the Corn Engrosser had been staring at Robin, his mouth agape with wonder.

  25. With us, indeed, a very moderate degree of genius is sufficient for this purpose; in small societies folks are set agape by small circumstances.

  26. There is really nothing to buy that is of much use, but we stand agape at the window of an ironmonger's shop, fingering the money in our pockets, and wondering whether to buy an axe or a mincing machine.

  27. And as before, was every mouth agape from squire's to scullion's, as he sang.

  28. He would not take any amount of quadrivium as a substitute for honest living, and next after honest living he valued a peaceable, meek, conformist spirit, which was not always agape for division and the sowing of discords.

  29. The lesser men were agape for the sight, but Hugh answered, "In the Lord's name let them keep the signs of their infidelity to themselves.

  30. Hervey made no attempt to follow but sat his saddle agape and staring, thinking ghostly thoughts.

  31. Then came the rush of feet on the floor, and down hurried the girls, one after the other, questioning, staring, agape with curiosity.

  32. Except at dusk and at dawn the birds quit singing and hung about in the thick treetops, silent and nervous, with their bills agape and their throat feathers panting up and down.

  33. The door of the clerk's office stood agape and through the opening came musty, snuffy smells of old leather and dry-rotted deeds.

  34. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "agape" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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