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espousals; espouse; espoused; espouses; espousing; esprits; espy; espye; espyed; espying
  1. The Esprit des lois stands alone; but as an example of work barristerial in kind, famous partly for political reasons but of some real literary merit, we may mention the Memoire for Calas written by J.

  2. A cheaper article is made by omitting a portion of the carmine, and the whole of the esprit and spirit; and a still inferior one by substituting 1-1/2 oz.

  3. Esprit de vin" is brandy or spirit, carefully rectified to .

  4. For first, as to zeal, by which Gibbon means party spirit, or esprit de corps; this doubtless is a motive principle when men are already members of a body, but does it operate in bringing them into it?

  5. L'esprit ne perd jamais ses droits en France;" so, in another moment or two, the bugle sounded lustily throughout the quarter.

  6. In the second place, clever as Jean de Meung is, and more thoroughly in harmony as he may be with the esprit gaulois, his work is on a much lower literary level than that of his predecessor.

  7. In fact, as we might expect, the esprit gaulois can seldom refrain altogether from pleasantry, and its pleasantry at this time is distinctly "the humour of the stick.

  8. For in these curious compositions the esprit Gaulois found itself completely at home; indeed some have held that here it hit upon its most characteristic and peculiar development.

  9. Inevitably such drastic action caused bitter disappointment among the battalions which had the misfortune to be selected for disbandment, and esprit de corps received temporarily a severe check.

  10. Londons to maintain esprit de corps at the high standard which it had reached during the War.

  11. The nearest hotels are at Pont-Saint Esprit and at Bourg-St. Andéol.

  12. So, producing the Esprit Public, he read as follows: "In political economy, the nominal cheapness of articles of consumption is only a secondary question.

  13. The third book is entitled, Of the Understanding or Pure Spirit (l’Esprit Pur).

  14. He must have something de l'esprit de l'Academie, &c.

  15. I can have no reason for pestering you with them, but par un esprit de bavardise, ou pour me rappeler plus souvent a votre souvenir; ce que votre amitie a rendu pour moi tres inutile.

  16. I wish him to come neuf to all those great and important questions, and examine them sans l'esprit de systeme, without prejudice and strong inclination to be of either side, but to investigate the truth, and adopt it.

  17. As private reason always prevents, or outstrips, public wisdom, the president Montesquieu (Esprit des Loix, l.

  18. Montesquieu, who was a lawyer as well as a philosopher, should allege this edict of Constantine (Esprit des Loix, l.

  19. For Montesquieu's view of interest on loans, see the Esprit des Lois, livre xxii.

  20. For the evil moral effects of the Church doctrine against taking interest, see Montesquieu, Esprit des Lois, lib.

  21. This peculiar esprit de corps, an interest in the institution, is a strongly marked feature in every progressive Sunday school.

  22. The peculiarities of this law, as compared with the imitations of it in other countries, are clearly stated in Meyer, Esprit des Institutions Judiciaires, vol.

  23. On the Manichaean origin of Augustin's opinions, compare Potter, Esprit de l'Eglise, vol.

  24. On this natural tendency in regard to legislation, see Meyer, Esprit des Institut.

  25. The said Esprit was an academician, and had been a frequenter of the Hôtel de Rambouillet.

  26. At the same instant, rallied by the esprit de corps, all the comrades of the conquered man fell upon the conqueror.

  27. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "esprit" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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