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  1. Footnote 8: This whole Passage is a manifest Burlesque on the Invocations with which the Ancients began their Poems.

  2. Earlier, in the 1743 Miscellanies, Fielding had published "Part of Juvenal's Sixth Satire Modernized in Burlesque [i.

  3. Amsterdam about 1710, and is a good example of the Dutch burlesque cards of the eighteenth century.

  4. The burlesque interlude of the country of Torelore is like a page out of Rabelais, stitched into the cante-fable by mistake.

  5. She, too, was a very clever actress even before entering the field of burlesque and a friendship sprang up between them which lasted for many years.

  6. The reason for Eliza Weathersby's entry into the burlesque field was that the salary offered enabled her to support her widowed mother and five sisters who were left in want by the death of their father.

  7. Ten years after I saw him smothered nearly into oblivion as one of the members of Weber & Field's burlesque company on Broadway, the scene of his former triumphs.

  8. We opened with it, in conjunction with a burlesque on "The Bells" written for me by Sydney Rosenfeld.

  9. The idea of Miles and Barton was to make the Bijou the home of burlesque and comic opera and while "Turned Up" was turning the people away Barton writhed under its success.

  10. Do we know the drama of your Comptoir, of your Rue Montorgueil, when your skies are faintly lighting, or do we know only the burlesque of your Maxim's and your Catélans?

  11. I delight in beef stews, limericks, burlesque shows, New York City and the music of Haydn, that beery and delightful old rascal!

  12. There is life and movement; but it is a scenic and burlesque life.

  13. And the Burlesque Romances and the English Humourists have certainly assisted in forming the public taste and in promoting a sound criticism of our standard fiction.

  14. But then the author of this burlesque was himself about to ask these orders to admit him to their select ranks, and to enthrone him as their acknowledged chief.

  15. All the burlesques are good, and will bear continual re-reading; but the masterpiece of all is Rebecca and Rowena, the continuation in burlesque of Ivanhoe.

  16. The fifth act consists of tragedy travestie; or the actions of Cæsar, Anthony and Cleopatra in burlesque verse.

  17. Stump Oration Original Burlesque Oration Waiting to see Him off.

  18. Containing a variety of Comic Recitations in Prose and Poetry, Amusing Dialogues, Burlesque Scenes, Eccentric Orations, Humorous Interludes and Laughable Farces.

  19. Containing Strange Sayings, Eccentric Doings, Burlesque Speeches, Laughable Drolleries and Funny Stories, by the celebrated Ethiopian Comedian Charles Fox.

  20. The Preface and Dedication are models of sly simplicity, and the 24 Sketches which follow are among the best specimens of broad burlesque to which the genius of the ludicrous, for which the Southwest is so distinguished, has yet given birth.

  21. The burlesque tag used by Aristophanes to demonstrate this effect could not be applied in the same way to any of the fourteen extant plays of Sophocles and Æschylus.

  22. Some of his work almost approaches the burlesque in form.

  23. This story, indeed, borders on the burlesque and has almost as much claim to the title as "The Green Carnation.

  24. More difficult than the parody of a particular poem is the imitation or burlesque of the literary style of an author.

  25. Of course, parodies which burlesque the actual words of the original are necessarily parodies of some particular poem, and often not so good an imitation of the style of the author.

  26. Judy, still in her absurd burlesque costume, had driven up in one of the village surreys.

  27. The members of the cheering sections which headed the grand column were dressed in every sort of absurd burlesque of a college boy's clothes that could be devised.

  28. The Man from Solano as a butt became more popular than ever, and of course received invitations to burlesque receptions, and naturally met a great many people whom otherwise he would not have seen.

  29. With a mock bow to the new schoolmaster, and a capital burlesque of a confident school girl, she strode to the middle of the room the paper held and folded book-wise in her hands.

  30. A few gulls screamed at them; a loon, startled from the lagoon, arose shrieking and protesting, with painfully extended legs, in obvious burlesque of the younger gentleman.

  31. In his occasional poems, strongly influenced by Donne, he is best at panegyric, worst at burlesque and epigram.

  32. It is a kind of rambling condemnation of luxury, for the most part delivered in the form of burlesque exhortation, which the mediæval sermons joyeux had made familiar in all European countries.

  33. A humorous poem, abounding in slang and pugilistic terms, with a burlesque essay on the classic origin of slang.

  34. One night I entered a theater devoted to burlesque opera and the exhibition of a popular actress, known as the Western Thalia, whose beautiful and audaciously draped figure was the talk of the town.

  35. A fusillade of wit, humor and burlesque was fired at this poor defenseless citizen.

  36. The wisdom, wit, humor and burlesque of the bright and well-equipped troupe were apt and catchy.

  37. None of these Atellan Farces have been committed to us, but Cicero, in a letter to his friend Papyrius Paetus, speaks of them as the "More delicate burlesque of the old Atellan Farces.

  38. In 1716 Weaver was back in London producing two burlesque Pantomimes, "The Loves of Mars and Venus," and "Perseus and Andromeda.

  39. You can mock the Grecian mythology, you can burlesque Shakespeare, without wounding any pious heart?

  40. A humorous poem, abounding in Slang and pugilistic term, with a burlesque essay on the classic origin of Slang.

  41. And the statement about the Burlesque Madrigal is truly absurd.

  42. The Roman pontiffs did not admit the little burlesque and baboon-looking deities which silly women introduced into their cabinets.

  43. Certainly the Romans would not have made a burlesque poem on the wars of Pompey and Caesar, or the proscription of Antony and Octavius.

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