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Example sentences for "heightening"

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heighe; height; heighte; heighten; heightened; heightens; heighth; heightned; heights; heigth
  1. After one of his wild nights the judge sought to efface the memory of the uncleanliness by heightening his personal appearance.

  2. He sought, however, to make up for the indifference with which he felt himself treated by heightening his contempt for her as a sinner.

  3. The characters are all drawn from observation, with here and there a slight deviation, or heightening touch, the rather to disguise and free them from aught of personal offence, than any intentional departure from truth and nature.

  4. It also seems, that about 1700 it was the fashion for both sexes to bathe together indiscriminately, and the ladies used to decorate their heads with all the advantages of dress, as a mode of attracting attention and heightening their charms.

  5. But this is, after all, only a means towards heightening of the mental tension of the audience.

  6. Footnote 1: This method of heightening the tension would have been somewhat analogous to that employed by Oscar Wilde in Lady Windermere's instructions to her butler, cited on p.

  7. It was in the midst of such torrents of invectives that we fought with heightening rage without either being able to wound the other.

  8. Although we see progress and a continuous heightening of effect, there is a startling resemblance between the successive acts, and the relative characters of the scenes remain the same throughout.

  9. The arrangement and method of the prayer lend themselves to a singularly forcible presentation of its main topics, with heightening effect as it proceeds in a recapitulation of great historical landmarks.

  10. Constable's 'Waterloo' seemed as if painted with liquid gold and silver, and Turner came several times into the room while he was heightening with vermilion and lake the decorations and flags of the city barges.

  11. Take your choice of lemonade or ginger ale," he cried with a voice like a heightening breeze; and they who knew him well silently predicted the best of David's soul for the assembled guests that night.

  12. Who does not feel a heightening of enjoyment in them as he succeeds in them and practices them uninhibited?

  13. It is not known, however, that this heightening of enjoyment comes from a man's entering into infernal societies more and more interiorly and deeply as he perpetrates evils from the will as well as from thought.

  14. What other Accidental Causes may contribute to the heightening of these Pleasures.

  15. The extreme shortness of the two unaccented syllables, y and a, gives them the quantity of one in the metre, and allows by the turn of voice a suggestion of exuberance, heightening the force of the word glory.

  16. That his fate was deserved, was still a heightening of their calamity, as they had, for that very reason, and his unpreparedness for it, but too much ground for apprehension with regard to his future happiness.

  17. The loftiest courage for personal action and self-sacrifice, as Frau Gnauck keenly remarks, is nevertheless in its way an emphasis of individual will and action, a heightening of self, even though for unselfish ends.

  18. The factory system is doing a great deal for women, directly by widening the field of occupation open to them, and indirectly by heightening the value of special aptitudes, some of which are peculiar to women.

  19. Moreover, he is generally fond of heightening a series of ingenious and antithetical sayings by the use of rhyme.

  20. All the incidents serve merely to lead the miser, by a gradually heightening series of agitations and alarms, to display and expose his miserable passion.

  21. This choice of words, and heightening of their natural signification, was observed in him by the writers of the following ages; for Petronius says of him, "Et Horatii curiosa felicitas.

  22. Masquerade is only vizor-mask improved; a heightening of the same fashion.

  23. Therefore, normally there is a heightening of energy feeling and action in these two directions.

  24. Thus pain in slight degree is exciting, and in the sexual sphere pain is often sought as a means of heightening the pleasure, especially by women and by the roue.

  25. It was not pleasurable anticipation alone that was responsible for Dove's state of mind, and for the heightening and radiation of his self-consciousness.

  26. If he has a word to say in favour of perpetual chastity, it is strictly in the name of physiological induction; he considers chastity simply as a means of heightening the capacity of the brain and of increasing one’s intellectual fertility.

  27. In epochs of scientific development this mystical and diabolical heightening of pleasure will disappear.

  28. These moments were only distinguished--to define them in a word--by the extraordinary heightening of the inward sense.

  29. These movements are called Mukabdi (heightening of the divine glory), or Ovres Tewhid (praise of the unity of God).

  30. But this is the usual way of heightening alarm, where there is nothing to be alarmed at in reality.

  31. It was a perpetually heightening 'aggravation' to Nanny that she and her mistress had to 'slave' more than ever, because there was this fine lady in the house.

  32. The mystical experience is thus a way of heightening life and of increasing its dynamic quality rather than a way to new knowledge.

  33. Appreciable refinement had been reached in Quintilian's age, for he scores the comic actor who departs too far from reality and pronounces the ideal player him who declaims with a measured artistic heightening of everyday discourse.

  34. His rival had made a very favourable impression on him, with the curious effect of heightening Kitty's value in his eyes.

  35. She had a few light brains in her body, and knew how to use them, woman-like, for the heightening of her charm.

  36. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "heightening" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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