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  1. This airship was hit by an explosive shell which ignited the gas bag and caused an explosion of the bombs, so that it was completely wrecked and fell in flames.

  2. The explosion that rent her apart came in the quiet of the evening when the men either were sleeping or preparing for supper.

  3. When fired the explosion of the powder charge automatically blew the wooden breechblock backward, thus neutralizing the shock.

  4. A mine explosion west of Hill 140 made a crater fifty yards across.

  5. Twenty-four German soldiers were killed and the fire burned from four o'clock in the afternoon until six the next morning, the explosion of shells being frequently heard.

  6. Several of his bombs went home and a tremendous explosion took place that almost wrecked the machine.

  7. The first day of the new year was marked by the explosion of the British armored cruiser Natal in an east-coast port.

  8. Bombs are then thrown which on explosion ignite the fluid.

  9. The air concussion was so great from the explosion of the ammunition that his machine was all but wrecked, and he regained his equilibrium only after performing more than exhibition acrobatics.

  10. Berlin After the explosion of a French mine on the Lille-Arras road an unimportant engagement developed, which went in our favor.

  11. Not a man on board lived to tell how the explosion came.

  12. Its destruction was due to the accidental explosion of a bomb while the airship was leaving the shed, and nearly all the forty members of the crew were killed or wounded.

  13. They come upon populous German dugouts, corked by some explosion perhaps a year ago.

  14. The rush of air caused by the explosion upset the equilibrium of the victorious machine, which dropped toward the ground and turned completely over before its pilot could regain control.

  15. Owing to the destruction of his food depôt and the explosion of his magazine he was short both of ammunition and food.

  16. The effect of the explosion was terrific.

  17. There has just occurred an explosion so terrific that the whole of this building has been shaken as though by an earthquake.

  18. The electric current had been cut off by the explosion of the shells in the generating station at Shepherd’s Bush, and the lifts were useless!

  19. As I ran I heard a thundering explosion behind me, the shock of which nearly threw me to the ground.

  20. Their explosion was deafening, and we were covered with the dust and stones they threw up.

  21. There was an explosion of terrific violence, which rent a great breach in the side of the ship near the starboard fore torpedo tube, caused an irresistible inrush of water, and compelled her captain also to slip his anchors and beach his ship.

  22. Admiral Hardy was instantly killed by the shock or by the bolts and splinters which the explosion or impact of the projectile drove into the conning-tower.

  23. The explosion at Whitehall resulted in a most vigorous inquiry.

  24. All of us chanced to have our faces turned towards Charing Cross at that moment, and so great was the explosion that we distinctly felt the concussion.

  25. A sudden silence, ominous and unnatural, seemed to fall on the yelping jingoes in the street, in the midst of which the rumble of yet another explosion rolled down on the wind, this time from a more westerly direction.

  26. I heard him so addressed with a certain amount of awe, expecting an explosion of bubbly-jock displeasure.

  27. Alfred and Melissa--Ulf and Lyssa--they were a part of this ancient explosion that scattered human seed across parsecs of interstellar space.

  28. In that outward explosion with its mixed motivations of religion and practicality, colonists and missionaries went starward to find new worlds to tame, and new races to be rescued from the darkness of idolatry and hell.

  29. The force of the explosion may be imagined when it is recollected that they had to give the car a velocity of more than seven miles per second in order to overcome the attraction of the earth and the resistance of the atmosphere.

  30. The victims of this ferocious explosion were numbered by tens of thousands, and the shock, transmitted through the rocky frame of the globe, was recorded by seismographic pendulums in England and on the Continent of Europe.

  31. Then Tarzan cut the bags from the great hind feet, placed his shoulder and his knife point against Numa's seat, dug his toes into the loose earth that had been broken up by the explosion of the bomb, and shoved.

  32. Five seconds later there was a terrific explosion in the center of the listening post.

  33. He drank sparely and forbore the hideous recollections or inventions he was used to bestow on me, and indeed could find nothing to talk about but the explosion and what it was to do for us.

  34. I have not been on deck since the explosion aroused me early this morning.

  35. Mr. Tassard, if we could burst this body of ice by an explosion from its moorings ahead of the bowsprit, where it is all too compact, this cradle with the schooner in it will go free of the parent body.

  36. On a sudden the ice split on the starboard hand with a noise louder than the explosion of a twenty-four pounder.

  37. I said nothing about my contrition, my going on deck, and the like, contenting myself with asking if he had heard the explosion in the night.

  38. And then," said I, "we must await the explosion and trust to the mercy of Heaven to help us.

  39. The bursting of the topsail was like the explosion of a large cannon.

  40. Also, the excavation formed by the explosion of a mine.

  41. A vessel filled with combustibles, but rather for explosion than as a fire-ship.

  42. The act of cleaning the inside of a ship's cannon by the explosion of a reduced quantity of powder.

  43. However thoughtless or reprehensible his conduct was, in drawing Anna into those field excursions, when the explosion came, he met it as a gentleman.

  44. A fearful sound: an explosion louder than all the rest.

  45. The explosion had jammed that door shut, and smoke was pouring forth from under the sill.

  46. One of the arelium-thaxide conduits broke in the Marie Galante's central passageway, and the resulting explosion grounded the central feed line of the instrument equipment.

  47. A third explosion jarred the rocket cruiser and the curly-haired cadet knew that the air lock must have been demolished by now.

  48. A second flash and explosion rocked the prison asteroid and suddenly the tower disappeared.

  49. A fourth explosion rocked the ship and the three cadets knew that by now the air lock had been blasted away.

  50. Suddenly another explosion racked the ship and the rockets cut out all together.

  51. It was afterward argued that these noises came from an explosion of meteors, a shower of these missiles being then in progress, invisible, of course, in the day-time.

  52. Whether it be fire or air distressed in the subterranean caverns of the earth cannot be known for there is no eruption, no explosion perceptible but by sounds and tremors which are sometimes very fearful and dreadful.

  53. There was an explosion and the vessel disappeared.

  54. This was the first time I had known the lights to precede the actual explosion of bombs, and the cool confidence of the thing suggested (as I heard one policeman tell another) that the defence had something "up their sleeves.

  55. Between eight and a dozen bombs fell in a length of five blocks, and at a distance of from one to three hundred yards from my window, the echoes of one explosion mingling with the burst of the next.

  56. You understand that we had constructed a branch tunnel through which our men were to rush and occupy the crater as soon after the explosion as possible.

  57. A heavy grinding rumble in the earth came with a shivering that followed the jerk, but the real roar of the explosion (from the outside) was not audible for a second or two later.

  58. Viewed even from a distance of a dozen miles or more the alteration wrought in the skyline by the explosion was not difficult to imagine.

  59. To see the effect of the explosion at its best," he added, "one should look at it from the Austrian lines, as it was the blowing out of the other side of the mountain which undermined and let down the top.

  60. It was this tunnel through which the Alpini were to pass to occupy the crater after the explosion of the mine, but this plan was defeated through the presence of gas from detonated Austrian asphyxiating bombs.

  61. In addition to the honour of firing the mine that of leading my men into the crater had also been reserved for me, and as soon as I heard the roar of the explosion I gave the order for them to follow me up into the tunnel.

  62. Their chief and deputy-chief had been instantly killed so they were leaderless, until one of the city controllers assumed command, and in spite of the wild exodus when the alarm of a second explosion spread, these men remained at their posts.

  63. Men taking advantage of the flight from the city because of the possibility of another explosion went into houses and shops, and took whatever their thieving fingers could lay hold of.

  64. Among the largest construction work is the building of the Halifax shipyards upon the explosion ground, involving an outlay of ten millions of dollars.

  65. Connections had been cut by the explosion and the outside world could only wait and wonder.

  66. Nevertheless within an hour after the explosion a telegraph company had a single line established, and with news of the disaster, communities everywhere took up the role of the Samaritan.

  67. A part of this only can be attributed to the terrible explosion of 1917.

  68. A hospital train was put together and in less than four hours after the explosion a large number of injured people were being transported to Truro.

  69. How little real information filtered through is shown by the fact that at Truro, only sixty-two miles distant, the announcement was made three hours after the explosion that the death roll would not bear more than fifty names.

  70. An explosion quite close made up his mind, and he dived down the steps into the street, where the candle was immediately extinguished; nevertheless, he continued to hold it as if it were still alight while he ran with the crowd.

  71. Hats and canes were waved; an explosion of enthusiasm burst from the crowd, one of those contagions that agitate and madden the masses at certain times--making every one shout without knowing why.

  72. Those who considered themselves connoisseurs retaliated now for the explosion of enthusiasm provoked by Gallardo.

  73. Sometimes there was an explosion of angry shouts with accompaniment of hisses; again thousands and thousands of voices uttered unintelligible words.

  74. The rapidity and ease with which the breeder accomplished this trick provoked an explosion of enthusiasm from behind the palisade.

  75. He had started in at the killing well enough-- But the enemies pointed to the bull derisively persisting in their protests, and the whole plaza joined in a deafening explosion of hisses.

  76. The bull's journey about the ring close to the barrier, his muzzle drivelling, his neck bristling with swords, provoked an explosion of mockery and insult.

  77. When the moment came for Gallardo to kill his first bull the explosion of enthusiasm was repeated.

  78. The sounds of the discharges, of the explosion of shells, and the cries of the wounded will be too distant and muffled to give them an idea of what is going on in the world above them.

  79. The poisonous gas is the aftermath of the explosion of shells loaded with this deadly compound.

  80. The admixture of the inert nitrogen renders a larger quantity of aqueous vapor necessary for the explosion than when only carbonic oxide and oxygen in proper proportion are present.

  81. Influence of Aqueous Vapor on the Explosion of Carbonic Oxide and Oxygen.

  82. Only a mighty explosion could send such a beacon toward the heavens.

  83. In July of that same year, 1918, while serving hot drinks, cigarettes, and sandwiches to the American wounded in the field hospital at Montfontain, Captain Karr was severely wounded in the hip by the explosion of an aerial bomb.

  84. This explosion shook Paris, and the country roundabout for many miles, at a little before two o'clock in the afternoon.

  85. The whistle and explosion of shells was constant.

  86. Covelli to have increased in temperature, showing, as he observes, that the explosion took place below the reservoirs which heat the thermal waters.

  87. In this frightful catastrophe 264 of her crew and two officers perished, those who were not killed outright by the explosion being penned between decks by the tangle of wreckage and drowned by the immediate sinking of her hull.

  88. In the opinion of the court the Maine was destroyed by the explosion of a submarine mine, which caused the partial explosion of two of her forward magazines.

  89. The first lifted the forward part of the ship very perceptibly; the second, which was more open, prolonged and of greater volume, is attributed by the court to the partial explosion of two or more of the forward magazines.

  90. In the opinion of the court this effect could have been produced only by the explosion of a mine situated under the bottom of the ship at about frame 18, and somewhat on the port side of the ship.

  91. The boat shoved off to transfer the men to his vessel, when the Pluton blew up with a terrible explosion and sank.

  92. In this catastrophe two officers and two hundred and sixty-four of her crew perished, those who were not killed outright by her explosion being penned between decks by the tangle of wreckage and drowned by the immediate sinking of the hull.

  93. This second explosion was, in the opinion of the court, caused by the partial explosion of two or more of the forward magazines of the Maine.

  94. In the opinion of the court this effect could have been produced only by the explosion of a mine situated under the bottom of the ship, at about frame 18 and somewhat on the port side of the ship.

  95. The first explosion was more in the nature of a report, like that of a gun, while the second explosion was more open, prolonged and of greater volume.

  96. He has more sand than anybody I know of, and if there's anything treacherous in this explosion we'll know of it without delay.

  97. The time between the impact of the shell and its explosion is sufficient for it to have done its full penetrative work.

  98. Despite the imminent explosion of the burning aircraft, he never hesitated.

  99. Of all the changes in the past 20 years, none has more threatened our sense of national well-being than the explosion of violent crime.

  100. An explosion will not only injure the battery, but will probably disfigure the one carrying the light, or even destroy his eyes.

  101. The neck of the retort must dip into a basin of water, and the object of the ether is to prevent the combustion of the first bubbles of gas inside the retort, which by their explosion would probably break the glass.

  102. The signal sounds are produced by the explosion of shells capable of yielding a report equal to that of a six-pounder cannon, and they are constructed in a very simple manner.

  103. Pilate de Rosio, having on one occasion inhaled hydrogen gas, was rash enough to approach a lighted candle, when an explosion took place in his mouth, which he says "was so violent that he fancied all his teeth were driven out.

  104. Whenever one of the great two-hundred-pound shells, fired at great height, rushed through the air, it sounded like a train of cars in motion at high speed and the explosion shook the earth.

  105. The cause of the explosion remained unknown, but it was surmised that Rebel spies were to blame for it.

  106. On one of my trips, I fortunately missed by a few hours the explosion of a boat with a cargo of ordnance stores, at the wharf where I loaded my wagons.

  107. An explosion of the ammunition would have made sad havoc among them.

  108. The noise caused by the firing of these great guns and the explosion of the shells was deafening.

  109. I waited, expecting to hear an explosion at any moment.

  110. Fortunately, some one now gave orders to draw the fires and to blow off steam to avoid an explosion of the boilers.

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