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  1. He had the air of having been born to greatness; cigarette smoke and the fumes of exploded petrol and the rattle of explosions made a fine wake behind his greatness.

  2. May 29th, we heard unusual sounds in Corinth, the constant whistling of locomotives, and soon after daylight occurred a series of explosions followed by a dense smoke rising high over the town.

  3. Glasgow was the scene of operations, and on the night and morning of the 20th and 21st January three explosions occurred, in all of which lignin-dynamite was used.

  4. The Glasgow occurrences were followed up by two explosions on the 15th March--one outside a window at the Times office, and another causing considerable damage at the Local Government Board Office, Whitehall (Fig.

  5. His hand was on the knob of the front door, which stood half open, when the sky above the steel mills suddenly became illuminated and deafening reports of explosions followed.

  6. The evening papers gave the authoritative statement that the total number of those killed outright by the explosions at the steel mills was one hundred and twenty-seven.

  7. Our atomic-bomb explosions and the V-2 high-altitude experiments might be only coincidence, but I could think of no other development that might seriously concern dwellers on other planets.

  8. The possibility of super-bomb explosions on the earth understandably disturb any dwellers on other solar-system planets.

  9. A steadily increasing survey after our atomic-bomb explosions in New Mexico, Japan, Bikini, and Eniwetok.

  10. A second spurt of observations following atom-bomb explosions in Soviet Russia.

  11. Still other atomic scientists have said that H-bomb explosions might even knock a large chunk out of the earth, with unpredictable results.

  12. Several explosions during the morning, as our people were blowing down walls.

  13. A detachment of 800 men went out into the City at daybreak, and we were continually hearing explosions from the blowing up of houses; one shook us like an earthquake; they took nine guns and did their work well.

  14. Through the smoke and uproar, the explosions and detonations and tongues of flame, the Mississippians beat back another attempt at the bridges and opened fire on boat after boat now pushing from the northern shore.

  15. Flames issued from the new island, which kept increasing in circumference and height, and the violent explosions frequently threw large stones to more than seven miles distance.

  16. The employment of these in lieu of gunpowder, to force down the block of coal that had been undercut, is one of the means to be looked to for diminishing the explosions in collieries.

  17. This has not been done; and I am confident that if it had, many explosions would have been prevented, and many lives saved.

  18. I know of no other extinct volcanos where gaseous explosions of such magnitude have been attended by the emission of so small a quantity of lava.

  19. The explosions are so violent as to hurl up into the air fragments of broken stone, parts of which are shivered into minute atoms.

  20. The pain from the pricking of the skin by the needles is exasperating; but when the explosions of the cartridges commence the animal becomes frantic.

  21. The enemy must have lost more in the two explosions than we did in the first.

  22. My regiment lost four commissioned officers, all senior to me, by steamboat explosions during the Mexican war.

  23. After many skirmishes and snubbings, the ambitious pair were considered effectually quenched and went about with forlorn faces, which were rather belied by explosions of laughter when the two got together.

  24. Amy teased Jo, and Jo irritated Amy, and semioccasional explosions occurred, of which both were much ashamed afterward.

  25. Someone, somewhere, was pressing a button; for all at once huge tongues of flames, accompanied by a series of explosions which rent the cold night air, leapt into the sky.

  26. Explosions in gas and vapor stoves are usually due to carelessness in igniting the fuel.

  27. Under ordinary pressures pure acetylene is not explosive, but at pressure above 15 pounds to the square inch explosions sometimes occur where proper precautions are not observed.

  28. All nuclear explosions cause light, heat and blast, which occur immediately.

  29. In addition to protecting people from fallout radiation, most fallout shelters also would provide some limited protection against the blast and heat effects of nuclear explosions that were not close by.

  30. Explosions high in the air would create smaller radioactive particles, which would not have any real effect on humans until many months or years later, if at all.

  31. You may be able to protect yourself against blast and heat by getting inside a shelter or taking cover, before the nuclear explosions occur.

  32. In addition, explosions that are on or close to the ground would create large quantities of dangerous radioactive fallout particles, most of which would fall to earth during the first 24 hours.

  33. It had been continuous in England from 1348, at first in general epidemics, all over the country in certain years, thereafter mostly in the towns, either in great explosions at long intervals or at a moderate level for years together.

  34. On Sunday and Monday, the 21st and 22d of March, a number of explosions were heard in and around Przemysl.

  35. Five mines at the end of tunnels constructed by the Germans did not go far enough toward the British trenches, and when the explosions occurred the trenches remained intact.

  36. Even as they fell, the air was torn by explosions as the swooping fliers opened fire.

  37. He should have heard faroff engine-mutterings, occasional explosions from the desert to the west, where normally the predatory machines and their victims prowled and fought all night long over the sandy tracts and the desolate ridges.

  38. A volcanic eruption may be described in a general way as follows: Its advent is heralded by earthquakes affecting the mountain and the whole country round; loud underground explosions are heard, resembling the fire of distant artillery.

  39. After this, frequent explosions follow with great rapidity and increasing violence, generally from the crater.

  40. We felt as if called upon to undergo a bombardment, in addition to our other misfortunes, but it was soon ascertained that the explosions were from the Government arsenal and laboratory, now caught by the flames.

  41. About nine o'clock Monday morning a series of terrific explosions startled our ears, inured as they were to every variety of painful sounds.

  42. This is the history of all rebellions, French Revolutions, social explosions in ancient or modern times.

  43. But with the explosions the propeller noises had ceased abruptly and did not start again.

  44. An explosion occurred in her bow and several smaller explosions between the stem and the conning-tower.

  45. Fritz saw the flying-boat coming and ducked, but the swirl where he had gone down was still showing on the surface when the four heavy underwater explosions occurred right across his probable path.

  46. He was just about to give the order to blow the tanks and come up and stalk the Fritz, when two heavy underwater explosions shook his boat.

  47. He said: 'A few explosions in the city of Chicago would help the cause considerably.

  48. We do not think that the defendant Parsons could escape his share of the responsibility for the explosions at the Haymarket because he stepped into a neighboring saloon and looked at the explosion through a window.

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