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  1. The clear-story tracery in the nave contains also much Norman glass, probably from the old Norman nave, and in many other windows we can trace similar insertions.

  2. He re-roofed and restored the church as well as he could, rebuilt the refectory and dormitory, and in other respects set in order the affairs of the establishment.

  3. The indenture with John Thornton for glazing the great east window is still extant; he is to "complete it in three years, pourtray with his own hands the histories, images, and other things to be painted on the same.

  4. On the other hand, duelling is not a satisfactory way of redressing the balance, since it merely gives the powerful bully an opportunity of adding a second murder to the first.

  5. The laws of matter in motion are not abrogated, for the simple reason that in physics one makes abstraction of life, or in other words leaves its peculiar effects entirely out of account.

  6. At the same time, other European nationalities exhibit changes of other kinds, all these changes, however, being in the direction of a convergence towards one and the same American type.

  7. The fact is that the numerical interest has taken a different turn, incorporating itself with other interests of a more concrete kind in linguistic forms to which our own type of language affords no key at all.

  8. Reveals to the non-financial mind the facts about investment, speculation, and the other terms which the title suggests.

  9. On the other hand, other things will not agree so well.

  10. It is enough for our present purpose to have noted the fact that, within the tribe, there are normally other forms of social grouping into which a man is born, as well as the clan.

  11. In other words they have dodged the sun, by developing, with the aid of mind, a complex society that includes the makers of white drill suits and solar helmets.

  12. Kinship, on the other hand, is a sociological fact.

  13. Further, this is rather like a retirement into a monastery for the young men, seeing that during all the time they are strictly taboo, or in other words in a holy state that involves much fasting and mortification of the flesh.

  14. Throughout the whole routine, he encountered not a single other member.

  15. Each couple eyed the other couples suspiciously.

  16. Part of his strategy of bachelorhood had been to ignore Christmas and the other sentimental seasons, when loneliness costs many a man his independence.

  17. Then, after the requested hemoglobin, blood sugar and other standard tests had been run, she retrieved the samples from the technicians, grouped them in a special rack and devoted every spare minute to further examination.

  18. A great many people fell in love that year--just about every other person you talked to--so no one thought much about Dr.

  19. The other three were pretty rotten, but the one that was made out of cedar was all right.

  20. After that we fixed two of the seats facing each other and sat in them, watching the rain.

  21. This other youngster refuses to say anything.

  22. He just began patting me on the shoulder and he kind of put his other arm around Westy's shoulder.

  23. There are some other things to be explained first.

  24. The earth is moving the other way," Pee-wee shouted.

  25. You can just imagine us sitting there in the car, after the other two patrols have started for camp.

  26. Afterwards they found that the other three barges had water in them up to the level of the water outside, and when the water rose it flowed right into them and they stayed on the bottom.

  27. And a lot of other people were there, too.

  28. The way you make a berth is to lift a seat out and lay it lengthwise across two other seats.

  29. He saw your boy and this other youngster climb out of the side window of my place last night.

  30. Would you like to read other stories continuing their adventures and experiences, or other books quite as entertaining by the same author?

  31. Also mislaid, misled, mishapped, misguided, mistaken and a few other things.

  32. I could see Mr. Slausen, too, sitting on the other side of the room, and Charlie alongside of him.

  33. But when it comes to the shifting of emphasis, the pendulum begins to swing the other way.

  34. Trimble threshes out to the last straw the bearings of mining upon government in the Inland Empire, upon agriculture, grazing, transportation and many other interests.

  35. The appendixes are valuable for the light they throw on the methods of McClellan, the building of the heroic road across the Naches, our Indian place names, and other matters of historic interest.

  36. All her own life was spent in this state, a longer time than that of any other white or half white person known.

  37. I say fortunately for there was not any other person in the Cove that understood both Spanish and English except a servant of Mr. Quadra's and he could only speak them.

  38. From this place two Boat expeditions were undertaken one by Captain Vancouver and the other by Mr Whidby.

  39. The company in its early days built a steamer which it called the Cyrus Walker, and which had a longer existence on Puget Sound than any other craft.

  40. This Vessel was like all the other vessels in the Service of the King on this Coast to the Southward.

  41. But at the same time it is endangering the other pioneer ideal of creative and competitive individualism.

  42. It contains the early laws of the provisional government and other source materials of prime importance.

  43. There may be other birds coming in, but those that have heard the firing will be likely to keep away from this end of the pond.

  44. If they capture the other robbers there may yet be a chance—a very small chance—for Clarence.

  45. A moment later, peering downward, he saw the other boy bending over the body of a man who lay amid some rocks at the bottom of the gully.

  46. Their nerves taut and tingling, they presently found themselves beside that door, where, with one hand on his pistol and the other upheld as a signal for caution, Piper listened intently.

  47. On the other hand, I’m just as sure that it would be a big mistake to let mother know.

  48. The last peg in my argument is that this Gentleman Jim is none other than Clarence Sage himself.

  49. There are other features of this affair that puzzle me a bit.

  50. It was a tense moment, for both Fred and Roy had been striving hard to hold themselves in check, and the insolent defiance of the other pair was almost too much for them to swallow.

  51. Nearly all the time the boys could see each other through the scrub growth, which made it unlikely that either would place his friend in danger by careless shooting.

  52. With two other prisoners, he broke out of Sing Sing in midwinter and tried to escape by crossing the Hudson on the ice.

  53. The other one fooled me and I lost her,” he said; “but I got a good open chance at this old biddy.

  54. Sleuth, suddenly seizing his companion’s arm and pointing with the other hand.

  55. When they nabbed the other pair and couldn’t find you, it seemed that all the luck was yours.

  56. Fred, his hands working convulsively, as if he longed to choke the other boy.

  57. Now don’t try any of that on me,” advised the other boy.

  58. And on the other side these words embroidered would I place: 'The word shall never fail that once I spake before thy face.

  59. The other answered, "What have I done, my uncle?

  60. I will not eat until the other woman comes up here.

  61. One of them bore ashes and the other carried dust.

  62. Spain is especially rich in ballad literature, infinitely richer than any other civilized nation.

  63. The other woman said: "Where is your son?

  64. They kept acting this way toward each other until Ben-Nacer came to examine the villages where so many crimes were committed, and he reestablished peace and order.

  65. So the other man took the treasures and returned home with his wife.

  66. The other dog replied: "As he knows our language, let him take a stick and give it to his wife until she has had enough.

  67. If I were not so busy I'd still have many other things to say.

  68. And when about his neck I cling, He drops his eyes and bows his face, As if, from thought of other arms He longed to slip from my embrace.

  69. Another day they again greeted each other in the market.

  70. He went to the other traveller and asked him: "By my father, what is your name?

  71. A porcupine The first resembled, and the other one Was one-eyed.

  72. When the other passed the negro pulled out his teeth.

  73. Outside the other dogs broke into their clamor, drowning all other sound, and in the midst of it the door flew rudely open.

  74. There were other tokens of his wanderings, a polar-bear skin, an ivory Eskimo spear.

  75. He backed away from the bed, beckoned to her, and met her in the other half of the room so that the leather screen stood between them and the dead man.

  76. He caught Dickie's elbow in his hand, twisted him about, thrusting a knee into his back, and with his other long, bony hand he struck him brutally across the face.

  77. No other fellow had such a beautiful mother.

  78. Mrs. Greely almost stopped me on the street the other day--that is, she almost got up courage to speak to me.

  79. She sat with a handkerchief clenched in both her hands, upon which he, drawing up the other chair, now placed one of his.

  80. But fear and ignominy tainted and clung to his memory of that other night.

  81. The two had looked at each other with a look that cut in two the tie between them, and Sheila, running to Sylvester, had burst into tears.

  82. But other times--well, ma'am, whiskey sort of takes the edge off and lets something kind of slack down that gets sort of screwed up.

  83. The baying had been very faint and far away--it might have been sounded for some other hunting.

  84. Can leaking back here in my wagon, leaking all over my other stuff.

  85. There were other people on the benches--limp and sodden outlines.

  86. Somehow, we didn't clean out the reflector sufficiently, and some of the traces of our other trial insulations remained inside.

  87. Besides the manifestly undignified posturing involved, we have to consider the other effects; like having his eyeballs fly out.

  88. He wishes to have it known that, while other vessels come into port on short rations, he carries an abundance of grub wherever he goes," said Toney.

  89. He then brought the tube up horizontally, and called out to the negro having charge of the other pot, "Stand out of the way there, Hannibal!

  90. We read of that in Froissart and the other chroniclers of those days.

  91. He had made two or three attempts on other houses, and had been warned off by the proprietors.

  92. They continued to clutch each other by the throat, and were swept away by the rapid current, and sank to rise no more.

  93. In a romantic valley of the Old Dominion Dora and the Professor had known each other in former days.

  94. These were usually tried by other attorneys whom he employed before the cases were called.

  95. That," said Seddon, "must be a great satisfaction to the ghosts of those enterprising individuals who are given to minding other people's business instead of attending to their own.

  96. Why, Mr. Pate, who ever heard of the code of honor among the heathen Greeks or Romans, or among any other heathens, ancient or modern?

  97. The one was a writ of summons in an action for slander, and the other a similar process in a suit for breach of promise of marriage.

  98. Ida is the only companion of Claribel and Imogen, who see no other company.

  99. Botts and Bragg eyed each other like two angry beasts.

  100. In the spring strawberries and cream were consumed by him in immense quantities; and at other seasons of the year the preserved fruit was never absent from his table.

  101. Then she stood quietly by him with one hand upon his head and with the other she gently stroked his brow.

  102. Up to the rigging of the house he went, then along it--setting one foot on one side and the other on the other, turning in his great toes upon the coping for support.

  103. As for other people's, lasses are not what they were in her young days.

  104. In the end he tried first there was silver, and in the other five golden guineas in a little silken inner case.

  105. This theory has been acted upon with results good and bad, in other places besides the barn end of Craig Ronald.

  106. Mistress Kissock was unable to go herself, but her daughter Jess went instead of her, having had some practice in nursing, among other experiences which she had gained in England.

  107. Well, she did listen, but as soon as I hinted at any other subject, I might as well have been talking to the old daisy in the sitting-room with the white band round her head.

  108. I remember him once forbidding me to come into the study, and compelling me to keep my own garret- room for a month, for saying that I did not see much difference between the Marrow kirk and the other kirks.

  109. She laid the Bible down and peeped into the other strange-looking book.

  110. Eyes were to look no more into the answering eloquence of other eyes.

  111. And so with these words the young man turned and went out proudly from the father's sight, as he had gone from the manse of the other minister of the Marrow kirk.

  112. Now you are trying to be like other people," she said; "I do not think you will succeed.

  113. Ralph proposed to go down and get lodgings there; but Jock had other intentions.

  114. But really the interruptions did not affect Ebie Farrish or any other of the byre-visiting young men, any more than the rattling of the chains, as Flecky and Speckly arranged their own business at the end devoted to imports.

  115. But then she reflected that certainly Ralph Peden was not like any other young man; so that in this case it was not only right but also commendable.

  116. Just as they entered a pinwheel, lying flat, began to fizz, sending a shower of sparks across the other pieces.

  117. There is after all but one New York and no other city is like it.

  118. In the first place, the other party numbered four as against their three.

  119. Below them the stony road was narrow, and on one side was a rocky gully and on the other some thick bushes.

  120. In the meantime the other boys had taken the Lanings to another double stateroom, equally luxurious.

  121. He saw the street rough throw a lighted firecracker at the other machine.

  122. As they did so the other party came closer, and the lads saw that they carried not only an acetylene gas lamp, but also a ship's lantern and several other things.

  123. I reckon they don't know anything of the landing on the other side of the island," answered his uncle.

  124. By this time they were out of sight and hearing of the hotel, and going down the other side of the hill they had come up.

  125. I think he is going to sail around to the other side of the isle.

  126. We may get a chance at them in some other way," answered Dick.

  127. They must have landed on the other side of the island.

  128. He was thinking of Grace and the other girls, and wondering what would become of them in case there was a fight on board.

  129. It was an omen foretold by the Heaven-sent when he left them to carry the message through the hills to other tribes.

  130. If you don't marry me, you won't marry any one else, for I'll lick any other man off the ground.

  131. Then, when you're ready, strike out with the other and make for the open sea!

  132. Archie considered a moment, and she knew that when he answered he was cancelling other engagements.

  133. Herne sat motionless, but he no longer looked the other in the face.

  134. What if he purposed to make this awful sacrifice in the interests of the Empire, and only asked this thing of her because no other would undertake it?

  135. It was childish, it was pitiable; and had the man been other than a coward it must have moved him to compassion.

  136. There will be more on the other side of the Customs house.

  137. Derrick gave place with a laugh and sought other partners.

  138. Understand," he said, "that I wish this ring and no other to be the token of your engagement to me.

  139. Then she looked round at the other men with a shaky laugh.

  140. They had known each other all their lives.

  141. After two years' service," the other reminded him grimly.

  142. It came from the direction of the stable which was on the other side of the house.

  143. The only other dress they have on hand is the thin gown belonging to a beggar who died in the cloister a short time before.

  144. It rang out sweetly over the lonely, brooding stillness of the lake, so that they did not end with this first song, but followed each other with their favorite airs.

  145. They seated themselves at one of the small tables, and she drew off the other glove and began to peel and divide the beautiful fruit with her white little fingers.

  146. In a sudden overflow of feeling he seized the other ring, thrust it at random on one of her fingers, and folded the blushing girl in a passionate embrace.

  147. These chains or others--we can never be free except on the other side of the ocean.

  148. I have been doing things by halves long enough; the other half always avenges itself.

  149. A low cry came from beneath the cowl, and the little hand which was carefully held before the face trembled violently, while the other struggled to tear loose the gown.

  150. Then she laid her other hand in his, too.

  151. Take up or leave the gage, Sir Count, and do one or the other at once.

  152. If you should kill me, unarmed as I am, you would be more pitiable than any other man in Burgundy.

  153. Does any other man in presence know these men?

  154. One was of Barcelona make, the other an old suit which we judged had come from Damascus.

  155. Had Max been armed, I should have had no fear for him at the hands of the duke or any other man.

  156. One would have beaten the other to death had I not entered the lists and parted them.

  157. The other young lady sprang nimbly from her saddle without assistance and waited, as I thought, to be presented.

  158. The other councillors agreed with me most heartily.

  159. A soft answer may turn away wrath, but it may also involve the disagreeable necessity of turning the other cheek.

  160. At the expiration of half an hour, a page announced the Bishop of Cambrai and other gentlemen.

  161. The other end of this stone," she said, "penetrates the wall of the room that you and Sir Max occupied the night before you were liberated.

  162. The other girl had features less regular, perhaps, but she was infinitely more attractive.

  163. We put our horses to their best; and when we again reached the river, Max, who was riding in advance, announced that the other cavalcade was not in sight.

  164. We must be beyond the open stretch before the other cavalcade should come up to it.

  165. Between three of these attributes (m, M and r) a mathematical relation exists so that one of them is known as soon as the other two have been found from observations.

  166. It is well known that the numbers of vibrations of the notes of a harmonic scale follow each other in a geometrical progression though, for the ear, the intervals between the notes are apprehended as equal.

  167. Further, Spica and many other bright stars.

  168. Other references will be given in the following, as need arises.

  169. It is now distanced by two other stars C.

  170. The other values are all found in Potsdam, and allude generally to the maximum value of the apparent magnitude of the moon and the planets.

  171. This method is especially used with a so-called objective-grating, which consists of a series of metallic threads, stretched parallel to each other at equal intervals.

  172. In order to make the magnitudes of the stars comparable with each other it is convenient to reduce them to their value at a certain unit of distance.

  173. The one class consists of intensely luminous stars and the other of feeble stars, with little or no transition between the two classes.

  174. Type M has two other sub-types Ma and Mb.

  175. It is found that their values systematically differ from the visual magnitudes, so that for type B (and O) the photographic magnitudes are smaller than the visual, and the contrary for the other types.

  176. They are, however, easily distinguishable from each other through other attributes.

  177. If a star is considered to have a brightness intermediate between two other stars it is not the difference but the ratio of the quantities of light that is equal in each case.

  178. A better support for a large distance could on the other hand be found from the small proper motion of this star.

  179. The other stars have a proper motion smaller than 1″ per year and for half the number of stars the proper motion amounts to approximately 0″.

  180. There's other of our friends Will greet us here anon, my gentle Varrius.

  181. I have no superfluous leisure; my stay must be stolen out of other affairs; but I will attend you awhile.

  182. Away with those giglots too, and with the other confederate companion!

  183. The miserable have no other medicine But only hope: I have hope to live, and am prepar'd to die.

  184. Come, Escalus; You must walk by us on our other hand: And good supporters are you.

  185. Are there no other tokens Between you 'greed concerning her observance?

  186. Some say he is with the Emperor of Russia; other some, he is in Rome: but where is he, think you?

  187. My lord hath sent you this note; and by me this further charge, that you swerve not from the smallest article of it, neither in time, matter, or other circumstance.

  188. Thy slanders I forgive; and therewithal Remit thy other forfeits.

  189. O worthy prince, dishonour not your eye By throwing it on any other object Till you have heard me in my true complaint, And given me justice, justice, justice, justice!

  190. If the duke, with the other dukes, come not to composition with the King of Hungary, why then all the dukes fall upon the king.

  191. One that, above all other strifes, contended especially to know himself.

  192. It is well known that the English sparrow is not friendly toward other birds, often driving them from their nests and even going so far as to destroy both these and their young.

  193. The outer petals should be large and few in number, rising slightly above the calyx and spreading horizontally, the other petals being regularly disposed above them, nearly flat, diminishing in size towards the center.

  194. The birds were given canary and flax seeds, cracked wheat and finally lettuce and other tender leaves, all of which they seemed to relish.

  195. Noble Corundum of other colors than those of blue and red is not of abundant occurrence nor is it ordinarily as highly prized as are the sapphire and ruby.

  196. This high specific gravity affords an easy means of distinguishing the gems of Corundum from those of other species.

  197. Noble Corundum has a brilliant, vitreous luster, which, while not equal to that of the diamond, is superior to that exhibited by almost any other gem.

  198. Rats and mice seem to enjoy living in localities that are frequented by but few other animals.

  199. Its hardness is 9 in the scale of which diamond is 10, and no other mineral except the latter equals it in hardness.

  200. The name Diospyros is of interest, for it is from a Greek name used by Theophrastus, and is derived from two words, one meaning Jove's and the other wheat or grain.

  201. Frank's quick eye, however, was caught by the gleam in Ryan's glance, and he suspected the other knew more than he would admit.

  202. Evidently, thought Captain Folsom, here was the leader, for the other deferred to him, although it was apparent he was a privileged character.

  203. As he ran after Tom Barnum to the other corner of the station on the side which sheltered them, he refilled the emptied chambers of the precious weapon.

  204. You've got to come down again, Captain," said big Bob, on whom the other had made a favorable impression.

  205. Even at this crucial moment, he could not resist the temptation to mystify the other a little.

  206. Puzzled, the trio regarded each other in silence.

  207. But was anyone in that other room, in attendance?

  208. But while we are doing that, other smugglers slip ashore somewhere else.

  209. There's no way out of this except by the cellar," Jack replied, already having opened the other door of the pantry and shot the rays of his searchlight down the stairway.

  210. Ryan therefore was returned to keep company with the other prisoners under guard in the big living room.

  211. Over their cigars in Mr. Hampton's library, the two, alone, looked at each other and smiling shook their heads.

  212. They had decided not to advertise their presence as, if Frank was correct in his surmise that the other plane had been watching them, their return would create suspicion and put the mysterious strangers on guard against them.

  213. Waiting the arrival of the other boat, Frank and Bob grew fidgetty and spoke in whispers, while the two officers questioned Higginbotham in low voices.

  214. But here in New York there have been increasing evidences lately that some organizing genius had taken charge of the situation and was swiftly bending other bootleggers to his will.

  215. The blow caught the other under the ear, a fatal spot, and sent him toppling to the ground.

  216. Ted Barton and the other second had rushed out and thrust an arm each under Montgomery's knee, the other behind his loins, and so carried him back to his stool.

  217. I have just had an intimation that Mrs. Potter, at the other side of Angleton, wishes to see me.

  218. So they flashed at each other as the one side waited and the other passed.

  219. The student sprang the other way and was against the other converging rope.

  220. It was the same as the other to look at, but Montgomery remembered that he had said that it was the left.

  221. Then with his other hand on his wrist he bent the forearm sharply, and felt the biceps, as round and hard as a cricket-ball, spring up under his fingers.

  222. For a moment the absurdity of the thing drove every other thought out of Montgomery's head.

  223. If he received one other blow it must surely be fatal to him.

  224. He had had two lessons--the one when the Master got him into his corner, the other when he had been lured into mixing it up with so powerful an antagonist.

  225. He was the champion of the Wilson coal-pits, and the other was the Master of the iron-folk down at the Croxley smelters.

  226. Montgomery, on the other hand, was as symmetrical as a Greek statue.

  227. The workers had paused an instant as the horrible sound of falling timbers rent through the other noises of that horrible night, and then hurried to increase their vigilance.

  228. And because she did not hide her charms and was lavish with her smiles, there were more poor victims about her little feet than about any other woman at the shore that summer.

  229. Men talked about her in the smoking rooms and billiard rooms and compared her to vamps of other seasons, and decided she had left them all in the shade.

  230. Guess I gotta date t'night," he called over his shoulder as he swung the other leg over the cross bar.

  231. He had also suspected, at times, that Mr. Severn was fully as much of a man as Mark Carter, although Mark was his own, and if Mark decided to go to hell Billy felt there could be no other destiny for himself.

  232. He was thinking of other matters, but Billy still hung around.

  233. Mark was always looking after other people, but he had somehow always let people say and do what they would with him.

  234. The neighbor on either side would come in and they would just drop down and pray for the minister, and for "that other dear brave brother.

  235. He buildeth this altar who adorneth his heart with true humility and other virtues.

  236. For just as the watchmen in a camp rouse one another by trumpets, so do the ministers of the Church excite each other by the sound of bells to watch the livelong night against the plots of the devil.

  237. We need not dwell on the symbolism of heretics, insomuch as we shall have occasion to refer to it in other parts of this essay.

  238. Footnote 462] For that church hath been the memorial of other churches; 'For the law hath gone out from Sion, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.

  239. From these forementioned and other authorities, the excessive use of images is forbidden.

  240. Undre one of these turretts is there commonly a vaulte, whose doore openeth into the quiere, and in this are laid up the hallowed vesselles and ornamentes, and other utensils of the churche.

  241. Other prairie voles and white-footed mice were taken on later nights, as well as one Pennsylvania vole and one house mouse.

  242. Several other woodchucks and a number of red squirrels were seen.

  243. Two weeks later the other half of the tooth was found.

  244. This habitat and all the other habitats of the clearing were being heavily pastured by stock.

  245. Other teeth, making seven in all, were found near the same place.

  246. Other Pennsylvania voles as well as a lemming-vole, a prairie vole, and several young ground squirrels were secured on later nights by the same trap-line.

  247. Other white-footed mice and two house mice were taken on later nights.

  248. However, the orchard cannot be included in any of the other habitats recognized in the region.

  249. In the excavation of a ditch through a small marsh lying near Bakerstown in Section 3, of Bertrand Township, the dredge uncovered in the distance of between two and three miles bones, teeth, and other evidences of six mastodons.

  250. Fox, Director of the Warren Foundation, not only in getting to and from the camp at the Woods and in numerous other courtesies, but also in information about the Woods and about the mammals there.

  251. The herbage also is sparse and, though in a few places there is a considerable growth of ferns, grasses, and sedges, and of other herbs, there are also many bare areas.

  252. From time to time a few traps were set in the old farmhouse and in the barn and other outbuildings of our camp.

  253. True it is that for some time this absurdity, which would be ludicrous had it not been so serious, has disappeared; but even if the words have gone out of use other facts and other provisions have replaced them.

  254. On the other hand, the patient attributes the aggravation of the evil to the system of treatment followed.

  255. The following, among other causes, contributed to foster the evil and aggravate it: the constantly lessening encouragement that labor has met with in the Philippines.

  256. We will be met with the objections, as an argument on the other side, that the towns which belong to the friars are comparatively richer than those which do not belong to them.

  257. Some act in bad faith, through levity, through want of sound judgment, through limitation in reasoning power, ignorance of the past, or other cause.

  258. Still one other Spanish edition has appeared, namely: "Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas por el Dr.

  259. We do not cite passages from other authors, because we have not their works at hand and do not wish to quote from memory.

  260. Stagnation forcibly results from this, and as he who devotes himself merely to copying divests himself of other qualities suited to his own nature, he naturally becomes sterile; hence decadence.

  261. He changed his religion for the external practices of another cult; the convictions and usages derived from his climate and needs, for other usages and other convictions that developed under another sky and another inspiration.

  262. Further, the project for eventually bringing other upper-world men to the realm was accepted.

  263. Inwardly Kirby was chuckling at this added proof of the buncumbe with which the Duca--and other Ducas--had fooled all.

  264. He scorned me and he paid, for I learned of the ancient race of the other side of the Moon, the side we can not see from the earth.

  265. A couple of hours after Kirby had left Naida and the other girls in the garden, all had begun the two-mile journey from the castle to the small plateau on which stood this temple, where the ceremony would be held.

  266. Blake, the other diver, donned a suit and insisted on being lowered at once.

  267. Both the other Science Fiction magazines that I get do so, and I observe that it gives opportunity for a story of full novel length all in one piece.

  268. Leon and the other girl laughed approvingly.

  269. Before you leave this laboratory, you're going to come out of your foolish belief that man is a creature apart from other living organisms.

  270. Naida still hung suspended a good twenty feet above him, but there was no time to let go the other line.

  271. Then they were in the room; two individuals, one in the red uniform of a captain of police, the other a pompous, whiskered man in purple.

  272. Oh, there must be some other way out for her!

  273. Out toward the plain the horse jumped, out and away from the shaded canyon mouth, out toward the spot where other horses waited.

  274. Other forces of nature have in them something the spirit of man can sympathize with, as the wind, the waves, the sun; but there is something terribly inhuman about the cold.

  275. We asked each other if our neighbors were all in the same plight with ourselves.

  276. To avoid the greater cold near the floor, several of our number got upon the tables, presenting, with their feet tucked under them, an aspect that would have been sufficiently laughable under other circumstances.

  277. No one suggested trying to communicate with other houses.

  278. Much to our surprise, we found the gas lighted and the other members of the family already gathered there, huddling over the register.

  279. There was no other sign of life anywhere.

  280. We regarded each other with an increase of mutual respect.

  281. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "other" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    accessory; accident; accidental; addendum; addition; additional; adjunct; alien; alternate; ancillary; another; apart; appendage; appurtenance; auxiliary; besides; beyond; collateral; contingency; contingent; contributory; detached; different; disconnected; discrete; disjunct; else; exotic; extra; extraneous; farther; foreign; fresh; further; incidental; incommensurable; incomparable; independent; insular; isolated; more; new; nonessential; other; otherwise; outlandish; peculiar; plus; preceding; rare; removed; renewed; second; secondary; segregate; separate; separated; spare; special; strange; subsidiary; substitute; supplement; supplementary; surplus; ulterior; unaffiliated; unallied; unassociated; unconnected; unessential; unique; unrelated

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    other birds; other books; other boys; other circumstances; other colleges; other countries; other day; other dialogues; other folk; other gentlemen; other houses; other important; other instances; other lands; other methods; other orders; other place; other purpose; other rocks; other substances; other tribes; other writers; other years; others will; otherwise improved; otherwise known