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Example sentences for "great many"

  • It had attacked the poor nome and scattered him in every direction, and as there was no friend near to collect his pieces and put him together, they had been separated for a great many years.

  • There are a great many in America," said Hank.

  • Tititi-Hoochoo knows a great many things, being a fairy, and his powers are far superior to any we can boast.

  • He said it a great many times--not a thousand times but quite a goodly number.

  • Craven had never made such a short stay after a "tantrum"; usually he was obliged to remain a very long time and do a great many things.

  • Mary Lennox knew they were roses because she had seen a great many roses in India.

  • The old women made a great many signs of the cross.

  • There are a great many varieties of the gamin species.

  • The little Savoyards told each other about it: a great many of them passed that way.

  • There are a great many things in life that I have forgotten.

  • He then continued asking me questions, and wanted to know if I ever had a great many diseases, the names of which I had never heard before.

  • A great many do improve these opportunities, and a number have made great advancement in their studies.

  • A great many works on agriculture appeared during the time of the Commonwealth, of which Walter Blith's Improver Improved and Samuel Hartlib's Legacie are the most valuable.

  • He received the education commonly given to young Russians of good family at that time--a smattering of a great many subjects, and a good practical acquaintance with the chief modern European languages.

  • A great many mixtures of metals have been examined in the above-mentioned way.

  • But this fear that Lincoln did not allow for, possessed already a great many minds.

  • To a great many minds it has always seemed out of key.

  • A great many recollections of Lincoln attempt to describe him.

  • Kit looked at her with his eyes stretched wide; and opened and shut his mouth a great many times; but couldn't get out one word.

  • When it had been adjusted and straightened a great many times, and he had walked backwards into the fire-place in his admiration of it, the arrangement was pronounced to be perfect.

  • He came from a town in Iowa where there were a great many Swedes, and could speak a little Swedish, which gave him a great advantage with the early Scandinavian settlers.

  • It stated with fervour a great many things I had lately discovered.

  • One dream I dreamed a great many times, and it was always the same.

  • But you expect a great many people," he added, looking round him.

  • I hope we shall have a great many children," said Cassandra.

  • Katharine has a great many friends," said William rather lamely, sitting down once more, as Katharine left the room.

  • General Hunter had been operating up the Shenandoah Valley with some success, having fought a battle near Staunton where he captured a great many prisoners, besides killing and wounding a good many men.

  • Just beyond the gorge the valley is narrow, and the creek so tortuous that it has to be crossed a great many times in the course of the first mile.

  • I found a great many people at home along that route, both in Tennessee and Kentucky, and, almost universally, intensely loyal.

  • Around him were a great many toys of all prices, from a penny up to shillings.

  • There are a great many things I don't understand more than you do.

  • Hours after hours, a great many of them, went by; and still Diamond lay there.

  • There are in this city thirty-two parishes besides the cathedral, and a great many meeting-houses of Dissenters of all denominations.

  • Soon after, their foot appeared, and our cannon saluted them in like manner, and killed them a great many men.

  • There were a great many persons at the funeral," I hastened to say.

  • Yes, we've observed there was doughnuts all the way along; if one house is frying all the rest is; 'tis so with a great many things.

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    Some common collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    government bonds; great abundance; great affairs; great companie; great content; great demand; great evil; great excellence; great expedition; great festival; great flood; great heart; great hill; great knowledge; great learning; great pace; great price; great rock; great size; great talents; great uneasiness; great victory; great woman; great writer; greatest length; greatly obliged