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Example sentences for "asking"

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asked; asken; askest; asketh; askin; askings; askit; asks; askt; askyd
  1. Once I remember she promised us some Plumb-Pottage, and at the time she made two pots full, I asking the maid wherefore so much was made?

  2. If that prospect be mine, to you I owe it--could I make it a plea for asking more?

  3. He had his eye on the woman, who remained in the roadway, pointing after the coach and apparently asking a bystander some question respecting it--perhaps where it stopped.

  4. He could learn nothing certain; and he was asking himself what he should do next, when the sound of cheering reached his ear.

  5. He had not only allowed that Nellie was very sick, but he had talked about "life-insurance," and asking God for protection.

  6. There's a man down-stairs asking for you, Marion," she said.

  7. Grace before meat," whispered Gladys to her as the customary signal for asking a blessing was given.

  8. Marion had in the mean time a letter from her mother, asking if she wished to remain.

  9. Some fled to their rooms and wrote hurried notes home, asking for leave to come back at once.

  10. Prayer-meetings were by no means uncommon in this academy; but they were under the care of a teacher, and it was not long before the necessity of asking leave for the one in her room occurred to Marion; but here was a difficulty!

  11. Through the summer vacation letters had been coming to her from all parts of the country asking to put girls who had finished graded and high school education under her care.

  12. That was asking a great deal, was not it?

  13. For to say that the mother dictated to her child the words he was to use in asking her for one thing or another, is an explanation of how languages already formed are taught, but by no means explains how languages were originally formed.

  14. There is the telegram from my brother, so you can see there's no mistake, and just after it came a messenger asking me, if the machine was a success, to bring this with me across the Atlantic as fast as I could come.

  15. Would it be asking too much for me to request a brief reply to one or two questions which many other married women as well as myself would like to have answered?

  16. We have toiled on together month after month, asking for no reward except the innate consciousness of rectitude and the salary as fixed by law.

  17. Dear Sir,--For some time I have been thinking of writing to you and asking you how you were getting along with your department since I left it.

  18. Instead of asking your husband what he does with every cent you give him, learn to trust him.

  19. I felt like asking her if she had ever tried running herself through a clothes wringer every morning?

  20. This year we sent from Lincoln a petition with 175 names asking for a resolution recommending to congress the adoption of the sixteenth amendment.

  21. The executive committee sent a memorial to the Republican convention, held in June for the nomination of State officers, asking a plank in their platform favoring the submission of the woman suffrage amendment.

  22. I introduced a resolution during the present session of our legislature, asking congress to extend the right of suffrage to women.

  23. Whitehead, and 220 other citizens of Bloomfield, asking the restoration of woman's right to vote; fully one-half of the members of the Assembly were present.

  24. With the hope of changing this determination a memorial was signed by seventy-seven members of parliament, and presented to Mr. Gladstone, asking him to leave the introduction of the clause an open question.

  25. It has been my habit to write out, and send to all parts of the territory, before the assembling of each legislature, petitions to be signed, asking for a law guaranteeing to women the exercise of their right to vote.

  26. Callanan was chairman, interviewed the governor, asking a recognition of woman's right of suffrage, and were told it should receive consideration.

  27. Fact is, instead of threats, Nick was asking a favor of me, for once in his life.

  28. She is asking for you, Hugh," he was told.

  29. He never grew tired of hearing the old blacksmith talk; though they would not allow him to be a mere visitor, but, by asking many questions, kept Hugh in the conversation.

  30. But, oh, the grim joke of asking Ben Bolt if he remembered me!

  31. He examined the scars, touching them, and asking many things concerning this learned rabbi of Nazareth and of his marvelous cures, for these were things which no reasonable man might easily believe.

  32. Then came around him and Sigurd all the other Saxons asking curiously concerning all these things which had taken place.

  33. So," advised Ben Ezra, "no man less than a quaternion or a magistrate will run the risk of asking thee a question.

  34. He descended the stairway and went to the downward steps, taking a larger torch but asking no company.

  35. Silent and stern stood Ulric, facing the ice king and asking of himself, "My voyage hath but begun, and is it ended?

  36. I would it were Odin, for I like this god and I like his asking for these things that he needeth.

  37. The rest agreed with him, asking him many questions concerning the sacrifices.

  38. Now he had thus interrupted men of dignities and learning who were standing there asking questions of Jesus and gainsaying him, and these rebuked the jarl angrily.

  39. I offered sacrifices in the temple of Jehovah asking for thee, and thou seest that he granted my petition.

  40. He conversed in Latin a brief space with the soldier on duty there, asking him questions, and the answers did not please him.

  41. The citizens of London presented a petition to the king, complaining of grievances, and asking for a parliament.

  42. One man was fined and set in the pillory for engrossing corn, though he only kept what grew on his own land, asking more in a season of dearth than the overseers of the poor thought proper to give.

  43. No better expedient occurred than, as soon as the project should be ripe for execution, to despatch a message "to the Earl of Northumberland or some other person of honour," asking for aid to preserve the island.

  44. He said that the only time he nearly broke his heart was when there was a rumor that Germany was asking for peace before he was able to get into it hisself.

  45. The first buzzings of the telephone resolved themselves into a voice from the coast of England, asking what he wanted.

  46. He did not look as if he were asking for alms.

  47. These men, asking for miraculous proof of omnipotence, to save the world from suffering, are asking for nothing less than the abolition of law in the universe; and it is only in law that freedom can be found.

  48. The captain tore the mate's hand away and shouted again, like he was asking "Who's there!

  49. I called to the men on deck, asking them who was shooting, but got no reply.

  50. On the next morning he decided to act, and sent a message to the captain asking for an interview.

  51. I grieve when I think of this, and then of his asking his wife afterward, "what she did with the twenty-five cents he gave her yesterday to go shopping with.

  52. I keep all the time asking everybody if they don't think we should be a great deal happier without all these artificial wants, that so wear our spirits and souls out.

  53. Mr. Lewes, who talks much less about goodness than I do, but is always readier to do the right thing, thinks it rather wicked for us to eat our turkey and plum-pudding without asking some forlorn person to eat it with us.

  54. Forgive, dear sir, my boldness in asking you to give us a cheap edition.

  55. Another pleasant incident was a letter from my old friend and school-fellow, Martha Jackson, asking if the author of "Adam Bede" was her Marian Evans.

  56. Evans wrote again, declaring his willingness to pay the L1000, and asking for an interview to arrange preliminaries.

  57. Evans--asking me to write a story for an American periodical.

  58. Again asking your forgiveness for intruding myself upon you, I remain, with profoundest respect, yours, etc.

  59. Give up asking of any but yourselves for the whereabouts of truth; and if some one says that he can tell you where it is, don't believe him; he might as well lay a trail of sand and think it will stay there for ever.

  60. You made me captain of the yacht, without my asking you for the position, and then refused to obey my orders, and broke me without one word of excuse or apology.

  61. They were asking themselves what they should do with the burglars, now that they had secured them.

  62. There was no disorder, no wasting of time, no asking of foolish questions--every man was a unit in a great whole.

  63. Our Embassy was crowded with Americans asking for passports, money and information.

  64. Even more interesting were the crowds of American women left behind, who brought all the way from one to a dozen letters, asking us to post them when we reached New York.

  65. I also got two letters from friends, one from Berlin and the other from Dresden, asking if I needed help, and I hoisted the signal of distress in a hurry.

  66. Merode, asking him to send provisions to Ancona, where he purposed establishing his quarters, not having had time to prepare for battle in the open country.

  67. Far, however, from asking the abolition of priestly rule, the petitioners prayed for a return to the former state of things, when cardinals and prelates only were set over the provinces.

  68. Montalembert wrote: “The revolution, triumphant, is still asking Europe to sanction its work.

  69. I have blundered as fools blunder, thinking that I was clever enough to pick my footsteps aright without asking counsel from any one.

  70. He wrote to his father, asking after the borough, and asking after the health of Mr. Morris.

  71. He had asked no more from Lady Laura than an opportunity of speaking for himself, and that he had asked almost with a conviction that by so asking he would turn his friend into an enemy.

  72. Is he to go on for ever asking and being refused?

  73. He had not the remotest idea of asking her to be his wife.

  74. A dozen times he thought of writing to Miss Effingham, and asking for an explicit answer.

  75. Had there been nothing wrong between Lady Laura and her husband, she would not have rebelled against him by asking visitors to the house on a Sunday.

  76. And now even Lady Baldock was smiling upon him, and asking him to her house as though the red-faced porter in the hall in Berkeley Square had never been ordered to refuse him a moment's admission inside the doors.

  77. I have loved her," he said, "for six months, and I am here with the express intention of asking her to take me.

  78. At the end of the three years Phineas was called to the Bar, and immediately received a letter from his father asking minutely as to his professional intentions.

  79. Now there had come a civilly-worded invitation, asking him to dine with the offended nobleman.

  80. What they do know is that Madame Max Goesler spends seven or eight thousand a year, and that she will give no man an opportunity of even asking her to marry him.

  81. He was really zealous in the cause, not asking very much for himself.

  82. And in the meantime I shall feel honoured by your asking for anything you may require.

  83. A few words in English, telling his friends to have no anxiety, and asking them particularly to institute no search, as he would return home as soon as he desired to do so.

  84. To-morrow I will send this to him, simply asking who it is.

  85. If one of the tribe has been so unfortunate as to have his head taken, they berate the spirit at the funeral, "asking him why he had been careless enough to get himself killed.

  86. I soon saw that they were not going to be thorough, so after ten minutes, just as they were going away, I called them back and telephoned to the board of health, asking if no American sanitary officer was coming.

  87. They now turned back in search of Mr. Merton; and as they ascended the hill, Agnes began asking her mother some questions about light-houses.

  88. Mine prefers dried apricots," responded Miss Black cheerfully, "but she never has anything but canned milk in the house, thus sparing us the embarrassment of asking for real.

  89. Phyllis; and sent him upstairs with a note asking for "Hugh Wynne" in the two-volume edition.

  90. It struck him as rather strange that they should all be going the same way, and, being desirous ol knowing the reason why, he took the not unnatural course of asking a peasant woman whom he overtook.

  91. They had the impudence to send a deputation of little witchlings to me, calmly asking me to overflow and put the castle and its grounds under water, so that it might become too damp for the mannikins to dwell in any longer.

  92. There are some people who always want to know a great deal more than is good for them, and who insist upon asking what became of each and every character of whom mention has been made in a legend.

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    Other words:
    address; appeal; application; challenge; demand; desire; dispute; examination; indent; inquiring; interrogation; petition; probing; questioning; quiz; requisition; suit; way

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    asking him; asking himself; asking questions; asking them