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awarding; awards; aware; awareness; awash; awaye; aways; awayte; awe; aweary
  1. Then he takes the shadows away from behind the profile, and from under the chin, and from under the arm, and puts in two grand square blocks of dark at the ends of the cradle, that you may be safe to look at that, instead of the Child.

  2. Farther, and finally, note the delight with which Giovanni has dwelt, though without exaggeration, on the muscles of the breast and ribs in the Adam; while he has subdued all away into virginal severity in Eve.

  3. So far from it, that if one sharper line or more geometric curve had been given, it would have caught the eye too strongly, and drawn away the attention from the sculpture.

  4. Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sins of the world.

  5. This 'maniera goffa e sproporzionata' of Vasari is not, then, merely the wasting away of former leonine strength into thin rigidities of death?

  6. But when I oppose these two words, Gothic and Greek, don't run away with the notion that I necessarily mean to oppose Christian and Greek.

  7. Next, he takes it all away from under the servant's arms, and lays it all behind above the calf of her leg.

  8. Harry turned his eyes away from Lee to the enemy.

  9. Sheridan, when they rode away from the conference, was sober and thoughtful.

  10. He merely warns us away as trespassers before shooting at us.

  11. I behold a large man on a gray horse, riding slowly along, as if he were inspecting troops away behind the trenches.

  12. Not far away from them was Sergeant Whitley, ready for use as a scout.

  13. His hand fell away and she walked to the end of the room where a rug, too long, lay in a fold against the wall.

  14. It's not necessary for me to take it out, but tucked away on the 118th page is a neat little problem which just fits this case.

  15. He did not wait to see his order obeyed, but strode away on another hasty errand.

  16. My algebra tells you on the 118th page, tucked away neatly in a paragraph, that this is the beginning of the end.

  17. The sergeant went away presently, and Dick, going down stream, joined some other young officers in a pool.

  18. He stopped suddenly and put away his violin.

  19. Presently they were all cut away by that stream of heavy bullets, but no human being was disclosed.

  20. But when y is swept away it's quite certain that x standing alone cannot do so.

  21. But the clouds floated away and then the light gleamed on the barrels of the short carbines that the horsemen carried.

  22. The night was crisp, filled with starshine, and the cooking fires had been built along a long line, stretching away like a series of triumphant bonfires.

  23. A few days later Warner received the same rank for his achievement in driving away Slade, and it was conferred upon Pennington too for general excellence.

  24. And as for these vague ambitions for the sake of which he had bartered away his freedom and sold himself into slavery--towards what did they tend?

  25. Very well,' said he, and he turned away rather moodily.

  26. Dinna slave away for naething--because folk have put fancy notions into your head.

  27. The salmon appear to have gone away somewhere,' she replied.

  28. He is satisfied if some general statement is made to the effect that they live far away to the north, where the cold countries are, or in the south, where it is warm and sometimes hot, or on the other side of the world.

  29. A pygmy will shoot off three or four arrows one after the other so quickly that the last is flying away before the first has hit the mark.

  30. The Philippine Islands are far away on the other side of the earth, near China.

  31. As they slide, they tear away rocks and trees, and bury houses and villages beneath them.

  32. But gauze will not keep away aëriform bodies, or fluids.

  33. Chalk, in fact, is a compound of carbonic acid gas, and lime, and when you make it very hot the carbonic acid flies away and the lime is left.

  34. These spore-forming filaments are connected with others which fill the interior of the fly's body like so much fine wool, having eaten away and destroyed the creature's viscera.

  35. It is obvious, therefore, that the maggots are not generated by the corruption of the meat; and that the cause of their formation must be a something which is kept away by gauze.

  36. She had wit and beauty, though smallpox had taken away the bloom of her pretty face, in which there sat charms so powerful that they rendered her one of the most amiable persons in France.

  37. After several hours' dispute neither of us was convinced, and I went away very much perplexed, the rather because M.

  38. Bachoumont once said, in jest, that the Parliament acted like the schoolboys in the Paris ditches, who fling stones, and run away when they see the constable, but meet again as soon as he turns his back.

  39. The news that was brought every moment made them trifle away that time which should have been employed for the preservation of the State.

  40. Take therefore this principle away from them, and you take away their religion at once.

  41. The Apostle states here concerning the baptism that is effectual and saving; first, that it is not the putting away of the filth of the flesh, which is effected by water.

  42. Take away this spirit, and Christianity remains with them no more Christianity, than the dead carcass of a man, when the spirit is departed, remains a man.

  43. It was more than she had said to Lorenzo Surprenant, and yet Lorenzo had gone away with hope in his heart, while Eutrope felt that he had made his throw and lost.

  44. Francois Paradis stole a glance at Maria, then turned his eyes away and tightly clasped his hands.

  45. This young fellow from the States was ready with fine speeches, but you must not be carried away by them .

  46. The cure of St. Henri sent none away empty who asked his advice; some he dealt with in a few swift words amidst a general conversation where he bore his cheerful part; others at greater length in the privacy of an adjoining room.

  47. It is best that I should confess her and give her absolution; then we shall both go away and be back again the day after to-morrow.

  48. But that is what comes of living so far away in the woods .

  49. They set themselves to cutting and uprooting the alders, gathering a sheaf of branches in the hand and severing them with the ax, or sometimes digging the earth away about the roots and tearing up the whole bush together.

  50. Soon Tit'Be jumped from bed to put wood upon the fire; an impulse of shyness caused Maria to turn away and hide her rosary under the coverlet as she continued to pray.

  51. Some miles farther, and the woods fell away again, disclosing the river.

  52. Jombatiste explained that she came from East Poland, so that her folks, if indeed she had any, were too far away to be of use.

  53. Miss Abigail shook her head impatiently as though to brush away a troublesome gnat.

  54. At this point, the man from Putnam's came with a team from our livery to carry away the Sheraton sideboard.

  55. She laughed a great deal at us, but she was evidently touched by his human interest, for she confided to him that it was not velvet at all, but furniture covering; and when we went away she pressed on us a bag of peanuts.

  56. The children reported that he would not even let them in, and that they could see him through the window stitching away in ominous silence, muttering to himself.

  57. They were therefore as much displeased as surprised by the sudden appearance to them of their great-aunt, very haggard, her usual extreme timidity swept away by overmastering emotion.

  58. Sure, I've not been on the Round Stone of an evening--why, not since you went away I do believe!

  59. In truth her brother's eagerness to be away was scarcely concealed at all from the grateful, wistful Irish eyes about him.

  60. The janitor, carried away by his victory, celebrated his good fortune in so many glasses of hard cider that he was finally carried home and deposited limply on the veranda of his boarding-house.

  61. Miss Abigail turned away without answering and hobbled off up the road toward the mountain.

  62. After the farmer had sold or bartered away his wheat or other produce, he generally returned with a load of goods for the village merchant.

  63. The most far-reaching promises cannot blind us and turn us away from our aims.

  64. Such prisoners were led away from their homes handcuffed and in chains.

  65. Even if Herr Naumann ceases to promote the idea of Central Europe, in reality a new programme which would do away with the old evils and assign a new mission to Austria-Hungary is inconceivable.

  66. Energetic steps must be taken to do away with this state of affairs.

  67. We were far away from public life, confined in prison, and only very little news reached us.

  68. The state and dynasty have lately taken away the rights and liberties of our nation and trampled them underfoot.

  69. Then comes death and snatches away their solitary consolation: and they spend their old age childless and loveless, in mutual upbraidings and unavailing regrets.

  70. The seal upon the physician's lips is not even taken away by the patient's death.

  71. A ruffian attempts to take away my life; I have a right to my life.

  72. Turning away men's attention from the sober realities and duties of social life, it prompts them to pursue the unnatural and abnormal.

  73. This would do away with special pleas of insanity before a jury that knows little or nothing about the nature of the disease, and whose sympathies may readily be worked upon by shrewd lawyers to render a verdict of acquittal.

  74. Then, following the old Corsican custom, his sister, in her indignation, carried away his black clothes, in order that he might not wear mourning for a dead man who had not been avenged.

  75. She resided on a little property four leagues away from Rennes, and she now dispensed with a servant.

  76. The French were posted ten leagues away without moving, and yet, each night, some of the uhlans disappeared.

  77. I thought it was addressed to me, so I tore open the envelope, and I read words intended for Jean--words which have well-nigh taken away my reason.

  78. Some distance away in the corner of the gallery, in the frame of the door which led into the Salon of the Agriculturists, faces which expressed utter amazement were staring at him.

  79. Another knocked against me so violently without begging my pardon or lifting his hat, coming away from a ball at the Casino, that he gave me a pain in the chest.

  80. You would practically take away from me the joy of life were I to behave as you seem to desire.

  81. The only thing he actually got away with was that--er--that medal.

  82. Netta looked away from him, up at the flies circling on the white ceiling.

  83. If he had asked her to stop she would have hurried away all the quicker; he could see that.

  84. It was the end of the season, and he would soon be away in the country--only to find London in the country.

  85. I began it in order to get away from myself.

  86. While Rudd was away I again examined the inner chamber.

  87. He was away again before you could say knife.

  88. Eight miles away and right up on the downs.

  89. I wish you'd stand away and let me be done alone.

  90. As it was, that customer went away pleased, and came back again and again, and brought his friends too.

  91. She took the card away to her room at once--"to try them," she explained.

  92. I will come up and talk to her," said Elsa, "and help to nurse her, for you must often be away on your farm.

  93. To escape the sweet sympathy of her friends and relations she went away all by herself to live in a little cottage in a forest.

  94. He had run the kitchen when the cook was away on his holiday.

  95. He began to unpack his few belongings and put them away neatly.

  96. It is good for a girl who has been long in a crowded town to go away into the forest solitude.

  97. And, remembering as I do its radiance and glory in her happier moments, I can scarcely persuade myself to notice the faults and heats of temper which at times dashed away all its lustre and gladness.

  98. Constance received them with the same coldness she had always evinced; but they went away declaring they never saw any one whose manners were so improved.

  99. Lucilla drew away her hand; but again, as if ashamed of the impulse, extended it towards him.

  100. Once married, the more aspiring of them have no real scope for ambition: the ambition gnaws away their content, and never find elsewhere wherewithal to feed on.

  101. The lightning almost snatcheth away their eyes: whenever it shineth on them they walk in the light of it, but when darkness cometh on them they stand still.

  102. He replied, Verily your taking him away will grieve me, and I fear lest the wolf devour him while ye are heedless of him.

  103. And when he came unto the water (or well) of Medyen, he found at it a company of men watering their animals; and he found besides them two women keeping away their sheep from the water.

  104. And let not the devil turn you away from the religion of God; for he is unto you a manifest enemy.

  105. And when they went away with him, and agreed to put him at the bottom of the well, they did so.

  106. And We will turn away their hearts and their eyes,[88] as they believed not therein the first time; and We will leave them in their transgression, wandering about in perplexity.

  107. When the Greeks saw Hector borne away as if dead, they fought with increased valor, and soon drove the Trojans back across the trench, slaying many of their chiefs.

  108. When we have taken their city we shall carry away rich spoils in our ships.

  109. He therefore wished much for some adventure that would take him away from scenes which had become distasteful to him.

  110. The Greek fleet was soon out of danger, for Patroclus and his Myrmidons, having furiously attacked the Trojans, quickly drove them away from the burning vessel and put out the fire.

  111. But the ocean god spread a mist over the eyes of the Greek warrior, and carried Æneas away in safety to the rear of the battlefield.

  112. Venus hastened to the relief of the wounded god, and, taking him by the hand, led him away groaning with pain.

  113. Then Hector stripped Patroclus of the splendid armor of Achilles, and he was about dragging away the body, but just at that moment Ajax rushed up.

  114. This god had conspired against Jupiter and attempted to dethrone him, and, as a punishment, his kingdom of the sea was taken away from him for one year, and he was ordered to spend that time in the service of the king of Troy.

  115. Hector now retreated, leaping into his chariot and giving the glittering armor to his friends to be carried away to Troy.

  116. All wailing, silently they bore away Their slaughtered friends, and heaped them on the pyre With aching hearts, and, when they had consumed The dead with fire, returned to hallowed Troy.

  117. At the same time he carried away a vast quantity of treasure in gold and other costly things which belonged to King Menelaus.

  118. Apollo now came to the rescue, covering the Trojan hero in a veil of clouds, and taking him away from the conflict.

  119. At last Menelaus and a brother warrior lifted up the body and bore it away towards the trench.

  120. We started, Vyking and I; but driving to the station we met with an accident, our horse ran away and I was thrown out; after that I hardly remember anything for a long time.

  121. If she didn't run away with young Thorndyke, what did she run away at all for?

  122. He disengaged it abruptly, and without a word or look, walked away from her.

  123. I ran away from my happy home, from the kindest father and mother that ever lived; I ran away, and was married and deserted before I was eighteen years old.

  124. She looked at him, then away over the darkening sea.

  125. Moonlight and starlight paled presently, the prospect grew gloomy, the air bitter cold, and shivering and miserable, the girl crept away to bed.

  126. Fled--run away from home, for fear of marrying me.

  127. Lady Thetford nodded smiling acquiescence; and away ran little May and Rupert to show the rabbits to the governess.

  128. No," his mother sat up as she spoke and pushed away the glass, "there is no necessity for lying down.

  129. Norine sat at the piano, her face turned away from the light, and played the melodies he asked for.

  130. I hate to own up, but sometimes I wonder if I can get away with this traveling stunt.

  131. Say, we'll have the grandest dinner you ever saw if I get away with the play," he was saying.

  132. All night the rain dribbled, but no one came to drive them away from the fire, and they dozed side by side, their hands close and their garments steaming.

  133. He was excited, yet frightened and resentful at being "dragged into all this highbrow business" which he had resolutely been putting away the past two hours.

  134. He walked away from the jubilee reflectively.

  135. One had the tray removed, and out of the lower part hung a confusion of lacey things from which he turned away uncomfortable eyes.

  136. And won't those others be trying to get the job away from you?

  137. I been wanting to get away for quite some time, too.

  138. At which she smiled properly, and they were away for Suffolk again.

  139. He was gloomily certain that he would never get away from The Job.

  140. She sent him away with a light "It's been a good party, hasn't it, caveman?

  141. Well, I just knew you couldn't stand it away from us.

  142. The office girl, addressing circulars, seemed surprised when he stepped from the elevator, and blushed her usual shy gratitude to the men of the office for allowing her to exist and take away six dollars weekly.

  143. Several times he broke away from a pinochle game to rush upstairs and see if the note was as chilly as he remembered.

  144. Southwards the ground fell away to the river, and because of this much doubt has been cast on the efficacy of the stronghold.

  145. Striking east from the castle, the way out to Hurstmonceux lies down through the village street, with the sea away to the right and the marsh to the left.

  146. On the north the town stood upon a cliff overhanging the Brede fiord; on the east the land fell away precipitously to the sea itself.

  147. Shut away at the top of the hill, behind and away from all the everyday business of life, in its isolation it somewhat resembles a cathedral.

  148. But after all we come away with no very clear idea of the place; and perhaps it is as well.

  149. Practical men came to him urging the unsuitable nature of the site, high up on the hill-side away from all water.

  150. The low rolling hills, having constituted the coast-line for half a dozen miles, at this point break away inland to form a delightful country-side.

  151. A long spur of upland here thrusts out boldly from the main mass of wooded hill-side, and commands a view over a wide stretch of rolling ground away to the sea.

  152. On either side, away to the distant hills, stretch the greenest of meadows, intersected by innumerable watercourses, with but a few stunted thorns and an occasional tuft of rushes to break the trackless level.

  153. Mathieu promised to complete the feast by broaching for the artillery-man an old bottle of Rousillon wine, stowed away for a long time under the sand of his cellar.

  154. I never went to George's house again; and ere long the image of his sister was stowed away on one of the upper shelves of my memory.

  155. Neither could she resist the temptation; slipping away from the hands of her sister, and unwilling to hear a word, she disappeared in the thickest of the flowering tufts.

  156. And now, for a moment, I knew that I was dreaming; and oh, grievous disappointment, I half awoke to a consciousness that the vision was slipping away from me.

  157. Two whole days passed away for him, as one long agony, in alternations of mute dejection and of furious despair.

  158. He was therefore compelled to shape his course direct for the rock on the Ile des Morts whereon the causeway abutted, and which with its pointed ridges was visible, far-away in the obscurity.

  159. I do not wish to carry away your happiness with me in my winding sheet.

  160. A fortnight thus slipped away as if it had been an hour; so that when his quarantine was at length performed, and it was necessary for him to leave Treberon, his deliverance did but awaken in him a feeling of regret.

  161. He was touched in the cavity where his heart should have been - in that nest of addled eggs, where the birds of heaven would have lived if they had not been whistled away - by the fervour of this reproach.

  162. She dismissed the messenger to his own devices, and rode away to her old home.

  163. There is one thing to be said of it,' Louisa repeated in her former curious tone; 'it will be getting away from home.

  164. You may be astonished to hear it, but my mother - ran away from me.

  165. After an impatient oath or two, and some stupid clawing of herself with the hand not necessary to her support, she got her hair away from her eyes sufficiently to obtain a sight of him.

  166. She looked at him, on his knee at her feet, with her shawl still in his hand, and the reproof on her lips died away when she saw the working of his face.

  167. She will never believe it of him, but he has cut away and left her.

  168. A man so fond of his daughter, that he runs away from her!

  169. You are gone away for my sake, I am sure!

  170. She will get into one,' she considered, 'and will be away before I can follow in another.

  171. Even this imperfect consciousness faded away at last, and he dreamed a long, troubled dream.

  172. Therefore said I, Look away from me; I will weep bitterly, labour not to comfort me, because of the spoiling of the daughter of my people.

  173. And judgment is turned away backward, and justice standeth afar off: for truth is fallen in the street, and equity cannot enter.

  174. Behold, the LORD will carry thee away with a mighty captivity, and will surely cover thee.

  175. And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach.

  176. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

  177. And it shall come to pass in that day, that his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.

  178. The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart: and merciful men are taken away, none considering that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come.

  179. How then wilt thou turn away the face of one captain of the least of my master's servants, and put thy trust on Egypt for chariots and for horsemen?

  180. Every now and again it happens that there arise superfluous accretions of some one ingredient, which are not carried away in the normal routine of bodily life.

  181. The popular enthusiasm which the earlier triumphs of the Irish Parliament had awakened had all but utterly died away in a fratricidal struggle.

  182. To replace this older population, thus starved, slaughtered, made away with by sword and pestilence with new colonists was the scheme of the hour.

  183. He flung away the trammels of office, surrendered his large salary, and returned to his old friends.

  184. The old Catholic party thereupon broke wholly away from Ormond, and after a short struggle he was again driven into exile.

  185. He had still his own palatinate courts; he still collected his dues by force, driving away his clansmen's cattle, and distraining those who resisted him.

  186. When that spark was kindled every other fell away before it.

  187. St. Patrick himself was thus carried off, and the annalists tell us that in the third century Cormac Mac Art ravaged the whole western coast of Britain, and brought away "great stores of slaves and treasures.

  188. Henceforward the Irish Parliament drops away into all but complete insignificance.

  189. Whole phases of life, whole types of character, whole modes of existence and ways of thought passed away then and have never been renewed.

  190. Young Kildare, as he now was, was away in the south, but managed to throw some additional men into the castle, which was already strongly fortified, and believed in Ireland to be impregnable.

  191. William was known, to be moving south to the attack, and accordingly Lauzan and Tyrconnel, with the rest of the French troops moved hastily away to Galway, leaving Sarsfield to defend Limerick as he could.

  192. They raided one another's properties, slew one another's kerns, and carried one another away prisoner.

  193. Unfortunately both for the country and for his own successors, Henry had no time to carry out his plans, and all that he had begun to organize fell away into disorder again after his departure.

  194. The besiegers fled, leaving behind them their stores of provisions, and the conquerors thereupon marched away in triumph to the relief of FitzStephen.

  195. This was a command which Nathan could not well disobey; but he looked toward Isaac while the latter was hurried away by Corporal 'Lige, as if there were yet other questions concerning this project which he would like to ask.

  196. This leaving home, even to march away by the side of Corporal 'Lige, was not as pleasant as he had supposed, and for the moment he ceased to so much as think of the provision-bag.

  197. Young Beman turned away quickly as if angry with this new friend, and observing the movement Corporal 'Lige asked Isaac: "What's the trouble with yon skinflint?

  198. Then came the time when Nathan whispered: "He has at last rolled off the saplings, and I can crawl away without disturbing him.

  199. After much abuse Tony runs away and gets a job as stable boy in a country hotel.

  200. Andrew gets into trouble with a band of Seminole Indians and gets away without having his scalp raised.

  201. Nathan was no longer there, but from a short distance away came a slight rustling of the foliage, and Isaac waited, his heart beating so violently that it seemed positive the thumping must awaken their enemies.

  202. Once with that youthful general they are given employment as spies, and enter the British camp, bringing away valuable information.

  203. It is so full of exciting incidents that the reader is quite carried away with the novelty and realism of the narrative.

  204. But three years passed away before he obtained his first clue.

  205. A short distance away the Green-Mountain Boys remained strictly by themselves; but not giving any sign of taking part in the lawless proceedings.

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    Other words:
    abroad; absconded; absent; aloof; apart; aside; astern; asunder; away; back; backward; counterclockwise; deleted; departed; distant; elsewhere; exotic; extinct; far; faraway; forth; forthwith; fro; gone; hence; immediately; instantly; lacking; lost; missing; nearby; nonexistent; now; off; out; over; rearward; remote; removed; separated; sidelong; straight; straightaway; subtracted; thence; vanished; wanting; whence

    Some related collocations, pairs and triplets of words:
    away again; away back; away down; away from; away home; away look; away they; away with