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generalizes; generalizing; generall; generalle; generallie; generalmente; generals; generalship; generate; generated
  1. The Epicureans may be classed with atheists, as they are generally thought to have been atheists in discourse, and a God after their imaginations would be, to all intents and purposes, no God.

  2. The care of God for man is generally argued, a fortiori, from His care for inferior creatures.

  3. The miseries of good men are generally occasioned by their own faults, since they have been so fool-hardy as to run counter to the laws by which God acts, or have aimed at certain ends while neglecting the appropriate means.

  4. This class contains a number of disappointments, many who expect to be Wranglers, and some who are generally expected to be.

  5. Their decisions in all matters are generally conclusive.

  6. The Tutor is supposed to stand in loco parentis; but having sometimes more than a hundred young men under him, he cannot discharge his duties in this respect very thoroughly, nor is it generally expected that he should.

  7. On Saturday evening and Sunday morning and evening, generally the College choir sang a hymn or an anthem.

  8. The result is generally in favor of the Sophomores.

  9. This excitement was generally called up whenever a class in college was placed.

  10. The Fellow-Commoners generally being more disposed to rowing than reading.

  11. The Classical Tripos is generally spoken of as the Tripos, the Mathematical one as the Degree Examination.

  12. Caused generally by a few seconds' tardiness of the Professor, occasionally by finding the lock of the recitation-room door filled with shot.

  13. Every set of chambers was possessed by two co-occupants; they had generally the same bedroom, and a common study; and they were called chums.

  14. It was generally understood that this officer was to be one of the poorest in point of scholarship, yet the jolliest of all the "Jolly Blades.

  15. I can generally get on with open-air men.

  16. I'm afraid in my wars it's generally been what your husband would consider the wrong side,' said Maule with a laugh.

  17. Then turning to the Duke of Orleans, he said in a voice that was intended to be generally heard, "I cannot imagine what that little abbe of Savoy wants here to- night.

  18. I find that, generally speaking, the case.

  19. Even the Duchess de Bouillon, generally so punctual, has not yet made her appearance.

  20. Nor I," cried the Duke de la Roche Guyon stepping forward so as to be conspicuous and generally heard.

  21. Naturally, I at once headed the boat into the bay, and we sailed to its farther extremity, hugging the western shore all the way, and still maintaining a close watch upon the country generally through the telescope.

  22. This at length done, I set them to cut each other's hair and beard and generally render themselves as decent looking and respectable as was possible; after which I handed them their new clothes and bade them burn their old rags.

  23. The most favourable case which a man can generally have for studying the character of a woman, is that of his own wife: for the opportunities are greater, and the cases of complete sympathy not so unspeakably rare.

  24. We see, accordingly, that young men of the greatest promise generally cease to improve as soon as they marry, and, not improving, inevitably degenerate.

  25. So true is it that unnatural generally means only uncustomary, and that everything which is usual appears natural.

  26. But of all the rest of it, few persons are generally more ignorant, because there are few from whom it is so carefully hidden.

  27. And in fact, this is the source from which any knowledge worth having on the subject has, I believe, generally come.

  28. It is the weapon of irritable and self-willed women; of those who would make the worst use of power if they themselves had it, and who generally turn this power to a bad use.

  29. Though the truth may not be felt or generally acknowledged for generations to come, the only school of genuine moral sentiment is society between equals.

  30. Generally they were simply sent back after perusal, which signified his approbation.

  31. The commanders at particular stations, conforming generally to this plan, will make such exceptions as will accommodate it to situation.

  32. So also there were various offences known to the law of nations, and generally regarded as such by civilized States.

  33. In the first discussion of this subject, the negative was generally regarded as a means of defence against encroachments of the legislature on the rights and powers of the other departments.

  34. That the new government must have a direct revenue power, was generally conceded, and it was also generally admitted that it must have a power to regulate commerce with foreign countries.

  35. The members from Kentucky were then generally hostile.

  36. People pretend to be discontented, at times, with their lives; but in the long run they generally acknowledge 'there is no place like home.

  37. People generally do know what they are laughing at," contends he, seriously.

  38. When a woman is startled she is generally angry.

  39. How can that be," says Kelly, with reproachful sadness, "when I am generally to be found near you?

  40. That strait is not the one generally used, but the other two.

  41. He did not hesitate at the suffering or the dangers of navigation, which at times is wont to be especially perilous, because of the many storms that generally invade the islands, and the not few enemies.

  42. For the judgment of men is deceptive, and their passion generally leads them astray and casts them headlong.

  43. That causes us to doubt whether we may expect the return of three citizens [who have gone] from this place, besides those who generally cross these seas.

  44. And since the land is so unhealthful and sickly, most of the prebendaries are generally disabled, and for the greater portion of the year the work is loaded upon only one canon and one racionero.

  45. He presented in this cabildo the ordinary decree which the royal Council generally gives to the persons presented by your Majesty, in order that the government might be given into his charge until the bulls come from his Holiness.

  46. I have reorganized five, so that there are now six companies in this city, each with more than one hundred soldiers, which is the least number that a company generally has.

  47. Colin managed generally to appease his anger, and to gain a grudging consent at last for the clay to be imported into the house under the most stringent sumptuary conditions.

  48. So you see a vacation for men and women is generally a vacation with its weight of responsibility.

  49. It is generally taken for granted that if the children are by themselves, all will go well.

  50. Our school was hard by the theatre, and as we boys were generally short of spending-money, we conceived the idea of competing for this prize.

  51. Speaking more generally, avoid parentheses as you would poison; and more generally yet, as I said at first, BE SHORT.

  52. Johnson is generally quoted as the English author who uses most Latin words.

  53. Or, when they sing in trains, the whole company generally sings, so that rules for solitude no longer apply.

  54. It is in this spirit that the fears, and antipathies, and false imaginations of children are generally to be dealt with; though, of course, there may be many exceptions to the general rule.

  55. They generally get taught by experience--that is, by the rough treatment and hard knocks which they bring upon themselves by their violation of these principles.

  56. Give generally to children's questions the shortest and simplest answers possible.

  57. The latter part of the alternative is the best, and, fortunately, it is the one generally adopted.

  58. It seems to me that children are not generally indulged enough.

  59. She will find in practice that when she once appreciates the value of it, and observes its kind and beneficent working, she will find it convenient and easy to apply it far more generally than she would suppose.

  60. People's opinions are not generally formed or controlled by arguments or reasonings, as they fondly suppose.

  61. The door connecting our room and this dining-room was generally kept shut.

  62. Those thick, loosely-bound octavos printed on soft and rather dingy paper, which Congress publishes and distributes under the name of Public Documents, are not generally considered very entertaining reading.

  63. Although it's Sunday, which we generally make a day for divine service and for rest, we have had to put in a lot of marching in order to get to Paget in fair time.

  64. This practice of shouting defiance and insult is very common with the Kaffirs; but their wit is not, as a rule, of a brilliant order, and we can generally produce something better on our side, which effectually silences the enemy.

  65. For signal shots we generally fired three shots in rapid succession, but, to my great surprise, my signal was not only replied to by the patrol, but also by a volley fired in the darkness some distance ahead of us.

  66. The rock drawing's in Mashonaland generally attributed to Bushmen, he says, are by them, and are superior to the usual Bushmen drawings.

  67. The entrance is generally near the top of a koppie, and to enter is like going down a chimney or a steep drain, with an armed nigger waiting for you at the bottom.

  68. The road at times was hard, but generally soft red sand.

  69. I generally only sleep with my pistol under my pillow and the lanyard round my neck--this latter precaution I never omit.

  70. All day over a sandy track, on open, white grass veldt, which generally changed into hilly country, dotted with thorn-bushes.

  71. If I was the world I think I should have put down a crimson carpet, and asked you to say what you wanted, and generally walk over me.

  72. How does the express clerk generally take it?

  73. When we hear of you people at home eating turkeys and mince pies and getting drunk Christmas and having a fine time generally we become more and more reconciled to this country and would not leave it for anything.

  74. The part is that of a youth of great beauty and noble manners, temporarily under a cloud and is generally rather difficult to fill properly.

  75. After supper was over, and everything cleaned up, you would generally find them together, Miss Sally smoking his brier-root pipe, and the Marquis plaiting a quirt or scraping rawhide for a new pair of hobbles.

  76. Their usual exchange of jokes and repartee had dwindled almost to silence, but silence in a cow camp generally betokens the brewing of mischief.

  77. Now and then the women writers have made me cut some rather strange capers, for a gentleman; but the men generally pass me along from one to another without much change.

  78. Leaning against the bar is Carnaignole Cusheau--generally known as the Gray Wolf.

  79. From the same maid-like modesty of disposition, our student suppressed a strong natural turn towards drawing, although he was repeatedly complimented upon the few sketches which he made, by some whose judgment was generally admitted.

  80. She hath done what she could'; that is generally read as if it were an excuse.

  81. A partial thaw is generally followed by keener frost than before.

  82. It means generally official authority, the power of guidance and definition of the Church's action, etc.

  83. She has generally been identified with the woman in Luke's Gospel 'who was a sinner.

  84. They give a glimpse into the depths of His mind, showing us what He generally kept sacredly shut up, and let us see how deeply He was touched and pained by the slowness of apprehension of His servants.

  85. Think generally of the awful possibilities of sin in every soul.

  86. As we were so familiar with all the roads and by-paths in this section of country, we generally felt safe while on our return to Arkansas, but on this occasion we were doomed to disappointment.

  87. A pundit is a wise old man who generally has a long white beard, and thinks nothing in the world is so enjoyable as Sanskrit or Arabic.

  88. When it was necessary, Surji Rao said that the medicines were a slow form of poison, but generally he said they were a sham.

  89. He was generally regarded as a model of a man; and when he, at length, approached Madeline Henry as a lover, the friends of the young lady regarded her as particularly fortunate.

  90. Moreover, as he was always to be found at his store, and ready to give his personal attention to customers, he was able to make his own discriminations and to form his own estimates of men--and these were generally correct.

  91. But it was known to some, that he generally had a comfortable balance in the bank, and to others that he never exchanged notes, nor asked an endorser on his business paper.

  92. But though sweet Kate was both a belle and a beauty, she was a shrewd, clear-seeing girl, and had far more penetration into character than belles and beauties are generally thought to possess.

  93. During these summer months berths were engaged so long ahead that it was generally a most difficult thing to arrange for a speedy passage.

  94. I had various notions, but she prefers her own (she generally does!

  95. I generally put in a week or so of the season, so I thought I might as well clear out at once.

  96. That's what ladies generally prefer, and some sweets, and fruit.

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