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Example sentences for "say"

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saxophone; saxpence; saxteen; saxty; saxum; sayas; sayd; sayde; saye; sayed
  1. It seems a priest was taken in his vests officiating somewhere in Holborn the other day, and was committed by Secretary Morris, according to law; and they say the Bishop of London did give him thanks for it.

  2. If it is," answered Pierre, "I shall say I received it in a duel!

  3. I dare say you have never heard my name--I am not fortunate enough to be famous,--as you are.

  4. You may be right, Thelma,--I dare say you are.

  5. I dare say Dyceworthy knows as much in his way as the ancient Lovisa.

  6. I thought you were ready for sleep, otherwise I should not have come up to say good-night.

  7. He shan't see this thing if I can help it, though I dare say some particularly affectionate friend will send it to him, carefully marked.

  8. In the wildest waters they say there is a calm underflow,--maybe the lad has found it and is glad to sleep.

  9. For what would the ladies in London say if le beau Errington returned to them with one eye!

  10. It's unnatural an' oot o' the common, say what ye like.

  11. I dare say you'll want me to arrange the wedding and the 'crush' afterwards.

  12. I warn you, if you say too much about it you'll lose your place.

  13. But I can honestly say I never knew what love was till I saw her,--and now--well!

  14. So that I think we may fairly say the money did her no good.

  15. And I dare say that for many of us it is by a very kindly provision of Nature that all women are created capable of doing this illogical thing and that most of them do it daily.

  16. Why, if I'm all you say I am, that's no reason you should suffer for it!

  17. I dare say it was damp in the summer-house; or perhaps it was caused by some passing bronchial irritation; or perhaps, incredible as it may seem, she coughed to show him where she was.

  18. To say the truth, it was not much; for Colonel Hugonin, for all his blustering optimism, was sadly shaken now.

  19. I believe the foolish poets call this feeling love and swear it is divine; however, they will say anything for the sake of an ear-tickling jingle.

  20. She would simply say she was too tired to walk, and that would end the matter.

  21. By and bye, "I dare say it has," she said, in a strangely sober tone.

  22. After robbing me of all faith in humanity, I dare say the one thing needed to complete his happiness is to make me look like a fright.

  23. I didn't say a word when before my eyes you stripped me of my entire worldly possessions--you know I didn't.

  24. But, barring a rearrangement of the cosmic scheme, I dare say maids will continue to delight in their own comeliness so long as mirrors speak truth.

  25. You didn't say you had a wife before," she suggested.

  26. The work is light, as there are but two in the family.

  27. Uncle Enos, rousing from the doze he was enjoying, with a candle in perilous proximity to his newspaper and his nose.

  28. An endless significance lies in work; in idleness alone is there perpetual despair.

  29. As she glanced backward at the smouldering fire, a slender spire of flame shot up from the log that had blazed so cheerily, and shone upon her as she went.

  30. At this time the priests celebrate doleful rites, and they exhibit as a suitable representation of the grief of Isis a gilded ox covered with a fine black linen cloth.

  31. Then the lady Usert came, and she brought unto me her possessions, and she filled the house of the woman Tah (?

  32. Thereupon Ra proceeded to enumerate the various things that he had done, and to describe his creative acts, and ended his speech to Isis by saying, that he was Khepera in the morning, Ra at noon, and Temu in the evening.

  33. It reacheth] to Uaua,[FN#177] which is the beginning of the land.

  34. But as you are his daughter, you may not like to string him up, so I say put irons on him.

  35. There are wild cattle upon the distant savannas, and I trap game and birds, cultivate the soil to a certain extent, and if we had clothes I might say we would be in better circumstances than many a respectable family in England.

  36. And, Mistress Kate and Master Delaplaine, I dare say he can take care of you too.

  37. When Dickory heard what the captain had to say on this subject his heart shrank within him.

  38. The heart of the lover was so tender that he would say nothing to his lady which might give her needless pain.

  39. At this he was clasped so tightly to his mother's breast that he could say no more.

  40. You say that you will make short work of his vessel; do you mean that you will destroy it, and will you kill him?

  41. Do you mean, you foolish boy," exclaimed Dame Charter, "to say that you presume to love our Mistress Kate?

  42. Upon this Almendras replied that on no account could he pass onwards.

  43. The Bishop then asked to be allowed to go on, quite alone, without any of his followers.

  44. Gonzalo Diaz and his accomplices spoke to the rest of the men who were there, advising them to go with them to join Pizarro, as he would treat them well, while the Viceroy was cruel and wanted to take away all their properties.

  45. In Truxillo he took away the Indians from Diego de Mora and from Garcia Holguin, one of the veteran conquerors who was 80 years of age and who had nothing else, a proceeding which shocked the whole country.

  46. And they say that Totosy, the great preacher, is to speak to us.

  47. You say noting but the truth," answered the Secretary in a gratified tone.

  48. Did you not say just now that she is singing with joy unspeakable the praises of His name?

  49. What say you to the first half--Ravonino?

  50. I say fortunately, because a bad queen is better than a French Protectorate, for the first will die, but the latter might never end!

  51. A few minutes later and Laihova came to them with the news that he had heard the chief say they were getting ready, as it was necessary to make a long round through the woods to get well to leeward of the cattle.

  52. Did not the bard say that she is a favourite with the queen?

  53. We need hardly say that the astonishment of the people in the cave at the mode of their deliverance from the threatened danger was intense.

  54. When asked to punish the prince for his conduct, she would say in tones of tenderness that seldom issued from her lips, "Is he not my son--my only son?

  55. I would say that was a spider if it warn't as big as a bird, and hadn't set up a fishin'-net for a web!

  56. But people say that underneath the black waters of the pool she has a house filled with beautiful things, such as mortals who dwell on the earth have no idea of.

  57. I dare say I should get on a great deal faster,' so he pulled out his hair and wished himself a bee.

  58. If the king himself should enter, just say to him: "Here are three gifts I offer you in return for the services you demanded of me!

  59. Not all, grandmother,' answered he; 'there are still some who keep away from me and say that I have not fasted long enough.

  60. Nothing that I could say had the slightest effect on him.

  61. I dare say it would be the best place for me,' he answered, trembling; and he suffered his wife to take him upstairs, and to help him off with his clothes.

  62. I had better say nothing,' thought he; 'perhaps I shall be able to help him after all.

  63. But the king was not content with this reply, and began to press the old man to say what he knew, which for a long time he would not do.

  64. Poor chatterpie,' said he; 'who taught you to say that name, which belongs to an unlucky mortal who wishes the earth would open and swallow up him and his memory for ever?

  65. Now you shall say it instead of me, for a treat.

  66. There must be some thing you could take, if you would only say what it is,' implored his wife.

  67. Well, I'm not as silly as I act; and I've been wondering whether I oughtn't to try to do something?

  68. If one of these ladies undertook, in the absence of a manservant, to drive the mower across their fifty feet of lawn, some youngster invariably appeared to relieve her of this task.

  69. You shouldn't have discharged one cook until you had another.

  70. Miss Rose was a marvel at cutting out silhouettes; Miss Nan would, with the slightest provocation, play bear or horse, crawling over the floor with Phil perched on her back blowing a horn.

  71. If silver entered into the transaction, he usually rang the last coin absently on the glass surface of the counter.

  72. Phil was far enough away to be safe from observation and yet near enough to identify many of the dancers.

  73. You're always going to Rose's for tea," boomed Amzi.

  74. Some of the papers are just reviewing it--and the more deliberate journals are praising it.

  75. I dare say you will" said Mr. Earlsdown "but I am not going to give my consent" replied the excitable gentleman "I am not going to see you marry a begger.

  76. Oh she has fair hair at least you may say carrotty hair and one good thing about her is her eyes she has lovely big grey eyes.

  77. Here character I will leave to be found out and only say that she was passionately fond of her father and devoted all her life solely to him.

  78. Gladys "I really wont allow you to say such things about my mother, it is most rude of you.

  79. They had six Vanilla cream puddings and strawberry ices by the score; but they kept the blinds drawn down in case vulgar little boys should loom in and say "give us a slice," while the leg of pork was being cut.

  80. Oh I say we must'nt forget Mr. Palsey" cried Lawrence "I can hear him muttering in there now, I expect he is awfully wild.

  81. Lawrence," she sobbed at length, "I wish I could say I had, I almost love you Lawrence but I cannot marry you.

  82. Durham pronounced her to be well enought to get up; in fact he went so far as to say that a drive in the fresh air would do her good.

  83. I feel an awful ass" responded Lawrence throwing the note on the table "but now I'm going out for a bit perhaps as you say I shall find an answer waiting for me when I come back.

  84. Oh no" replied Helen "I'll merely say I am going to Richmond for a trip, he does not know you live there.

  85. I say suicide most decidedly replied Mr. Slag "I am a trained detective my lord and am not likely to make a mistake, Mr. Rennet is also of my opinion.

  86. Dont say it my child" said the old man "your faces tell me what it is and I give my consent on the spot.

  87. In less that five minutes he returned accompanied by two policemen, who on a sign from Netherby advanced to Wilson and before the astonished man could say a word he found himself handcuffed and carefully guarded by the two officials.

  88. I calmed her down and showed no spark of anger and didn't say a hard word against Bond; but that night, after dinner, I bade him come in my pantry and tell me what he'd been doing.

  89. They bore with one another pretty fair, and though you couldn't say it was a homely pattern of home, and struck shivers into most folk as saw it, it suited them.

  90. It may be like blowing my own trumpet, and I wouldn't say it save in an understanding ear; but I do think Jane Warner would find I was good enough.

  91. Nor did Jenny say much upon the future when she was home, and so, no doubt, Joshua got to hope he'd have his way in the long run.

  92. For the rest, and as to details, only Owlet can tell 'em; but it's very clear to me he did what they say I did.

  93. And first I thought I'd say nothing at all; but then I reckoned 'twould be more solemn and like a miracle if I did.

  94. Then I had a go at Bob too; but for the first time since I had known him, he was a bit short and sharp like, and what I had to say didn't interest him in the least.

  95. Samuel didn't say what he thought of Thorpe-Michael.

  96. But none the less he could do so, when a listener was content not to hurry him, and Nicholas Bewes listened very patient, the more willingly because what Jack had to say interested him a lot.

  97. Would you not say that such a man would be in danger of losing, tho he run, if he fill his pockets with stones, hang heavy garments on his shoulders, and get lumpish shoes on his feet?

  98. I say nothing what opportunities they have who never lived under the gospel, who yet no doubt might generally know more than they do, and know better what they do know.

  99. My pleasure is my reason; and since Christ is the enemy of my pleasure, and my pleasure crucifies Him, I say it again, let Him be crucified.

  100. If thou art fruitless, say what thou wilt, thou hast no faith at all.

  101. Has there ever been beheld in two men virtues such as these in characters so different, not to say diametrically opposite?

  102. Nay, shall I say yet more, if he died as he ought, "he dieth by faith.

  103. I will say no more of this, but proceed to the second point arising out of the affirmative part.

  104. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "say" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
    Other words:
    acknowledge; acme; address; affirm; affirmation; allegation; allege; allocution; announce; announcement; answer; approximately; argue; articulate; ascendancy; assert; assertion; asseverate; assume; authority; authorization; aver; avouch; avow; avowal; aye; ballot; believe; bout; breathe; canvass; championship; chance; charm; chime; choice; chorus; clout; command; comment; communicate; conceive; conclude; conclusion; consequence; consider; contend; control; convey; corduroy; cotton; crack; credit; creed; daresay; debate; declaration; declare; deduce; deem; deliver; diatribe; dictate; dictum; directorship; disclose; discretion; divine; division; dominance; domination; dominion; dream; echo; effect; effectiveness; eminence; emit; enchantment; enunciate; enunciation; esteem; eulogy; exclamation; exhortation; expect; express; expression; fabric; fancy; favor; feel; filibuster; force; formulate; franchise; gather; generally; give; grant; greeting; harangue; have; height; highest; hold; imagine; impart; importance; inaugural; indicate; infer; influence; insinuation; insist; instance; interjection; invective; jurisdiction; kingship; leadership; let; leverage; lip; lordship; magnetism; maintain; management; manifesto; mark; mastership; mastery; maximum; mention; moment; most; mouth; nay; nearly; nylon; observation; observe; opine; opportunity; option; oration; palm; paramountcy; part; peroration; personality; persuasion; philippic; phrase; pipe; pitch; place; plead; plebiscite; point; poll; position; potency; power; practically; predicate; predication; predominance; prefigure; preponderance; present; presidency; pressure; prestige; presume; presuppose; primacy; proclaim; proclamation; profess; profession; pronounce; pronouncement; proposition; protest; protestation; proxy; purchase; put; question; raise; react; read; reading; recital; recitation; reckon; record; refer; referendum; reflection; register; reign; rejoin; relief; remark; reply; representation; repute; respond; retort; return; reverberate; riposte; roughly; round; roundly; rule; rumor; salutatory; say; saying; sentence; show; signify; sound; sovereignty; speak; speech; spell; stance; stand; state; statement; submit; suffrage; suggestion; suppose; supremacy; surmise; suspect; sway; take; talk; tell; testify; think; thought; tirade; turn; understand; utter; utterance; valedictory; voice; vote; voting; vouch; weight; whack; whisper; word; yea; yes; zenith

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