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Example sentences for "divine"

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divinam; divinarum; divination; divinations; divinatory; divined; divinely; divineness; diviner; diviners
  1. Whither, O, divine mistress, must I then follow thee?

  2. We talked of beauty, and those fiery things To which the divine desirous spirit clings, In a wing'd rapture to that heaven flinging, Where beauty is an easy thing, and singing The natural speech of man.

  3. Nay, even the kiss Of mortal love that maketh man divine This light cannot outshine: Nay, even poets, they whose frail hands catch The shadow of vanishing beauty, may not match This leafy ecstasy.

  4. The Tamarindus Indica is in Ceylon dedicated to Siva, the god of destruction; and in Thibet, the jambu or rose-apple is believed to be the representative of the divine amarita-tree which bears ambrosia.

  5. The flower is generally the large white lily of our gardens, "the pure white petals signifying her spotless body, and the golden anthers within typifying her soul sparkling with divine light.

  6. Gerarde, describing the vervain, with its manifold mystic virtues, says that "the devil did reveal it as a secret and divine medicine.

  7. At length a good bear came to his rescue and released him, when the god disclosed his divine intuitions, for he returned home, and without delay beat his two wives.

  8. Just that sort of composition which we form an awful and ravishing conception of, in those divine moments, when the soul (to use a bold metaphor) is in full blow, and soaring fancy reaches its utmost heights.

  9. A people oppressed like the Corsicans, are certainly worthy of divine assistance.

  10. It is not Felicia, that divine image which enkindled an infinite longing in my bosom, whom I followed into yon distant land, seeing her before me everywhere where I went like my star of fortune, twinkling and glittering with sweet hopes.

  11. I shall not hear them--my divine masterpieces!

  12. And then he besought her not to give way to fear, but to go and listen in the theatre to the finest arias which the most divine of composers had ever written.

  13. Certain divine sparks in their nature dazzle my eyes, and make my soul glow.

  14. And in their dense ignorance they blaspheme living fire, seraph-brought from a divine altar.

  15. He could not divine what her look signified--whether she spoke in earnest or in jest.

  16. The gray church and grayer tombs look divine with this crimson gleam on them.

  17. I laid her down on the sofa; just looked to ascertain that she had not fainted--of which, with a divine smile, she assured me.

  18. Not always do those who dare such divine conflict prevail.

  19. Fine and divine it may be, but often quite artificial--false as the rose in my best bonnet there.

  20. Never losing sight of the divine precept, "Do to others as you would be done by," they have only to consult their own conscience.

  21. If any doubt should remain of the correctness of these statements, let them be tested by the divine and undeniable precept, "Do unto others as you would be done by.

  22. Its theme must have been the divine love; for Dr.

  23. In the mornings I perused Swedenborg's "Divine Love and Wisdom.

  24. His views of the Divine were highly anthropomorphic, and I remember that he said among other things, "My dear Madam, God is working all the time in his shirt-sleeves with all his might.

  25. Truly, he talked with God, and took us with him into the divine presence.

  26. In its place, I cherished the persuasion that the victory of goodness must consist in making everything good, and that Satan himself could have no shield strong enough to resist permanently the divine power of the divine spirit.

  27. The next morning she watched him closely and there was something about the businesslike way in which he sought out Mrs. Carter, when that lady appeared long after breakfast, that made her divine he had something up his sleeve.

  28. She had never demanded these things, but they had always been given her as though she had a kind of divine right to them.

  29. Why no, that is the reason I can't divine why he is bringing him up here.

  30. Of all the masterpieces of human genius the "Divine Comedy" is perhaps the one that asks the most self-surrender of the modern reader and--shall I add?

  31. Longfellow's marvelous sonnet sequence, written while he was translating Dante, portrays at once the spirit in which we should approach the reading of the "Divine Comedy" and the wonders that we shall find there.

  32. And my Plato, the divine one, If men know the gods aright By their motions as they shine on With a glorious trail of light!

  33. Norton prayed for divine aid and guidance, and then they fell to considering the situation.

  34. Never before had she known just that feeling, that degree of ecstasy mingled with divine discontent.

  35. All that is human in him, all that is divine has been sworn away when he took the enlistment oath.

  36. But it was Hannah who, looking up and catching sight of Janet's face, was quick to divine the presage in it and gave voice to the foreboding that had weighed on her for many weeks.

  37. And Janet, as she fared forth from the Fillmore Street flat, felt resurging in her the divine recklessness that is the very sap of life.

  38. But in my experience with him I found that he usually ended where he began, and it was nowise difficult for those whom he trusted to divine the bias of his mind where he thought it best to reserve its conclusions.

  39. She not only hated the North but accepted as gospel truth all the misleading theories of the South: that cotton was king; that slavery was a divine institution; that in any enterprise one Southern man was a match for six Northern men.

  40. Who among us has the single right to claim for himself, and the likes of him, the divine title of a workingman?

  41. IV We are told by Herbert Spencer that the political superstition of the past having been the divine right of kings, the political superstition of the present is the divine right of parliaments and he might have said of peoples.

  42. Tis a doctrine ruinous to all government, and much more hurtful than ingenious and subtle, which persuades the people that a religious belief is alone sufficient, and without conduct, to satisfy the divine justice.

  43. Tis possible that the Divine goodness willed to make use of this vain instrument for my preservation; and it, moreover, defended me the next day from other and worse ambushes, of which these my assailants had given me warning.

  44. Up to the present hour, under the protection and guidance of a Divine providence, it has surmounted every difficulty that has beset it.

  45. How steadily the avenging angel follows in the footsteps of the wretch who makes war upon humanity or does continual violence to the divine spark which, in a greater or less degree, illumes the breast of every human being born into the world.

  46. All the eloquence of the unfortunate Divine on this occasion proved unavailing.

  47. Johnson, just a little unkind to the worthy divine afflicted with a belief in the immortality of brutes?

  48. The owner of that goat wins his case, and the contending parties go home content with a divine judgment for which no lawyer's fees have been paid.

  49. It is often claimed for the Indian that, before the white man put him in the way of a freer indulgence of his unhappy craving for drink, he was as moral a being as one unrenewed by Divine grace could be expected to be.

  50. Whereon a certain great divine, and a very clever divine was he, called him a regular Sadducee; and probably he was quite right.

  51. Notwithstanding the remonstrance of Parliament, James's insistence upon his divine right, by very force of reiteration, whether his own or that of the clergy who favored royalty, won a growing recognition from a conservative people.

  52. Again, the Church of England could be arraigned as a politico-ecclesiastical institution, and in the pages of the Bible, King James's theory of the divine right of kings and bishops found no support.

  53. It was not until Laud's ascendency that claims for the divine right of Episcopacy, to the exclusion of other branches of the Christian faith, were strenuously urged.

  54. No; I would sooner die of a broken heart, that I might the sooner be one of those souls privileged to pray the Divine Intercessor for merciful light on those beloved and left dark on earth.

  55. One has only to look at Mademoiselle to divine that fact," replied Alain, gallantly.

  56. In fact its object is fulfilled more abruptly than any of us foresaw, and by means which I at least had been too long out of Paris to divine as possible.

  57. Genius is a divine word, and not to be applied to a singer," said Isaura, with a humility in which there was an earnest sadness.

  58. Love harmonises all sounds, blends all colours into its own divine oneness of heart and soul.

  59. Nobody nowadays can maintain the right divine of a single regal family to impose itself upon a nation.

  60. Monsieur, we hope for the day when the Divine Disposer of events will strike into the hearts of our fickle and erring countrymen the conviction that there will be no settled repose for France save under the sceptre of her rightful kings.

  61. It was a small crystal set in Byzantine filigree; imbedded in it was a small splinter of wood, said by pious tradition to be a relic of the Divine Cross.

  62. Just like a white-winged messenger of light," as Kate Meldrum observed in the hearing of Captain Dinks, "sent out from the angelic host above on some divine mission to suffering humanity below!

  63. The miracles of Jesus were not violations of the laws of nature; they were the divine proofs that that God whose hand is behind every law of nature had come into the world to help those who needed help.

  64. Our orders may be unquestioned, our doctrine perfect in every line and feature, but we shall not reach the hearts of men unless we preach Christ out of an experimental knowledge of the truths of Divine Revelation.

  65. It will inherit the promises of its Divine Lord.

  66. Notwithstanding the hedges of human opinions which men have builded in the garden of the Lord, all who look for salvation alone through faith in Jesus Christ do hold the great verities of Divine faith.

  67. Divine Providence has been fusing the nations of the earth into one common brotherhood.

  68. They will have them, and they ought to have them, until the Church is in its Divine love what its Founder designed it to be--the brotherhood in Christ of the children of our God and Father.

  69. In the beginning of the contest with Britain, when we were sensible of danger, we had daily prayers in this room for Divine protection.

  70. It is the Divine eye that pities, it is the Divine hand that is reached out to save.

  71. The ever-blessed Comforter is quickening in Christian hearts the divine spirit of charity.

  72. But that which unseals my heart, is the divine compassion, is the tender pity, is the love that never turns from the weary.

  73. Yet a child appreciates at once the divine necessity for truth; never asks, "What harm is there in saying the thing there is not?

  74. But can not the divine wrath be appeased?

  75. So would I write, haply not unhearing of the divine and rightly whispering Voice," etc.

  76. He spake of plants divine and strange That ev'ry day their blossoms change, Ten thousand lovely hues!

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