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Example sentences for "dope"

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doot; dooth; dooties; dootless; dooty; doped; doping; dopo; doppio; dopt
  1. Was I a dope to think that maybe Freddy and I could pull this thing off?

  2. Praise be that that dope simply remembered two Gestapo rats in an Army car, but not what they looked like.

  3. What opium and dope are to other men, danger and excitement are to me.

  4. I'll dope the reporter while you're gone.

  5. There's only one dope fiend in the Hundred, and he's one of the best decoys we have; so we let him have his coke whenever he really needs it.

  6. You've got the dope for Prescott and everybody Dad.

  7. If we had two years, I know that we could lick them cold; and by stepping on the gas I believe we can get the dope in less than the six months we have to work in.

  8. Right--that's the way I dope it, exactly.

  9. Suppose that you can figure out exactly where he comes from with this dope and with his brain record?

  10. Mart, you and Orlon, the astronomer, had better dope out the last reported positions of each of those vessels, so we'll know about where to hunt for them.

  11. No human brain can take it all, I'm afraid, especially all at once, but I'm going to kinda peck around the edges and get me some dope that I want pretty badly.

  12. The bottles next--and then we'll make short work of the dope in the cushion.

  13. No one cares much for mosquito dope in the Far North; you'll see more of it in the States than you will in here, because they have learned that it is more or less useless.

  14. Our young travelers found that the best of their mosquito dope was of little or no avail, so that they wore headnets and long gloves almost always.

  15. There were six of them, all together, and they were brought to a house just down the street from here, and this girl was put into a room alone, and they gave her some dope in her food, and when she came to she found that she had been ruined.

  16. And the madame always gives them dope when they first come, and they learn to like it; or else they take it for headaches and such things, and get the habit that way.

  17. The dope fiends seem to be doing the same thing with this law.

  18. Yes, and a lobbygow for the grapevine system of selling the dope under this new law.

  19. The Health authorities not long ago reported to us that dope was being sold almost openly, without orders from physicians, at several scores of places and we have begun a crusade for the enforcement of the law.

  20. Of course nowadays everybody talks about a 'system' controlling everything, so I suppose people would say that there is a 'dope trust.

  21. The pickpocket had retained the money from the sale of the dope as his own particular honorarium.

  22. Git the dope on 'em, an' then settle out o' court, with old Heinie Metzger.

  23. You're only letting me in because I'm supposed to furnish the dope on what's going on here.

  24. It's a bottle of some kind of training dope I guess, to judge by the label.

  25. And if your dope is right, I judge there ought to be something nice comin' to him.

  26. Might have once, when I was dead sure my dope on things in gen'ral was the only true dope.

  27. And he's so prompt with the sympathy dope that I has to sketch the disaster out for him, includin' a description of the container scheme.

  28. Only Mr. Steele here, he's been tryin' to dope out what would suit you best.

  29. That will be a real stimulus to fitness and capacity all round instead of a dope for failures.

  30. He believed that they had been filled with too much dope or too much doctored grog of some kind.

  31. He picked up an evening paper from the newsstand--it might come in handy if he got to close quarters with the dope and wanted to mask his face.

  32. And the funny part was that the little dope had been so close to it.

  33. Lamb said to himself, "That dope goes around in a rut and I'll get in one too just following him and then I will get sore.

  34. But at least we’re moving along, until we get out on the Hutchinson River Parkway, where some dope has to run out of gas.

  35. Disinfectant and burn ointment and bug dope and bandages, in a khaki metal box that’s waterproof, and it was only sixty-five cents.

  36. These men have been assigned to me by the Commissioner as a dope squad.

  37. He's a lobbygow for the grapevine system they have now of selling the dope in spite of this new law.

  38. My shadow saw her buy the dope and take it home.

  39. Adele was the only one outside who held the secret, who could upset the carefully planned frame-up that was to protect the real head of the dope trust who had paid liberally to save his own wretched skin.

  40. Instead of the adulterated dope he had given Adele the purest kind.

  41. My dear, good mother would have been terribly incensed had any one suggested that her darling was becoming a little dope fiend.

  42. He gave me some dope that made me sleep like an infant.

  43. I thought he was shadowing Leyden; and hoped to find him to get some dope on Miss Sheldon's whereabouts.

  44. Tommy's got all that dope at the tip of his tongue.

  45. That feller's name was Bill, an' he was out here to git the dope so's he could write books about the cattle country.

  46. We can see to it that the Patience girl gets some glad rags and some dope when she gets here.

  47. When we got to Catskill we bought some egg powder and bacon (gee, I love bacon) and coffee and sugar and camera films and mosquito dope and beans and flour and chocolate.

  48. We're a little short on mosquito dope and we ought to have some crackers, and let's see, a little meat would go good.

  49. Then Harry said that all he wanted was a place to put the animal till morning, and he'd see if he couldn't get some kind of medicine to dope him with, while he tried to get the fly paper off.

  50. I think you’ve got the right idea and I hope the dope the scouts brought in holds out.

  51. I had a hand in that; gave orders to a squad of the Marines to get him; one of them had some dope on him.

  52. A sky-shooter gave me the dope that the Jerries are just inside the woods,” another man said.

  53. Gussy, it achieves the same effect without using any dope at all.

  54. In the black fly belt it is wise to add a bottle of fly dope (Fig.

  55. If you make your own fly dope have a slow fire and allow to simmer over it 3 oz.

  56. They dope out Capital and Labour stuff there, instead of pushing games at each other.

  57. It's the sort of dope these crazy forest-jacks are ready to swallow the same as if it was Rye.

  58. He just comes and goes handing out his dope to the boys, and--You know the forest-jacks.

  59. They're handing the boys dope to keep 'em guessing--worrying.

  60. They throw a hurricane of hot air at them, preachin' the sort of dope that sets those darn fools lyin' around when they need to be makin' the winter cut.

  61. That's the kind of dope Skert Lawton's handed me," he protested.

  62. And if I'm a judge that old rascal'll be tickled to death handing his dope out to you.

  63. He's out to hand 'em dope to make 'em better.

  64. It's going to be a hell of a war if you swallow the dope these fellows hand you.

  65. This Beatrice Fairfax dope may be all right in the simple country maiden, but it don't go in the show business worth a whoop.

  66. I know he passed the same line of dope out to me, and I fell for it.

  67. Honest, my fair young brow is commencing to get wrinkled trying to dope out whether I want to become a bride or lead the free and easy life of a bachelor girl.

  68. Though you may want to wade through the whole dope sheet hitch your desire and order what you think he can afford, and lay back until you get a live one.

  69. The chances are it will fall through most everything we dope out does.

  70. I suppose old Pink Whiskers was a chorus man once himself and has got all the dope on the subject.

  71. Trying to dope out whether you can buy another drink, I suppose.

  72. This does not always hold good, however, any more than the best fly-dope is always effective.

  73. What drink or dope or women have been to other men, gambling has been to me.

  74. And I get the same kind of craving for it that a dope fiend does for dope.

  75. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "dope" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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