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  1. The gas thus passes through the body of coke in the opposite direction to the wash water, which then flows to the waste-pipe.

  2. Instead of passing through the layers of fresh fuel and out by way of the top, the gas generated flows directly into the reduction column where it heats the coke to incandescence.

  3. The largest pieces of coke should be placed at the bottom of the washer, and smaller pieces should form at the top a layer from 6 to 8 inches deep.

  4. The high temperature to which the coke is subjected, coupled with the injection of air, effects useful reactions.

  5. The corresponding quantity of coke consumed in the reduction column is insignificant, and may be placed at about 0.

  6. The coke and the water free the gas not only from the dust carried along, but from the ammonia and other impurities contained in the gas.

  7. The coke is too rapidly clogged with tar.

  8. Blast-furnace coke is best suited for this washing, as it is more porous and less brittle than gas-works coke.

  9. If very hard blast-furnace coke is used in the washer, it may be kept in use for over a year without requiring removal.

  10. As the fuel burns out in the center, the coke forming around the edge is pushed inward, and its place taken by more green coal.

  11. Oil, gas and coal or coke are most common but there is a steady growth of the use of electric furnaces.

  12. In hardening place the tool in a coke fire (hollow fire if possible) with a slow blast and heat gradually up to a white welding heat on the nose of the tool.

  13. Hard coal may be used very successfully in place of hard coke and will give a higher heat.

  14. A clean coal or coke fire, or a good muffle-gas furnace will give best results.

  15. As this kindles a layer of coke from the old fire is put on top, and another layer of green coal (screened and dampened blacksmiths' coal) as a cover.

  16. Some sulphur is contained in the ore from which the iron is smelted; more sulphur is introduced by the coke and fuel used.

  17. Thus the fire is made up of three parts; the center where coke is burning and the iron heating; a zone where coke is forming, and the outside bank of green coal.

  18. The deoxidizing slag is now formed by additions of lime, coke and fluorspar (and for some analyses ferrosilicon).

  19. The motion of the train, relieved of the impulsive action of the locomotive, was singularly smooth and agreeable; and the passengers were freed from the annoyance of coke dust and the sulphureous smell from the engine chimney.

  20. Coke may be taken to have at that time cost 21s.

  21. Three or four gas jets may be flaring in the room, a coke fire burning in the wretched fireplace, sinks untrapped, closets without water, and altogether the sanitary condition abominable.

  22. The Allied and Associated Governments interested may demand the delivery in place of coal of metallurgical coke in the proportion of three tons of coke to four tons of coal.

  23. A steam motor wagon that was only just able to transport the coke for its own consumption would be useless for transport work.

  24. Flues of the Furnace, from which there is no smoke, coke and charcoal being used.

  25. The Boiler is incased with sheet-iron, and between the pipes the coke and charcoal are put, the front being closed in the ordinary way with an iron door.

  26. There was a good showing of hands among the white miners and the coke burners, but the negro foundry men did not vote.

  27. The fire had died down to a few glowing masses of coke on the grate bars when he had finished the story of his wanderings in the valley of dry bones.

  28. The following morning the miners and all the white men employed in the furnace and foundries and coke yards at Gordonia went on strike.

  29. On the night following the day of suspense an attempt was made to wreck the inclined railway running from the mines on Lebanon to the coke yard.

  30. The leisurely chase led the round of the great gates first, and thence through the deserted and ruined coke yard to the foot of the huge slag dump, cold now from the long shut-down.

  31. One fine morning it was whispered on 'Change that Chiawassee iron would not Bessemer, and that Chiawassee coke had been rejected by the Southern Association of Iron Smelters.

  32. For want of fuel, the furnace went out of blast, but with the small store of coke remaining in the foundry yards, the pipe pits were kept at work.

  33. Well, sir, the gentleman asks what their leaders would be able to read to them out of Coke upon Littleton, or any other law book, to justify their enterprise?

  34. We have employed as our source of light in these lectures the ends of two rods of coke rendered incandescent by electricity.

  35. Coke is particularly suitable for this purpose, because it can bear intense heat without fusion or vaporization.

  36. Removing the thin wire and attaching to the severed ends of the thick one two rods of coke we obtain, on bringing the rods together (as in fig.

  37. Thomas Coke and Bishop Francis Asbury were welcomed to Mt.

  38. There are propositions in Coke so abstract, and distinctions so nice, and doctrines embracing so many conditions and qualifications, that it requires an effort not only of a mature mind, but of a mind both strong and mature, to understand him.

  39. Frick, who, as owner of the largest coke manufacturing plant, had acquired a reputation of a bitter opponent of organized labor, became chairman of Carnegie Brothers and Company.

  40. The positive electrode consists of a carbon rod placed in the center of the cup; the space between is filled with carbon--ground coke and dioxide of manganese mixed with an absorbent material.

  41. I remember my first view of the city--the furnaces, and the coke ovens; it looked like the pit of hell to me.

  42. Indeed, her ardor for service warmed his indifferent soul at last, and he joined with her to make a brilliant team, hurtling the rivets in red arcs from the coke to the pail with the precision of a professional baseball battery.

  43. It is indeed coal made into coke under tremendous pressure, and this is the kind of coal which Americans use exclusively in their dwelling-houses and monster hotels.

  44. In our present perfect engines, the coke or fuel consumed per mile is about 18 lbs.

  45. This is a by-product in the manufacture of coke and also of illuminating gas.

  46. Sir Anthony Coke believed that women should be educated on the same lines as men, and that they were quite as capable of acquiring knowledge, and his own daughters brilliantly sustained this theory.

  47. He was a friend of Sir Anthony Coke and Lord Burleigh and naturally shared their ideas as to education.

  48. It is quite different where coke is manufactured in the same way as illuminating gas, viz.

  49. Moreover, the gases can be made to yield their ammonia, their tar, and even their benzene vapours, the value of which products sometimes exceeds that of the coke itself.

  50. The fixed carbon is therefore the difference between the coke and the ash, and may be determined from these figures; or it may be determined directly by burning off the coke in a muffle and noting the loss in weight.

  51. This process consists in conducting the operation in an upright brick shaft, charged with anthracite, coke or other suitable fuel.

  52. The American process for making carburetted water gas, as an auxiliary to ordinary coal gas, was first introduced by the London Gas Light and Coke Company on a large scale in 1890.

  53. A fritted coke indicates a slightly coking coal, while the spongy appearance points to a highly coking coal which has been partly fused in the furnace.

  54. The crucibles are heated in a wind furnace for 1 to 1-1/2 hours, then allowed to cool, the inner crucible removed, and the coke weighed.

  55. A compact coke is yielded by good coking coals, and is usually large in amount.

  56. The quality of the coke for iron-making is quite as good as that of beehive coke, although it differs from it in appearance.

  57. With another form of gas stove coke is used in place of the perforated asbestos; the fire is started with the gas, which, when the coke is well alight, may be dispensed with, and the fire kept up with coke in the usual way.

  58. Charcoal, coke or anthracite coal are the fuels generally used in slow combustion heating stoves.

  59. No mention had been made of my affairs, and I gave myself over to the influence of the coke fire.

  60. Some of these lodgers claim to be able to recognise in the public streets any strangers who are suffering from this coke fever.

  61. That night I was back in the Farmhouse; and what a genial spirit seemed to animate the old coke fire!

  62. What a miserable time was this: the kitchen, foul with the breath of fifty or sixty men, and the fumes of the coke fire, took all the energy out of a man, and it was a hard fight to keep awake.

  63. Coke gave him peace, in his account of the harmony of the Conference following Wesley's death.

  64. Coke was strongly averse to him leaving Nova Scotia where so great success had attended his labours, and his influence was unbounded.

  65. While Nova Scotia and the American colonies were suffering from the Revolution, Wesley and Coke had met for the first time, and thus began a union which made Methodism a great missionary organization.

  66. Coke appointed William Black, Superintendent of the Methodist Church in the Maritime Provinces and Newfoundland, James Wray removing to the West Indies, where he died in 1790.

  67. Coke became convinced that owing to changes in the Islands, and the importance of the work in Nova Scotia, it was necessary for William Black to take charge of his old field.

  68. Coke a detailed account of the state of the work in Nova Scotia, and the Conference appointed Freeborn Garretson, and James O.

  69. Coke to become Presiding Elder of the Leeward Islands and to reside at St. Kitts.

  70. Coke renewed his request that he assume charge in Bermuda, but he declined the appointment to the West Indies on the account of the severity of the tropical climate, though he was willing to go to Bermuda.

  71. Nowadays coke is made on a vast scale from certain grades of bituminous and semi-bituminous coal.

  72. The most common form of oven in this country is the “bee-hive oven,” which produces coke only.

  73. With a gradual increase in the use of gas, coke and other smokeless fuels, and improved methods of stoking furnaces, the smoke nuisance is now happily abating.

  74. When coal is converted into coke it gives off combustible gases.

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