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  1. But, ordinarily, the shaker is the accepted agent for teaching the clinker its place.

  2. The refuse and clinker from the furnaces are transported to various parts and used for filling up hollows, and for the making of banks and beds of yards and sidings.

  3. After it has been thoroughly broken up, several of the fire bars are removed together, beginning at one side, and the heavy clinker drops through, spluttering and hissing, into the deep boshes of water disposed underneath.

  4. To remove the clinker properly and economically from the grate of the furnace the fire must have been damped for a short while.

  5. First of all the clinker is removed and the dust taken out from the centre of the fire with an iron shovel.

  6. But the destructor system, in which the refuse is burned to an innocuous clinker in specially constructed furnaces, is that which must finally be resorted to, especially in districts which have become well built up and thickly populated.

  7. Some difficulty has been experienced from the refuse sticking in the hopper, and exception may also be taken to the continual flapping of the door when the clinker passes out, as cold air is thereby admitted into the furnace.

  8. We have seen very nice boats built in Norway with dowels instead of nails; they were clinker built, and the dowels were about 1/2in.

  9. I knowed they oughtn't be any clinker in that coke.

  10. JIM takes clinker and turns it carefully over in his hand.

  11. Can't understand that--shouldn't ought to be no clinker in dat coke.

  12. Sidenote: Residues:] The amount of residue in the shape of clinker and fine ash varies from 22 to 37% of the bulk dealt with.

  13. It was always the same rich red hue--made of earth-clinker burned under sods.

  14. The only other race in the Lent Term is the Clinker Fours.

  15. That used for the Lower Boy sculling is known as a "whiff," an open clinker boat with outriggers.

  16. That the race be called the "Clinker Fours" race.

  17. Steam is sometimes introduced into the ashpit to soften any clinker that may form, but the quantity of steam should be limited to that required for this purpose.

  18. Here some type of a so-called clinker breaker removes the refuse.

  19. Above certain rates of combustion clinker forms rapidly, and a steam jet in the ashpit for softening this clinker is often desirable.

  20. As thin fires become necessary due to the character of the coal, the tendency to clinker will increase if the thickness be increased over that found to give the best results.

  21. We reached them, and to our surprise, so far as we had a capacity for surprise left in us, on a little plateau or ridge close by we saw that the clinker was covered with a dense green growth.

  22. They, the clinker canoes, are easily tightened when they spring a leak through being rattled over stones in rapids.

  23. This is, that the ridge-like projections of her clinker laps offer resistance to the water, and retard her speed.

  24. Go you to your sloop, clinker built, eighty tons burthen--you see I remember.

  25. Continuing her course, the Clinker reached Nain on the 21st, where Captain Martin behaved in the same friendly manner.

  26. From Nain the Clinker sailed for Hopedale in company with the Harmony, on board of which were the superintendant Kohlmeister and his wife.

  27. For the same purpose a small quantity of water (up to 2%) may be added either by moistening the clinker or by blowing steam into the mills in which the clinker is ground.

  28. The high temperature necessary to fuse cement clinker makes this process difficult to accomplish commercially, but it has many inherent merits and may be the process of the future, displacing the rotatory method.

  29. On its way down the cylinders the clinker meets a current of cold air and is cooled, the air being correspondingly warmed and passing on to aid in the combustion of the fuel used in heating the kiln.

  30. Clinker can rouse out every Unionist within two miles of here.

  31. A second volley was about to follow, when a yell arose from the meadow and the slaves under Clinker came on, shooting as well as they could on the run.

  32. Levi, and in a minute more Clinker was instructed into the new order of things.

  33. Immediately after learning what was to be ascertained concerning Totterly, Levi had gone off with General and Clinker to run the men down, were such a thing possible.

  34. In the mean time, the fair cause of this contest, Mrs Winifred Jenkins, seemed overwhelmed with affliction, and Mr Clinker acted much on the reserve, though he did not presume to find fault with her conduct.

  35. He commended Clinker for his courage, and said, if we would give him leave, he would have the honour to accompany us as far as Stevenage, where he had some business.

  36. Mr Clinker has been in trouble, but the gates of hell have not been able to prevail again him.

  37. Clinker perceived the progress he had made, and repined in secret.

  38. The time occupied in loading, burning, and drawing a kiln of 30 tons of clinker averages about seven days.

  39. Humphry Clinker and Count Fathom are both equally admirable in their way.

  40. Humphry Clinker himself is exquisite; and his sweetheart, Winifred Jenkins, not much behind him.

  41. This is, that the ridge-like projections of her clinker laps offer resistance to the water and retard her speed.

  42. In plain writing, I caught the clinker in one-tenth of a second.

  43. The planks were thin, since the boat was clinker built, so that we were not long in making a number of holes with our knives, near the bow, which was out of the water.

  44. It was a ship's life-boat of considerable size, and clinker built; and between two of the thwarts there rested a chest of great weight, as we found.

  45. Go you to your sloop, clinker built, eighty tons burthen - you see I remember, Skipper Kit!

  46. She explained minutely that should any special dinner-party or rencontre with any great person be in view, Miss Clinker must do a sort of preparatory cramming for her, as boys are prepared for examinations.

  47. I was greatly impressed with her distinction and charm," Miss Clinker said.

  48. So at last Miss Clinker invented a plan, almost Pythagorean in its way, and it proved very helpful to her patroness.

  49. Miss Clinker had promised to do her best, and their partnership had lasted for nearly three years with the most satisfactory results to both of them.

  50. Before Mrs. Cricklander went to bed, she called Arabella Clinker into her room.

  51. Arabella Clinker had a sense of humor, and she adored her mother and wished to give her a comfortable old age.

  52. An absolute emptiness, and the knowledge that, unless Arabella Clinker continued her ministrations, he himself would have to play her part!

  53. And, it being a Sunday, Arabella Clinker wrote to her mother to apprise her of these events.

  54. Clinker put us next to that long before we sailed from Frisco.

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