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difficulte; difficultes; difficultie; difficulties; difficultly; diffidence; diffident; diffidently; diffracted; diffraction
  1. His mistress wishes to sell him, but finds difficulty in doing so.

  2. Then with great difficulty they undressed him, and he lay on the bed pale and motionless till the doctor arrived.

  3. No; and yet he felt a difficulty about it; for Frank had stated in his letter to himself that he had told his mother of the robbery, and that Jacob must be repaid his loss.

  4. He would have taken up his earnest appeal where he left it; but somehow or other he felt a difficulty in speaking, and the deep attention was evidently gone from his hearers.

  5. So wine and brandy were added to his previous potations; and when at last, with assistance, he mounted his horse, it was with the greatest difficulty he could retain his seat in the saddle.

  6. With difficulty he saved himself from falling over this obstacle, which looked in the feeble moonlight like a bundle of ragged clothes.

  7. The roads were very bad and marshy, which increased the difficulty and made it more certain that the ministers would suffer from disease.

  8. There was quite a crush in the refreshment room, and, in spite of the fact that he was a member of the arrangement committee, Dick had some difficulty in getting an ice for Miss Hanford.

  9. The opponents of Kentfield were light-weight players, and the cadets had no difficulty in piling up a big score.

  10. Nor could his cavalry advance to good advantage up the slope, while Hale's had no difficulty in coming down.

  11. I shall first consider the latter difficulty as more immediately connected with the subjects discussed in this volume.

  12. The observations of these two gentlemen supply a very remarkable confirmation of the hypothetical solution of the difficulty which I had given two years before.

  13. The Reviewer says that this argument is of no weight, because the works of man present exactly the same phenomena; and he instances patent inventions, and the excessive difficulty of determining whether they are new or old.

  14. MORAL sense, difficulty as to the origin of, 352.

  15. Agriopis aprilina, Acronycta psi, and many other moths which rest during the day on the north side of the trunks of trees can with difficulty be distinguished from the grey and green lichens that cover them.

  16. Now there is a difficulty in this view of the origin of the structure of Orchids which the Duke does not allude to.

  17. Since this essay was first published a very curious difficulty has been cleared up by the application of the general principle of protective colouring.

  18. The next year we read of Governor Winthrop surmounting the difficulty when he goes to visit Governor Bradford, by being carried on the backs of Indians across the fords.

  19. The old "Massachusetts Payth" which follows the road more or less closely beyond Kingston is traced with difficulty and uncertainty in Kingston itself, but there is another highway as clear to-day as it was three hundred years ago.

  20. With difficulty did they succeed by means of strikes in maintaining the rate of their wages.

  21. The great difficulty in the way was that the Shawanoe was one of the most vicious and treacherous of his tribe.

  22. He struck the gorge at a place where it was so narrow that Larry Murphy, and even Mrs. Edwards herself, would have found no difficulty in leaping it.

  23. These were so clearly defined that a child would have had no difficulty in following them.

  24. The classification of equations by what is called their degrees, is, on the other hand, eminently natural, for this distinction rigorously determines the greater or less difficulty of their resolution.

  25. We have determined, at the beginning of this chapter, wherein properly consists the difficulty which we experience in putting mathematical questions into equations.

  26. There is, consequently, in both cases, only one and the same difficulty from two different points of sight.

  27. As they went, a white face appeared at a cabin window, staring after them, the face of Clarice, who had with difficulty lifted her throbbing head from the pillow.

  28. I scarcely restrained a cry, and with difficulty forced myself to go out slowly from his presence.

  29. He never knew why, but he felt so much injured that he with great difficulty restrained his tears.

  30. Cat Creek furnished at half tide sufficient water for my canoe, and not the slightest difficulty was experienced in getting through it.

  31. She interpreted some of the things in Crocodile for me which I had difficulty understanding.

  32. No difficulty as far as the law is concerned?

  33. Not until after the assassination but before the assassination he had not complained about its being there or any difficulty in moving it?

  34. Have you ever had any difficulty with the law, have you ever had any trouble with officers of the law?

  35. Because I thought he would have to take a public bus to Irving, they run very rarely if at all during the afternoon, and I thought he would have considerable difficulty getting out.

  36. Have you ever had any difficulty with the law, Mrs. Markham?

  37. That was the only difficulty that you observed, the difficulty in talking through the screen door, the screen of the door?

  38. And because of the difficulty you had stabilizing the crosshair, you did not wish to pursue it to a further refinement, is that correct?

  39. Anyone with a little bit of knowledge and with--and really grabbing hold of the weapon, would have little difficulty at all at that distance.

  40. As a matter of fact, Mr. Staley had difficulty in opening the bolt in his first firing exercise.

  41. Now, did you have some difficulty in identifying this No.

  42. Have you ever had any difficulty with the law?

  43. Now, in these tests, was there any difficulty about firing this rifle three times within the space or period of time that has been given to the Commission--5 seconds, I think.

  44. They trudged on to the peat-stack, and shortly afterward Whitney started his machine, and with some difficulty kept out of the ruts and ditches until he turned into the highroad.

  45. With difficulty he pulled up the window and got back to his corner.

  46. The difficulty is that the mine-sowers would be seen.

  47. Staffer had had this seen to, after having had difficulty with his latchkey one night.

  48. Marcus Shults had a difficulty in Eureka the other day, when I was there.

  49. Mr. Heron wondered at his discomposure; for his colour changed from red to white and from white to red as sensitively as a girl's, and it was with evident difficulty that he brought himself to speak.

  50. Kitty was entering, and as her hands were full, she had some difficulty in turning the handle.

  51. And then she fell into a fit of hysterical shrieking, succeeded by a swoon, from which Hugo found some difficulty in recovering her.

  52. Vivian was almost glad when Percival joined them, and he was able to slip back to Kitty, with whom he had no difficulty in carrying on a conversation.

  53. I shall have at least no difficulty in proving that you stole money and forged my brother's name three years ago," said Brian, in a voice that was terrible in its icy scorn.

  54. That the Company did not get rid of him was due to the difficulty of finding another man to take his place.

  55. So translucently white was it, that when he dropped it into a glass of water he had difficulty in finding it.

  56. And her various adventures had made so much noise in that neighbourhood, that she had been traced, with very little difficulty to Teignmouth.

  57. The Admiral, not conceiving her situation; nor being able to comprehend the difficulty of displaying the contents of a work-bag, approached her, and strove to give her courage.

  58. The spirit of Juliet now instantly sunk: she felt herself again betrayed into the power of her persecutor; again seized; and trembled so exceedingly, that she with difficulty kept upon her feet.

  59. The other creatures I bound with strings together; but I had great difficulty before I could bring them to my habitation.

  60. There were parrots in plenty, which made me long for one to be my companion; but it was with great difficulty I could knock one down with my stick; and I kept him at home some years before I could get him to call me by my name.

  61. Nor did the bear make any difficulty of it, but ascended like a cat, though his weight was very great.

  62. Nothing remained now, but, indeed, the greatest difficulty to get it into the water, it lying about one hundred yards from it.

  63. By midnight they came within call of the ship, when the Captain ordered Robinson to hale her, and tell them that with great difficulty they had found the men at last.

  64. No, it isn't my foot, it is only that I have gotten myself into a new difficulty and I want to ask you what you think I had best do?

  65. Then Betty Ashton, whom there is no difficulty in recognizing as the spirit of Beauty, approaches the front of the stage in a dress of some soft silvery material with three stars in her hair and stands beside Eleanor.

  66. It was here that a new kitchen-range was sunk for some time in the ford, which was so swollen by a storm in 1805 that the horse and cart that brought it were themselves with difficulty rescued from the waters.

  67. The Man of Feeling, however, was persuaded with some difficulty to resign his steed for the present to his faithful negro follower, and to join Lady Scott in the sociable, until we should reach the ground of our battue.

  68. It is not only the difficulty of an action that constitutes its merit, but also the importance of the duty.

  69. In a word, theft becomes greater in proportion to the difficulty of forestalling it, and its menacing character.

  70. None of the foregoing principles would present the shadow of a difficulty to any except those who are nearer the brute than man, if it were not for an apparent exception to the rule, which is the case of legitimate self-defense.

  71. If the number of those who are to be elected is fixed beforehand, as in contests, there is then already a great difficulty obviated: for there is but to be determined the order of merit of the candidates.

  72. These two qualifications have degrees in proportion to the importance or the difficulty of the action.

  73. Only there remains still the difficulty of distinguishing need from enjoyment.

  74. Another difficulty of greater import, is that prudence does not represent a special virtue, but is nothing more than a common name given to several particular virtues.

  75. Thus the merit of a difficulty surmounted, has no more value in morality than it has in poetry, when it stands alone.

  76. The merit of an action may be determined: 1, by the difficulty of the action; 2, by the importance of the duty.

  77. With difficulty this person was, however, at last convinced; but there are some at present, whom there is no convincing .

  78. Miss Travers, almost as pale and quite as silent as the captain, was busying herself in helping her sister; but she could with difficulty restrain her longing to bid her be silent.

  79. She continued slowly "picking out" the melody, for the light was growing dim and it was with difficulty that she could distinguish the notes.

  80. There was a prevailing sentiment at Warrener that nothing was too good for Hayne nowadays; and he took all this adulation so quietly and modestly that there was difficulty in telling just how it affected him.

  81. If it is urged that the same difficulty presents itself in the explanation of the most ordinary occurrences, this objection is based upon a misapprehension of the point at issue.

  82. You have seen how the flowers grow, how that many seeds are scattered and but few take root; how the germ slowly and with difficulty develops.

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